Remembering Farley

Outside the Patterson's back fence and across the lane, a ravine leads down to the Sharon River. A few years ago, Farley, the family's old sheepdog saved April (then four) from drowning. The effort cost him his life and he is now buried beneath what the children call "Farley's Tree". It's in this private place that April, Elizabeth and Michael go when they wish to be alone. "Alone" with their thoughts, under Farley's tree, they are sometimes joined by Farley's spirit. It could be imagination that makes the bark twist into a familiar face. It could be imagination that makes Edgar (Farley's son) perk up his ears and look amazed at something he seems to recognize. Farley's tree and the Sharon river will forever be special places and only those who observe from outside the borders of the comic square can see clearly the image of the family pet that was lost and is still so fondly remembered....

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a picture of Farley

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