Please note that Transmeta now focuses exclusively on developing and licensing innovative computing, microprocessor and semiconductor technologies and related intellectual property. Transmeta no longer manufactures, offers for sale, or provides engineering support for any of its microprocessor products - including all Crusoe (TM3x00, TM5x00) and Efficeon (TM8xx0, SF23J) products. Furthermore, there is no remaining inventory for any microprocessor product.
Microprocessor Technology
Transmeta Corporation was founded in 1995 with the mission of developing a new kind of microprocessor that used both extensive software techniques and innovative circuits to enable low power consumption, improved performance, and reduce processor architecture complexity. Over 10 years of development efforts produced world-renowned achievements that were widely recognized as disruptive technologies that changed the direction of the microprocessor industry.

Transmeta developed two microprocessor families that were released to production:

Crusoe Spanning 180nm through 130nm, the Crusoe processor family was Transmeta's first microprocessor product. Offering extreme low power coupled with a balance of performance and cost, Crusoe was adopted by nearly every major Japanese notebook manufacturer, particularly for applications in compact "ultra-light" notebooks. Crusoe also found diverse usage in the embedded space for applications with embedded operating systems from Microsoft, Linux, and other real-time operating systems.

Efficeon Transmeta's second generation processor, Efficeon, increased the performance range of Crusoe by more than 50% while still delivering power-efficiency and compact system design. Efficeon was produced in 130nm and 90nm process technologies. Among the many innovations in Efficeon were a richer "multi-gear" translation system that significantly improved user responsiveness and real-time response, as well as greatly enhanced translation and optimization techniques.

While Transmeta no longer manufactures microprocessors, Transmeta microprocessor intellectual property is available for license to enable third parties to benefit from Transmeta innovations in processor design, translation, and energy efficiency. Transmeta's Microprocessor intellectual property includes:
  • Unique, patented technologies enabling a "software-based microprocessor"
  • Advanced binary translation technology
  • Proprietary code optimization algorithms and techniques
  • Proven-compatible X86-compatible architecture implementation, including extensive compatibility suites
  • Extensive patent portfolio covering a broad range of microprocessor architecture
  • Crusoe microprocessor hardware, software, and board designs
  • Efficeon microprocessor hardware, software, and board designs