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Belly Fat Linked to Risk of Migraines
Belly fat may be linked to an increased risk for migraines, at least until middle age, a study shows.
Influenza Linked to Absolute Humidity
Absolute humidity, more than relative humidity, is linked to influenza and the spread of the virus, a new study suggests.
Mediterranean Diet May Preserve Memory
A new study shows that people who eat a Mediterranean-style diet are less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment, which is a stage of memory loss between typical aging and Alzheimer�s disease.
Multivitamins May Not Cut Cancer Odds
Taking a multivitamin may not make cancer, heart disease, or death from any cause less likely for postmenopausal women.
Kids with Asthma Don�t Miss More School
A new study of students in Dallas inner-city schools shows that students with asthma do not miss school more than students without asthma. This marks a change from past studies.

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