About Us

Siri, Inc. is a Silicon Valley startup based in San Jose, California. Its foundational technology and IP was provided by SRI International, which led the $200M DARPA-funded CALO project. Series A funding was led by Menlo Ventures and Morgenthaler Ventures.

Siri is created by an all-star team of designers and engineers drawn from Google, Yahoo, Apple, Motorola, Netscape, RealTravel, SRI, NASA, and Xerox PARC.

Dag Kittlaus
  Dag Kittlaus, co-founder and CEO

Siri’s CEO is Dag Kittlaus, who founded the company as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at SRI.

A serial innovator and consumer wireless internet veteran of 10 years in Scandinavia and the US, Dag is working on creating his third consecutive mobile internet product with over a million users.

Dag has held leadership roles as VP of Consumer Internet Services at Scandinavian telecom giant Telenor Mobile, and several consumer product groups at Motorola including GM of xProducts and founder and GM of Motorola’s Interactive Media Group. He conceived and launched Screen3, a breakthrough consumer mobile application currently used by millions of users and adopted by Cingular, China Mobile, and Telefonica.

Adam Cheyer
  Adam Cheyer, co-founder and VP of Engineering

Siri’s VP of Engineering is Adam Cheyer, who joined the company from SRI, where he was the Program Director in SRI's Artificial Intelligence Center and Chief Architect of the CALO/PAL project.

A pioneer in the areas of distributed computing, intelligent agents, and advanced user interfaces, Adam is the author of more than fifty peer-reviewed publications and nine patents. He was previously the VP of Engineering at Dejima and the VP of Engineering at Verticalnet.

He is currently an advisor to the Change.org, Radar Networks, and Silicon Valley World Internet Center.

Tom Gruber
  Tom Gruber, co-founder and CTO

Siri's CTO is Tom Gruber, a recognized expert in Artificial Intelligence, intelligent interfaces, and semantic technologies.

Tom was a founder and CTO of RealTravel, a knowledge sharing site for travel; a founder and CTO of Intraspect, a collaborative knowledge management application for business; and a founder and Chief Scientist at Consider Solutions.  Products designed by Tom are used by millions of consumer and professional users.

He was a pioneering researcher at Stanford in the use of Web for knowledge sharing and semantic integration, and helped establish the technical foundations of the Semantic Web.

Tom is also an advisor to SocialText, LinkedIn, Radar Networks, Powerset, and others.

  Board of Directors
  Norman Winarsky, Vice President, Ventures, Licensing, and Strategic Programs, SRI International

Normal Winarsky leads SRI's Ventures, Licensing, and Strategic Programs which includes venture development, SRI's internal Commercialization Board, and nVention, a partnership with the venture capital community that develops early-stage investment opportunities. Winarsky also works with SRI's business units to identify and develop market opportunities and value propositions for clients, and he leads the development of high-leverage strategic programs to realize those opportunities.

  Gary Morgenthaler, Partner, Morgenthaler Ventures

Gary, based in Menlo Park, CA, joined Morgenthaler as a Partner in December 1989. He has a national reputation as a successful executive in the software industry. He currently emphasizes investments in information technology, and is a Director of Siri Inc., BlueArc Corporation, Crossbow Technology, OneChip and Orb Networks. Gary was a co-founder and past CEO of Illustra Information Technologies, Inc., where he served as a Chairman of Illustra’s Board until its acquisition by Informix in 1996. He also served as Director of Catena Networks, Nuance Communications, and Premisys Communications and led the firm’s investments in Force10 Networks and QuickLogic.

  Shawn T. Carolan, Managing Director, Menlo Ventures

Shawn joined Menlo Ventures in 2002 and has focused primarily on connected software and services. He represents Menlo Ventures on the boards of Siri, CinemaNow, IMVU, PlayPhone, Playspan and TeleNav, and is involved with the firm's investments in ePAC and MobiTV. Before joining Menlo, Shawn was a management consultant for Booz-Allen & Hamilton, after spending most of his career in software development and engineering management positions. He was Manager of Software Architecture for Open Port Technology, a start-up that created Internet-based messaging software for data carriers. Prior to that, Shawn worked at Motorola's Cellular Infrastructure Group and Wireless Data Group, Sprint PCS, and the University of Illinois' Center for Computational Electromagnetics.

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