As humanity spread to nearby stars the remnants of an ancient civilization were discovered. In orbit around several star systems were space platforms left from some forgotten race. Initially these platforms were thought to be non-operational. Until ships in those systems disappeared, and their colonies were found flattened...

Earth now sends out squadrons of Assault Ships to seek out, and destroy the platforms. These "Paladin Class" assault ships are the most powerful and destructive weapons ever construced by humanity. Capable of FTL and "Blip" travel, and armed with twin high-powered fusion guns, they are the only hope of saving millions of innocent lives and ensuring the stars are safe for human colonization.
Crew-up your Paladin and set your jump vector for adventure! In this solitaire game an elite squadron of Paladin Class assault ships are under your command. Objective: Destroy an artifact battle platform while minimizing losses to your squadron. The automated platform will be firing deadly plasma bolts automatically and randomly. Avoid these while using your fusion guns to take out the platforms critical components before you are vaporized!

Game Components

  • Battle Platform Antilles is a Desktop Published (DTP) game available for free download. Players will get a hexagonal mapboard, damage allocation chart, color and/or B&W; counters, and rules. After download, a color or B&W; inkjet or laser printer can be used to prepare the game components. A 20-sided dice is needed for game play.

  • The provided counters which represent the Paladins, Bolts and scored hits can be mounted prior to play if the players so desire.
Game Play
    The player's Paladins emerge from FTL to initiate battle with the Antilles. They may be placed anywhere on the mapboard.

  • Play proceeds with the Antilles launching plasma bolts, recharging shields and using its artificial intelligence to remain functional. The player controls the movement and fire of the Paladin's at the Antilles. By utilizing the Paladin's fusion guns the player attempts to punch through the Battle Platforms shields to get at its "soft underbelly" of plasma bolt casters.

  • The key to a decisive victory as the Paladin squadron commander is to destroy the Battle Platform while minimizing your losses. If the Antilles destroys enough of your ships you may be facing a court-martial...or worse!
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