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Doomsday Final Ratings, and Series Two Recap
General TV Series News
July 20, 2006    Posted By Shaun Lyon
The BARB this week released the official audience data for the week ending 9 July, with the climax of Series Two, Doomsday, outperforming just about everything on UK television that wasn't the World Cup. With the football in a category of its own (average audiences up to 14 million viewers, though that doesn't do justice to some of the peak figures and audience shares achieved), only a single episode of "Coronation Street" managed to outrate Doomsday's 8.22 million. That figure, which includes timeshifted viewings, puts "Doctor Who" in fifth place for the week on BBC One (after four World Cup broadcasts), and eighth for the week across UK television, beating all the remaining episodes of "Coronation Street" and every single edition of "EastEnders". Television audiences were down across the board, apart from the football, with nothing but sport, the two soaps and the Dalek-Cybermen war managing more than 5 million viewers, and the ratings have continued to collapse during the warm weather in the couple of weeks since then (notably for "EastEnders" which last week hit a record low below fourmillion viewers). "Doctor Who" is one of a tiny number of programmes to have its audience hold up in the face of soaring temperatures.

Doctor Who finishes its second series with an average audience of 7.71 million viewers, and an average for the Tenth Doctor (including "The Christmas Invasion") of 7.87 million viewers. The average for Series One was 7.95 million, although that started earlier in the year and so suffered less from the large dips in audiences that occur each summer. A direct comparison between the ten episodes in 2005 and the ten episodes in 2006 that were broadcast at the same time of year gives averages of 7.56 million viewers for Series One and 7.68 million viewers for Series Two. "Doomsday," therefore, ended the series with just 400,000 fewer viewers than had watched "New Earth" back in April, contrasting with a drop for "EastEnders" over the thirteen weeks of 2.44 million -- and the final episode "Doomsday" also saw a significant rise in viewers compared to the departure of the Ninth Doctor in June 2005, which was seen by 6.91 million.

The BARB chart for BBC Three has "Doctor Who" or "Doctor Who Confidential" taking four places in the week's top ten. In ninth position is the Wednesday evening repeat of "The Impossible Planet" (385,000), part of that week's complete rerun of Series Two. In third place is the Friday evening repeat of "Army of Ghosts" (574,000) that brought those repeats to a close. At number two is the Sunday evening showing of "Doomsday" (703,000). In first position is that Saturday's "Doctor Who Confidential" - as Outpost Gallifrey previously reported, the unofficial overnights showed audiences peaking at over a million, one of a tiny number of programmes to achieve that for BBC Three. The final BARB figures show an average audience 1,012,000, that figure making "Doctor Who Confidential" number two in the whole Multichannel chart (behind E4's Lost on 1,039,000), a higher rating than the terrestrial channels could achieve for seven of BBC Two's Top 30 and ten of Five's Top 30.