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The Executive Producer of IT Conversations is Phil Windley, and you can read his blog for IT Conversations news and more. Here are some recent stories:

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Jesse Stay - SocialToo

Jesse Stay joins Phil and Scott to discuss SocialToo, described as "your companion to the social Web". Jesse talks about how the site can help you become a social power user by using SocialToo's tools to help members of such sites as Twitter and Facebook better take advantage of the continuing growth of social relationship sites. Jesse also discusses some technical aspects of Twitter and how he is using it.

Evan 'Rabble' Henshaw-Plath - Fire Eagle

Evan 'Rabble' Henshaw-Plath of Yahoo! Brickhouse, gives a brief talk about the very exciting work he is doing on Fire Eagle, a Yahoo! owned service that acts as a store for user location (in real-time!) information. A backbone for other location and geo-aware based services and applications.

James Hughes - Waiting for the Great Leap...Forward?

In this talk from the 2007 Singularity Summit, James Hughes predicts that while artificial general intelligence is likely, it is also likely to seem alien to our way of thinking and difficult to control. He also discusses some of the rarely mentioned negative impacts AGI could have on society.

Roger Magoulas - Facebook Apps: Big Picture Stats and Trends

While the number of Facebook apps is increasing, activity is flattening out and concentrated in the most popular apps. In this presentation from O'Reilly's Graphing Social Patterns conference, Roger Magoulas of O'Reilly Media breaks down some statistics and opportunities on Facebook apps.

Nathan Torkington - Spawning the Next Generation of Hackers

Nathan Torkington gives a very humorous talk about how we can spawn (pun intended) the next generation of open source hackers and teach kids how to use computers. He talks about various aspects of teaching kids and teachers alike. He further explores many different facets of a modern computer environment, including why pictures of people getting their legs bitten of by sharks are fun, why robots are lame, and the effective use of a new programming language called Scratch.

Zachary Shore - Why Smart People Make Bad Decisions

Dr. Moira Gunn speaks with Zachary Shore of the Naval Postgraduate School about blunders, looking back through history and gleaning insights on life in the present. The techno-snafu's start with no other than Thomas Alva Edison.

Jim Greenwood - The State of Biotech

Jim Greenwood, President of BIO, joins Moira Gunn to discuss the state of biotech today. In particular, he talks about what we can expect from the new Obama administration.

Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky - StackOverflow Episode 41

Joel and Jeff sit down with Robert Martin aka "Uncle Bob", and discuss software quality, the value of software engineering principles, and test-driven development.

Anne Thomas Manes - Is SOA Dead?

Anne Thomas Manes joins Phil and Scott to discuss whether Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is dead. In addition to talking about why people are bad at architecture, she reviews examples of concrete architectural practices and makes it clear that spectacular gains come from spectacular efforts.

Javier Soltero - Clouds Are No Substitute for Competence

Javier Solter talks about the importance of measuring the health of any cloud solution that might be entrusted with the running of mission critical applications. He talks about the problems inherent in the current generation of cloud computing offerings and why comprehensive, transparent performance and health monitoring is necessary. Solter goes into detail on how his company has been monitoring Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine and how this can help both the cloud consumer and the cloud provider.

Kenneth Brooks - Making the Digital Leap

Ken Brooks of Cengage Learning discusses the challenges of mixing digital and print media publishing together efficiently and economically. He also discusses how moving from a low scale craft process to a high scale impact process model improves not only productivity but profitability.

Andy Singleton - Managing Commercial Projects

Andy Singleton is an entrepreneur who has long studied and practiced the art of distributed software development. Influenced by the open source and agile movements, he has arrived at some startling conclusions about how to manage commercial projects. Among them: don't interview people, don't estimate schedules, and don't spend time in teleconferences. In this conversation with host Jon Udell he explains why not to do these things, and what to do instead.

Darrel Rhea - Marketing During an Economic Meltdown

Moira speaks with Darrel Rhea, the CEO of Cheskin Added Value. He tells us that even in an economic meltdown, we need to study the marketplace. They also discuss the importance of user-centered design and the current state of innovation.

Don Elmer - A New Approach for Fighting HIV

Dr. Moira Gunn talks with Don Elmer about a new approach for fighting HIV now being developed by Koronis Pharmaceuticals. The company is pioneering the development of a new class of anti-viral therapeutics based on a novel mechanism called Viral Decay Acceleration (VDA).

Business Startups for Bio Discoveries

Dr. Moira Gunn speaks with two scientists involved with new companies formed to work with new medical discoveries. Dr. Carolee Barlow discusses newly updated knowledge about anti-depressants and how they work. Then, Dr. Paul Rubin talks about the science of fish oils.

Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky - StackOverflow Episode 40

Joel and Jeff sit down with Michael Lopp, aka Rands, to discuss how a geek manages other geeks, the dangers of working remotely, the pitfalls of offshoring, and some techniques for continual learning.

Aaron Iba - EtherPad

Aaron Iba joins Phil and Scott to discuss EtherPad, a real-time collaborative text editing tool currently in beta. In addition to giving details about EtherPad, Aaron talks about how it uses AppJet as a platform. He gives a great deal of technical background information and reviews the future of the product.

Peter Sisson - Search Dialing? Now you're talking!

Just as the PC subsumed the typewriter, Peter Sisson predicts the inevitable integration of the phone and PC. He describes a PC phone integration model for the small office, home office huge market. The model is simple and requires only a PC, a phone, and a hosted service, allowing the customer to do local search dialing online using keywords such as coffee shop or plumber.

Robert Laughlin - The Crime of Reason

Robert Laughlin talks about his new book "The Crime of Reason and the Closing of the Scientific Mind." Professor Laughlin explores the inherent conflict between the government's efforts to support and protect the commercialization of Intellectual Property and the scientific researcher's need for free access to information in order to expand our knowledge in critical areas. Will ignorance be the price we inadvertently pay for safety and commerce?

Danese Cooper - Why Whinging Doesn't Work

From the Greeks to the geeks, everyone loves to complain says former Sun chief open source evangelist Danese Cooper as she uncovers the role of whinging in the open source ecosystem. She paints the current state of open source cooperation and delivers a snapshot of beneficial directions for the community to adopt. Danese references the Helsinki Complaints Choir, Billie Jean King and baseball in relation to FOSS development in this conference talk.
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