About NABB

NABB's purpose is to combat community deterioration, to preserve and protect the architectural beauty of the Back Bay, and to further Back Bay's residential character.

NABB is a non-profit, charitable organization with a current membership of approximately 2,000. A 50-member Board of Directors, and a 13-member Executive Committee govern NABB.

The bulk of NABB's work is performed by 15 standing committees, covering virtually every neighborhood issue from architectural preservation to zoning enforcement.

NABB's Friends and Neighbors activities join neighbors who share common interests. Currently there are over 20 active Friends and Neighbors groups.

About half of NABB's annual income is derived from membership dues, and mostof the remaining income is from special events and fundraising efforts held throughout the year.

The boundaries of the Back Bay, as defined by NABB's Articles of Organization, are:

  • Charles River on the North
  • Arlington Street to Park Square on the East
  • Columbus Avenue to the New York New Haven and Hartford right-of-way (South of Stuart Street and Copley Place), Huntington Avenue, Dalton Street, and the Mass. Turnpike on the South
  • Charlesgate East on the West.

NABB Board of Directors


Ann Gleason - Chair

Angela Lanoue - President

Kelli O'Brien - Vice Chair

Steve Wintermeier - Vice President

Steven Sayers - Treasurer

Susan Baker - Secretary


Nancy Amer

Susan Ashbrook

Gene Bauer

Melissa Bevelaqua

Catherine Bordon

John Boreske

Dorothy Bowmer

Don Carlson

Marianne Castellani

Roseann Colot

Frances Duffly

Daniel Fickes

Peter Flynn

Sandi Gaskin

Jack Gregg

Thomas High

James Hill

Mary Ann Hill

Janet Hurwitz

Warren Johnson

Kathleen Kolar

Shirely Kressel

Roseanne Kumins

Elliott Laffer

Jo-Ann Leinwand

Michael McCord

Myron Miller

Tim Ian Mitchell

Molly Mosier

Carl Nielsen

Jeryl Oristaglio

Roberta Orlandino

Margaret Pokorny

Susan Prindle

Patricia Quinn

Gordon Richardson

Ellen Ronney

Peter Sherin

Barry Solar

Diane Stiles

Anne Swanson

Jolinda Taylor

Stella Trafford

Sam Wallace

Marvin Wool

Jackie Yessian

Linda Zukowski