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Pokemon: DenGenki Pikachu Manga Uncensored


Introduction- The Introduction page explains the purpose of this site.

Series Information- The Series section is where the Japanese and English version are compared.

The Other Pokemon Series- What about the other Pokemon manga Viz is translating into English?

What Can Be Done About This?- The What Can Be Done About This? page is how you can let Viz, the company that translated and edited the manga, know how you feel about this. Perhaps if they hear about enough people who are dissatisfied with this release, they will go back and restore the images as they were ment to be seen.

Pokemon: The Electric Tales of Pikachu; Pokemon: Pikachu Shocks Back; Pokemon: Electric Pikachu Boogaloo; Pokemon: Surf's Up Pikachu! is TM and Copyright the following companies and Individuals:

Toshihiro Ono, Satoshi Tajiri, Nintendo, 4Kids Entertainment, Viz Communications, Creatures, GameFreak, Shogakukan, and possibly others.

No ownership of these images, names, characters, and likenesses is either expressed or implied by the webmaster.