Weekly Download - CuteFTP

Weekly Download - CuteFTP

Siobhan Cole- 10/11/2008 10:00:00 AM

When you first hear the phrase ‘Cute FTP’, you can be forgiven for the almost knee-jerk reaction of ‘huh?’

For all the newbies out there, we'll forgive you: FTP is File Transfer Protocol. Basically it's how computers talk to each other, or to other devices. Without it, all of our hot, fresh content wouldn't be delivered to you. Or to anything else for that matter.

Why does this matter? Because content publishing is a huge business, and we have mad respect for the people who do it and the programs that help them. [Programmers who build the tools are obviously gods in this equation.]

CuteFTP is probably one of the most useful programs to cross our paths in recent memory. With a choice of both Windows and Mac flavours, it makes everyone happy.

It lets you download or upload any file [and any file size] you want, including video, music, software or just plain content.  It even gives you a status of your files, showing you what those little rascals may or may not be up to.

Even better is the fact that there's a CuteFTP package for every occasion. There's the home version, which will let you do all the basic housekeeping stuff you'd use multiple applications for anyways. From participating FTP severs, get patches, or that awesome new demo you've been chomping at the bit for. Building your own site so that your relatives can see pictures of your kids? Upload your files so you can see them in a browser. It even lets you back up your home files. This phenomenal deal? Forty bucks.

There's also a pro version [for $60]. This will, of course, let you do much more. Bear in mind that it's aimed more towards business use. In this version, you have the best of every world. Check out the status of your files. You don't have to open up the document in something like Homesite, but can actually edit in CuteFTP itself. It even lets you create Podcast RSS feeds.

However, I guess we're all here for the Mac action that CuteFTP provides. Just like the pro version, you can also edit your pages in the in-program HTML editor. Upload entire folders of your stuff to a specified location. One of its biggest selling points is something called 'accelerated transfer'. Massive files and not much time to sit there and babysit everything? Chop it up into multiple parts and transfer it piece by piece. Then, easily reassemble the file once all the pieces are there. This will also set you back $60.

Of course, CuteFTP gives out a free, 30-day trial for all of these. Not sure what's right for your vision? Check out this comparison chart on the CuteFTP site.
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Monthly Download - CuteFTP
thanks for this
Written by:Nandan Bohara, from Nainital
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