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  • Lani Aames
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Lani is the author of two novels and several novellas of erotic romance published by Ellora's Cave, including Desperate Hearts and the vampire romance Eternal Passion, her latest release.

  • Dafydd ab Hugh
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Daffyd has written numerous published works, including the Star Trek novels Fallen Heroes and Balance of Power.

  • Lynn Abbey
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Lynn is a fantasy writer who is well-known to Dragon*Con fans. Along with Bob Asprin, she was Guest of Honor at the very first Dragon*Con and has attended many since then. In addition to over two dozen novels written in her own name, she is the keeper of the Thieves' World flame

  • Deborah Abbott
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Deborah's been an animator for many years and worked on Space Jam, The Prince of Egypt and Anastasia; she also does comics work and some acting.

  • Abney Park
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Evocative of both old-world mystery and futuristic technology, Abney Park is a strong and original musical presence in a genre far too used to formula, creating music and lyrics both dark and mystical.

  • Peter Abrahamson
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Peter has been designing, building, and puppeteering animatronics for the film, TV and theme park industries since 1989 and participating in robotic competitions since 1994.

  • Pete Abrams
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Pete Abrams is the creator of the highly addictive niftiness that is Sluggy Freelance, a daily online comic strip that has been appearing at www.sluggy.com since August 25, 1997. His world with the switchblade-wielding rabbit quickly expanded into uncharted territory and grew into over a decade of alien vampire missile-launching fun.

  • Aaron A. Acevedo
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] As a freelance writer and game designer, Aaron has worked for Obsidian Studios, Alderac Entertainment Group, and Wizards of the Coast.

  • Justin Achilli
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Justin Achilli is a prolific game developer and writer for White Wolf Game Studios.

  • Forrest J. Ackerman
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] The legendary "4e" is, among many other things, the world's leading authority on SF B-movies.

  • David Acord
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] David Acord is a Lucasfilm employee, whose sound editing credits include Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3 as well as the DVD remasters of the original trilogy.

  • Art Adams
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Art's the talented cartoonist who created Monkeyman & O'Brien.

  • Chris Adams
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Chris Adams has been working in the gaming industry since 1987's debut of Yamara in Dragon magazine. Chris' current projects include the sequel game to Continuum, Narcissist: Crash Free.

  • Mitzi Adams
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Mitzi Adams is a solar scientist for NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center's Space Sciences Laboratory in Huntsville, Alabama.

  • Steven R. Addlesee
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] In 1993, Steven R. Addlesee achieved his first professional published credit; he has now accumulated over 60 credits as artist, cartoonist, columnist, illustrator, inker, letterer, and writer.

  • Keith Age
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Keith Age is the star of the Sci Fi Channel's Spooked and the upcoming (October, 2007) Children of the Grave. The Technical Consultant on many paranormal shows as well as movies such as Death Tunnel, Keith is listed as one of the top ten Ghost Hunters in America.

  • Jerry & Sharon Ahern
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Jerry and Sharon are co-authors of the popular Survivalist series and They Call Me Mercenary, written under the pseudonym Alex Kilgore.

  • Tracy A. Akers
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Tracy A. Akers is the award-winning author of the Souls of Aredyrah Series. Active in the writing community, she is a frequent speaker at schools, conferences, and fantasy conventions. Her first novel, The Fire and the Light, has received numerous awards and is recommended by the Florida Department of Education.

  • Captain Lou Albano
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Captain Lou Albano, "The Manager of Champions," transcends pro wrestling. You've seen him with trademark rubber bands on his face and beard in many films, videos, and TV programs including The Goonies video, & Cyndy Lauper's classic "Girls Just Want to Have Fun."

  • Heather Alexander
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Heather Alexander is a fiery, redheaded Faerie Tale Minstrel who is known for singing the praises of the fae folk. She composes and performs original and traditional Celtic music on fiddle, guitar, bodhran, and any other instrument that the sidhe may present to her.

  • Jason Alexander
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Jason entered the independent scene with his self-published anthology Section 8; his current project is Empty Zone.

  • Wayne Alexander
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Among many genre roles, Wayne is known to us best as Babylon 5's most-often-seen guest star, appearing as (among others) Lorien, the First One and Sebastian the Inquisitor.

  • Steve Algieri
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Steve has had over twenty stories published in a variety of print and Net publications, and edits and publishes Pulp Eternity.

  • Beth Allen
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Beth was the ripe old age of 14 when she began portraying Amber (and Eagle) in the international hit SF teen series The Tribe. Five years later, she's still going strong!

  • James E. Allen
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] A comics writer and illustrator, James is releasing his prehistoric-action drama Creation this summer.

  • Scott Allie
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Scott Allie writes and edits comics and prose for Dark Horse Comics, Glimmer Train Press, and other publishers. His latest work is the comics series Solomon Kane.

  • Michael Allred
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Michael is writer and artist behind the Madman comic series.

  • Aaron Allston
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Texan novelist Aaron Allston (Wraith Squadron, Doc Sidhe, Betrayal) is also an Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame inductee and an independent filmmaker. His upcoming work include Fury (Legacy of the Force #7) and Mongoose Among Cobras (original SF/adventure).

  • Anthony Alongi
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Anthony Alongi is co-writer of Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace, and Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light.

  • Mark A. Altman
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Mark formerly edited Sci-Fi Universe and recently co-wrote and co-produced Free Enterprise, his first feature film.

  • Richard L. Altstatt
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Richard "Hawk" Altstatt produces radiation models and performs radiation effects engineering for military and civilian purposes. He has four degrees in "fire" and is widely published on radiation effects topics. He is an Eagle Claw sensei, an excellent swordsman, and one of the leading experts on catching stuff on fire.

  • Yoshitaka Amano
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Yoshitaka Amano is a celebrated artist and a renowned figure in animation (Vampire Hunter D), videogame design (Final Fantasy), illustration and popular art.

  • Chace Ambrose
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Chace Ambrose is an up and coming actor in the low budget film industry. He's acted in Cutting Room (by Pendulum Pictures) and Psycho Holocaust (by Lazarus Entertainment) He also plays Randall Biggens in the upcoming Super Tromette Action Movie Go!, on which he was also assistant director.

  • Tony Amendola
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Among Tony's credits are such SF and related shows as Stargate SG-1, Angel, Kindred: The Embraced, The X-Files and ST: Voyager as well as film roles in Blow and Poltergeist.

  • Sara Amis
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Sara has been a professional psychic for ten years. She teaches workshops on psychic development and Tarot all over the Southeast, and also teaches introductory Wicca classes.

  • Douglas Arthurs Anderson
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Douglas is a renowned Tolkien scholar whose expertise in the textual history and evolution of Tolkien's Middle-Earth has led to the inclusion of his essays in most of the English-language editions since 1987.

  • James W. Anderson
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Jim mostly writes horror and has a few SF works in progress; he also heads Baron's Haven Freehold, Inc., a planned year-round medieval community with castle, village and crafts.

  • Matt Anderson
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Matt's comic strip Lemmings has been featured for years in several newspapers in the Southeast. He is also editorial cartoonist for the Carolina Morning News.

  • Melody Anderson
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Melody Anderson is best know for her role in Flash Gordon.

  • Murphy Anderson
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Murphy is one of the all-time great comic artists. His career spans over 50 years, and includes characters as diverse as Hawkman, the Atomic Knights and Buck Rogers.

  • Katharine Anderson-Davila
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Katharine is now the editor-in-chief for WomenGamers.com. She's written award-winning editorials in print journalism; her work includes a PBS project for Bill Moyers.

  • Vanessa Angel
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Vanessa Angel is best remembered for playing the role of Lisa on the Weird Science TV series.

  • David Ankrum
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] David Ankrum was the voice of Wedge Antilles in Star Wars: A New Hope. Despite his limited screen time in the films, Wedge is one of the franchise's most popular characters among devoted fans.

  • Stephen L. Antczak
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Steve Antczak sold 40+ stories, with 2 books published by Marietta Publishing: God Drug and Daydreams Undertaken. He wrote two movies: No Witness (Corey Feldman & Jeff Fahey), and Last Sunset (Corbin Bernsen & Joan Severance). He created the comic Nightwolf: the Price, optioned by Fox for a TV pilot.

  • Piers Anthony
    [**Past** Guests in 1991] One of the most prolific SF and fantasy authors the 20th century will ever see, Piers has established legions of fans worldwide.

  • Apollo Smile
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] A multimedia idol and pop performer (currently, with backing band Rockbot), Apollo brings many worlds together as a "Live Action Anime Girl." She's recently appeared in Law & Order and Zoolander.

  • Christopher Appel
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Christopher's illustrations have appeared in numerous gaming products and magazines, and he's also well-known for his computer game designs, including Wizardry, Bane of the Cosmic Forge and the Unreal line.

  • Ken Appleton
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Ken is a professional photographer and graphic designer.

  • Lee Arenberg
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Lee Arenberg will star in Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie as Elwood. His TV guest appearances include several roles in the various Star Trek series.

  • Carmen Argenziano
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] An award winning actor, Carmen has appeared in over 50 films. For the past six years, Carmen has portrayed Jacob Carter/Selmak in Stargate SG1 on Sci-Fi.

  • Angelique Armae
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Angelique Armae's writings have garnered numerous awards and nominations. Her first book, Come the Night, made Fictionwise's Best of the Best list, rounding out the top five best selling dark fantasy books of the year.

  • Ben Armstrong
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Twisted horror show host Ben Armstrong has an Emmy nomination for Tales from 6 Feet Under and a Telly Award for The True NETHERWORLD Story of the Harvestman. In recent years, he has hosted many events and spent his spare time creating evil scenarios and vile experiences for NETHERWORLD Haunted House.

  • Dave Arneson
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Dave Arneson is a legendary figure in the gaming world, ranging back to the earliest days of Dungeons and Dragons. He received a Special Origins Award as a Father of Roleplaying Games in 1983.

  • Douglas Arthurs
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Fans of Stargate SG-1 know Douglas best as the powerful System Lord, Heru?ur. Besides Stargate, he has acted in television episodes of Cold Squad, Harsh Realm, The X-Files, and Highlander. Recent film credits include The Chronicles of Riddick and The Butterfly Effect.

  • Robert Asprin
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Robert Asprin is best known for the Mythadventures of Aahz and Skeeve, the Phule novels, and editing the groundbreaking Thieves World anthology series with Lynn Abbey.

  • Sean Astin
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Sean Astin is most famous for his film roles as Mikey in The Goonies, the title character of Rudy, Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Drew Barrymore's steroid-juiced brother in 50 First Dates.

  • David Atchison
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Comic book writer David Atchison co-authors the Occult Crimes Taskforce with actor Rosario Dawson.

  • William Atherton
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] William Atherton has starred in motion pictures, on Broadway, and on television. He first achieved international prominence starring in Steven Spielberg's directorial debut, The Sugarland Express, followed by John Schlesinger's classic, The Day of the Locust.

  • Peter Atkins
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Peter wrote three of the Hellraiser movies and also created Wishmaster for Wes Craven. In addition, Peter is an author and musician and gigs regularly with his band in LA.

  • Tom Atkins
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Veteran stage and screen actor Tom Atkins has been in The Fog, Escape From New York, Halloween III, Creepshow, and Two Evil Eyes. Some of his many television appearances include a recurring role on HBO's Oz, Rockford Files, Xena, The Heist, Serpico, and Lou Grant.

  • Atlanta Radio Theatre Company
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Atlanta Radio Theatre Company (ARTC) has been adapting great stories for audio (live and radio performances) since 1984, and has been a popular mainstay at Dragon*Con for many great years.

  • Johnny Atomic
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Johnny just finished the pulp crime thriller Temple & Nash (with Ron Fortier, and Matt Ryan) and is the art director (and lead artist) of the successful and controversial RipperOpoly�.

  • Stella Atrium
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Stella Atrium offers her debut science fiction story The Goulep; the sequel, Heartstone will be out in Spring, 1999.

  • Joellyn Auklandus
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Joellyn has been part of WaRP Graphics since 1983; since then, she has added Kahvi and The Wild Hunt to her roster.

  • Jeff Austin
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Jeff Austin has worked in the comics field for thirteen years. His inks appear in Faust, Nightvision, The Renegade, Big Bang Comics, and Cuda. His pencils appear in FemForce, Whiz Kids, and more. Lately, he has produced artwork for several movies, mocking-up comic covers to be used as props and promotional posters.

  • Stephen Austin
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Stephen Austin is a professional comedian and actor best remembered by fans of sci-fi as the "Pak'Ma'Ra Ambassador" on the hit series, Babylon 5.

  • Erick Avari
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Erick Avari's credits include leading roles in films from Kevin Reynold's cult classic The Beast of War, as well as commercial megahits such as Planet of the Apes, Stargate SG-1, Independence Day, and The Mummy. His comedic skills have landed him starring roles in For Love or Money and Woody Allen's only TV film, Don't Drink The Water.

  • Chris Avellone
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Add new content here

  • Brian Avenet-Bradley
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Brian is a director/writer/producer at a major production company whose research into comets and asteroids resulted in the documentary Fire from the Sky.

  • Jared Axelrod
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Jared Axelrod is a frequently published short story author, puppeteer, and circus performer, as well as the creator of popular Voice of Free Planet X and Aliens You Will Meet podcasts. Recently, Jared has been using his costume and sculptural expertise designing and building puppets for live shows of AYWM.

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  • E.T. Babinski
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Editor of Cretinism or Evilution. Author of Leaving The Fold: Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists.

  • Morena Baccarin
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Morena Baccarin starred in the Firefly television show and Serenity film. She has also provided the voice for Black Canary in multiple episodes of the animated series Justice League Unlimited.

  • Bach on a Hook
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Bach on a Hook's Marty Matteson has a Bachelors and a Masters in Viola Performance, and has played in orchestras and chamber groups. With his accompanying musicians, he creates a fusion of classical music and modern sounds.

  • Dian Bachar
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Dian played the horny, flesh-eating George Noon in Cannibal: The Musical and also stars as Squeak Scolari in BASEketball.

  • Steve Bacic
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Steve is best known as Telemachus Rhade on the series Andromeda.

  • Peter Bagge
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Peter Bagge is artist and writer on Hate, one of the most popular alternative comics. His chronicle of the Bradley family has won wide acclaim, and his smooth linework has graced the covers of numerous CDs and magazines. Peter got his start editing Weirdo magazine for the legendary Robert Crumb in the 1980s, and Crumb will illustrate Peter's satire of the "Cathy" comic strip in Hate #27. Between Weirdo and Hate, Peter wrote and drew Neat Stuff for Fantagraphics (who also publish Hate).

  • Laura Bailey
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Laura Bailey has been active in the Dallas theater community for over three years, and has voiceover credits in Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball, Blue Gender and the upcoming Yu Yu Hakusho.

  • Brian Bailie
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Brian Bailie is a senior illustrator for the Defense Dept. and former illustrator for NASA at the Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA. He is involved with the animated segments of the Emmy-winning show, The SCI Files, as well as other freelance credits.

  • Bob Baker
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Bob Baker is the creator of Of Mind and Soul and the creator/writer/artist of the hit new series Wynd from Rage Comics.

  • Danhiel Baker
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Danhiel Baker is an expert on Usenet with a particular focus on spam and the DMCA.  He has worked in the industry for over 10 years and is currently the Chief Usenet Administrator for Supernews.com.

  • Kenny Baker
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Kenny portrays Star Wars' R2D2 in the first and second trilogies, plus many other roles (remember Willow, or Fidget in Time Bandits?)

  • Linda P. Baker
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Linda is the author of The Irda and, with Nancy Varian Berberick, Tears of the Night Sky, both set in the Dragonlance fantasy world, and has had numerous shorter fiction pieces published.

  • Sala Baker
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Sala Baker is known to most Lord of the Ring fans as Sauron from The Fellowship of the Ring.

  • Shannon Baksa
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Shannon Baksa portrays Mara Jade, probably the most popular character to be developed from the "alternate universe" of Star Wars.

  • Rob Balder
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Rob Balder first gained notoriety as the creator of the comic strip PartiallyClips (then later as author of the webcomic Erfworld). But he is also a fabulously funny and talented filk singer.

  • Adam Baldwin
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] "He robbed from the rich, and he gave to the poor. Stood up to the man and gave him what for. Our love for him now ain't hard to explain. The hero of Canton the man they call Jayne." Yes, for all Firefly fans, we've got "Jayne Cobb." Adam Baldwin also portrayed the powerful, demonic "lawyer/liaison" in season 5 of Angel.

  • James Baldwin
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] A working artist since 1978, James has painted designs for t-shirts and printed sportswear as well as comics.

  • Jim Balent
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Jim's the talented artist on DC Comics' monthly Catwoman series, noted for his beautiful and graceful figure work.

  • Melissa Balin
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Melissa holds several feature-film and numerous segment production credits, and produced The Attic Expeditions, which will be screened at Dragon*Con 2001.

  • Betty Ballantine
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Together with her late husband Ian, Betty Ballantine helped form Bantam Books in 1945 and Ballantine Books in 1952, becoming one of the world's first publishers of new science-fiction.

  • Arthur Baltasar
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Art is a Chicago artist and has been self-publishing comics (as Electric Milk Comics) since 1994.

  • Jamie Bamber
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Jamie Bamber has since worked steadily as an actor in TV, film, and radio in Europe and the United States. His recent credits include Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks's HBO miniseries, Band of Brothers, Daniel Deronda for the BBC, and he currently stars as Major Lee "Apollo" Adama on the Sci Fi Channel television program, Battlestar Galactica.

  • Charles Band
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Founder of Full Moon Features and the most important figure in independent video distribution, Charles Band is the producer of over 250 films and the director of 25, including the B-movie classic, Trancers.

  • L.A. Banks
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] L.A. Banks is a NY Times and USA Today best-selling author with over 30 novels to her credit and several film/TV to novel projects under her belt.

  • Kevin Bankston
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Kevin Bankston is a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (www.eff.org), the nation's premiere digital civil liberties organization. 

  • Adrienne Barbeau
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Film, television, and Broadway star, concert stage and recording artist, Adrienne Barbeau's career spans 40 years and is still evolving.

  • Dave Barclay
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] David Barclay's puppeteer work in The Empire Strikes Back led to further collaboration with Frank Oz in Return of the Jedi (Jabba the Hutt), Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and Little Shop of Horrors.

  • Bardiva
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Bardiva is a web-cam girl who uses her free site to share her adventures with the world.

  • Clive Barker
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Film-wise, he recently directed his own screenplay called The Lord of Illusions. Hellraiser IV has also just recently completed production.

  • Lawrence Edward Barker
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Lawrence Barker is a member of Dark River Writers. He has published 3 novels, ~200 short stories, and ~50 poems in the genres of horror and dark fantasy.

  • Steven Barnes
    [**Past** Guests in 1992] Steven is a noted author, both on his own (Street Lethal, etc.) and with Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.

  • David G. Barnett
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Dave Barnett runs Necro Publications and Design, and also heads up the fiction editing for Bloodsongs magazine.

  • Keith Barnett
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] A comics inker, Keith Barnett has worked with companies like Dark Horse and Caliber Comics. His most recent published work is Buffy the Vampire Slayer "Lover's Walk."

  • Mike Baron
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Mike Baron has written numerous mainstream comics, including Marvel's The Punisher and DC's The Flash. He is also the co-creator of Badger, Feud, Spyke, and a number of other renowned titles.

  • Eric Basaldua
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Eric Basaldua has worked on high-profile Top Cow projects like Magdalena, Witchblade/Wolverine, Tomb Raider, and Hunter-Killer. His most recent work can be seen in the Top Cow/Virgin Comics crossover, Witchblade/Devi #1.

  • James Bassett
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Jim Bassett is the author of Living Real (HarperPrism), a hard-SF look at virtual reality. He has also written various screenplays, edited three small press magazines, and serves as the editor of SFWA's Forum.

  • Wolfgang Baur
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Wolfgang Baur is, without a doubt, the most Teutonic game designer at Wizards of the Coast.

  • Peter S. Beagle
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Peter S. Beagle was born in 1939 and raised in the Bronx. Thanks to classic works such as The Last Unicorn, A Fine and Private Place, and Tamsin, he is acknowledged as America's greatest living fantasy author. He won the Hugo and Nebula Awards for his novelette, "Two Hearts."

  • Davey Beauchamp
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Davey Beauchamp is the editor of the Writers for Relief  anthologies, a charity project featuring the works of top science fiction and fantasy authors. He has also written a YA novel, The Amazing Pulp Adventures Radio Show Starring Mister Adventure, which has been turned into an award nominated podcast.

  • Frederick Beaudoin
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Frederick is a graduate of the University of Florida, where he studied fiction writing with Harry Crews, Nelson Algren and other writers. His current novel is The Gender Wars: Cloned to Perfection.

  • Trace Beaulieu
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Trace Beaulieu was a founding writer/performer on Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), playing Dr. Forrester and Crow for the show's first seven seasons as well as the feature film version of MST.

  • Doug Beekman
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Artist and cover Illustrator.

  • Cari Begle
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Cari Begle is Stardock Entertainment's senior game developer. Over the past ten years, she has worked on eight games or expansion packs. She was the lead developer on the acclaimed Galactic Civilizations series and is one of the few female lead developers in the game industry.

  • Brendan Beiser
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Brendan Beiser portrayed Agent Pendrall on The X-Files.

  • Michelle Belanger
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] An expert on vampires in myth and pop culture, Michelle Belanger has appeared on the History Channel, A&E, and numerous documentaries and radio shows. She is the author of half a dozen books on the paranormal and occult, and she lectures at colleges on topics from vampires to Lovecraft.

  • Bella Morte
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Bella Morte recently had their second CD re-released by the world-renowned goth label, Cleopatra, and their third is on the way.

  • Tory Belleci
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Tory Belleci is a member of the Mythbuster build team.

  • Belljar
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Belljar, the Atlanta based progressive/alternative band, employs a combination of acoustic guitar, fretless bass, tribal rhythms, electric guitar and powerful vocals.

  • Joel Laurent Bellucci
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] A card-carrying jack-of-all-trades, Joel Laurent Bellucci is a marine scientist, actor, and visual effects artist. He's the visual effects supervisor for Star Trek: New Voyages and has a leading role in its soon-to-be-released spin-off, Star Trek: First Voyages.

  • The Belmont Playboys
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] The Belmont Playboys are an Atlanta-based rockabilly band who play frequent shows in the Atlanta area, often at the fabled Star Community Bar in Little Five Points.

  • Dirk Benedict
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Dirk Benedict is best-known for his roles on Battlestar Galactica and The A-Team, but he's also acted on Broadway, written two books and written/directed a feature film.

  • Erik J Benner
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Eric J. Benner is the Science Track solar scope "guy," has worked as a professional telescope operator, owns an observatory, and has done rocket talks at Dragon*Con in previous years.

  • Steve Bennett
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Coming Soon

  • Julie Benz
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] The beautiful and versatile actress is best known as the powerful and sexy vampire Darla on both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

  • Christian Alexander Beranek
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Christian Beranek is a best-selling graphic novelist, screenwriter, actor, and producer. His first major success was Dracula vs. King Arthur, soon to be a major motion picture featuring his screenplay. He also wrote the origin of John Doe for the Zenescope/New Line Cinema series, Se7en.

  • Elaine Bergstrom
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Elaine Bergstrom has written a number of gothic horror books including, Shattered Glass, the first in a series of vampire novels for Berkley/Jove to be followed by Blood Alone, Blood Rites, and Daughter of the Night.

  • Steve Berman
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Steve once bought books professionally, and is now the author of the acclaimed Trysts: A Triskaidecollection of Queer and Weird Stories, a collection of quirky gay dark fantasy stories.

  • Pierre Bernard, Jr.
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Pierre Bernard, Jr., is the graphic artist from Late Night with Conan O'Brien, known for the Recliner of Rage. He was invited and appeared in two episodes of Stargate as well as a special in which he got to interview all the cast members of both Stargate SG1 and Atlantis.

  • Mark F. Berry
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Mark F. Berry is a writer and researcher on the subject of classic creature features and the people who made them. Author of The Dinosaur Filmography, the definitive history of dinosaurs in film, his "monster" retrospectives and personality interviews have been featured in Video Watchdog, Filmfax, HorrorShow, Prehistoric Times, Horror Biz, and CreatureScape.

  • Michael Berryman
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Late 1970s horror genre icon whose best known for his creepy performance as "Pluto" in the uncompromising Wes Craven horror film The Hills Have Eyes.

  • Laura Bertram
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Laura's credits include the TV series Ready or Not, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Seasons of Love, and Andromeda as Trance Gemini, and the movies Night of the Twisters, and Dear America: So Far From Home. She is now a series regular on Robson Arms.

  • James Bickert
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] James and his partner Randy Hill wrote, produced, directed, and edited the 16mm cult feature Dumpster Baby.

  • Paul Bielaczyc
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Paul Bielaczyc is a fantasy artist/illustrator working for such companies as Dragonlance, White Wolf, and Apex Digest.  Last year his work, Nightmare, won the Chesley Award for Best Monochrome Unpublished.

  • Cliff Biggers
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] While Cliff has written comics professionally for Dark Horse, Tekno, and other companies, he has written about comics for most of his professional career.

  • Gina Biggs
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Gina Biggs is the creator of the romance webcomic, Red String, a full color series adapting lesser known fairy tales to comic form, published by Dark Horse Comics and Erstwhile. She has been creating comics for over ten years and runs the all-female comic group, Strawberry Comics. Her latest work is the fairy-tale series, Erstwhile.

  • Richard Biggs
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Richard is best-known to SF audiences as Dr. Steven Franklin on Babylon 5. He trained with the distinguished John Houseman and has numerous theatrical credits.

  • Aaron Bilodeau
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Aaron Bilodeau is one of the Midwest's rising stars in the filk (fannish folk singing) community.

  • Tom Biondolillo
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] A fantasy digital painter/illustrator, Tom Biondolillo has worked for companies such as WOTC, FASA, AEG, Steve Jackson Games, GT Interactive, Dark Horse, and Caliber where he's painted, illustrated, inked, penciled, written, and designed. He is currently working on White Wolf's many lines, including Vampire V:TES cards,  Mage, and Scion.

  • Dee Bitner
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Dee Bitner is a certified hypnotist, a HypnoBirthing practitioner, an NLP pratictitioner, and a geek from a long line of geeks. She has explored the place hypnosis enjoys in roleplay and loves to explain and demonstrate the fun hypnosis can be to new audiences.

  • Kenn Bivins
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Kenn began in 1993 working with Marvel, DC, White Wolf Games and Brainstorm Comics, and has found a calling illustrating children's books.

  • Claudia Black
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Claudia Black is best known for her portrayals of Aeryn Sun and Vala Mal Doran in the science fiction television series Farscape and Stargate SG-1 respectively.

  • Forrest Black
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Internationally renowned fetish rock photographer Forrest Black has recently been shooting for Skin Two, Fetish, Secret, Juggernaut and others.

  • Holly Black
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Holly Black is the author of the bestselling Modern Faerie Tale series, which includes Tithe, Valiant, and Ironside, as well as the middle grade series, The Spiderwick Chronicles, an adaptation of which will be released as a major motion picture in February of 2008.

  • Jaid Black
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] In addition to writing erotic paranormal romances, Jaid also collaborates on horror novels and screenplays with author Claudia Rose. Their joint pen name is Millar Black.

  • Karen Black
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Karen is famous for her roles in a wide range of films - over 100 of 'em! - including the Great Gatsby, Easy Rider and Trilogy of Terror.

  • Rod Black
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Rod is the editor and publisher of Son of Spamm! magazine (formerly S.P.A.M.M.).

  • Richie Blackmon
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Richie Blackmon is a young artist from Mississippi, whose titles (through Across the Pond Comics) include Government Bodies and Necro-City.

  • The Blacktop Rockets
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] The Blacktop Rockets are an Atlanta-based rockabilly band who play frequent shows in the Atlanta area, notably at the Star Community Bar in Little Five Points.

  • Dr. Bob Blackwood
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Dr. Bob Blackwood is the co-author of Future Prime: The Top Ten Science Fiction Films and author of From the Silent Era to The Sopranos: Italian American Gangsters in Trend-Setting Films and Television Shows. He is also writer and web manager for the Cook County College Teachers Union.

  • Linda Blair
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Linda Blair became a household name after her portrayal of the 14-year-old girl in The Exorcist, but her career has also extended to many other roles, including humor and stage plays.

  • Elliot Blake
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Elliot Blake is the Emmy-winning animation writer/producer of ReVisioned: Tomb Raider and the upcoming ReVisioned: Activision 2600 for GameTap.com.

  • Jerome Blake
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Born in the UK, Jerome portrayed six different characters in Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace and reprised two of the roles in Attack of the Clones. He's also appeared in, e.g., The Fifth Element.

  • Paul Blake
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Paul Blake is one of two actors who portrayed the ruthless but incompetent lackey of Jabba The Hutt named Greedo. Paul has also toured with stage companies in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Jakarta, Oman and Europe.

  • Winston Blakely
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Penciller, inker, colorist, painter, and writer for Rich Buckler's Visage Studios in New York.

  • Blondie
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Blondie is beyond question the most famous strip - ahem, exotic dancer/poet in Atlanta.

  • Bloodhound Gang
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Geffen recording artists Bloodhound Gang played their wild and racy live set right before the Masquerade at Dragon*Con '97.

  • Bloody Mary
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Bloody Mary is a professional make-up artist, one of Hollywood's true stars, with credits ranging from Titanic and Renegade to WCW.

  • Don Bluth
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] A true legend in the world of animated film, Dragon*Con is proud to welcome Don for his first-ever visit.

  • Mark Bode
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Graphic artist whose work has appeared in his own Cobalt 60 and underground comic Miami Mice.

  • Darlene Bolesny
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Darlene's first novel Trail of Darkness was released in September, 1996 and she is currently working on a sequel and a mainstream novel with fantasy elements.

  • Brian Bolland
    [**Past** Guests in 1991] Brian Bolland is the accomplished artist on such projects as The Killing Joke, Camelot 3000 and the Judge Dredd series.

  • David Boller
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] David worked for Marvel, DC, Acclaim and Warp Graphics before the publication of his Kaos Moon by Caliber Comics in 1996.

  • Larry Bond
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] The best-selling author of Red Phoenix, Cauldron and Vortex, Larry also co-wrote Red Storm Rising with his good friend Tom Clancy and helped design the Harpoon war gaming series and sequels.

  • Sara Bong
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Originally trained as a classical pianist, Sara has been producing classical concerts and other events for the past 12 years.

  • M H Bonham
    [**Past** Guests in 0] M. H. Bonham is the award-winning author of 28 books, including five novels published by Yard Dog Press, Dragon Moon Press, and WolfSinger Pubs, and a podcaster with Podiobooks.com and the slightly podfaded SciFi Traveling Road Show.

  • Kammy Bonias
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Kammy is a net-published gaming and fiction writer who has been nominated for several online awards.

  • Rick Bonilla
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Rick is an illustrator and comic book artist currently working primarily for Femme Fatale Studios and Across the Pond Comics.

  • Boogie Knights
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] The Boogie Knights?performing as part of our filk track?have been entertaining audiences at sci-fi conventions and renaissance faires for many years.

  • Ted Boonthanakit
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Ted is one of Atlanta's premier art talents.

  • Autumn-Skye Boothe
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Autumn-Skye Boothe is a seven-year veteran judge for the Miss Klingon Empire pageant with over 20 years of pageant experience, including certification as a Miss America preliminary judge and the coaching of five national pageant winners since starting her business in 2000. She is also the reigning Mrs. Queen City (NC) United States 2009.

  • Jackson Bostwick
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Jackson Bostwick is best known for his six-season portrayal of Captain Marvel on that #1-rated Saturday morning show; he also appeared in Tron, Gus and My Science Project.

  • Tye Bourdony
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] A comics colorist and lifelong SF fan, Tye Bourdony's satires, The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi, have been seen in the pages of Starlog and Parsec magazines as well as the Celestial Toybox.

  • Michonne Bourriague
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] A model from California, Michonne portrayed Aurra Sing, the alluring female bounty-hunter in Star Wars: Episode 1.

  • Bruce Boxleitner
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Among Bruce's many roles are the one he will be forever and fondly remembered amongst SF fandom: Captain Sheridan on Babylon 5.

  • Donna Boyd
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Donna is the author of one hundred novels. Her latest, The Passion, is a wonderfully new look at werewolves.

  • Paul Boyer
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Paul Boyer, known online as Mormegil, is a graphic designer with over 17 years of experience. He is currently a full-time video game artist/designer.

  • Berl Boykin
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Berl is a playwright, radio producer and actor, especially known for his nationally-broadcast Horror House radio series.

  • Ray Bradbury
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] The legendary Ray Bradbury is among the finest SF, fantasy and horror writers this world will ever know.

  • Dr. John E. Bradford
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Dr. John E. Bradford is President of SpaceWorks Engineering, an aerospace engineering services firm that is a world leader in concept development and systems analysis for future space systems. Dr. Bradford has served as Project Manager for numerous government sponsored programs with NASA, the Air Force Research Labs, and DARPA.

  • Tim Bradstreet
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Timothy Bradstreet has been illustrating role-playing games, comics, cards, and books for well over ten years now, and is still going strong!

  • Michael Brady
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Michael Brady is an anime voice actor, having appeared in Crusher Joe, Elf Princess Raine, and Blue Submarine No. 6, and most recently, the latest Lone Wolf and Cub feature.

  • Tom Braidwood
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Tom Braidwood is best known for his role of lone gunman Melvin Frohike on The X-Files.

  • Jennie Breeden
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Jennnie Breeden is the creator of the autobiographical webcomic TheDevilsPanties.com which chronicles her adventures in clubbing, conventions, and pirates.

  • Nicholas Brendon
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Nicholas is best known for his portrayal of sensitive, wisecracking Xander Harris on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • Dan Brereton
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Dan Brereton is an award-winning and widely acclaimed painter, illustrator, and comics writer, best known for Nocturnals. He's painted hundreds of covers and over 1,000 pages, a Rob Zombie album cover, and more.

  • Heather Brewer
    [**Past** Guests in 0] Heather Brewer is the author of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod (Duton/Penguin), a series of books about a teenage vampire struggling to keep his bloodthirst a secret while dealing with the woes of adolescence, including such fangtastic titles as Eighth Grade Bites, Ninth Grade Slays, and Tenth Grade Bleeds.

  • Beau Bridges
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Beau Bridges is an award-winning actor who has portrayed a myriad of characters during his successful career, spanning more than four decades. Part of a preeminent Hollywood acting dynasty, he started at a young age and has worked virtually nonstop in his profession ever since.

  • John Bridges
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] John Bridges is an illustrator and designer with many years of experience. He is currently creating concept art for White Wolf's World of Darkness Massive Multiplayer Online game.

  • Rik Briscoe
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Rik's an aerospace materials tester, writer and comics writer from South Carolina.

  • Poppy Z. Brite
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Poppy has written the novels Lost Souls and Drawing Blood and editor of the anthology Love In Vein.

  • Clifford Broadway
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Cliff and his writing partner Carlene Cordova conceived and wrote Ringers: Lord of the Fans, in which he also supplies several character voices.

  • Brobdingnagian Bards
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] The Brobdingnagian Bards are the original Celtic Renaissance duo, with unique instrumentation (autoharp, recorder, and mandolin) and great sound. Voted the #1 Best Performing Novelty Band in the 2004-5 Austin Music Awards, they are the "Godfathers of Celtic MP3s."

  • Brom
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Brom's fantastic artwork has graced book-covers, games and film production designs (like Sleepy Hollow, Galaxy Quest and Scooby Doo. He's now entering the 3-D realm as well.

  • Darwin Bromley
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Darwin is the co-founder of Mayfair Games and was the President of Mayfair from its founding until his departure in 1997.

  • Avery Brooks
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Avery Brooks is an accomplished stage, television, and film actor best known for his role as Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  He is the only actor to appear in all 173 episodes of the series and has also directed several episodes.  In addition, he played Benny Russell in the episodes "Far Beyond the Stars" and "Shadows and Symbols."  He also voiced Sisko in the games Star Trek: Deep Space Nine � Harbinger and Star Trek: Legacy.

  • Brett Brooks
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Co-publisher of Comics Debut with both Ward Batty and Cliff Biggers.

  • David Allen Brooks
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] David has appeared in a number of films and television series, including Babylon 5: Crusade, The Young and the Restless and The Kindred.

  • Terry Brooks
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Terry Brooks's first fantasy novel, The Sword of Shannara, became a publishing industry legend. His latest work is the Star Wars: Phantom Menace novelization.

  • Traci Brooks
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Looking for athletic ability, beauty, ring smarts, and sex appeal all rolled up into one dynamite package? Look no further than Traci Brooks! Traci, the original Knockout in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, is a gorgeous brunette grappler who has captured the attention of wrestling fans all over North America. Of course, it's Traci's glowing good looks and sexy figure that first capture the eye. But when she steps into the ring to display her wrestling skills, that's when heads really start to turn.

  • Michael Broom
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Michael's lavish use of pencils, garish layout style and use of lines brings a truly singular sense of mayhem to each new project he does, from comic penciling to haunted-house prop design.

  • Fiona Broome
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Author Fiona Broome is the founder of one of the oldest and most respected ghost-related websites, Hollow Hill.  When she's not investigating ghosts or writing books (Weird Hauntings in 2006, Ghosts of Austin, Texas in 2007, and Weird Encounters in 2008), she's podcasting (about ghosts and faeries) and creating art.

  • Anne Brown
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Anne Brown has designed half a dozen game products including "Ship of Horror" (an adventure for the Ravenloft setting), written several articles, co-authored two novels, and written the Endless Quest novel Bigby's Curse.

  • Julie Caitlin Brown
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Julie portrayed Na'Toth on the legendary SF TV series Babylon 5 but also has numerous other TV, film, and stage acting credits as well as a continuing musical career.

  • Lori Lipman Brown
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Lori Lipman Brown is a lawyer, an educator, and a former Nevada State Senator who now directs The Secular Coalition for America. In this position, she is the first congressional lobbyist explicitly representing nontheistic Americans (atheists, humanists, naturalists, skeptics, agnostics, etc.)

  • Matthew J Brown
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Matthew J. Brown is a philosopher and professional comics scholar, with a chapter forthcoming in Watchmen and Philosophy, who has presented at the Comic Arts Conference at San Diego Comic-Con, and is interested in something similar at Dragon*Con. He has written about retcons, Crisis on Infinite Earth, Watchmen, and vigilantism.

  • Phil Brown
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Phil has appeared in numerous films and TV series including The Martian Chronicles, Superman: The Movie and Star Wars: A New Hope.

  • Steven Brown
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Steve has owned his own comic book and game store for seventeen years and has worked on movies as a locations manager and script writer. He has been a writer and game designer for over twelve years.

  • Phil Brucato
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] A professional scribe since 1989, Phil's credits include fiction in various magazines and anthologies and more than 60 projects for White Wolf.

  • Sandra Bruckner
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Sandra is Editor/Publisher of The Zocalo Today and has other writing credits in the Babylon 5 and Crusade pantheon.

  • Robert Brun
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Robert Brun has been a professional illustrator since 1981, producing commercial illustrations as the owner of Independent Pencil Company.

  • Frank Brunner
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] A legendary artist and illustrator, Frank Brunner's career started at age 20 in 1969, and he's been drawing, writing, and painting ever since.

  • Stan Bruns
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Stan Bruns is founder of the Dreamsmiths Artist Guild and a frequent lecturer and instructor in graphic illustration at the Hunter Museum of Art in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

  • Ginjer Buchanan
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Ginjer is Senior Executive Editor over many projects at Ace Books, including tie-ins for Quantum Leap, Forever Knight, Young Jedi Knights, Xena and Poltergeist.

  • Douglas Buck
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Douglas produced the short film Cutting Moments, is continuing in the same vein with Home, and is also working with Lloyd Kaufman on Terror Firma.

  • Tobias S. Buckell
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Tobias S. Buckell is a Caribbean-born speculative fiction writer. He has published over 30 short stories in various magazines and anthologies. His first two novels, Crystal Rain and Ragamuffin, were published by Tor Books, his third is coming summer, 2008.

  • Rich Buckler
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Rich Buckler has drawn every major character in the Marvel and DC universes and he created Deathlok, the first cyborg in comics. Rich is also the author of two books, How to Become a Comic Book Artist and How to Draw Superheroes.

  • Rich Buckler, Jr.
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Rich Buckler, Jr. has worked as a penciller, inker and writer.

  • M.M. Buckner
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] M.M. Buckner is the author of Hyperthought, a work of speculative science fiction about a future Earth devastated by global warming. Her next two SF novels will be published by Penguin Putnam/Ace in 2004 and 2005.

  • Robert Buettner
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Robert Buettner's bestselling Orphanage was nominated for the Quill Award as best SF/Fantasy/Horror novel of 2004. Critics called it Heinlein's Starship Troopers for the post-9/11 generation. Little Brown Orbit releases book 3 of the series, Orphan's Journey, in April, 2008. The former military intelligence officer lives in Georgia.

  • Jeremy Bulloch
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Jeremy Bulloch portrays the bounty hunter Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and has also appeared in everything from Doctor Who to James Bond films.

  • Roger Bumpass
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Roger Bumpass is an talented voice actor with credits in cartoons and video games stretching back to 1962.

  • Bob Burden
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Bob Burden is an American comic book artist and writer, best known as the creator of Flaming Carrot Comics and the Mysterymen.

  • Chesya Burke
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Chesya?s work has appeared in AANB, published by Harvard University and Oxford University Press, and in a variety of distinguished magazines and anthologies.

  • Robert Meyer Burnett
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Robert Meyer Burnett is a director, writer and editor with several varied industry credits, including Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton.

  • Erik S Burnham
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] The short and varied career of writer/artist Erik S. Burnham has seen his Nick Landime stories published by Shooting Star Comics, work with the Gene Simmons line at IDW, adaptation work through Elfin Kids (a division of Kalyani Publishing), and various small-time projects in other media.

  • Alex Burns
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Alex is the Publisher Emeritus of Drawl, Atlanta's comics newspaper; he also draws "Access Atlanta" for Creative Loafing.

  • James Burns
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Illustrator/graphic designer James Burns has drawn the Grumbles comic strip (seen in Atlanta's Sunday Paper) for nearly four years, as well as working on comics such as Detached and Daemon Process and has also been a frequent contributor to the Not My Small Diary 'zines.

  • Laura A Burns
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Laura A. Burns has been an engineer on NASA's James Webb Space Telescope project since 1998, most recently for the Space Telescope Science Institute. She spent the summer of 2007 in Beijing, China, at the International Space University. She is an avid science fiction and fantasy fan and has contributed to several podcasts.

  • Patrick Burns
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Patrick Burns is one of the most respected names in paranormal research today, starring in Tru TV's (formerly Court TV) Haunting Evidence, and the founder of Ghost Hounds, the largest paranormal network in the South.

  • LeVar Burton
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] LeVar Burton is and actor and director.  He is well known to most, as Geordi La Forge in the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series.

  • Kurt Busiek
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Kurt Busiek is currently writing his own series, Astro City, two Marvel series, Iron Man and Avengers, and Thunderbolts.

  • David Bussey
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] David is currently working on the Red Hot Chili Peppers comic as well as Adventures of Blondie Strange Comix.

  • Jim Butcher
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Jim Butcher is the author of the Dresden Files series of wizard-detective novels set in contemporary Chicago; the first book is titled Storm Front, and there are five so far.

  • Jim Butler
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Appearing as part of our Electronic Frontiers Forum, Jim is a partner of Wellborn & Butler, L.L.C., with experience in hi-tech issues. He represents a wide variety of clients such as ISPs, content providers, etc.

  • Yancy Butler
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Yancy Butler is best known for her starring role on the television series Witchblade.

  • Butterfly Messiah
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Butterfly Messiah, performing on the Concourse, is poetry set to music; haunting, operatic, blissful female vocals and mystical, poetic male chants entwined with industrial dance, classical and dark wave synthetics.

  • Richard Lee Byers
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Richard's the author of over fifteen novels, the most recent of which are Soul Killer, Dark Kingdoms and The Shattered Mask.

  • John Byrne
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] John is a legendary comics illustrator, with credits ranging from Captain America and Superman to his own Next Men and Danger Unlimited.

  • Kari Byron
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Kari Byron is a member of the Mythbuster build team and one awesome chick!

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  • Rachel Caine
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Rachel Caine is the author of the bestselling Weather Warden series and Morganville Vampires series. Her first YA novel, Glass Houses, was recently named to the prestigious 2008/2009 Tayshas Reading List by the Texas Library Association, and she has been nominated for two RT Booklovers awards.

  • Leah Cairns
    [**Past** Guests in 0] In the critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica, Leah is the bitter raptor pilot Racetrack.

  • Calabrese
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Formed in 2003, the brothers Calabrese have come a long way in four short years. Fueled by the cult success of 13 Halloweens, Calabrese has recorded a follow-up CD, The Traveling Vampire Show.

  • Clyde Caldwell
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Clyde's artwork has graced Heavy Metal, The Savage Sword of Conan, Epic Illustrated, Dragon, and Dungeon magazines.

  • Talent Caldwell
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Talent Caldwell is an artist/writer currently working as a penciler for comic books. He is most noted for his work on the popular Superman: Godfall storyline as well as Michael Turner's Fathom: Dawn Of War. Other works of his include Wildcats: Nemesis and Gen13, both for Wildstorm/DC comics.

  • Dennis Calero
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Dennis has been illustrating book covers, comic books and role-playing games for ten years for companies such as Marvel, DC, White Wolf and Wizards of the Coast.

  • James Callis
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] James Callis has acted in many productions in movies, TV, and theater. His most recent role is Dr. Gaius Baltar in The Sci-Fi Channel's new version of Battlestar Galactica.

  • Vince Caluori
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Vince Caluori is president and chief operating officer of Wizards of the Coast and considered a major contributor to the success of the company.

  • Ginger Campbell, MD
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Dr. Ginger Campbell has been practicing emergency medicine since 1992. In 2006, she began sharing her passion for neuroscience with a worldwide audience via the Brain Science Podcast. Her highly regarded podcast shares how recent discoveries are unraveling how our brains make us who we are.

  • Michael Capps
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Dr. Michael Capps is the president of Epic Games, the studio behind the award-winning Unreal series and 2006 Game of the Year, Gears of War. He shares his experiences on how games are made and getting into the games industry, and he might do a demonstration of the upcoming Gears of War 2.

  • Nick Cardy
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Nick Cardy has been both a creative and dynamic artistic force within the comic book industry for over 60 years, from the Golden Age to the present. The Art of Nick Cardy has been nominated for an Eisner Award.

  • Jacqueline Carey
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Jacqueline Carey is the author of the critically acclaimed Kushiel's Legacy, a trilogy of historical fantasy novels concluding with the New York Times bestseller, Kushiel's Avatar.

  • Mike Carlin
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Mike is the Executive Editor at DC Comics, and hence "the man who changed Superman's costume." He is one of the most respected editors and writers in the field.

  • Pat Carlucci
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Pat Carlucci is a comic book artist whose recent projects include cards for Marvel Masterpieces 2007 and 2008, Series 1 and 2, work on Image Comic's WildGuard No. 1, coming out in May, 2008. Other projects have included cover and interior art for Trailer Park of Terror from Imperium Comics.

  • Shawn F. Carnes
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Add new content here

  • John Carpenter
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Films like Dark Star, Halloween and Escape From New York, are just a few of the films that make John Carpenter's contributions to SF and horror film legendary.

  • David Carradine
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] David is best-known the world over for his legendary role in the TV series Kung Fu but lately his name is being mentioned more often for his connection to Bill, the title character of the Kill Bill films.

  • Manny Carrasco
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Manny was an animator on Space Jam, Anastasia, Quest for Camelot, Prince of Egypt, Rugrats, Aladdin's Magic Carpet and Tiny Toons. He is currently working on the comic Code Tango.

  • Greg Carter
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Greg Carter is the creator of the epic action-romance-horror online graphic novel series, Abandon, which began in 2003. The origin story, Abandon: Borrowed Tale, is currently being serialized online.

  • Jason Carter
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Among Jason's many roles on stage and screen is his portrayal of Marcus Cole on the much-missed series Babylon 5.

  • Melissa Carter
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Melissa Carter is Co-Host of The Bert Show on All The Hits Q100 radio in Atlanta.  She is also Co-Host of Twist radio, a nationally-syndicated show that is broadcast in 14 major cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and Las Vegas.

  • Angela Cartwright
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Recognized at an early age and a working actress since age 3 or 4, Angela is best-known to SF audiences as Penny Robinson from Lost In Space.

  • Joe Casey
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Joe has written Cable and The Incredible Hulk for Marvel Comics, as well as Hellcop for Image Comics; he has numerous current projects.

  • Jackie Cassada
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Jackie has been a freelance game designer since 1993, when she joined the design team for Wraith: the Oblivion; she is now co-writing the LARP book for Deliria, a new role-playing game from Laughing Pan Productions.

  • Meryl Cassie
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] A member of The Tribe's core cast since the very beginning, Meryl portrays the pivotal character Ebony on the show and sings the show's theme song!

  • P.C. Cast
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] P.C. Cast is a dynamic, entertaining professional speaker and teacher whose first novel, Goddess by Mistake, will be released in the summer of 2001.

  • Corey Castellano
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Corey Castellano is a professional makeup artist whose credits include 8 Legged Freaks, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, War of the Worlds, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3, X-Men: The Last Stand, The Prestige, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and the upcoming Quarantine and GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

  • Tommy Castillo
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Tommy Castillo is a master artist of the twisted and the macabre. He has put paint and pencil to such titles as Batman Detective; Legends of the Dark Knight; Toetags, with Horror legend George Romero; Evil Ernie; Tales From the Crypt; Alice in Wonderland; King Kong; Dragons, Myths, and Mayhem; various storyboards and designs for films; and many more of the macabre based literature.

  • Cats From Saturn
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] One part orchestra, one part shoegazer indierock, Cats From Saturn is an evolving project which brings together members of The Changelings, Myssouri, Diana Obscura and Aphelion with smoldering strings, drums, bass and guitar.

  • Catt Ninetails
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] DJ Catt Ninetails has spun at The Labyrinth Ball, Mobicon, Frolicon, The NOBLE New Years Fetish ball, and several other southern events.

  • James Cawley
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] James Cawley is an executive producer and actor, known for his role as Captain Kirk in the fan series Star Trek: New Voyages—now Star Trek: Phase II. He worked with Costume Designer William Ware Theiss on Star Trek: TNG and appears in J.J. Abrams's upcoming Star Trek XI.

  • C.B. Cebulski
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Mr. Cebulski, a Japanese manga expert, currently serves as Editor-in-Chief at Central Park Media, publishing, e.g., Chirality and Plastic Little.

  • Cemetery Surfers
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Formed by a group of parapsychologists and ghost hunters, the Cemetery Surfers spend as much time in haunted locations as they do onstage.

  • Meloney Crawford Chadwick
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Meloney is the Editorial Director of Dark Horse Comics, handling the Blanc Noir imprint by Gaijin Studios and the upcoming MYST comic.

  • Doug Chaffee
    [**Past** Guests in 1990] Doug Chaffee's photo realistic artwork, especially his depictions of military action, have made him a modern art legend.

  • Erica Challis
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] One of the original founders of TheOneRing.net and a citizen of New Zealand, Erica's photos of the movie sets were many fans' first clues as to the visual magic that would soon follow.

  • Jamie Chambers
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Jamie Chambers created and wrote the Serenity role playing game and was the lead designer for the Dragonlance game line, the Battlestar Galactica RPG, and the Supernatural RPG. He has been published in fiction anthologies and game industry magazines. Jamie currently serves as Vice President of Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd.

  • Kee Chan
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Kee Chan's acting career has taken him all around the world to film in locations that most of us can only dream of visiting. He was in Australia when he got cast in Star Swar Episode 3 as Senator Male Dee.

  • The Changelings
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] The Changelings are an eclectic Atlanta ensemble influenced by baroque composers as well as Middle-Eastern and tribal music and Dead Can Dance.

  • Veronica Chapman
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Veronica rose from the entry level position of editorial assistant to her current status as one of the premier fantasy editors in the field.

  • A. C. Charania
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] A.C. Charania is President of SpaceWorks Commercial. He is a strategist and technical analyst in space systems design, commercialization, planetary defense issues, and far-term technology assessment. He holds an M.S. and B.S. in Aerospace Engineering (Georgia Tech) and a B.A. in Economics/Mathematics (Emory University).

  • Robert Charrette
    [**Past** Guests in 1990] Robert is the author of several well-received games, and has gone on to write several novels based on those realms.

  • Bailey Chase
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Bailey's TV credits include guest spots on BayWatch, Undressed, Charmed and JAG, and a recurring guest spot on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Graham Miller.

  • Sandra Anglin Chastain
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Sandra Anglin Chastain is the author of more than 47 novels plus six collective novels, three novella anthologies, and three short story anthologies.

  • Howard Chaykin
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Howard Chaykin pioneered the graphic novel form in the United States with Empire, The Stars My Destination, and the Swords of Heaven, Flowers of Hell.

  • Iris Chen
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Iris Chen, an anime/manga illustrator specializing in a fantasy, is currently working on an Alice in Wonderland themed work. She works with Heavy Red Clothing and Purple Sky Magazine.

  • Stephen K. Chenault
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Stephen K. Chenault is the managing partner of Troll Lord Games. The company was founded in the latter part of 1999.

  • David Cherry
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] An accomplished SF and fantasy artist, David got his start in art from visiting the 1976 Worldcon in Kansas City, and never looked back.

  • C. J. Cherryh
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Winner of the Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 1977, C.J. has gone on to win a Locus Award, a Nebula, and several Hugos for her outstanding SF and fantasy fiction.

  • Hollywood Art Chick
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] The career of Sue Bielenberg, The Hollywood Art Chick, began with seven seasons of The Simpsons. She directed Virtual Springfield, storyboarded Rugrats, assistant directed Dilbert, and did boards/ layout for King of the Hill, Mission Hill, The Oblongs, Duckman, Dragon Tales, and Mr. Show, Acceptable TV.

  • Scott Childers
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Scott's involvement in comics began in 1986 with Swashbucklers and has worked on various other titles for Now Comics, Marvel and DC.

  • Kariann Childs
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Kariann Childs is the illustrator for the bizarre, brutal, taboo-crossing novella Graven Images, and the gruesome Sinister Purposes.

  • Claude Chmiel
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Claude Chmiel is the publisher of The Comics Buyer's Guide; his career has spanned from sports writing to crime reporting, advertising sales to management.

  • Frank Cho
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] A popular illustrator, Frank has been nominated for the National Cartoonist Society Award and has won the Ignatz, Scripps Howard and Charles Schultz awards.

  • MC Chris
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] MC Chris is an associate producer in the on-air department of Adult Swim. He also voices several characters in the block for the shows Sealab and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

  • R.J. Christensen
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] R.J. Christensen is an internationally-known X-files fan writer.

  • Claudia Christian
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Claudia Christian is most famous for her role as Commander Susan Ivanova on the science fiction television series, Babylon 5.

  • Roger Christian
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Most recently, Roger directed Battlefield Earth; he was also set decorator on Star Wars: A New Hope and Art Director for Alien and Life of Brian.

  • Gerard Christopher
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Gerard is best-known to us for his starring role in The Adventures of Superboy, has also appeared in, e.g., Murphy's Law and Melrose Place.

  • John Christopher
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] John Christopher has worked as a commercial artist over the past several years. He has worked in a variety of mediums, including print, multimedia, broadcast, and video games. He recently became the newest member at Studio Revolver.

  • Sam Chupp
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Sam got his start with White Wolf Game Studio as a principal designer on Changeling: The Dreaming and Wraith: The Oblivion; he also wrote Sins of the Fathers.

  • Jeff Cioletti
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Jeff Cioletti is the producer/director of the award-winning documentary, Millennium's End: The Fandom Menace, which chronicles Star Wars fans' anticipation for Episode I, as well as Chronotrip and Unwound.

  • Anthony Cistaro
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Anthony Cistaro has had roles on Angel and Charmed but may best be known for his role as Kenneth Irons on Witchblade.

  • Tom Clancy
    [**Past** Guests in 1990] Tom Clancy, author of The Hunt For Red October and several other bestsellers, is among the late 20th-century's most influential writers.

  • Cassandra Clare
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Cassandra Clare is the author of the New York Times bestselling young adult fantasy series, The Mortal Instruments. The first in the series, City of Bones, was her debut novel.

  • Chris Claremont
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Chris was writer for The Uncanny X-Men for seventeen years, and co-creator of Excalibur, Wolverine and The New Mutants.

  • Andrew W. Clark
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Andrew W. Clark has been active in all aspects of space flight for over 35 years, working on everything from submarine launched ballistic missiles to the international space station. He is now CEO of Space Frontier Operations, Inc. and Chief Engineer of Orbital Commerce Project, Inc.

  • Josh Clark
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Josh Clark is best known in the sci-fi world as Lt. Carey from Star Trek Voyager, and also played General Kulomani of the Brakiri army in Babylon 5.

  • Rik Cleary
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Rik is the bassist for the Don't Quit Your Day Job Players; since everyone else in the band is an SF pro, he's re-evaluating his current career in biotech.

  • Douglas Clegg
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Douglas is an ward-winning horror writer with several novels and numerous short stories to his credit.

  • James Clemens
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] James' first novel, Wit'ch Fire, was published in summer, 1998; the sequel, Wit'ch Storm, came out in May 1999.

  • Freddy Clements
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Freddy Clements is currently a Professor of Drama/Faculty Costume Designer at Jacksonville State University. He has designed in theaters all over America. At the university level, he has taught courses in costume design, costume construction, stage make-up, and advanced stage make-up.

  • John Clements
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Having studied the craft since 1980, John Clements has taught seminars on historical swordsmanship in 10 countries and is the author of the groundbreaking books: Renaissance Swordsmanship and Medieval Swordsmanship.

  • Ken Cliffe
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Ken is White Wolf Game Studio's director of development and editing.

  • Carolyn Clink
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Carolyn's genre poems have also appeared in Analog, Weird Tales, On-Spec, TransVersions, Star*Line, and Tales of the Unanticipated.<

  • Cloei
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Cloei has been a camgirl for nearly 4 years, and spends most of her time redesigning websites, and thinking up new projects to throw herself into.

  • Brenda Clough
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Brenda has written several novels including The Dragon of Mishbil, The Realm Beneath, The Name of the Sun and How Like A God.

  • Clutch
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Originally from Germantown, Maryland, Atlantic Records recording artists Clutch will celebrate ten years of pure rock fury in August, 2001, with us at Dragon*Con.

  • John Cmar
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] John Cmar, MD, is an Instructor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University and an Infectious Diseases specialist at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, where he helps direct the Internal Medicine residency program and teaches evidence-based medicine. He also contributes to several podcast projects, including Mur Lafferty's The Takeover.

  • Stephen Euin Cobb
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Stephen Euin Cobb is a Hard SF author, futurist and the host of the award-winning podcast The Future And You. He writes a regular column in Jim Baen's Universe, the popular SF&F online magazine from Baen Books; and for his game Death Stacks, there?s an annual tournament in Charlotte, NC.

  • Rudy Coby
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Fox's Rudy Coby: The Coolest Magician on Earth fooled viewers who tuned in expecting a "normal" magic show. Magic + comics = fun. :)

  • Julie Cochrane
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Julie Cochrane has written Cally's War and Sister Time with John Ringo in his popular Aldenata Universe. The third and final book in the sub-series, Honor of the Clan, is forthcoming from Baen Books.

  • David B. Coe
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] A freelance writer, David's Children of Amarid, recently released by Tor Books, is his first novel; The Outlanders is the sequel.

  • Chip Coffey
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Chip Coffey is a psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and renowned writer.  He has made many television and radio appearances and is revered within the paranormal community.  His writings have been published in many magazines and newspapers worldwide.

  • Ivan Cohen
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Ivan is editor of DC's Secret Files and Wonder Woman titles, and is responsible for assembling WW's new creative team: Greg Rucka, Drew Johnson and Ray Snyder, all of whom are scheduled to attend D*C 2003.

  • Gary Cohn
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Gary Cohn has been a professional writer since his first sale in 1974. He has also written the Senryaku miniseries and co-written the Shi/Cyblade team

  • Eric Coker
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Eric Coker is a multimedia producer working under the name Retro Rocket Multimedia who develops computer-based presentations, promotional materials, and Web games for entertainment, educational, and corporate clients.

  • Gene Colan
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Not only is Gene closely associated with characters like Daredevil, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Sub-Mariner and many others, he's also worked about every genre comics have ever touched on: Romance, War, Sci-Fi, Horror, Humor, and of course Superheroes.

  • Kathleen Coleman
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Kathleen Coleman portrayed Holly Marshall on Land of the Lost for the entire run of the show. Her plaid shirt and pigtails became her trademark, and she was the first love for many who grew up watching the Land of the Lost.

  • Terry Collins
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Terry is currently writing Looney Tunes for DC and Explorers for Caliber Press. He's also written for Elfquest and The Tick.

  • Combichrist
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Combichrist brings noisy dance-floor grooves and distorted beats, combined with scathing vocals and electro arrangements, to produce a full-tilt dance-floor onslaught.

  • Jeffrey Combs
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Jeffrey has appeared in, e.g., Re-Animator, Bride of Re-Animator, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Frighteners, The Guyver, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and House on Haunted Hill.

  • Stephen B. Combs
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Stephen Combs is a senior associate at Morris, Manning & Martin in the Corporate Technology Law Group. He specializes in commercializing technology in various sectors with an emphasis on Web-based technology and services.

  • Jeff Conaway
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Jeff is best-known to the world at large for his role in television's legendary Taxi; more recently he has starred as Zack Allan on Babylon 5.

  • Amanda Conner
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Amanda gained wide acclaim for her work on Vampirella. Her current work includes Mad Magazine and covers for Claypool's Soulsearchers.

  • Frank Conniff
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Frank Conniff is a comedy writer and performer who began his TV career writing for the Peabody Award-winning Comedy Central series, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), where he also played TV's Frank, the bumbling yet lovable mad scientist.

  • The Consortium of Genius
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Lights, chaos, action! More than just virtuosity of musicianship, unforgettable visual effects, or sex symbols of mad science, The Consortium of Genius is an industrial-strength powerhouse of three cerebral miscreants who rock their audience into submission.

  • Storm Constantine
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] From England, Storm has written the Wraeththu trilogy, Hermetech, Monstrous Regiment, Stalking Tender Prey, etc.; she played a seminal role in the goth movement.

  • Sky D Conway
    [**Past** Guests in 0] Sky D. Conway produced and co-write the much acclaimed hit film, Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, directed by Tim Russ and starring Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Alan Ruck, and a dozen other Star Trek stars. Sky also produced Walter Koenig's film, InAlienable, starring Richard Hatch.

  • Dave Cook
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Dave Cook is a local artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. He is also the creator of Splatter Comix, a retro horror magazine featuring gory thrills, sly humor, and “a bucket of blood in every issue—guaranteed.” Splatter Comix has been picked up by Diamond Distributors, and the first brain-crushing issue will be splattering stores in early October.

  • Julia Coombs
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] A twelve-year vet of the UK computer gaming industry, Julia handles the European Marketing and Public Relations for Anne McCaffrey's Dragonflight game.

  • Alice Cooper
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] A legend as both a band and a solo performer, Alice has forever established himself as a pivotal, influential figure on the horror, rock and metal communities.

  • Carlene Cordova
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Carlene is the co-writer, producer, and director of the award-winning feature documentary RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS.

  • Chick Corea
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Legendary jazz pianist, Chick Corea, has been one of the most innovative and influential musicians of the past 40 years, and has won 12 Grammy awards.

  • Christopher Cornell
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Christopher is co-author and co-maintainer of Satellite News (at mst3kinfo.com) which, since 1997, has been the official Mystery Science Theater 3000 Information Club web site.<

  • Lydia Cornell
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Lydia Cornell is an award-winning comedienne, writer and actress. Winning the People's Choice Award, Lydia starred as "Sara" in Too Close For Comfort

  • Joe Corroney
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Joe has been providing Lucasfilm with official Star Wars artwork since 1997. Currently, he's creating Star Wars art for Wizards of the Coast.

  • Matthew J. Costello
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Matt is a well-known and prolific gaming, science fiction, fantasy and radio-comedy author.

  • Greg Costikyan
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Greg Costikyan designs games, writes, and consults on game industry business issues. His 4th novel First Contact is scheduled for June; he can claim 27 games to his credit.

  • Robert Costner
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Robert is a Cyberliberties activist currently and programmer.

  • Bob Coughlin
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Bob Coughlin is currently working on two projects: a graphic novel of D. Scott Schmid's sci-fi thriller, Fractions of Being, and a series of articles chronicling the Hearst syndicate's Puck Sunday funnies in the '40s, '50s, and '60s. Bob spent 2007 working behind-the-scenes on an unannounced film project.

  • Ed Cox
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Ed has painted over 50 box tops for Ertl's Star Wars and Star Trek scale models. He was Artist GoH at Visions '97 in Chicago.

  • F. Brett Cox
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] F. Brett Cox's novelette "The Light of the Ideal" is forthcoming in Century; he has also published fiction in Forbidden Lines.

  • Yvonne Craig
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Yvonne Craig will always be best-known (and much-loved) as the one, true, original Batgirl.

  • The Creeps
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] The Creeps are a Social Distortion-inspired, Atlanta-based rock band that includes Jay Bakker (yes, Jim and Tammy Faye's son) as frontman.

  • Hunter Cressall
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Best known for his Mac switch parody video, Crash Different, Hunter Cressall is an HD filmmaker. Hunter spent nine years in LA as a Prop Master and Production Designer working for such giants as Charles Band, Roger Corman, and David DeCoteau. Hunter currently owns an HD Video and Post company in Birmingham, Alabama.

  • Ann C. Crispin
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Ann C. Crispin is the bestselling author of books ranging from V and Trek adaptations to Andre Norton's Witch World.  She's also an accomplished writing instructor, as numerous writers workshop attendees can attest.

  • Marie Croall
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Starting off her career as sales manager of Chaos! Comics, Marie Croall transited into the creative side by co-writing the story "Magic Words" in 9-11: Artists Respond with Dan Jolley.

  • C. Martin Croker
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] C. Martin Croker (aka Clay Croker) has been in the animation field for over 22 years now, working with Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block for much of that time. He helped create Cartoon Network's Space Ghost Coast to Coast, as well as supplying numerous voices, including regulars Zorak and Moltar.

  • Jeff Cromer
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Jeff is a professional in the field of sequential art and a 1994 graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art.

  • Denise Crosby
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Denise Crosby is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Security Chief Tasha Yar on the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  • Crossed Swords
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Longtime friends and guests of Dragon*Con, Crossed Swords, the swashbuckling duo of Mike Sakuta and Nicole Harsch, bring hand-to-hand combat back to the noble era of the sword.

  • Joe Crowe
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Joe Crowe is writer and editor for the online science fiction magazine, RevolutionSF.com. He hosts and writes RevolutionSF Newsblast, a Daily Show-style look at science fiction news. He is one of the writers of Assembled: Five Decades of Earth's Mightiest, a history of Marvel Comics superheroes the Avengers.

  • Dermot Crowley
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Dermot Crowley plays the noble General Crix Madine in Return of the Jedi, as well as the villainous Major Kamp in Octopussy.

  • Cruxshadows
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] From humble origins in a Northern Florida town, the Cruxshadows have risen to become internationally recognized as one of the most popular darkwave bands of all time.

  • Alexis Cruz
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Alexis Cruz achieved international fame after starring in Roland Emmerich's box-office hit, Stargate, in which he played the young Egyptian rebel leader, Skaara.

  • Leslie Culton
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Veteran B-Movie actress, starred in many projects. The latest being Wildcats starring Playboy Playmate Rebecca Ferratti. Starship 2:Rendevous at Ramses along with John Astin, Richard Biggs and Jason Carter.

  • Cynthia Cummens
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Cynthia Cummens is a freelance illustrator and approved Lucasfilm artist, and sketch card artist for Topps on such licensed properties as Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. She was a guest at The One Ring Celebration, where she participated in the Iron Artist.

  • Carl Cunningham
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Carl Cunningham is a published writer who has been particularly involved with covering the Star Wars saga for several years. He is also the co-author of two soon-to-be published travel guides and has various potential film, TV, and graphic novel projects in the works.

  • Lowell Cunningham
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Lowell is co-writing a book about the new Babylon 5 collectible card game. He also created the comic book Men In Black, which became a certain hit movie...

  • Drew Curtis
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Drew Curtis is the founder of Fark.com, the largest humor news aggregator on the Internet. He is also the author of the best-selling It's Not News It's Fark, How Mass Media Tries to Pass Off Crap as News.

  • Larry D. Curtis
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Larry D. Curtis, known as MrCere at TheOneRing.net, is an organizer and advocate for fans of books, film, and games, especially those involved in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

  • Robin Curtis
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Among many other roles, Robin portrayed Lt. Saavik in Star Trek: The Search For Spock. She has also guest-starred on the Trek series and Babylon 5.

  • Leah R. Cutter
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Leah is the author of three historical fantasy novels as well as several fantasy, science fiction and horror short stories. Her most recent novel, The Jaguar and the Wolf is about what happens when a group of Vikings encounter the Mayans.

  • Charles Cyphers
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Charles Cyphers's career has spanned almost five decades with roles in The Six Million Dollar Man, The Fog, Halloween I & II and Escape From New York, Murder She Wrote, Seinfeild, ER, Murder One, The George Carlin Show, Lois & Clark, Seaquest, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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  • Michael D'Ambrosio
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Michael is currently working on a new series of books entitled Space Frontiers. The first book in the series is entitled The Eye of Icarus.

  • Jehan Snyers D'Attenhoven
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Jehan is the Creator and General Manager of the Star Wars Combine online role-playing simulation game.

  • D.C. Moon
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] D.C. Moon's success seems imminent with their second CD The Uncertainty Principle, featuring songs penned by author/screenwriter John Shirley.

  • D?rker
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] D?rker creates a new style of metal that combines the best from old and new school rock, with flavors of seventies funk, thirties swing jazz and blues, and a nineties edge.

  • Dad's Garage
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Dad's Garage is a 3-year old non-profit theatre company; they will be presenting Trey Parker and Matt Stone's Cannibal! The Musical at Dragon*Con '98.

  • Carrie Dahlby
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] A long time participant in shadow-casts of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show", "Shock Treatment", "Buffy: The Musical", and "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", classically trained opera vocalist Carrie Dahlby made her first contributions to the world of comedy music on the albums of 'the great Luke Ski', most notably on his 2005 Dr. Demento Show hit "Vader Boy" (an Avril Lavigne parody).

  • Daikaiju
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] The music of Daikaiju is the alarm of a Japanese school girl's watch strapped to Dick Dale's wrist?the soundtrack of the greatest giant monster movie never made.

  • R.F. Daley
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] R.F. has lent his voice to numerous commercial voiceovers and audio books, including L. Ron Hubbard's Kingslayer and To the Stars.

  • Blackie Dammett
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Blackie is Editor 'n' Chief Potentate of the new Red Hot Chili Peppers comic book and lead singer Anthony Kiedis' father; he also heads the band's fan club.

  • Rick Danford
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Rick has written several short film screenplays as well as the feature film scripts The Web of Darkness, Death Island and Lycanthrope for Renegade Films.

  • Elizabeth Danforth
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Graphic designer whose gaming illustrations have appeared in products from companies such as Wizards of the Coast, FASA, TSR, and Flying Buffalo.

  • Anthony Daniels
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Anthony Daniels portrays C3PO in the Star Wars movie saga. As our guest in past years, he's been among the best masquerade emcees we've ever had!

  • Jack Dann
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Jack Dann is a multiple award winning author who has written or edited over 60 books, including the groundbreaking novels Junction, Starhiker, The Man Who Melted, The Memory Cathedral, and Bad Medicine.

  • Sybil Danning
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] The star of many films, including Amazon Women on the Moon, Chained Heat, and Battle Beyond the Stars, Ms. Danning will be joining us for the first time in 2004.

  • Richard Dansky
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Richard is currently the developer for Wraith: The Oblivion and Mind's Eye Theatre for White Wolf.

  • The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets (band) performed at Dragon*Con '97. Some of their material is based on H.P. Lovecraft's work.

  • Jeff Darlington
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Jeff is the creator of the enormously popular web-based comic strip General Protection Fault, with tens of thousands of daily readers.

  • Holly Daughtrey
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Holly is an artist with the American anime-styled comic publisher, Antarctic Press. She has worked on such comics as Ninja High School, Gold Digger and others.

  • Jack Daulton
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Mr. Daulton is Special Agent in Charge of the Atlanta Division of the FBI and is a special guest of our X-Track.

  • Dave Brockie Experience
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Dave "Oderus" Brockie's show is likely to contain equal parts loud punk-rock music, touching acoustical ballads (about butts)... and a lot of people wishing that GWAR was playing.

  • Kathleen O'Shea David
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Kathleen O'Shea David has a long history with Dragon*Con. Professionally, she has adapted anime with her husband, Peter David, written for Big Finish, edited more books than she can count, and has puppets and masks in collections all over the world.

  • Kathleen O?Shea David
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Kathleen O?Shea David adapted the first four issues of the Japanese Manga Negima. She is currently an editor on staff at Phobos Books and the owner of No String Attached (custom puppets, masks, and dolls).

  • Peter David
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Peter David is a prolific author whose career, and continued popularity, spans nearly two decades. He has worked in every conceivable media: television, film, books (fiction, nonfiction, and audio), short stories, and comic books and acquired followings in all of them.

  • MaryJanice Davidson
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] MaryJanice Davidson is the writer of the Undead series of books and co-writer of Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace and Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light.

  • Stephen Crane Davidson
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Stephen's short fiction has appeared in Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine and will soon appear in the Sword and Sorceress 19 anthology.

  • Bryan Davis
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Bryan is the author of the Dragons in Our Midst series as well as The Story of the Empty Tomb.

  • Dave Davis
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Dave is a co-creator of The Last Comic Site, a website devoted to the four-color marriage of words and pictures, and is also writer, editor and general nuisance for CHUD.

  • Don S. Davis
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Don S. Davis is best known for playing Major General/Lieutenant General George S. Hammond in the science fiction television series Stargate SG-1, and earlier for playing Major Garland Briggs on the television series Twin Peaks.

  • Mike Davis
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Add new content here

  • Peter Davison
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] After his success in All Creatures Great and Small, Peter became the 5th doctor on the long-running BBC program Doctor Who.

  • Sohma G. Dawling
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Sohma G. Dawling has been a webcam girl and so much more. She's been experimenting with different digital photography mediums and online journaling since 1999.

  • Brett Dawson
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] BattleBots competitor Buzz Dawson serves as technical expert and co-host of the Do-It-Yourself network's show Robot Rivals.

  • L. Sprague and Catherine Crook De Camp
    [**Past** Guests in 1992] Sprague is one of the most revered "elder statesmen" in the SF/fantasy field. Catherine, as editor and co-writer, is no slouch herself!

  • John de Lancie
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] John de Lancie's portrayal of the character "Q" since episode one of Star Trek: The Next Generation has been among the series' enduring highlights.

  • John A. De Vito
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] John is the author of the Amazon best-seller The Devil's Apocrypha. Originally released as The Apocrypha, it did so well that the publisher reissued it with the new title.

  • Roger Dean
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Roger Dean is an internationally recognized artist and designer whose evocative and visionary images with associated graphics, logos, and lettering created a new genre of work.

  • Roger Dean
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Roger Dean is one of the world's legendary visionaries. His distinctive, otherworldly album covers, notably for the band Yes, have been a powerful influence on progressive rock.

  • Danny DeAngelo
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Danny's work has appeared in Wizard and G-Fan. He is currently releasing a special comic book called Captain Awareness: Assault on Campus.

  • Dick DeBartolo
    [**Past** Guests in 1991] Dick is affectionately known as MAD Magazine's craziest writer (no mean feat), and has also become a well-known consumer reporter.

  • Nicole deBoer
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Nicole deBoer stars as "Sarah Bannerman" in the series The Dead Zone. She is best known for her role as "Ensign/Lieutenant Ezri Dax" on the seventh and final season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

  • Shane K. DeFreest
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] A multi-talented veteran of the entertainment industry, Shane DeFreest has worked in comics, games, TV, and film. Shane's professional credits include stints at Dark Horse, White Wolf, Activision, and acting roles on Buffy, Angel, and Alias.  He is currently working on Neverwinter Nights 2 for Atari.

  • Thomas F. Deitz
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Author of the novels Above the Lower Sky and The Demons in the Green.

  • Eric Del Carlo
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Eric has had his short science-fiction, fantasy and horror published in a wide array of small press publications. He's a past semi-finalist for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award.

  • Robb Demarest
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] As the lead investigator of the Ghost Hunters International team, Robb Demarest hopes to push the boundaries of current knowledge in the field and approach these enigmas with the open minded skepticism for which his TAPS counterparts are known.

  • Dr. Demento
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] The Dr. Demento Show is radio's weekly two-hour festival of "mad music and crazy comedy" heard on stations coast to coast. It is a free-wheeling, unpredictable mix of music and comedy.

  • Chris Demetral
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Chris stars as Jules Verne himself in The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne and has also appeared in Star Trek: TNG, Lois & Clark and Beverly Hills 90210, among many others.

  • Porl Denicolo
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Porl has assembled such artists as Iggy Pop, GWAR, The Damned and Skinny Puppy to provide rights or original music for Renegade Films' The Web of Darkness.

  • Debi Derryberry
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Debi is and actress and voice actress. Her voice acting includes the voice of "Jimmy Neutron", and "Coco" from the hit video game Crash Bandicoot.

  • Joseph DeVito
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Over the last twenty four years, Joe has illustrated hundreds of book covers specializing in science fiction, fantasy, adventure, horror, and dinosaurs.

  • Delilah Devlin
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Delilah is the author of the sensual and suspenseful My Immortal Knight series of vampire tales.

  • Dave DeVries
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Dave is a comic, fantasy and horror painter. For the last several years he has painted images for Fleer and Skybox, for their Marvel and DC trading card sets.

  • Kaz DeWinter
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Kaz DeWinter has a short story in the Dragon*Con Anthology. She is also a historian who has recently written a nonfiction article that will appear in Men at War.

  • Christa Dickson
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Christa Dickson is co-author of Dusted and Redeemed, the largest unauthorized guides to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, respectively. She is senior editor at Mad Norwegian Press.

  • Greg "Storm" DiCostanzo
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Paul and Greg "Storm" DiCostanzo are a comedy music duo, and they have been performing together since 2004. Before that, they were one half of a cappella band, DaVinci’s Notebook, for about 12 years.

  • Greg DiGenti
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Greg's comics have appeared regularly in Caliber Comics' Negative Burn; his new one-shot is called Grumble.

  • Tony DiGerolamo
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Tony DiGerolamo is a writer for the Simpsons and Bart Simpson comic books. He is the creator of the Super Frat webcomic and Complete Mafia for d20. He's written for Hero Envy, Kenzer & Co., Space Ghost, and Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. He now writes for Zombie Country.

  • Jeanne Dillard
    [**Past** Guests in 1992] Jeanne is the author of the psychological horror novel Specters as well as several Star Trek novels.

  • Paul Dini
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Paul Dini is the multiple Eisner Award-winning writer of Batman Adventures and producer/writer of the Batman and Superman animated television series.

  • Distorted Reality
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Distorted Reality is the synthpop band formed in 1997 by a collaboration between Martha M. Hoffmann from Miami, USA and Christian Kobusch from Bielefeld, Germany.

  • Chuck Dixon
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Chuck Dixon is an American comic book writer, perhaps best-known for long runs on Batman titles in the 1990s. He frequently collaborates with artist Graham Nolan.

  • Debra Dixon
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Debra Dixon, creator of the writer's bible, GMC: Goal, Motivation and Conflict, has worked with major New York publishers and small presses. Her latest work, "Coyote Run," is a young adult fantasy for an upcoming DAW anthology. She's the President of a respected Southern regional press, BelleBooks, Inc.

  • Larry Dixon
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] An artist and illustrator, Larry has also co-written (so far) The Black Gryphon, Born To Run, The Silver Gryphon and The White Gryphon.

  • DJ Nemesis
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] DJ Nemesis has played for bands such as Planet Psycho, Fusebox, and the Glitterdome Allstar Band in Atlanta over the past few years.

  • DJ Spider
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Primarily a goth/industrial DJ with a healthy dose of 80s, Spider has spun a variety of formats over the years, which means anything is bound to show up in her sets.  She's been described as "vibrant," "surprising," "kick-ass," and "Omigod, is she really that tall?"

  • DJ Weasel
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] DJ Weasel been a DJ in the Atlanta scene since late 2000 and has spun at several places around the city including The Globe and the Masquerade, and more recently Spring4th and The Jungle.

  • Carrie Dobro
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Best-known to SF fans as Dureena Nafeel in Babylon 5: Crusade, Carrie's a DramaLogue Award winner who has starred in several TV series and feature films.

  • Kevin Dockery
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Coming soon

  • Lexa Doig
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Lexa Doig is a Canadian actress best known for her role as Rommie in the science fiction TV series, Andromeda.

  • Ami Dolenz
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Ami Dolenz, daughter of Monkees' Micky Dolenz, has appered in a variety of TV and movies, including Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings, Witchboard 2: The Devils Doorway, TICKS, Superboy, and Stepmonsters.

  • Micky Dolenz
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Micky Dolenz become an international phenomenon, selling over 60 million records, as lead singer and drummer of The Monkees. The Monkees were featured on TV from 1966-1968 in 58 episodes. In 2007, he played Derek Allen in Rob Zombie's movie, Halloween. Other TV credits include Circus Boy, The Tick, and the Batman animated TV series.

  • Don't Quit Your Day Job Players
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Perhaps the world's best skiffy bar band, this quartet of SF pros mix rock, blues, folk and country. D*C is the second stop on their Prose and Cons tour.

  • Elizabeth Donald
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Elizabeth Donald is a writer fond of things that go chomp in the night. Author of the award-winning Nocturnal Urges vampire mystery series and horror collection Setting Suns, by day she is a newspaper reporter, which provides her with an endless source of material.

  • Stephen R. Donaldson
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Creator of the legendary fantasy series The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant The Unbeliever, Stephen has delved into SF and other directions.

  • Danny Donovan
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Writer at large and shameless self-promoter, Danny Donovan has worn many hats in the indie comic field: writer, public relations officer, distribution manager, and king of corraling cats. He has done work for Shooting Star Comics, Marvel Comics, iHero Entertainment, and Platinum Studios.

  • James Doohan
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] James Doohan's acting career covers an astonishing number of roles in TV, radio, film and on stage - but none as legendary as Star Trek's Scotty, the world's most famous chief engineer.

  • Doomsday
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] This metal band from Phoenix has based their new material on Evil Ernie and appears courtesy Chaos! Comics.

  • L.J. Dopp
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Designer of Dragon*Con's new Futura Award, Dopp also has a line of original classic monster paintings, "Horrible Art by L.J. Dopp." Also, Dopp has the short story, Casting Call of Cthulhu, coming out in Forrest J Ackerman's anthology, Dr. Acula's Thrilling Tales of the Uncanny.

  • Colleen Doran
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Colleen's work has appeared in over 400 books, comics and magazines. A pro since she was fifteen, she is a much-honored writer, artist and painter.

  • Evan Dorkin
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Evan's the artist and writer behind Milk and Cheese, the popular comic published by Slave Labor Graphics.

  • Dave Dorman
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Dave is a talented artist specializing in action scenes; his prodigious output is seen in comics, games and on magazine covers.

  • Michael Dorn
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Michael Dorn donned mounds of facial makeup for what was to be his signature role: the U.S.S. Enterprise's Klingon officer Lt. Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994). Michael reprised his role of "Worf" on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1995-1999). He also contributed behind the scenes, directing several episodes of DS9.

  • Aaron Douglas
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Aaron Douglas was born in and currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where he stars in the critically acclaimed sci-fi television series Battlestar Galactica as Chief Galen Tyrol.

  • Carole Nelson Douglas
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Douglas's 52 genre-crossing novels include bestsellers in SF/F, mystery, and romance. Her numerous writing awards include a NYT Notable Book of the Year citation and her latest books include her Irene Adler Sherlockian and Midnight Louie feline PI mystery series, as well as her Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator urban fantasy series. 

  • Sarah Douglas
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Sarah's credits include, e.g., Superman II, Conan the Destroyer and The Final Programme as well as roles in everything from Falcon Crest to Stargate SG-1 and Babylon 5.

  • Brad Dourif
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Dourif's acting credits include One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Dune, Blue Velvet, Alien Resurrection, Babylon 5, Trek: Voyager, Child's Play (as Chucky), and the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. 

  • Bill Dow
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Bill Dow plays Dr. Bill Lee in Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate: SG1 and has had guest appearances in Dead Like Me, Da Vinci's Inquest, X-Files, MacGuyver, and Highlander.

  • Robin Atkin Downes
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Robin Atkin Downes portrayed Byron on the popular SF series Babylon 5, and has numerous other credits on the small and silver screens and the stage.

  • Brian Downey
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Brian starred for four years on the Sci-Fi TV series Lexx, and will be appearing at the Lexx Fan Club booth at Dragon*Con.

  • Jerry Doyle
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Jerry Doyle is well known for his portrayal of Michael Garibaldi on the hit SF series Babylon 5. His other credits include voice-over work and hit television shows such as JAG and Sliders. Jerry is also a nationally syndicated radio talk show host with affiliates in every major radio market.

  • David Drake
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Though best known for his military SF, David Drake has written in every subgenre within the fantasy/SF genre except for romance?humor, thriller, epic fantasy, S&S, military SF, space opera, and historical (both fantasy and SF.)

  • Dekker Dreyer
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Dekker Dreyer is the founder of Illusion on Demand, Resonance Features, and Transmitter Magazine. He has been profiled as a filmmaker, writer, and producer in Sci-Fi Wire, Slice of Sci-Fi, and Starlog. As Illusion's creative director, he brought the classic Doctor Who back to US television.

  • Ellen Dubin
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Ellen Dubin has portrayed Giggerota, Queen, Genevieve G. Rota and the Pope on the Sci-Fi TV series Lexx, and will be appearing at the Lexx Fan Club booth in the Exhibitors Hall.

  • Duke Fame
    [**Past** Guests in 2005]

  • Andy Duncan
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Andy, a graduate of the Clarion West writers' workshop, has been nominated for a 1998 Hugo Award for Best Short Story and the Campbell Award for Best New Writer. His very first book won a World Fantasy Award.

  • Ben Dunn
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Ben Dunn's most notable creation is the comic book series Ninja High School.

  • Talon Dunning
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Talon Dunning has been illustrating roleplaying game books for a decade now, and includes such games as the original Star Wars RPG, White Wolf?s version of Ravenloft and Mage The Awkening games and Green Ronin?s Mutants & Masterminds on his list of credits.

  • Tom Dupree
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Senior editor with Bantam Books, whose "flock" includes Kevin J. Anderson, Chris Claremont, Barbara Hambly, and Michael Stackpole among many others.

  • Erica Durance
    [**Past** Guests in 0] Durance is perhaps best known for her role as Lois Lane on the WB (now the CW) series Smallville. She was a frequent guest star for the fourth season of the show (2004-05) and joined the regular cast for the fifth season (2005-06), sixth season (2006-07), and seventh season (2007-08).

  • Dick Durock
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Dick played Swamp Thing in both movies and the television series, but his other genre credits include Lost in Space, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica.

  • Sarah Dyer
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Sarah is editor and creator of Action Girl from Slave Labor Graphics. She also writes for the Superman animated series and Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

  • Maryanne Dyson
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Maryanne is a member of the SF Writers of America and an expert on the international space station; her fiction has been published in Analog and SF Age.

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  • Jeff Easley
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Before coming to TSR in 1982, Jeff did some work for Warren Publishing Company and Marvel Magazine Group.

  • Kevin Eastman
    [**Past** Guests in 1991] Kevin co-created (with Laird) The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Gee, maybe you've heard of them. Pass me a slice of pizza, please!

  • John Eaton
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] John has worked with Bob Burden on The Flaming Carrot and is now turning his attention to collectible toys and website design.

  • Claire M. Eddy
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Claire Eddy is a Senior Editor with Tor Books. With over 20 years in the business, she has worked with such authors as Orson Scott Card, Jack Vance, Jacqueline Carey and Sara Douglass.

  • Dani Eder
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Dani Eder is an engineer with Boeing and has been with them for 20+ years. He currently tests software for Space Station Freedom, designs ultra tall towers, and builds medieval siege engines (not for Boeing, though).

  • Gigi Edgley
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Gigi Edgley is an Australian actress who stole the hearts of American sci-fi enthusiasts with her role as Chiana on Farscape, a cult science fiction TV show by the Jim Henson Company. Edgley brings a unique personal commitment to every project.

  • Ben Edlund
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Ben's the creator of The Tick, the funniest cartoon ever inspired by a comic book, where fans have been enjoying Ben's creation since 1988.

  • Walker Edmiston
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Walker Edmiston may be best known for his acting in a number of Sid and Marty Krofft productions.

  • Casey Edwards
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Part of the Atlanta based Studio Revolver, Casey Edwards is a graphic designer/illustrator as well as creative director for Mowie, Inc.

  • Don "Duck" Edwing
    [**Past** Guests in 1991] Duck Edwing and his trademark Duck Side artwork has helped define MAD Magazine over the years.

  • Maggie Egan
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Maggie plays the ISN anchor, a recurring character on Babylon 5.

  • Bob Eggleton
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Bob Eggleton, one of the finest SF/fantasy illustrators in the world today, has won two recent Hugo Awards and a World Fantasy Award - so far.

  • Ego Likeness
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Ego Likeness are a darkwave, gothic rock band from Baltimore created in 1999 by Steven Archer and Donna Lynch.

  • Will Eisner
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Will Eisner is one of comics' foremost influences, and for good reason - he has been producing comics work since the very beginnings of the industry in the 1930s!

  • Stephen Eley
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Stephen Eley is the editor and host of Escape Pod, a science fiction magazine in podcast form. Each week Escape Pod delivers fun short stories, narrated by some of the best voices in podcasting, with commentary and reviews

  • Elf
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Elf is a self-made artist whose projects include Klyde? and Tales From Grim City from Basement Comics, as well as work for Reprise and Metal Blade Records and skateboard deck art for 13th Floor in Japan.

  • Darryl Elliott
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Darryl Elliott is a regular contributor to Asimov's Science Fiction, Analog, and Ellery Queen magazines. He has also provided cover and interior illustrations for dozens of role playing games for White Wolf Game Studios, R. Talsorian Games, Steve Jackson Games, Holistic Design, Chameleon Eclectic, and many others.

  • Virginia Ellis
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Virginia Ellis has written, hardcover women's fiction for Ballantine, and under the name of Lyn Ellis, a dozen romance novels for Harlequin.

  • Warren Ellis
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Warren Ellis is, among other things, the writer/creator of the multiple-award-winning Transmetropolitan series of graphic novels. He's got some thirty-five graphic novels in print, from the decadent SF of Lazarus Churchyard to the weird alternate histories of Planetary.

  • Harlan Ellison
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] A legendary voice in literary and screen science fiction, Harlan Ellison is one of the foremost writers of the 20th century.

  • Jeffrey J Ello
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Jeff Ello is an authority on the latest in digital technologies and techniques that are shaping media production and distribution. His career spans the technical and creative sides of IT, news, advertising, web, and film content development. 

  • Larry Elmore
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] One of the world's leading fantasy artists, Larry Elmore's works have graced the covers of National Lampoon, Heavy Metal, and Dragon magazine, among others. He is best known for his covers for the original Dragonlance novels.

  • P.N. "Pat"? Elrod
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Pat's written The Vampire Files series and the Jonathan Barrett: Gentleman Vampire series and is co-writing Keeper of the King and His Father's Son.

  • Emerald Rose
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Emerald Rose is a high energy Celtic folk band from the North Georgia mountains. Their enthusiastic fusion of traditional Celtic and original music creates an exuberant, exciting, and fun performance. These guys rock Celtic!

  • Jason Engle
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Jason is a hot young artist from the Jacksonville area whose current work includes the Shards of the Stone project.

  • Robert Englund
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Robert Englund is a leading American actor of a number of horror films, probably best known as Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) and all of its sequels.

  • Envie
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Combining modern composition/experimentation with a challenging dark-pop foundation, Envie writes songs like no one else.

  • Jane Espenson
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Jane is a writer and producer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Previous credits include episodes of Dinosaurs, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Nowhere Man.

  • Erik Estrada
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Erik Estrada may be best known for his role as highway patrol officer Frank Poncherello in the highly successful television series, CHiPs.  He has also had a regular role doing voiceovers for the Cartoon Network show Sealab 2021 as First Mate Marco Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

  • Eric Etebari
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Eric Etebari starred as Ian Nottingham in the TV series Witchblade. Since then, he's been seen in the big screen features 2 Fast 2 Furious and Cellular.

  • John Everson
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] John Everson is the author of the Bram Stoker Award-winning novel Covenant, which debuts in mass market paperback during Dragon*Con 2008, and the dark fantasy/horror short story collection, Needles & Sins

  • Doc Ezra
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Doc Ezra is a senior writer for Needcoffee.com, a premiere pop culture news and reviews website now celebrating its 10th year serving the entertainment needs of over-caffeinated insomniacs the world over.

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  • Mark Fabi
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Mark's first novel Wyrm is being published by Bantam Spectra as a trade paperback.

  • Faith and the Muse
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] From personal acoustic pieces and traditional/tribal folk melodies to grand orchestral production and dark rock epics, this diverse combination of simplicity and complexity places Faith And The Muse in their own musical category.

  • Sean Patrick Fannon
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Sean wrote The Fantasy Role-playing Gamer's Bible for Prima Entertainment and has been involved in the RPG industry for years, doing work for Hero Games/ICE, West End Games, Media Arts, Dragon Magazine and SHADIS.

  • Lynn Farnham
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Lynn is a longtime member of Dark River Writers and has been active in our writer's track for several years. Her writing has been published in Fantasy Book.

  • John Farris
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] John Farris is one of the world's most respected "serious" horror authors.

  • Fat Mama
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Nell Wilson appeared as "Fat Momma" in Season One of the Sci Fi Channel's hit reality series, Who Want to Be a Superhero?, and immediately drew unprecedented attention from the media, critics, and viewing audience. Although Nell did not win, she was the first runner-up.

  • David Faustino
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Before he was 20, David Faustino already had 150 TV, film, and TV commercial credits. Best known as "Bud Bundy" in the top-rated Fox network comedy series, Married...With Children (1987-97), the series became one of the longest-running sitcoms in TV history.

  • Bill Fawcett
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] A writer, editor, game-designer, and publishing entrepreneur, Bill Fawcett has "packaged" over 200 novels, including Wing Commander, Magic: The Gathering, Ultima, and Ultima Underworld, for every major publisher in the industry. 

  • Feedback
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Matthew Atherton is "Feedback," the winner of the first season of Who Wants To Be a Superhero? As Feedback, Matthew uses his "powers" for good and raises money for Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  • Ken Feinberg
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Kenneth Feinberg is known to millions of television viewers around the world for his role as the Chaos Demon in the richly acclaimed Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He also played impressive characters on other hit series including Alias, Charmed, Star Trek: Enterprise, and the popular network series, The District.

  • Raymond E. Feist
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Ray is the New York Times best-selling author of the Riftwar and Serpentwar sagas.

  • Tom Feister
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Tom Feister inks WildStorm's Ex-Machina and Marvel's Iron Man. He has been a member of Jolly Roger Studio since 2001.

  • Al Feldstein
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Creator of the legendary horror comic Tales From the Crypt in 1950, and editor of MAD magazine.

  • Al Feldstein
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Al Feldstein created, wrote, illustrated, and edited popular titles such as Tales from the Crypt and MAD Magazine.

  • Doug Ferguson
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Lou Ferrigno
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] A world-renowned bodybuilder and actor, Lou Ferrigno has played many roles calling for someone really big, but none as famous as The Incredible Hulk

  • Andrea Ferris
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Holistic Design Inc.'s lead AI programmer, Andrea Ferris has been programming computers since 1980, starting with the TRS-80 Color Computer I.

  • Fiends Carnival of Souls
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Hailing from the Macon area, the Fiends are a horror-movie influenced punk-metal band.

  • Nathan Fillion
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Yes, it's Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds of Firefly and the new film Serenity. He was also Caleb in the last season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • Buddy Finethy
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Buddy's most recent projects include a Red Hot Chili Peppers comic, The Adventures Of Blondie Strange Comix and cover art for Relix magazine.

  • Glenda Finkelstein
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Glenda Finkelstein is the author of Nemesis Rising and screenwriter for the film, Perfect Copy, based on her short story. Glenda also stars in the film, and she voices six characters in the audio version of Nemesis Rising

  • Stephen Finley
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Stephen is the author of the website "Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt" (part of the Satellite News website at mst3kinfo.com), which contains trivia and film history of every movie, short, and serial shown on MST3K.

  • Leslie Fish
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Leslie is a filk singer of legendary renown and one of the top filkers in the nation - and that's just scratching the surface of her bio.

  • G.W. Fisher
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] G.W. Fisher is an artist on Marvel Comics' trading cards and an inker on Image Comics' Intimidators and ShadowHawk. He also inks for several Digital Webbing Presents series and for Big City Comics.

  • Rob Fitz
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Rob Fitz is a make-up FX artist and film director. He recently has worked with KNB FX group for the upcoming film The Surrogates, based on the graphic novel. Rob also directed and produced God of Vampires.

  • Five More Dead
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] The Atlanta Press's Best New Band 1999, 5 More Dead are a 4-man troupe who command a mature, stylistic show with explosive sound and hi-energy theatrics.

  • Ann Flagella
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Ann Flagella is Associate Producer for the forthcoming fantasy epic Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie.

  • Tom Fleming
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Tom Fleming has been featured as a cover artist for Marvel Comics, DC comics, White-Wolf, Vampirella, Heavy Metal Magazine, and many more. He has also done work for World of Warcraft, Magic the Gathering, Fox Atomic, and major movies and TV shows.

  • Chad Fletcher
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] The allure of inking comics has been calling his name recently; his most recent comics work includes inks on Image's Heirs of Eternity.

  • Lynn Flewelling
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Lynn Flewelling is the author of two internationally acclaimed fantasy series, the Nightrunner books, and the Tamir Triad, as well as other short fiction.

  • Eric Flint
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Eric Flint is a science fiction and fantasy author as well as an editor. As an author, he has published about thirty novels. As an editor, he has issued about as many anthologies. 

  • Rev. Suzie the Floozie
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Suzie is a SubGenius Voodoo Priestess, a go-go dancer, pokes model, graphic designer, comics letterer, editor, writer, and general "live wire."

  • Carly Floyd
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Carly wrote the popular Internet fan-fic Awaiting Angels set in the Transformers universe, and has also completed two sequels soon to be published on the Net.

  • Eddie Floyd
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Mr. Floyd is a medieval weapons designer, fight instructor and a founder of the Swordplay Alliance.

  • Kaja Foglio
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Kaja has created fantasy art for Magic: The Gathering, Netrunner, Battlelords of the 23rd Century, Legend of the Five Rings, Lord of the Rings, Age of Heroes and Vampire.

  • Phil Foglio
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Phil Foglio has done comics for DC, Marvel, Comico, First Comics, Dark Horse, and WARP. His XXXenophile was nominated for the Eisner Award.

  • Ron Fontes
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Together with his wife Justine, Ron has penned over 400 stories, featuring licensed character from Bugs Bunny to the X-Men, often based on popular movies like The Lion King, Batman Returns, The Phantom Menace, Mars Attacks! And more.

  • Dave Fooden
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] David Fooden began his art career in 1994, illustrating for White Wolf's Vampire: the Masquerade RPG, and his award-winning artwork has graced the covers and pages of some of the most prestigious companies in gaming and comics.

  • Ken Foree
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] No fan of genre film can forget Ken as the star of the original Dawn of the Dead. Recently he's popped up in The Devil's Rejects.

  • Michael Forest
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Best known to Star Trek fans as Apollo in Who Mourns for Adonis, Michael Forest has also performed in Shakespearean plays and in TV and European films.

  • Rick Forrester
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] An actor and voiceover talent, Rick has voiced several anime characters in, e.g., Crusher Joe and Tokuma Sentai Shinesman and in live-action productions (October Sky, American Gothic, etc.)

  • Ron Fortier
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Ron has been a professional writer for over twenty-five years. He has worked on such properties as The Hulk, Popeye, Rambo, Peter Pan, The Green Hornet and The Terminator.

  • Eugie Foster
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Eugie Foster's publications include stories in Realms of Fantasy, Interzone, Cricket, InterGalactic Medicine Show, Baen's Universe, and anthologies Best New Fantasy (Prime Books), Heroes in Training (DAW),  and Best New Romantic Fantasy 2 (Juno Books). Her short story collection, Returning My Sister's Face and Other Far Eastern Tales of Whimsy and Malice, is due out March, 2009, from Norilana Books.

  • Bob Fowler
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Bob self-published The History of the World According to Jack T Chick, a comprehensive book about Chick and his works. In 2001, Last Gasp published an expanded second edition with the shorter title The World of Chick.

  • Evan Fowler
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Evan Fowler is an L.A. based actor who currently portrays Lt. Alex Freeman in the upcoming "Blood & Fire" for Star Trek: New Voyages.

  • Jim Fox-Davis
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • John Foyt
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] John Foyt is a longtime fan of the Perry Rhodan series and is responsible for the series' North American relaunch.

  • Frank Fradella
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Frank Fradella is the founder/president of Cyber Age Adventures, a publishing company of superhero fiction.

  • Jonathan Frakes
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Jonathan Frakes is best known for his portrayal of Commander William Riker in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  • Francesco Francavilla
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Francesco Francavilla is probably best known as the artist of the Zorro comics series with writer Matt Wagner. He is also the artist of Sorrow and the upcoming Dracula Meets the Wolfman.

  • Rainbow Sun Francks
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Rainbow starred in Stargate Atlantis Season 1 as US Marine Lieutenant Aiden Ford.

  • David Franklin
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] David Franklin is best known to SF/fantasy fans as the consummate peacekeeping officer, Captain Braca, on Farscape, as well as his role as Brutus in seasons four and five of Xena Warrior Princess.

  • Frank Kelly Freas
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Kelly Freas is one of the SF field's most honored and most accomplished artists (he's also painted a Queen album cover), with ten Hugo Awards and a record 20 nominations to his credit!

  • Larry Friedman
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Along with books, illustrations and maps for White Wolf, Larry has also worked for Wizards of the Coast, Tor Publishing, M&M; Publishing and Invisible Records.

  • Peter H. Friedman
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Peter H. Friedman runs a firm that specializes in e-commerce and indirect taxation. He has lectured at Dragon*Con on indirect taxation of e-commerce and nexus since 2003.

  • Esther Friesner
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Esther Friesner's short fiction and poetry have appeared in Asimov's, Fantasy And Science Fiction, Aboriginal SF, Pulphouse, Amazing, and Fantasy Book, as well as in numerous anthologies.

  • Will Frishe
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Currently a coder for Holistic Design, he has been designing and programming computer games since his Georgia Tech days.

  • Brian Froud
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] The legendary Brian Froud is the genius behind the critters and design of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.

  • Katherine Fugate
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Katherine wrote the episode When Fates Collide for Xena: Warrior Princess and two episodes for Max Steel. Her feature credits include Kounterfeit and Carolina.

  • Thomas E. Fuller
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Tom was the myth, the legend, the voice... the man behind the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company. Before his passing in 2002, he had also written several published short-stories and young-adult novels.

  • The FuMP
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] According to Dr. Demento, The Funny Music Project is "one of the best things to happen to funny music since Al got weird."

  • Mira Furlan
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Mira Furlan portrayed the Minbari Ambassador, Delenn, on the popular SF TV series Babylon 5. She currently plays Danielle Rousseau on Lost.

  • Michael A. Furno
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Michael Furno is an award winning filmmaker whose works include the acclaimed horror convention documentary, UnConventional. Michael is pleased to be releasing his first graphic novel, The Minions of Ka, at Dragon*Con.

  • Stephen Furst
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Stephen Furst is best-known to SF audiences as "Vir" from Babylon 5 (and, of course, as Flounder in Animal House), but lately he's turning more toward writing, and doing well at it.

  • Fusebox
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Using tried and true guitar-oriented music and mixing it with cutting-edge digital and MIDI technology to achieve their sound, Fusebox takes a step ahead.

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  • Amelia G
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Amelia G is Editor-in-Chief at Blue Blood magazine and a frequent writer of vampire fiction.

  • Dan Gallagher
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Dan's multiple degrees, military experience and other pursuits all contributed to his first novel, The Pleistocene Redemption.

  • Diana G. Gallagher
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Diana G. Gallagher has written young adult and adult novels in several series, including Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Smallville, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Secret World of Alex Mack, and Are You Afraid of the Dark.

  • S.L. Gallant
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] S.L. Gallant's work can be seen in IDW's Mack Bolan, Titan's Torchwood, and Dreamworks Tales: Shrek/Bee Movie. Previously he worked on Marvel Adventures: The Avengers, Dark Horse's adaptations of Cross and Jonny Quest, DC's Showcase, and Eric Powell's The Goon.

  • Bob Garcia
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Robert Garcia has been working as an editor, writer, and graphic designer in the sf/fantasy/horror field for over twenty years. He now works for one of the nation's largest Hollywood collectibles companies, Reel Art. Current publishing projects include a book of Lovecraftiana featuring the artwork of Bob Eggleton and text by Stephen Jones which is looking for a publisher and the design for OTHER WORLDS, BETTER LIVES recently published by Old Earth Books.

  • Marta Gardner
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Raquel Gardner
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Raquel is an actress and model who has appeared in feature films such as Poltergeist III, A Night at the Roxbury, and Species II. She is also a re-occurring host of E's Wild On.

  • Susan M. Garrett
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] A longtime fan of genre literature and media, Susan's first novel, Forever Knight: Intimations of Mortality, was published by Berkley in October 1997.

  • Kathy Garver
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Best known for her co-starring role as "Cissy" in Family Affair", Kathy has also garnered critical acclaim in movies, stage and voice-over animation.

  • Travis Gary
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] One of Holistic Design's cadre of computer artists, Travis creates the people and things that fight, struggle, die, and sometimes even win in computer games.

  • Jerome Gastaldi
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Jerome heads up Grolier Interactive in Europe. Prior to Grolier he worked for five years in France's computer game industry.

  • Joel Gates
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Joel Gates, author of Return to Glory, has been a fantasy writer since 1995. As an avid role-player, Joel's writing reflects the atmosphere of an RPG session set against an epic fantasy backdrop.

  • Dr. Pamela L. Gay
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Pamela produces the popular science podcast, Astronomy Cast, with Fraser Cain. Each week, they take their international audience on an educational journey through the cosmos. As a professional astronomer, Pamela's research focuses on variable stars and public outreach.

  • Huck Gee
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Huck has released numerous production toys through Kidrobot, including figures for The Standard, DJ Qbert and a series of figures for Barney's New York. His Hello My Name Is design was accepted into the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

  • Bruce Gehweiler
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Bruce Gehweiler is best known as the author/seminar leader of The Wordmaster series about writing and publishing. He also founded Marietta Publishing in 1996.

  • Gene Loves Jezebel
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Gene Loves Jezebel, one of the underground heroes of the 1980s had a knack for knocking out surprisingly catchy melodies coupled with a flamboyant stage presence.

  • Anderson Gentry
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Anderson Gentry is the author of The Crider Chronicles, Barrett's Privateers, and Sky of Diamonds. Born and raised in the Midwest, Anderson Gentry's life has been shaped by his wartime service as a US Army officer.

  • Screaming Mad George
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Creator of mesmerizing, oft-hallucinatory special effects for Nightmare on Elm St. 4, NIN, Metallica, etc.

  • Drew Geraci
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Drew is the inker on the Birds Of Prey series for DC; his more recent credits include Batman, DV8 and various issues of DC's Secret Files.

  • Gil Gerard
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Gil Gerard is best-known to SF audiences as Capt. William "Buck" Rogers in the SF TV series, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. His other roles include several movie and TV series appearances.

  • Michael Gerard
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Lisa Getto
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] For the last four years, Lisa has been working in the biz, appearing in episodes of Babylon 5: Crusade, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Diagnosis Murder and many other shows and movies.

  • Ghost of the Robot
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] This California-based alternative rock band with diverse influences has played to big crowds in Paris and at Hollywood's Viper Room. This isn't too surprising, since James "Spike" Marsters is the band's front man.

  • The Ghosts Project
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] The Ghosts Project is a new breed of sonic surrealists founded by Changelings member Paul Mercer and DP3 percussionist Davis Petterson. Their music blurs boundaries between classical, Hindustani, dub, and many other styles. 

  • Ghoultown
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Ghoultown are an up-and-coming Texas-based "gothabilly" band. Their latest release Bury Them Deep continues to hone their unique heavy western sound, which has brought attention from both fans and press alike since their inception in 1999.

  • Joe Giacoio
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Joe has won awards for his strange guitar playing and even stranger songwriting.

  • Bob Giadrosich
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Bob Giadrosich has been drawing professionally in the SF/f genres since 1987. He illustrated and designed A Life of Ravens by Alex Ness, and 15 years of his monochrome art were collected in Ink: Images and Essays from Bob Giadrosich

  • Gary Gianni
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Gary adapted The Tales Of O. Henry and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea for First Comics in 1990 and has numerous comics credits since then.

  • Glorianne Gilbert
    [**Past** Guests in 2000]

  • Aria Giovanni
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] In 2000, Aria Giovanni appeared in the September issue of Penthouse magazine.

  • Burt Givens
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Burt is currently working on the Red Hot Chili Peppers comic as well as Adventures of Blondie Strange Comix.

  • Stephanie Gladden
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Stephanie Gladden has been drawing comics professionally since 1993, including such licensed books as The Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy, Looney Tunes, The Powerpuff Girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and many more. 

  • Ed Glamkowski
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] An avid gamer, Ed came to Holistic Design Inc. to program computer games and has worked on many projects in the past three years, including the recently published Merchant Prince 2.

  • Brian Glass
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Brian Glass is a graphic designer who has worked in the RPG industry for over ten years at White Wolf Publishing. He is currently the art director of the popular Exalted role-playing game. 

  • Ron Glass
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Twice Emmy-nominated actor Ron Glass is best known as the stylish Detective Harris in ABC's long running series, Barney Miller.  He also starred with an ensemble cast in the TV series, Firefly, and its movie sequel, Serenity.

  • Summer Glau
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] After appearing in an episode of Angel, Summer Glau joined the cast of the sci-fi series, Firefly. She is reprised her role of River in the feature film Serenity.

  • Shane Glines
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Shane Glines is an illustrator, animator, and character designer. He is the founder and president of CartoonRetro.com, a website devoted to preserving the work of the great cartoonists and illustrators of the past.

  • Mark Goddard
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Mark played Major Don West in Lost in Space; in person, he's a really nice guy.

  • Godhead
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Godhead, now a D*C fan-favorite, are an extremely powerful goth/techno/industrial quartet whose available CDs now include Power Tool Stigmata, Nothingness, 2000 Years of Human Error and Evolver.

  • Basil Gogos
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Basil is the well known cover artist for the famous monster magazines, Monsterscene and Monsters

  • dkg goldberg
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] d g k goldberg has published over 50 short stories and two novels, Skating on the Edge and Doomed to Repeat It, plus over 500 articles in the mainstream media.

  • Christopher Golden
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Christopher has sold c. 20 novels including Of Saints and Shadows, Battlestar Galactica: Armageddon and the best-selling X-Men: Mutant Empire trilogy.

  • Gary Goldman
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Don Bluth's longtime business partner and co-animator, Gary's animated feature credits include Anastasia, An American Tail, Pete's Dragon and the Dragon's Lair and Space Ace computer games.

  • Tony Goldmark
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Tony writes and performs comedy music; he scored a hit with "Teeth Clenched," a satire of the band Creed which was #2 or higher on Dr. D's Funny Five countdown for seven weeks in a row

  • Jenette Goldstein
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Jenette is best-known to SF audiences as the memorable Vasquez from Aliens, but she's been in several other films including Lethal Weapon 2 and Near Dark.

  • Jeff Gomez
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Jeff's a top-shelf game designer whose work on Magic: the Gathering and Turok has proven extremely popular.

  • Steve Gonsalves
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Steve Gonsalves can be seen on the SCI FI channel hit show, Ghost Hunters, where he is the tech manager and evidence analyst. He is also the co-founder of the TAPS publication, TAPS Paramagazine.

  • The Goodies
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Electric and exciting, The Goodies are a cross between a Tim Burton film, a Tom Waits performance, a vintage Van Halen concert, and Joel Gray in the movie, Cabaret.

  • Dick Gordon
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Astronaut Richard F. Gordon Jr. walked in space on Gemini XI and orbited the moon on Apollo XII.

  • Dr. Frank Gordon
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Frank Gordon is a clinical psychologist with an interest in mind-body interactions. He holds degrees in Mathematics, Divinity, Counseling, and Clinical Psychology. He has presented at professional conferences about various topics including religious practice and hypnosis, and changes in brain activity during meditation and chi gung.

  • Liz Lauren Gorinsky
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Liz Gorinsky is an associate editor at Tor Books, where she edits a portfolio of acclaimed speculative fiction authors, including Ben Bova, Dave Duncan, A.J. Hartley, Cherie Priest, Brian Slattery, and Jeff VanderMeer.

  • Frank Gorshin
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] An actor with many roles in his repertoire, Frank will always be affectionately known to us as The Riddler.

  • Louis Gossett Jr.
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Academy- and Emmy-award-winning actor Louis Gossett, Jr.'s, films include The Deep, Jaws 3-D, Enemy Mine, the Iron Eagle series, Toy Soldiers, The Punisher, and An Officer and a Gentleman?for which he won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.  He has also been in TV series, including the Roots miniseries and Stargate SG-1.

  • Grant Daniel Gould
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Grant Daniel is a Minnesota-based artist known for his Topps Sketch Card work for the "Revenge of the Sith" set and "The Lord of the Rings: Evolution." In 2006 he will make his professional comic book debut as the illustrator for a new series published by Red 5 Comics.

  • Gary Graham
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Gary has appeared in numerous feature films such as Robot Jox, The Last Warrior, Man Trouble, and Steel, and starred as Matt Sikes in Alien Nation. Recently he was seen as Ambassador Soval in Enterprise.

  • Jeff Graham
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] An accomplished model and underground actor, Jeff has starred in such films as Cremains, The House that Screamed 2, Zombie Bloodbath 3 and many others.

  • Mitchell Graham
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Mitchell Graham is the author of five novels including the Fifth Ring trilogy that has recently been optioned for a movie. He participated in Dragon*Con writers' panels for the last five years.

  • Rob Granito
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Internationally known artist/illustrator Rob Granito has worked in sci-fi/fantasy, horror, and comics for such companies as Warner Brothers, DC comics, Disney, MTV, and VH1.

  • Charles L. Grant
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Charles is the author of the horror novels The Nesting, Night Songs, The Tea Party and The Pet as well as novels for the television series The X-Files.

  • Mark P. Grant
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Mark is the co-author of the 2000 and 2001 editions of Law of the Internet, a leading treatise that addresses all of the major legal issues raised by the Internet and is published by Lexis Law Publishing.

  • Erin Gray
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Erin Gray is best known to SF audiences as "Colonel Wilma Deering" from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, but her credits span everything from Silver Spoons and The Hitchhiker to Baywatch

  • Jonathan Gray
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Jonathan was an artist on Sonic the Hedgehog and Archie. He is currently the artist of two webcomics: Chip and Walter and Time Trouble.

  • The Great Luke Ski
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] The Great Luke Ski writes, records, and performs comedy music on a variety of pop culture subjects ranging from Lord of the Rings and Star Wars to Spider-Man and Keanu Reeves.

  • Brian Green
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Brian is an online game developer and co-founder of Near Death Studios, producing the internet game Meridian 59: Resurrection.

  • Matt Green
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Matt has been a working professional in the Atlanta film business for over 24 years as both a Special Effects coordinator on over 30 films as well as having just Directed his sixth feature film. He has also taught animatronics for three years at the Tom Savini school of Makeup FX.

  • Richard Harrison Green
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Artist Richard Harrison Green was a Disney animator on award-winning Beauty and the Beast and Rescuers Down Under.  He graduated with honors from Ringling School of Art with honors and was named Best Fantasy Artist in 1987 in Atlanta.  His current project is a new series of paintings based on She.

  • The Green Goblyn Project
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Hailing from Florida, The GGP are a horror-punk band who have toured extensively and opened for many national acts, including Bella Morte at 9 Lives Saloon here in Atlanta.

  • Andrew Greenberg
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Andrew Greenberg was one of the original developers of White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade. His computer game credits include Dracula Unleashed, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, Warhammer 40K: Final Liberation, Mall Tycoon, and more.

  • Daniel Greenberg
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Daniel Greenberg wrote the screenplay for the computer game Star Trek: Starfleet Academy and co-designed Star Control 3. He is currently Creative Director for Tolkien-based games at Universal Interactive.

  • Sanford Greene
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Sanford Green worked professionally in comics for four years. His credits include Neon Cyber, Lady Pendragon, and Spyboy

  • Hugh S. Gregory
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Hugh S. Gregory is an avid spaceflight historian based in Vancouver Canada. His latest research includes the conceptual theory for the ELDSRR space reactor and Project MOSS for the Musk Observatory.

  • Alex Grey
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Alex's unique visions of the human body have appeared in album art by bands such as Tool, The Beastie Boys, Nirvana and the Talking Heads, and have won raves across the globe.

  • Eric Griffin
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Eric Griffin is the best-selling author of the Tremere Trilogy (White Wolf Publishing): Widow's Walk, Widow's Weeds, and Widow's Might. His publishing experience includes working as an editor, a fiction developer, and a game designer.

  • Clay and Susan Griffith
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Clay and Susan are the co-authors of novels, short stories, and comic books. Their new novel, Banshee Screams, has just been published and is based on Pinnacle Entertainment's long-awaited RPG Lost Colony.

  • Javier Grillo-Marxuach
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Javier Fillo_Marxuach is a writer and Supervising Producer on ABC's hit television series Lost, and writer and creator of Viper Comics' hot new title The Middleman.

  • Jim Groat
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Jim and Richard Konkle formed GraphXpress Comics and published Equine the Uncivilized, Morphs and their flagship title Red Shetland.

  • Max Grodenchik
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Max played Rom, Quarks's hapless brother, on Deep Space Nine, appeared in Rocketeer, Sister Act and Apollo 13, and stars in Rumpelstilskin.

  • Groove-n-Plenty
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Influenced by Prince, Rush, Whitesnake and KISS (among others), members of G-N-P have opened for bands like Yes, the Georgia Satellites and Mother's Finest.

  • Gary Groth
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • D.J. Grothe
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] D.J. Grothe hosts Point of Inquiry, discussing science and skepticism with the world's intellectual leaders. He is the vice president of the Center for Inquiry and the associate editor of Free Inquiry.

  • Rosemary Ellen Guiley
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Rosemary Ellen Guiley is a leading expert on the paranormal with 32 books in print, including eight single-volume encyclopedias. Since 1983, she has worked full-time in paranormal research, investigation, and writing.

  • Paul Gulacy
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Paul is a master storyteller. On the heels of his new Batman Ras Al Ghoul graphic novel is Gulacy's just-released Vanguard career retrospective art book Spies, Vixens and Masters of Kung Fu.

  • Paula Guran
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Paula Guran is the editor of mass market fantasy imprint Juno Books. In an earlier life she produced the award-winning DarkEcho newsletter, edited Horror Garage magazine, and has edited, written about, and reviewed sf/f/h for many professional publications. She�s also author John Shirley�s literary agent.

  • Julie Guthrie
    [**Past** Guests in 1990] Julie is an accomplished sculptor, working in a variety of media including resin, pewter and bronze.

  • GWAR
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] GWAR has performed at Dragon*Con for four years in a row. In 2000, they'll be attending and entertaining (as always), but not performing a full show.

  • Gary Gygax
    [**Past** Guests in 1992] Co-creator of gaming's most famous single product, Dungeons and Dragons, to many fans Gary remains the father of fantasy role-playing.

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  • Garrick Hagon
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Garrick has appeared in the films A Bridge Too Far, The Spy Who Loved Me, Batman and as Biggs Darklighter in Star Wars: A New Hope.

  • Stacy Hague-Hill
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Stacy Hague-Hill is an assistant editor at Tor Books, where she works with numerous fantasy, science fiction, and horror/thriller authors, including L.E. Modesitt, Jr., David Farland, Kage Baker, F. Paul Wilson, Charles Stross, and many others.

  • Ellie Haguel
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Sid Haig
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Sid Haig has appeared in over 50 films including Diamonds Are Forever, George Lucas's THX-1138, Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown, House of 1000 Corpses and its new sequel The Devil's Rejects.

  • Lurene Haines
    [**Past** Guests in 1992] Working mostly in the comics field, Lurene is recognized for her pencil, color pencil, oil, and watercolor renderings.

  • Beverly Hale
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Beverly Hale has published numerous novels, short stories, comics, and gaming modules. Her work has appeared in Dark Horse Comics, Mayfair Games, and Yard Dog Press. Her first novel is The Essence of Stone

  • Joseph Peter Hale, II
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Ed Hall
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Ed, a game studio editor for White Wolf, has written portions of several White Wolf gaming books.

  • Andy Hallet
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] A real-life lounge singer, Andy Hallet's one-time stint as a lounge host on Angel was so well-received he was kept on as a semi-regular.

  • Garner Halloran
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Garner Halloran is a 12-year veteran of the game industry and Senior Software Engineer at Red Storm Entertainment.  His credits include Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Rainbow Six.

  • Haloscript
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Formed near Savannah, GA, Haloscript's music is as deep and brooding as the dark water that surrounds the area.

  • Eschel Hamel
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] A longtime comic book collector and a regular writer for Indy magazine.

  • Mark Hamill
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Col. Christopher Blaine in the CD-ROM Interactive Movie Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom. Oh, yeah, he also starred in 1977's legendary film Star Wars.

  • Craig Hamilton
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Craig has inked issues of several comic-books, including Green Lantern, Legion of SuperHeroes Annual, Starman, Spectre, Fables and Lucifer.

  • Laurell K. Hamilton
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Laurell Hamilton is the best-selling author of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series; her new fantasy series is being released by Ballantine.

  • Scott Hamilton
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Scott is a writer and co-author of the book Reel Shame: Bad Movies and the Hollywood Stars Who Made Them. Hamilton's writing has appeared in The Radio Times Magazine, SFX Magazine, etc.

  • Doc Hammer
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Doc Hammer writes, voices, and does other crap for The Venture Bros (a show you can watch on cable TV).

  • Lee Hammock
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Lee is the designer of the Haven SF LRPG; his most recent credits include work on Forbidden Lore for Holistic Design's Fading Suns line.

  • Heath Hammond
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Heath Hammond is 3D Creative Manager and Key Artist for Sideshow Collectibles and has been with the company for approximately 6 1/2 years. Heath began in the 12-inch world for 21st Century as the Military Art Director.

  • Cully Hamner
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Cully Hamner is mainly known as the artist behind DC Comics' new Blue Beetle series with writers Keith Giffen and John Rogers and the four-issue crime miniseries, Down, for Top Cow/Image. 

  • Bo Hampton
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Bo specializes in fully painted graphic novels including Verdilak, a vampire tale inspired by Russian author Leo Tolstoy.

  • Scott Hampton
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Scott has numerous credits in the comics field, including Pigeons From Hell, Tapping the Vein, Hellraiser, Books of Magic II and Night Cries.

  • Lori Handeland
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Lori Handeland is an award winning New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of her highly acclaimed paranormal werewolf Nightcreature series. Her new urban fantasy, Any Given Doomsday, will be released in November, 2008. 

  • Hangface
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Hangface is a Norwegian rock band that slams vividly colorful melodies into grinding hard rock, giving new meaning, substance and depth to the term "Hard Rock."

  • Nathan Hanish
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Nathan Hanish is a game industry veteran with credits including The Godfather: The Game, James Bond: From Russia With Love, and the ill-fated Wish Ultra MMORPG.

  • Gunnar Hansen
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Gunnar Hansen is best-known for playing Leatherface in the classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, now in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

  • Anne Hardin
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Anne's long friendship with Ray Bradbury - which originated from a mutual interest in jazz great Louis Armstrong - has produced two poems from Ray, as well as several related books and projects.

  • Jonathan Hardy
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Jonathan Hardy is best known as the voice of Rygel, the exiled Hynerian Dominiar, in the Saturn award-winning series FarScape. Recent credits also include the man in the moon in Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge.

  • Andrew Harmon
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Andrew's recent credits at Holistic Design include the computer game Fading Suns: Noble Armada, and the sourcebook Lost Worlds: Star Crusade II.

  • Brian Harnois
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Ghost Hunter and member of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) a close-knit group of paranormal researchers.

  • Vincent Harper
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Vincent Harper is the founder and publisher of Bereshith Publishing and its two imprints, ShadowLands Press and Final Frontier Books.

  • John Harris
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] John is a patent attorney, concentrating in intellectual property law, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

  • Jonathan Harris
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Forever dear to our hearts as the irascible, yet lovable Dr. Smith in Lost In Space, Jonathan has an impressive list of other acting credits as well.

  • Micah Harris
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Micah Harris is the author of the graphic novel Heaven's War, which pits J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams against the infamous Aleister Crowley.

  • Tony Harris
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Tony's an Eisner Award winner who penciled and painted covers for DC's Starman; other projects include JSA: The Liberty File, Dr. Strange: The Flight of Bones and more.

  • Jim Harrison
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Jim works on Humongous Man for Alternative Press.

  • Ken Harrison
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Ken Harrison is the owner of Atlanta-based Belfax Studio and creator of the critically acclaimed comic book Steviebear.

  • Ray Harryhausen
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Ray Harryhausen is a legend in Hollywood special-effects history. Who can forget those dancing skeletons in Jason and the Argonauts?

  • Nicole Harsch
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Nicole Harsch and Mike Sakuta are the Crossed Swords. For over 20 years, their Crossed Swords Stage Combat shows have been seen across the continental U.S. and Canada at renaissance festivals, science fiction conventions and, of course, previous Dragon*Cons. 

  • Tom Hart
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Tom is the creator of Hutch Owens Working Hard, New Hat and The Sands; he's recently been doing research overseas for a new comic book series.

  • Keith Hartman
    [**Past** Guests in 2000]

  • Jennifer Hartshorn
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Jennifer's game writing credits include designing and developing Wraith: The Oblivion (first ed.) and Vampire: The Dark Ages.

  • Everette Hartsoe
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Everette devised his ultra-violent character Razor and founded London Night Studio, one of the 1990s' most respected black-and-white comics publishers.

  • Bruce Harwood
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Bruce Harwood is best known for his role as John Fitzgerald Byers, one of the lone gunmen on the TV series The X-Files.

  • Susan Harwood
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Tariq Hassan
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Tariq Hassan has been published in Girls of Ninja High School 93, Daemonstorm, and Pinup Legendlore.  He is the artist behind Arkadian: No Witness.

  • Robert Hatch
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] A game designer at White Wolf, Rob currently develops the Vampire: The Masquerade line.

  • Noah Hathaway
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Noah is best-known to SF audiences in the States as Boxey from Battlestar Galactica and Atreyu in The Neverending Story.

  • Have Sword Will Travel
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Have Sword, Will Travel, a swordplay troupe, will represent The Privateers at Dragon*Con 2000.

  • Jason Hawes
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Jason Hawes is one of the main stars of SCI FI Channel's hit show Ghost Hunters. It is filming its 4th season now, set to air in March, 2008. 

  • Drew Hayes
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Drew created the popular independent comic Poison Elves and has become one of the most singular and respected voices in the "self-publishing" movement.

  • Gary Kim Hayes
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Gary Hayes is a multiple award winning writer of short fiction who also a senior master of various martial arts. He is currently finishing the final draft of his fantasy novel, Sleag's Quest.

  • Steve Haynie
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Steve is one of the top comic book letterers in the country; he's fulfilled lettering chores for practically every major comics publisher.

  • Hattie Hayridge
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Hattie is best-known in SF circles as Holly, the computer from the legendary BBC series Red Dwarf and as Heidi from Lexx, but she's also a highly successful stage comedienne.

  • Chris Hazelton
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Chris Hazelton produced his first comic, Building 12, online and in print. Chris followed up it with the much more successful and well-known comic Misfile. Chris began pursuing drawing comics as a full-time career and in 2006 signed on with Demented Dragon to write and illustrate the comic series A Steel Wing Shattered.

  • Hazmat
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Hazmat have been tearing down venues across the South for the past few years. Now with a new focus and new-found hunger they are branching their noise to new ears.

  • Russ Heath
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Russ's long and storied career in comics began in 1942 and covers everything from Sgt. Rock and Flash Gordon to The Lone Ranger and Enemy Ace.

  • Shane Heckethorn
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Shane created his own comics company, Kat Butt Comix; look for their first release, Litterbox, in early 1999, with Brian Stelfreeze, Joe Lansdale, etc.

  • Jennifer Heddle
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Jennifer Heddle is a senior editor at Pocket Books and MTV Books, Simon & Schuster, who specializes in fantasy, pop culture and media tie-ins, and teen fiction.

  • Robert William Hedengren
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Robert has just broken into small press publishing with illustrations and music reviews featured in Carpe Noctem.

  • David Hedison
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Among David's many roles are Capt. Crane in Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea and Felix Leiter in two Bond films.

  • Tippi Hedren
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Tippi Hedren has a career spanning six decades. She is best known for her role as Melanie Daniels in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

  • Heidi Anne Heiner
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Heidi Anne Heiner is the creator and keeper of one of the world's top folklore websites, the SurLaLune Fairy Tale pages at www.surlalunefairytales.com.

  • Tom Heintjes
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Tom Heintjes is the co-publisher and senior editor of Hogan's Alley, and he was managing editor of The Comics Journal, where he helped spearhead the battle to help Jack Kirby obtain his original art from Marvel Comics. 

  • Hellblinki Sextet
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Hellblinki combines European and American folk music, with punk rock experimentation, and guerrilla operatics. Hellblinki ushers the audience into a grinningly sinister world. 

  • Christy Hemme
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] In 2004, Christy won the first ever WWE Diva Search contest and walked away with $250,000 and a year contract with WWE. She is now a TNA Knockout and is seen each week by millions on SPIKE TV. 

  • C.J. Henderson
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] C.J. Henderson is creator of the Teddy London supernatural detective series, current writer of the Kolchak: The Nightstalker graphic novels, and Cthulhu mythos writer extraordinaire.

  • Dan L. Henderson
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Dan's work has been featured in the past four consecutive volumes of "Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. His work is spooky, humorous, or romantic depending on your point of view. He is also Department Chair for Illustration & Design at The Art Institute of Atlanta.

  • Jerry Heneghan
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Jerry is a producer of computer games at Red Storm Entertainment. He is currently working on a 3-D action-adventure game based on Anne McCaffrey's Freedom series.

  • Carrie Henn
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Caroline Marie Henn is a Saturn Award-winning former child actress who became famous as Newt, the little girl brought under the protection of Sigourney Weaver's character, Ellen Ripley, in the film, Aliens, the second installment of the Alien series.

  • Shannon Hennessy
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Shannon is Editor-in-Chief of the online magazine Ex Libris Nocturnis, a freelance horror/fiction writer and a White Wolf Games contributor.

  • Lance Henriksen
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Lance Henriksen is perhaps best known for portraying the android Bishop, an artificial life-form, in Aliens (1986) and Alien 3 (1992). He also played the main character, Frank Black, in the TV series, Millennium

  • Brian Henry
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Brian is the co-author, co-maintainer, and general all-around web tech of Satellite News, the official Mystery Science Theater 3000 Information Club website.

  • Clay Henss
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Clay Henss is a graphic artist, cartoonist, and illustrator who lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Brian Herbert
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Brian has written Sidney's Comet and The Garbage Chronicles. Three new Dune novels co-written with Kevin J. Anderson are now scheduled.

  • Richard Herd
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Richard's vast resume includes appearances in SeaQuest, V, Star Trek, Quantum Leap, Beauty and the Beast and many more.

  • Tom Hern
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Tom Hern portrays Ram, the now-fallen leader of the Technos, in Seasons 4 and 5 of the international cult SF teen-oriented series The Tribe. He is also a gifted singer, writer and performer.

  • Jacinto Hernandez
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Jacinto's credits include inks on Lords #1 for Legend and a spoof in National Lampoon Magazine (Mar/Apr '94).

  • Rita Herron
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Rita Herron has sold over 45 books and currently writes romantic suspense for Harlequin Intrigue and paranormal romantic suspense for Grand Central Publishing. 

  • J.G. Hertzler
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Best known to Star Trek fans as General Martok, J.G. has also appeared in such television shows as Quantum Leap, The Highlander, Lois and Clark and the new Zorro series.

  • Stephen Hickman
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Stephen Hickman's illustrations have been used as cover work for many contemporary writers, such as Stephen Brust, Gordon Dickson, David Drake, Robert Heinlein, Spider Robinson, Anne McCaffrey, Andre Norton, and Steve Stirling. 

  • Tracy Hickman & Laura Curtis Hickman
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Tracy Hickman is the author or co-author of numerous fantasy books and series, many (notably the best-selling Dragonlance Chronicles) written with longtime friend Margaret Weis. He is also the creater of  Ravenloft with Laura Curtis Hickman. 

  • Torri Higginson
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Torri is best know for her role as Dr. Elizabeth Weir on Stargate: Atlantis.

  • Anthony Hightower
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Anthony has produced many illustrations for White Wolf Publishing, Chaosium, Holistic Design and Last Unicorn Games.

  • Greg Hildebrandt
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Legendary illustrators, Greg and Tim's artwork has graced many a book cover and movie poster. Their Star Wars poster art is famous throughout the world.

  • Tim Hildebrandt
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Legendary illustrators, Greg and Tim's artwork has graced many a book cover and movie poster. Their Star Wars poster art is famous throughout the world.

  • Mary Hilderbrandt
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Mary collaborated with David Boller and Tim Hilderbrandt for Caliber's Tapestry Anthology and also the series The Wallas, which she plans to revive.

  • Raelee Hill
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Raelee Hill originally auditioned for the very different role of Utu-Noranti Pralatong. When that went to Melissa Jaffer, Farscape's producers decided to create a role especially for her because she'd impressed them so much.

  • Sandra Hill
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Sandra Hill is an award winning New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than 34 novels, including over a dozen paranormal time travels with a twist. 

  • Don Hillsman
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Don's the talented artist whose most recent comics include X-Men Alumni for Marvel, Demonstorm for Caliber and Spawn pin-ups for Image.

  • Kathryn Hinds
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Kathryn Hinds is an award-winning poet, co-author of Magic of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses, and the author of more than 30 young adult books on the cultures of the ancient and medieval worlds. 

  • Jeffrey Hirschfield
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Jeffrey Hirschfield is co-developer of the international cult science fiction series Lexx, wrote for three of its four seasons, and voiced the character of the robot head 790.

  • Bob Hobbs
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Bob has created over 300 illustrations for, e.g., Amazing Stories, Tomorrow SF, Talebones, Quantum, Pirate Writings and Expanse magazines and has many other projects underway.

  • Steve Hockensmith
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Steve recently became editor of Cinescape magazine, covering science-fiction/action-adventure TV shows and movies.

  • Kane Hodder
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] The legendary Jason of later-period Friday the 13th films, Kane is an accomplished actor and stuntman with numerous roles to his credit.

  • Bill Hodgson
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Bill's art credits include almost 120 novel covers and as many other assignments, including over 50 game illustrations; album covers, posters, etc.

  • Joel Hodgson
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Joel Hodgson created MST3K, which he also hosted for five seasons. He has also written several movies, including Disney's Honey We Shrunk Ourselves with Nell Scovell.

  • Kerry Hogan
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Kerry has been involved in the motion picture industry for quite some time and has worked on independent and large-scale productions in the Tampa Bay area and at Disney World in Orlando.

  • Michael Hogan
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Michael Hogan currently portrays Colonel Saul Tigh on the SCI FI Channel TV show, Battlestar Gallactica

  • Bill Holden
    [**Past** Guests in 1990] An accomplished character actor, Bill and his Ghost Town Raiders wild-west troupe have appeared in several movies including Invasion USA and Tora, Tora, Tora.

  • Christopher Holland
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Christopher is a Florida-based film critic and co-author of the book Reel Shame: Bad Movies and the Hollywood Stars Who Made Them. His work has appeared in numerous magazines and film guides.

  • Hollowboy
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Once a solo remix production in the vein of electro-rock, Hollowboy has evolved into a full live band. 

  • James Hong
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] James Hong has entertained millions as Lo Pan in Big Trouble in Little China and as the voice of Chi Fu in Mulan, and he has appeared opposite popular stars like Harrison Ford in Blade Runner.

  • Alexandra Elizabeth Honigsberg
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Alexandra has had several short-stories published and is a gifted musician and expert on comparative religions.

  • David Honigsberg
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] David is a published short-story and game writer, a noted expert on the Kaballah and a guitarist and songwriter, both solo and for the Don't Quit Your Day Job Players.

  • Joshua Hood
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Joshua has worked on several titles for Marvel and DC including The Green Goblin, Ghost Rider, The Flash and others.

  • Chris Jay Hoofnagle
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Chris is director of EPIC's West Coast Office and has testified before Congress on privacy and Social Security Numbers, identity theft, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and before the Judicial Conference of the U.S. on public records and privacy.

  • Bruce Hopkins
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Bruce was a regular guest in various roles on Hercules and Xena and portrayed Gamling, right hand man to King Theoden in The two Towers and Return of The King.

  • Eva Hopkins
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Eva Hopkins is the art assistant and office goddess for Joseph Michael Linsner and Dawn.

  • James Horan
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] James has guest-starred in all three modern Star Trek TV series in addition to many other roles in prime-time and daytime TV.

  • Greg Horn
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Greg is currently the cover artist for Marvel's new Elektra series. Past credits include X-men Universe for Marvel and J.U.D.G.E. and ESPers for Image.

  • Hotter Than Hell
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Hotter Than Hell have re-created the legend of KISS in live shows from coast to coast. The band features some former members of legendary KISS tribute band Strutter.

  • Kyle Hotz
    [**Past** Guests in 2000]

  • Scott Houle
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Scott Houle, President of Coastal Studios, has done dialog replacement career on numerous high profile films in the US and has dubbed such Japanese anime classics as Ah! My Goddess and Blue Submarine No.6.

  • Dr. Stephen D. Howe
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Dr. Stephen D. Howe is literally a rocket scientist. He currently works at Los Alamos National Laboratory studying fission physics, the Gas Core Nuclear Rocket, and advanced space propulsion.

  • Sarah A. Hoyt
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Sarah's fiction has been published in Analog, Asimov's, Weird Tales and Absolute Magnitude. The third book in her Shakespeare series, Any Man So Daring, will come out in November from Ace books.

  • George Hrab
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] George Hrab has written and produced five independent CDs, published one book, and traveled across the country as a drummer for the nationally recognized Philadelphia Funk Authority.

  • Behrle Hubbuch
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Behrle is a longtime sculptor who began sculpting for the gaming industry in 1997. His credits include spaceship designs for Noble Armada and Starfleet Battles as well as BattleTech vehicles and miniatures.

  • John Hudgens
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] John Hudgens is a filmmaker, animator, and artist who created several award winning Star Wars parody films and has also worked on such varied properties as Babylon 5, Crimson Skies, MechWarrior, and the Star Wars PocketModel TCG

  • Ernie Hudson
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] We all know him as the 4th GhostBuster, but he also played the friendly policeman in the Crow and the not so friendly warden in HBO's OZ. Currently he is recreating his FBI officer character from Miss Congeniality for its sequel.

  • Timothy Huffman
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] In real life, Timothy is a professional engineer and project manager with several published short pieces and one novel (so far) to his credit.

  • Adam Hughes
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Adam Hughes' covers include Wonder Woman and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.  He has also worked on Justice League America, Star Trek: Debt of Honor, Gen 13: Ordinary Heroes, and Gen 13/Superman.

  • Matt Hughes
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Matt Hughes' ethereal visions deliver a novel approach he calls "Gothic Art Nouveau." Matt was awarded the prestigious "Best in Show" award at Dragon*Con 2007. 

  • Scott Hughes
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Scott is a horror movie review columnist for The Continental and contributing writer for the forthcoming Fantasy Film Cookbook.

  • Steven Hughes
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Steven is Chaos! Comics' chief illustrator (Lady Death, etc.)

  • Barry R. Hunter
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] A longtime Southeastern fan, Barry has published the critically-acclaimed review magazine Baryon for the last 22 years.

  • Ben Hunzeker
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Ben Hunzeker is a colorist for Antartic Press, Archie Publishing, Devils' Due, Marvel Entertainment, and Speak Easy Comics.

  • John Hurtt
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] John has written game articles for magazines such as Autoduel Quarterly and Pyramid and organizes and runs games at cons and for Sci-Fi Supply.

  • J. C. Hutchins
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] J.C. Hutchins is the author of the SF thriller trilogy 7th Son, the most popular podcast novel series to date. Two of Hutchins' thriller novels—ncluding book one in the trilogy, Descent—will be published by St. Martin's Press in 2009. 

  • David S. Hyde
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Currently a prop and scenic tech for shows at Universal Studios Florida, Dave has done prop work for From the Earth to the Moon, Swamp Thing, Superboy, Seaquest, Fortune Hunter and more.

  • John Paul Hyde
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Currently working at MGM studios at Walt Disney World, J.P. has worked on and created many props and models for many gaming and entertainment projects.

  • Hyperdrive
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Hyperdrive has gone through a number of member changes, but the one thing that hasn't changed is their music of choice: fun rock 'n' roll with science fiction, fantasy, and horror twist! 

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  • Stanislav Ianevski
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Stanislav Ianevski is best known for playing Quidditch Star Viktor Krum in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

  • Iced Earth
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Now an established progressive-metal band, Florida's Iced Earth have completed an album based on the Spawn comic book and played at Dragon*Con '97.

  • Jamal Yasseem Igle
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Jamal has worked for all the major comic publishers on titles like Tome/Witchblade: Fire Sermon, Daredevil/Shi: Blind Faith and T.C.B..

  • Grant Imahara
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Grant Imahara is currently a member of the Mythbuster build team, and before that, he was an animatronics engineer and modelmaker for George Lucas's Industrial Light & Magic.

  • Carmine Infantino
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] A legend in the comics realm, Carmine Infantino is the co-creator of the Silver Age Flash and Bat Girl. More than just a great artist, Carmine also ran DC Comics in the 70s.

  • Bob Ingersoll
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Bob Ingersoll writes the humor column "The Law is a Ass"? for Comics Buyers Guide. He has also written numerous comic books including, Star Trek, Lost In Space, Quantum Leap, and The Green Hornet.

  • Travis Ingram
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Travis has been working in the comics industry since 1995 for several publishers, including Delta and Volunteer Comics and Empty Zone from Sirius Entertainment.

  • Scott Innes
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] A much-honored radio broadcaster in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Scott is also the voice of Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Scrappy Doo and Popeye.

  • The Iron Sheik
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Former Iranian Olympic champion, The Iron Sheik, was the Shah of Iran's personal bodyguard and coached the US Olympic wrestling team in 1972. He later vanquished Bob Backlund to ascend the throne to the World Wrestling Federation Championship.

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  • Mark A. W. Jackson
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Mark's a talented artist who's worked primarily for the gaming industry.

  • Sherard Jackson
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Sherard began his comics career in 1995 as artist and co-founder of the dark anthology Section 8 from Noir Press; his current project is Semantic Lace.

  • Teri Jacobs
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Teri is the author of several short-fiction horror pieces (including a Pushcart Award nominee) and the horror novel The Void.

  • Richard Jakiel
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Richard Jakiel has written nearly 60 articles for a wide variety of professional and popular publications, including such mainstream magazines as Astronomy and Sky and Telescope. He recently co-authored Galaxies: How to Observe Them (2006) and is currently working on a number of related projects.

  • Marten Jallad
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Marten Jallad is a regular contributor to the MAD Magazine fanzine The Journal of Madness and has contributed to other fanzines, designed business cards, and drawn characters for a website. His new 'zine is called THWAK.

  • Daniel James
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Daniel James was 17 in Series I of The Tribe and has made guest appearances in each of The Tribe series, including Tribe Season 5.

  • Georges Jeanty
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] With such titles as Bishop the Last X-Man, Gambit, Weapon X, and Deadpool for Marvel and Superman, Superboy, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern for DC in his portfolio, Georges Jeanty is a comics veteran with a bright future. 

  • Paris Jefferson
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Paris Jefferson's portrayal of Athena on Xena represents the latest achievement in an extremely accomplished acting career.

  • Jefferson Starship
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Jefferson Starship, a collaboration of musicians playing from the rich songbook of legendary forefathers Jefferson Airplane and the original Jefferson Starship, is one of the most critically acclaimed touring acts today.

  • Herb Jefferson, Jr.
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Herb is best-known to us as Lieutenant Boomer on Battlestar Galactica, but his credits span the big and small screens, from Apollo 13 to Hill Street Blues.

  • Paul Jenkins
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Paul Jenkins's most notable credits include Hellblazer and Inhumans; he's currently working on titles including Incredible Hulk, Peter Parker: Spider Man, and Witchblade.

  • Jason Jensen
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Chaos! Comics chief colorist Jason Jensen brings the horrific pages of the Chaos! world to life with his intense and well-executed use of color.

  • Brandon Scott Jerwa
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Brandon Scott Jerwa secured his role as the author of the monthly GI Joe title after his debut story for the spinoff, G.I. Joe: Frontline. In 2005, G.I. Joe received the relaunch treatment with Brandon's Snake-Eyes: Declassified.

  • Mike Jittlov
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Mike's the special effects genius filmmaker behind The Wizard of Speed and Time.

  • Geoff Johns
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Born in 1973, this Detroit native brings a Hollywood sense of story-telling to comics thanks to his work as assistant to Richard (Superman, Lethal Weapon) Donner.

  • George Johnsen
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] George's landmark digital/audio work -- best-known to us on Babylon 5 - has been hailed as revolutionary in Hollywood.

  • Bill "Splat" Johnson
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Bill "Splat" Johnson is an Atlanta-based makeup effects artist who's worked on over 30 films, including Hoodlum, The Stand, and the blockbuster, The Patriot.

  • Dave Johnson
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Dave's work includes Dark Horse Presents' Earth Boys, The Demon Annual #1, Wonder Woman Annual, Iron Man Annual #13 and Chain Gang War from DC.

  • Eric Johnson
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Eric can be heard as the voice of Trunks on Dragon Ball Z and the voice of Yuji on Blue Gender. He also appears in the micro-budget film Hall of Mirrors.

  • Maureen Johnson
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Maureen Johnson is a young adult author. Her books include: 13 Little Blue Envelopes, The Key to the Golden Firebird, The Bermudez Triangle, Girl At Sea, and the Norton Award-nominated Devilish.

  • K. Ken Johnston
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Atlanta actor who has performed in everything from Shakespeare to children's theater to Renaissance Festival jousting to S&M fetish performance art.

  • Dan Jolley
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Dan Jolley's work has covered several comics publishers, but he's established his reputation with several projects from DC Comics. He's also co-written two TV tie-in novels.

  • April Campbell Jones
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Through the years, April has made her living, variously, as a model, actress, singer, photographer, artist, comic book editor, novelist and screenwriter, but it was as the model for the character of Somerset Holmes that she became known to comic fandom.

  • Benjamin Curtis Jones
    [**Past** Guests in 0] A true expert in the field of entertainment illustration, Ben's artwork is stunning. His recent work includes the Indiana Jones Heritage cards for Topps, and the theatrical release poster for "Conjurer", a suspense-thriller produced by Vids Media, released at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Ga.

  • Benjamin Curtis Jones
    [**Past** Guests in 0] A true expert in the field of entertainment illustration, Ben's artwork is stunning. His recent work includes the Indiana Jones Heritage cards for Topps, and the theatrical release poster for "Conjurer", a suspense-thriller produced by Vids Media, released at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Ga.

  • Christopher Jones
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Christopher Jones is a comics writer/artist for DC Comics and other publishers. He has been the penciller of The Batman Strikes! since that title began, and is co-creator of Dr. Blink Superhero Shrink, which he produced with John Kovalic of Dork Tower.

  • Gary Jones
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Gary Jones knew that he'd joined the Stargate SG:1 team the day his face showed up on a trading card. Well, joined them, as in, Richard Dean Anderson finally calling him by his character name of "Walter"?. Gary has been there from day one on the pilot.

  • Mike Jones
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Hall of Fame inductee: for the Dragon Con Wrestling Hall Of Fame. Credits; 21 years of Pro-Wrestling, with The World Wrestling Federation(WWF), and World Champion Wrestlling(WCW). Large part of World Champion Wrestling(WCW) was NWO, which I(Virgil) was a large part of.

  • Nat Jones
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Nat Jones began his comics career while he was still in high school, and soon gained widespread acclaim. Nat has worked on an impressive array of titles for many of today's top publishers. He can currently be seen on the comic Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer from Image Comics.

  • Sam J. Jones
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Sam J. Jones is best known throughout the world as Flash Gordon, The Highwayman, The Spirit and as Aris Boch, in Stargate's SG-1.

  • Ric Jordan
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Ric Jordan is currently Director of Marketing for Orbital Commerce Project and intends for it to become a training establishment for the Commercial Human Spaceflight Industry. He sits as an advisor on the Cape Canaveral Technical Society for the 2007 Space Congress

  • Robert Jordan
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Robert Jordan is the best-selling author of the celebrated Wheel of Time series, as well as other novels, some written under other pseudonyms.

  • Dara Joy
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Dara's first seven crossover novels, in several different fields including SF/romance, have all been best-sellers; her Ritual of Proof was in Amazon's Top Ten for fiction even before release, due to preorders.

  • Christopher Judge
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Christopher Judge's TV appearances include Stargate SG-1, Martin, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Lush Life, Wise Guy, 21 Jump Street, MacGyver, Gabriel's Fire, and as a regular on Sirens.

  • The Juniper Breed
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] This five-member ensemble combine a mixture of punk and grunge-rock into an explosive sound which amplifies and fulfills.

  • Peter Jurasik
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Peter Jurasik, Babylon 5's Ambassador, Londo Mollari, has a surprising list of onscreen and offscreen credits. Yes, he actually played in Tron, too.

  • Joe Jusko
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] His covers and illustrations span Vampirella, the Punisher, Conan, Shi, Nick Fury, Black Panther, Heavy Metal Magazine, Marvel Double shot, Crimson, 21 down, and many more.

  • Joe Jusko
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Joe Jusko is undoubtedly one of the best known fantasy, pin-up, and comics artists in the world today. His career has spanned almost 30 years, starting with the sale of his very first cover for Heavy Metal Magazine in 1977 at the age of 17.

  • Justiniano
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Justiniano is known for his run on Evil Ernie: Straight to Hell, Evil Ernie vs. The Super Heroes, Lady Death and the Women of Chaos! Gallery.

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  • Gil Kane
    [**Past** Guests in 1991] Gil's dynamic figure work, emotionally charged characters, and innovatively staged fight scenes became a trademark on, e.g., The Atom and Captain Marvel.

  • Joshua Kane
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Joshua Kane tours nationally as a solo theatre artist and workshop leader. He has been designated a Master Teaching Artist and APCA's 1998 Performing Artist of the Year.

  • Anthony Karnowski
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Anthony Karnowski is the author of the Iluvian Cycle, a series which includes his first two novels, Forgotten Propchecies and Path of Darkness. His first Young Adult novel, Cameron and the Grim, will be out around the first of the year in 2006.

  • John Kassir
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] A Star Search Comedy champion, John Kassir is known for his voice work, including the Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt, Bullseye from Toy Story 2, and Buster Bunny from Tiny Toons.

  • Jeremy Kasten
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] A director, editor and sometime associate producer, Jeremy's new feature is entitled The Attic Expeditions.

  • Andreas Katsulas
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Andreas gives his splendid acting and voice abilities to his portrayal of the Narn ambassador G'Kar in the Babylon 5 family of TV episodes and telefilms.

  • William Katt
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] A veteran actor well-known to film and TV, his credits include Carrie, Big Wednesday, First Love, Butch and Sundance: Tthe Early Years, and House. TV credits include Greatest American Hero, The New Perry Mason, Models, Inc., and Rough Riders.

  • Lloyd Kaufman
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Lloyd Kaufman is the president and founder of Troma Entertainment, currently celebreating its 35th year as the world's longest running independent film company. He has directed such classsics as The Toxic Avenger and Tromeo and Juliet.

  • Doug Kaye
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Doug has been performing, directing and sometimes writing for the Atlanta Radio Theater Company since its inception, and also performs at the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern.

  • Stacy Keach
    [**Past** Guests in 0] Probably best known around the world for his portrayal of the hard-boiled detective, Mike Hammer, Mr. Keach is also well-known among younger generations for his portrayal of the irascible, hilarious Dad, Ken Titus, in the Fox sitcom, Titus, and more recently as Warden Henry Pope in the hit series, Prison Break.

  • Dominic Keating
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Dominic Keating's starred in the feature film Jungle 2 Jungle opposite Tim Allen and Martin Short. Dominic is widely known for his role as Malcolm Reed in Star Trek: Enterprise

  • Gregg Keefer
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] A sculptor specializing in toy design, Gregg Keefer's Rescue Heroes for Fisher Price appear in playrooms and underfoot all across the country, while one of his freestanding sculptures is in the collection of Pope John Paul II.

  • Charles Keegan
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] A recipient of a Judges Choice award at Worldcon, Best In Show at World Fantasy Con and a two-time Chesley Award nominee, Charles has painted book covers for TOR, Baen, Meisha Merlin and Ballantine/Del Rey, among others.

  • Bill Keel
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Astronomer Bill Keel, author of The Sky at Einstein's Feet and The Road to Galaxy Formation, has appeared at Dragon*Con since 2004.

  • Helen Keier
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Helen Keier has written for several genre and media websites and is a past contributor to the Star Wars Insider.  A freelance continuity consultant on Star Wars projects such as The New Jedi Order, the Essential Guide to Alien Species is her first Star Wars book as an author.

  • John Kelley
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] John Kelly is best known for his portrayal of Dr. Leonard McCoy on Star Trek: New Voyages.

  • Sahara Kelly
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] With two dozen novels now available at Ellora's Cave, Sahara has rediscovered the joy of telling her stories, crossing the genres of erotic romance from the past to the future and touching on just about everything in between.

  • William Kenyon
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] William is a writer whose published work ranges from gaming (Iron Crown Enterprises) and Indy magazine to technology (Atlanta Press).

  • Angela Kessler
    [**Past** Guests in 2000]

  • Jack Ketchum
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Jack Ketchum has written eleven novels, the latest of which are Red, Ladies' Night, and The Lost. His stories are collected in The Exit At Toledo Blade Boulevard, Broken on the Wheel of Sex, Peaceable Kingdom, and Closing Time and Other Stories.

  • J. Gregory Keyes
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Mr. Keyes wrote the fantasy novel The Waterborn, which became Del Rey's lead fantasy novel for 1996. Its sequel The Blackgod and several other novels have followed.

  • Margot Kidder
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Where would Superman be without her?

  • Richard Kiel
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Richard Kiel, who is best known for his roles as "Jaws" in the James Bond films, has been an actor for nearly forty years and has also written several screenplays.

  • Caitlin Kiernan
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Caitlin Kiernan is the author of the award-winning novels Silk and Threshold and the collection Tales of Pain and Wonder, among many other accomplishments.

  • The Killer Robots
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Giant robots, fun metal-synth-polka music, surreal monsters and sexy alien girls. The resultant spectacle is something that must be witnessed to be truly understood.

  • Lee Killough
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] An SF writer, Lee's most popular character is a vampire cop, Garreth Mikaelian, who appears in Blood Hunt and Bloodlinks.

  • Patrick Kilpatrick
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Patrick appeared in the series finale of Roswell, and has appeared in Dark Angel, The X-Files, the TNT movie Crossfire Trail, Free Willy 3 and Minority Report opposite Tom Cruise.

  • Gail Kim
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Gail is one of the greatest female athletes to ever grace a professional wrestling ring. In her debut televised match with WWE in 2003, she won the women's championship. Now, a current TNA Wrestling Knockout and 1st ever TNA women's champion, she is seen by millions weekly on TV.

  • Michael John Kimball
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Michael Kimball has won an Oscar and two Emmys for his sound-design work in Bram Stoker's Dracula and The X-Files, respectively; now he's turning his efforts to the challenging realm of online videogames.

  • Kimko
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Kimiko is a webcam girl and will be appearing as part of our Electronic Frontiers Forums track.

  • Sherri L. King
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] The critically acclaimed author of The Horde Wars and Moon Lust series, her primary interests lie in the world of action packed paranormals, though she's been known to dabble in several other genres as time permits.

  • James P Kinney III
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] James Kinney is a professional Linux administrator, beer snob and brewer, physicist, and former astronomy and physics instructor. James has been a homebrew enthusiast for over a decade and sees beer as the first indicator of human agricultural achievement.

  • Richard Kirk
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Richard is a freelance illustrator whose clients have included Iron Crown Enterprises, HarperPrism, Coelacanth Productions, Gauntlet Publications and Sideshow Books.

  • Tommy Kirk
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Tommy first began acting at the age of twelve in Gunsmoke, and is most remembered for roles in several major Disney films.

  • Kittyhawk
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Kittyhawk's award-winning Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki is the tale of a well-endowed transgendered valkyrie and her epic battle against the forces of the fire giant Surt. The webcomic is only the first step in Kittyhawk's plan to bring her brand of sexy fun to the world at large.

  • Dr. Hans K. Klein
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Dr. Klein is Assistant Professor in the School of Public Policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is also Chair of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR).

  • Angela Knight
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Angela Knight is the USA Today bestselling author of the Mageverse series for Berkley Sensation. Her most recent novel is Master of Dragons, released in June, 2007.

  • Nancy Knight
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Nancy Knight is the award-winning author of novels, short stories, and plays and a partner in BelleBooks. Knight teaches creative writing and has taught writing workshops across the country. Her screenplay, Insanity du Jour, produced in 2007, was a finalist in the Women in Film/More Magazine Film Competition.

  • Harry Knowles
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] With an army of secret informants, Harry'd make a good Director of the CIA, but instead he manages a popular Hollywood insiders' site on the web, Ain't It Cool News.

  • Walter Koenig
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Amid a myriad of acting and directing credits on stage and screen, Walter is best-known as Chekov on Star Trek and Bester on Babylon 5.

  • Walter Koenig
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Walter Koenig is best known for his role as Chekov on the original Star Trek series and has recently revised the role on the Internet series New Voyages.

  • Scott C. Kolden
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Scott C. Kolden played the role of "Scott Stuart" on the children's television program Sigmund and the Sea Monsters in the 1970s.

  • Kelly Kole
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Kelly Kole is a model and actress who has appeared in Femme Fatale and on the TV shows The Sopranos and Saturday Night Live.

  • Vanessa Koman
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] In a scant five years Vanessa has appeared in seven films, including CyberZone, Invisible Mom and most recently, Billy Frankenstein.

  • Victor Koman
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Victor Koman, a native Californian, is the author of several books, including three winners of the Prometheus Award - an unprecedented achievement.

  • Alethea Kontis
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Alethea Kontis is an essayist, editor, publisher, and New York Times bestselling author. Her works include Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter Companion, Beauty & Dynamite, and AlphaOops!: The Day Z Went First.

  • Josh Krach
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Writer, designer, Studio Phoenix Webmaster and chief design stooge Josh Krach broke into the pros with JLA: Gods & Monsters, co-written with Dan Jolley.

  • David Anthony Kraft
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Many years writing/editing Marvel, DC, Atlas comics, publishing books (Robt E Howard etc), comics & mags (Comics Interview Group), and writing pbk books and TV (GI Joe, Street Fighter, etc). Started as a SF writer.

  • Clare Kramer
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Clare Kramer is best known for her bitchy roles as ?Courtney? opposite Kirsten Dunst in the cheerleading comedy ?Bring It On? and ?Glory? opposite Sarah Michelle Geller in the cult classic ?Buffy the Vampire Slayer.?

  • Eddie Kramer
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] As a producer and engineer, Kramer has been behind the boards for the biggest names in music: The Rolling Stones, Traffic, Carly Simon, Joe Cocker, Johnny Winter, David Bowie, and The Beatles to name a few.

  • Edward E. Kramer
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Editor, agent, author, medical professional, spelunker, art collector and - definitely not least - Dragon*Con's former chairman and founder.

  • Jeff Krasner
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Jeff is currently producing the Time Warrior CD ROM, and recently contributed all of the non-stock photographs to The X-Files Lexicon.

  • Tom Kratman
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Tom Kratman, retired infantry officer and recovering attorney, writes for Baen. His works include A State of Disobedience, A Desert Called Peace, Carnifex, and Caliphate as well as (with John Ringo) Watch on the Rhine, Yellow Eyes, and The Tuloriad (forthcoming).

  • Wendy Kremer
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Wendy Kremer is best known as the Southern Belle with bite, "Peaches," in 2001 Maniacs, opposite Robert Englund.

  • John Kricfalusi
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Creator of the modern classic Ren & Stimpy. Did we say "classic"? Whew...

  • Spitt'n Krickets
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] With multiple styles including metal, industrial, funk, hip-hop, jazz, and blues, you can expect an exciting blend of covers and original music.

  • Wortham Krimmer
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Wortham portrayed Centauri Emperor Cartagia in the popular SF series Babylon 5.

  • Marta Kristen
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Marta Kristen is known to SF fans as Judy Robinson of Lost in Space.

  • Heike Kubasch
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Heike Kubasch has worked in the adventure game industry since college as a writer and editor, and was one of the founders of the original Iron Crown Enterprises, Inc. She is the author of several Tolkien products, including Bree, Angmar, and the Legend of Weathertop.

  • Kurt Kuersteiner
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Kurt is the webmaster of The Jack Chick Museum of Fine Art and author of the book, The Unofficial Guide to the Art of Jack T. Chick.

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  • Jessica Lackey
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Jessica Lackey is a singer, artist, model, stage performer, and dancer best known for her role in the band the Cruxshadows.

  • Mercedes Lackey
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Author of numerous fantasy best-sellers, Misty crated the extremely popular fantasy realm of Valdemar.

  • Mur Lafferty
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Mur Lafferty is a hall-of-fame podcaster, writer, and game professional.

  • John and Laura Lakey
    [**Past** Guests in 1992] John and Laura are accomplished artists, with numerous gaming, comics and award-winning SF/fantasy illustrations to their credit.

  • Lorenzo Lamas
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] A well known action adventure star, Lorenzo has had parts in Grease, the nighttime soap Falcon Crest, Snake Eater, Body Rock, CIA Target Alexa, and of course, the action-adventure show, Renegade.

  • Cheralyn Lambeth
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Cheralyn Lambeth is a professional prop, costume, and puppet builder/peformer whose work includes multiple feature films (The Muppet Christmas Carol, Leatherheads), TV shows (Dinosaurs!) and various interactive properties (Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton). She also writes nonfiction "ghost story" books with Schiffer Publishing.

  • Juliet Landau
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Juliet Landau co-starred in Tim Burton's highly acclaimed Ed Wood as "Loretta King" and in New Line Cinema's Theodore Rex. She was "Drusilla" on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and appeared on Buffy' and Angel over the course of six seasons.

  • Michael N. Langford
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Mike Langford is a writer and actor of bizarre twists best known for creating Professor Satyre's Sci-Fried Sideshow, staging the wildest parodies of SF classics in captivity since 1999. Mike's weirdness has appeared in print, on stage, in films, and especially on radio for over a fortieth of a millennium.

  • Warren Lapine
    [**Past** Guests in 2000]

  • Scott Larabee
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Scott Larabee is the DCI Program Manager for Wizards of the Coast.

  • Justine Larbalestier
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Justine Larbalestier was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and still lives there when not travelling. (She travels a lot.)  She's the author of the Andre Norton Award winning Magic or Madness which is the first of the Magic or Madness trilogy.

  • The Last Dance
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] The Last Dance has gone from being a modest California band to being one of the top draws of the international dark rock scene.

  • Last Picture Show
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Matt Robinson and John Mullaney, the two halves of this British rock duo, blend hauntingly beautiful pianos, widescreen guitars, and emotive vocals.

  • Rosemary Laurey
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Bestselling author Rosemary Laurey has published vampire and fantasy romance, nonfiction, short stories, and erotic romance.

  • Jennifer Lavoie
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Jennifer was Playboy's Miss August 1993, and is still the only centerfold to hail from New Hampshire.

  • Patricia Laye
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Patricia Laye is the author of seven novels and too many Short stories to count. She has taught writing classes for more than thirty years.

  • George Lazenby
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] George will always be best-known as the second James Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Films and TV projects include Gettysburg, General Hospital, Saint Jack, Kentucky Fried Movie and others.

  • Dr. Timothy Leary
    [**Past** Guests in 1992] Dr. Leary was one of the most influential thinkers and pop-culture icons of the twentieth century. Travel gently, Tim...

  • James Leary
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] James Leary is proud to add his role as "Clem," the loose-skinned demon on Buffy The Vampire Slayer to his list of credits; the character has struck a chord with so many of the show's loyal fans.

  • Brandy Ledford
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Brandy Ledford is most known for her role as Doyle on Andromeda.

  • Andy Lee
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] A native of Hong Kong, Andy Lee studied 13th-Century Cha'an Buddhist techniques using animal-hair brushes and rice paper; his clients include White Wolf and Image Comics.

  • James Kyson Lee
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] James Kyson Lee currently stars as Ando on NBC's critically acclaimed hit drama Heroes.

  • Jeremy Lee
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Jeremy Lee works at the All Music Guide and All Game Guide, but his first love is video games. When not writing articles for the AGG, Jeremy works for Outrage Entertainment and contributed to their newest title Alter Echo.

  • Jim Lee
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Easily one of the hottest names in comics today and co-founder of Image, Jim's worked on X-Men and Fantasic Four and so much more.

  • Michael Anne Lee
    [**Past** Guests in 2000]

  • Mike Lee
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Mike Lee is a novelist, scriptwriter, and game designer best known for his highly popular Darkblade fantasy novels, cowritten by bestselling author Dan Abnett. He has also written scripts for Funcom's highly anticipated Age of Conan MMO and Ubisoft Entertainment's Blazing Angels: Secret Missions of World War II.

  • Misty Lee
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Misty Lee is a magician whose stage performance combines, music, theatre, and a bit of acting with her natural charisma to create a spectacular production for audiences of all ages.

  • Sharon Lee
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Sharon is, with Steve Miller, the author of the Liaden Universe� novels and stories. Balance of Trade won the Hal Clement Award for Best Young Adult Science Fiction Novel.

  • Robert Leeshock
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Robert's many roles include Liam Kincaid on the Roddenberry show Earth: Final Conflict. He's also appeared on Beverly Hills 90210 and several major soap operas.

  • Matt Leger
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Matt G. Leger is, at 23 years and counting, filk's longest-taking "overnight" success story. A struggling graphic designer by day, he copes with the mundanity of everyday life and his own unfortunate attention-deficit disorder by writing songs, alternately funny (he hopes) and serious (the sad outcome of early exposure to the oeuvres of Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond and Percy Faith).

  • Elizabeth Leggett
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Elizabeth Leggett has recently become a writer for White Wolf. Once merely an artist and collaborator, she is now a published writer for White Wolf Publishing. She was responsible for three of the breeds represented in "World of Darkness: Changing Breeds"...The Laughing Strangers, The SpinnerKin and The Horned Folk.

  • Patty Leidy
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] An active Atlanta cartoonist, her strip Zero Hour regularly appears in local independent newspapers such as Drawl and Poets, Artists, and Madmen.

  • Ian Lemke
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Ian Lemke is the developer of Changeling: The Dreaming at White Wolf. His other credits include the Mind's Eye Theater LRPG system.

  • Richard LeParmentier
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Richard portrayed Admiral Motti in the first Star Wars film, and has also had roles in Reds, Rollerball and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

  • Dr. William A. Lester
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Dr. William Lester has been an avid researcher of the unusual and the unexplained for a number of years. He has written and published widely on such topics as UFOs, cryptozoology, ghosts, time travel, and demonology. His books include Star Messiah, Children of the Night, and Dimension X.

  • Katie Leung
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Katie Leung is most famous for playing the part of Cho Chang, who is Harry's first crush in the Harry Potter movie series.

  • Rob Levy
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Rob Levy has been published in several Doctor Who fanzines and is president of the STL CIA Doctor Who fan club. He serves as managing editor for the Time Lord Times, pop culture writer for St. Louis Magazine, film editor for Ink19.com, and columnist for the music forum for Needcoffee.com.

  • Scott "Raven" Levy
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] ECW's Raven, as personified and created by Scott Levy, is perhaps pro-wrestling's most complicated and well drawn character ever.

  • William Levy
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Long known affectionately as "the world's most dangerous cartoonist," Bill has both comics and games to his credit, including Black Widow.

  • Anthony Lewis
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Anthony Lewis started acting at age nine and had a three and a half year stint playing Marc Reynolds on the popular British soap opera Emmerdale.

  • J F Lewis
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] J. F. Lewis is the author of Staked, an urban fantasy novel published by Pocket Books in March 2008. Jeremy is a member of both the SFWA and HWA. In his spare time, he maintains the SFWA Pressbook.

  • Jon Lewis
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Jon is a Xeric Award-winning comic book creator and is best known for his critically acclaimed True Swamp and Ghost Ship titles.

  • Matthew Lewis
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Matthew Lewis is the actor who portrays Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films.

  • Shariann Lewitt
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Shariann Lewitt has written eight novels and a few short stories; her most popular book is Memento Mori.

  • Kuo-Yu Liang
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Kuo-Yu Liang is the Associate Publisher at Del Rey, a leading publisher of SF and fantasy; he handles several authors and their Star Wars and Babylon 5 franchises.

  • Ken Lightner
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Ken Lightner, a co-founder of Holistic Design Incorporated, contributed to the Fading Suns line, co-designed Noble Armada, and developed Afghanistan d20. His primary task, though, is to design computer games.

  • Iyari Limon
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Iyari, of Spanish, German and French descent, has several film and TV credits, but her big break came when she was offered the part of Kennedy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • Brad Linaweaver
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Brad Linaweaver is a Nebula finalist and a Prometheus award winner who has sold nine novels, over seventy short stories, three hundred articles, and one non-fiction book.

  • Ron and Val Lindahn
    [**Past** Guests in 1992] Ron and Val, past Hugo Award nominees, have created many popular covers and illustrations for books and magazines.

  • Joseph Michael Linsner
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Michael Linsner has become one of the comic book industry's most celebrated artists; Cry for Dawn Volume I, published in 1989, marked his debut.

  • Lips Down on Dixie
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Lips Down On Dixie is an Atlanta based Rocky Horror Picture Show cast troupe which performs weekly midnight shows.

  • Lita
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Once beloved by the fans for her extreme ways, Lita is now one of the most despised Divas in WWE. Aligned with Edge since May 2005, Lita no longer cares what the fans think of her, standing by the Rated R Superstar no matter what derogatory chants the fans send in her direction.

  • Richard C Livingston
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Richard C Livingston is a conceptutal artist for the Sci-Fi Channel Series Battlestar Galactica, for both the television Miniseries and Seasons 1-4. Designing the Colonial One, Cylon hover transport, Cloud Nine and many more. He recently completed work Battlestar Galactica: Razor, where he designed the Scorpion shipyards and the retro Cylons.

  • Todd Livingston
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Todd Livingston is a filmmaker and comic book creator. His webcomic America Jr. was recently voted Best Comic Strip on DrunkDuck.com and is currently collected in two trade paperbacks published by Image Comics.

  • Robert Llewellyn
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Robert played Kryten in the Emmy award winning BBC series Red Dwarf from 1989 to 1998. He has appeared on many other TV shows, including Junkyard Wars on Discovery.

  • David Lloyd
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Creator in strips for over 20 years, David is globally known for his work on V For Vendetta, recently adapted to impressive cinematic form. His latest work, and another international success, is the fast-paced psychological crime thriller, Kickback.

  • Gareth David Lloyd
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Gareth David-Lloyd is a Welsh actor best known for his role as Ianto Jones in the British science fiction television program Torchwood.

  • Jake Lloyd
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Jake Lloyd is an American actor who gained worldwide fame when he was chosen by George Lucas to play the young Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, the first film in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

  • Anne Lockhart
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Anne starred as Sheba in Battlestar Galactica and has many other credits in and out of SF, including impressive voice-over credits.

  • June Lockhart
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] June is best known to SF fans as Maureen Robinson on the TV series Lost In Space, but some of us will always think of her as Eunice St. Clair in Troll.

  • Gary Lockwood
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Gary's roles have included, among others, Major Frank Poole in 2001: A Space Odyssey and Gary Mitchell in Trek's Where No Man Has Gone Before.

  • Todd Lockwood
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Todd Lockwood's Chesley Award-winning work has appeared on Asimov's, Analog, Dragon Magazine, and in the pages of Science Fiction Age and Realms of Fantasy.

  • Cirroc Lofton
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Cirroc Lofton played the regular role of Jake Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine beginning in 1993.  Although he watched the original Star Trek series and was a fan, Lofton prefers The Twilight Zone.  He made his first acting appearance in the 1992 hit film Beethoven.  He was cast as Jake Sisko later that year.  Filming DS9 kept him busy, but he made his first guest appearance in an 1996 episode of Moesha.  He later made two guest appearances in Smart Guy as two different characters.  Soon after DS9 ended, he was a main cast member on The Hoop Life.

  • Daniel Logan
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Daniel Logan's most recent project was starring in The Legend of Johnny Lingo. At the top of this young actor's growing resume sits Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones with the coveted role of Boba Fett, winning the part, out of thousands who tried out, after just one audition!

  • Shannon Londin-Gallant
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Mr. Gallant is an illustrator with over 10 years of professional experience. His projects have included various issues for Malibu Comics (Ultraverse and Angels of Destruction), Chaos Comics (Nightmare Theater) and Antarctic Comics (WarriorNun: Black & White).

  • Kevin Long
    [**Past** Guests in 1992] Kevin is a well-regarded gaming illustrator, with most of his efforts going to Palladium Books and games.

  • Starr Long
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Steven S. Long
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Steven S. Long is a game writer and designer from North Carolina; he has worked for Hero Games, White Wolf Game Studios, and numerous other game companies on innumerable games and scenarios.

  • Michael Longcor
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Michael has eight CDs released and has appeared with Doctor Demento. He also wrote and sang songs on Owlflight, a companion piece for the fantasy novel by Mercedes Lackey.

  • Rick Loomis
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] The current president of GAMA, Rick is founder and CEO of the pioneering play-by-mail firm Flying Buffalo Games, the oldest adventure game company under its original management, and also designed, among other games, Starweb.

  • Andrew Looney
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Andrew is the eccentric game designer who created Fluxx, Aquarius, Nanofictionary, Cosmic Coasters, the Icehouse game system, and of course, Chrononauts.

  • Dean Lorey
    [**Past** Guests in 0] After a 15 year career in film and TV (Arrested Development, Major Payne), Emmy nominated screenwriter Dean Lorey's newest project is the young adult book series Nightmare Academy. Published in over 20 countries and optioned by Universal, the second book in the series, Monster Madness, will be on shelves this September.

  • Lisa Loring
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] The original Wednesday Addams in the TV series The Addams Family, Lisa has had many parts over the years, including a daytime soap vixen on As the World Turns.

  • The Lost Boys
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] The sensation of the Georgia Renaissance Festival, the Lost Boys purport to be the original rock and roll band...circa 1599. It's like Spinal Tap meets Shakespeare In Love, only somewhat different.

  • Norman Lovett
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Among his many stage and screen appearances is Norman's most-famous role, as Holly on the legendary British comedy/SF series Red Dwarf.

  • George Lowe
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Cartoon Network's wildly popular Adult Swim block was built on the cult hit Space Ghost Coast to Coast, which ran for a decade with legions of fans responsible for its success. George Lowe is the ad-libbing madman behind Space Ghost and it's his honor to visit Atlanta for Dragon*Con.

  • Michael Lowe
    [**Past** Guests in 2000]

  • Shannon Lowers
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Dancer and actress Shannon Lower is the inspiration for the "Shannon Lower" character in George Perez's Crimson Plague; she also appeared in The Waterboy.

  • Brandon Lucas
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Brandon, aka DJ B-Naut is a self-taught musician since 1993 and has mastered the art of performing his own on-the-spot remixes live. He'll be deejaying for our British Programming Track.

  • Gary Lucas
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] One of the world's most innovative guitarists and a Grammy nominee, Gary's work has earned raves from Rolling Stone, The Village Voice and Variety, to name just a few.

  • The Luchagors
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Their influences read like a rock history lesson. The Luchagors dig deep and draw upon what made punk punk in the first place, from The Stooges and The New York Dolls, to The Misfits and The Lunachicks.

  • Robert Luedke
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Publisher at Head Press and creator of Template

  • BarBara Luna
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] BarBara Luna is best remembered for the portrayal of Marlena in the episode "Mirror Mirror" from Star Trek. Some favorite guest star roles: Disney's Zorro, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, The Outer Limits, & Maria on One Life to Live.

  • Deanna Lund
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Deanna starred in the ABC-TV series Land of the Giants and has appeared in e.g., Batman, The Waltons, The Incredible Hulk and Remington Steele.

  • Jonathan Lupo
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Jonathan is a published digital score composer whose musical credits include a CD soundtrack, 2 UFO CD-ROMs and a supernatural/psychic CD-ROM.

  • Rachel Luttrell
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Rachel Luttrell is known best as Teyla Emmagan in Stargate Atlantis.

  • Mark Lutz
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Mark currently appears on the WB's Angel series and has also appeared in Due South, Queer as Folk, La Femme Nikita, Earth: Final Conflict and Psi Factor among others.

  • Dr. Jeffrey Luvall
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Dr. Jeffrey Luvall is a senior Forest Ecologist and Microclimatologist at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center's Global Hydrology and Climate Center.

  • James Lyle
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] James Lyle is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist living in the mountains of western North Carolina.

  • Richard Lynch
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Richard is a veteran actor who's appeared in such films and series as Scarecrow, Little Nikita, Invasion U.S.A., The Sword and The Sorcerer and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  • Sandy Lynne
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Sandy has had an active career, with modeling work in a number of national periodicals, including cover girl for ConTour, VIVID, Xcitement, Cheri and Club International magazines.

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  • Eric Mabius
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Eric portrays Alex Corvis, the lead role in the forthcoming The Crow: Salvation feature film, which will be premiered for the US at Dragon*Con.

  • Rob MacGregor
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Rob MacGregor is the Edgar Award-winning author of Prophecy Rock and many other novels, plus a forthcoming psychic thriller co-written with Billy Dee Williams.

  • David Mack
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] David Mack is the writer, creator, and artist of the acclaimed Kabuki and writes the best-selling comic Daredevil.

  • Mark Donald Maddox
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Mark Maddox is an illustrator, working for such publishers as Airship27 Books, Adamant Entertainment, and White Rocket Books. He has done covers for Ron Fortier's Captain Hazzard series, Thrilling Tales magazine, and Little Shoppe of Horrors magazine. He lives in South Georgia with his wife and two children.

  • Sean Maguire
    [**Past** Guests in 2008]

    On American television Sean has had lead roles in the series

    OFF CENTRE created by the Weitz Brothers for the WB, EVE for UPN and last season's

    comedy series THE CLASS for CBS, created by Jeffrey Klarik and David Crane

    (Friends).  Immediately upon arriving in the U.S. Sean landed the title

    role in theTNT movie PRINCE CHARMING with Christina Applegate and Martin

    Short.  He went on to work in the

    independent films, THE DUKES, THIRD WISH and L.A. BLUES before being cast in

    the lead role in the Fox genre comedy, MEET THE SPARTANS.

  • Don Maitz
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Don Maitz has produced outstanding work in fantastic realism. For 25 years, he has produced narrative paintings containing fantasy, science fiction, and historical images.

  • Major Victory
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Chris Watters, as "Major Victory," was one of the few chosen to be part of the original cast of Who Wants To Be A Superhero. Although he did not win the series competition, he was in the final three and is definitely a fan favorite.

  • Roland Mann
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Roland served as Managing Editor at Malibu Comics and edited The Night Man, Prototype, etc.; his latest title is Switchblade.

  • Thomas Manning
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Thomas Manning is a fantasy and horror artist working in the gaming, comics, and magazine markets.

  • Jordan Marder
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Jordan has had roles in numerous plays, films, and TV shows, including Lord of Illusions, Virtuosity, Down Periscope, American History X, LA Confidential, Jag, The X-Files, and The Drew Carey Show.

  • Dawn Marie
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] With such varied interests as acting, writing, costuming and being a full-time Cam Girl, Dawn Marie was truly a renaissance woman for the 21st century.

  • Marrus
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Marrus, an award-winning artist, is currently writing an illustrated autobiography. She began inking for Valiant and ElfQuest, but has since created book and album covers, illustrated for magazines and RPGs, and body painted for fashion shows and music videos. In her spare time, she storyboards for the film industry.

  • Steven Marsh
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Steven contributed to Shadis magazine, edited Steve Jackson Games' Pyramid online mag, edited two GURPS books, and won a 2002 Origins Award for his contribution to Gamemastering Secrets 2nd Edition.

  • Brian David Marshall
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Rogan Russell Marshall
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Screenwriter and critic Rogan Russell Marshall is the author of the screenplay for the feature film The Attic Expeditions.

  • James Marsters
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] James Marsters may best be known around the world for his ever-popular cult character Spike, the punk-goth vampire he played on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.  A fan favorite, Marsters has received and been nominated for numerous awards worldwide.

  • Anya Martin
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Anya Martin is an author/journalist specializing in SF/F, horror, comics, rock music, and hauntings. A former Marvel Age staff correspondent, her best-known works include "Rockin the Midnight Hour" in Splatterpunks II and "The Devil's March" in Dark Destiny III: Children of Dracula. She also is PR codirector for Mythic Imagination Institute.

  • Gail Z. Martin
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Gail Z. Martin is the author of The Chronicles of the Necromancer fantasy adventure series, including The Summoner (2007), The Blood King (2008), and Dark Haven (forthcoming 2009).

  • George R.R. Martin
    [**Past** Guests in 1992] George is a talented and well-respected author in several genres, and a fan favorite.

  • Jason Martin
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] A member of Atlanta's Gaijin Studio, Jason is the inker on Marvel Comics' Ghostrider, Cable/X-Force '97, Generation X and Excalibur as well as Brave.

  • John F. Martin
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] John, a furry fan-turned-pro, has contributed several storylines for Shanda the Panda and has co-written the inaugural story for the forthcoming Cedar Rabbits Tales.

  • Joshua Martin
    [**Past** Guests in 2000]

  • Laura Martin
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Laura Martin is a colorist. She is currently the colorist on Astonishing X-Men and Thor. She will be coloring Adam Hughes on All Star Wonder Woman and Cully Hamner on Black Lightning, and has colored UltimatesAuthority Planetary, and Ruse (just to name a few). She's won multiple awards for her work as a colorist including the Eisner, Harvey, Eagle, Squidy, and Wizard fan awards.

  • Randy Martin
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Randy Martin is a graphic designer who is currently doing work for 12-Gauge Comics and has worked for CrossGen Comics.

  • Thomas K. Martin
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Thomas is the author of The Delgroth Trilogy, published by Ace. Forthcoming is The MageLord Trilogy.

  • William C. Martin
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] William C. Martin, Ph.D., is a longstanding member of First Fandom and the Science Fiction Research Association who began reading SF in 1934. He has taught SF honors seminars at Georgia State University and penned numerous professional papers on SF's history and development as the literature of the 20th century.

  • Michael Martinez
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Michael has amassed a number of publishing credits based on JRR Tolkien's Middle-Earth. He also founded our Xena and Hercules fan-programming tracks as well as our Tolkien track, and founded Xenite.org on the Web.

  • Jeff Mason
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Jeff server as editor for indy, a critically acclaimed independent comic guide.

  • Nathan Massengill
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Nathan Massengill is an inker for Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse. His upcoming work includes Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods and Marvel Adventures: Hulk. He has recently completed a Wonder Girl miniseries for DC comics. 

  • Chase Masterson
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Chase appeared on Deep Space Nine as Leeta, an exotic Bajoran who is married to Quark's brother. She has also appeared in episodes of Sliders, ER, Crook and Chase, General Hospital and Days of our Lives.

  • Richard Christian Matheson
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] R.C. Matheson is the most media-oriented member of horror's "Splat Pack," with several TV and film screenplays plus stories and a novel to his credit. A new novel is forthcoming.

  • Marc Matney
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Marc has been dubbing anime for over 10 years. He is best known as Ken Nakajima in the 52 episodes of "You're Under Arrest," a role he thoroughly enjoys.

  • MaudlinAsh
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Local Atlanta band and self-described 'rock noir' band, MaudlinAsh has embraced its share of musical transition and growth throughout its five years of existence.

  • Ginny Mauldin-Kinney
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Ginny Mauldin-Kinney is a Solar System Ambassador for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a program that appoints qualified volunteers to educate people about past, current, and future JPL-sponsored missions.

  • Bob Maurus
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] A talented sculptor who has worked for TSR and Broadsword, and now works for Gallo Pewter.

  • James Maxey
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] James Maxey's debut novel Nobody Gets the Girl will see print this October as the first release from Phobos Books. It blends the hard SF of quantum mechanics with the fast-paced thrills of classic comic books.

  • Bob May
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Zany is the word for this very versatile comedian who began his career in 1941.

  • Mike Mayhew
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Mike Mayhew has been a working artist since 1992. After starting his career with D.C. Comics, Mike began a long affiliation with Zorro for Topps Comics. In 2000, he began work on Vampirella, where he revolutionized interior comic art with full pencil rendering.

  • Peter Mayhew
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Peter Mayhew made Star Wars's Chewbacca an enduring and endearing character without the use of facial expressions - which was no mean feat!

  • F. Braun McAsh
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] F. Braun McAsh is the fight director for Highlander: The Series.

  • Anne McCaffrey
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Exclusive to Dragon*Con 2007!  The legendary Anne McCaffrey, one of the most beloved SF/fantasy writers of the last 30 years, will be making her only North American appearance for 2007 right here in Atlanta!

  • Anne McCaffrey
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Anne McCaffrey is best known for her series The Dragonriders of Pern.

  • Todd McCaffrey
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] New York Times bestselling author Todd Johnson McCaffrey is most noted for his books in the Dragonriders of Pern series, both solo and in collaboration with his mother, Anne McCaffrey. Visit his website at www.toddmccaffrey.org.

  • Don McClure
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Don McClure is the President and Founder of Digital Element, makers of AnimaTek WorldBuilder, a premier 3D landscaping tool. McClure has worked as designer, director, and producer on over a dozen software games.

  • Kent McCord
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Kent's Hollywood resume includes such venerable hits as Adam-12 and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet as well as, say, Farscape and Seaquest DSV.

  • Sylvester McCoy
    [**Past** Guests in 0] Sylvester McCoy was starring at the National Theatre in The Pied Piper, a play written especially for him, when he learned that the BBC was looking for a new lead actor to replace Colin Baker in Doctor Who(1963). He later won the role as the seventh Doctor.

  • Scott McCullar
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Scott is the Creative Director for Shooting Star Comics, LLC and is also the writer/artist for Thrill Seeker Comics.

  • Karen McCullough
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Karen has had 4 novels of romantic suspense published by Avalon, two mystery/thrillers published by LTD Books, and a fantasy RPG book set in Tolkien's Middle-Earth published by I.C.E., plus shorter fiction.

  • David G. McDaniel
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] David McDaniel is the author of The One and Priestess in the sweeping series, The Saga of Ages.

  • Rebecca McDannold
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] A fantasy artist, Rebecca holds a Bachelors in Art from Southern Illinois University and has taught high school and college-level art courses.

  • Jack McDevitt
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Jack McDevitt has been a Nebula finalist in nine of the last 10 years. His Omega won the 2004 John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best novel. He has won the Phoenix and SESFA lifetime achievement awards.

  • LCDR Dan McDonagh
    [**Past** Guests in 1990] Lt. Commander Dan McDonagh, USN is a world expert on antisubmarine warfare tactics, and has taught at the US Naval Warfare College.

  • LCDR Mark McDonagh
    [**Past** Guests in 1990] Lt. Commander Mark McDonagh, USN is a noted expert on submarine warfare tactics; he and his brother Dan can teach eloquently about both sides of a sub battle.

  • Harriet McDougall
    [**Past** Guests in 2005]

  • Ian Keith McDowell
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Ian's a writer whose work has appeared in Love in Vein, Borderlands II and The Year's Best Horror Stories; he's also written two novels.

  • Dwayne McDuffie
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Dwayne McDuffie is the writer/producer of Justice League Unlimited. He is also a story editor on the animated series Static Shock, which he co-created.

  • Gates McFadden
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Gates McFadden is best known for portraying the character of Dr. Beverly Crusher in the television and film series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  • Todd McFarlane
    [**Past** Guests in 1992] Todd McFarlane is one of a very few contemporary comics giants. Spawn has become an instant classic of the field.

  • John McFetridge
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • McFly
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] A Catholic Schoolgirl on guitar and a redheaded bombshell singing and playing keyboards! Where do I sign up?

  • American McGee
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] American's contributions to the design of Doom 2, Quake and Quake 2 have been critically acclaimed by game-players worldwide, as has his more-recent Alice.

  • Jason McHugh
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Jason, producer of Orgazmo and Cannibal: The Musical (in which he plays Frank Miller) is the founder and director of the Cannes You Dig It? Film Festival.

  • Dave McKean
    [**Past** Guests in 1991] According to Time Out, a leading British news and pop culture magazine, "Dave McKean is the most absurdly talented British artist in years."

  • Garry W. McKee II
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Garry's been an illustrator for Wizards of the Coast, Alderac Entertainment Group and XID Creative, and has done comic work for Calibur, Vineyard and Image.

  • Kevin M. McKeever
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Since becoming part of Harmony Gold, Kevin McKeever has been involved with the production and marketing of the award winning feature Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, which recently completed a successful film festival and theatrical run in North America.

  • Mark McKenzie
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Mark was co-creator of Handmade Games' popular Dark Confrontation LARP; he was also production manager for Visionary Entertainment Studio until 1999.

  • M. Sean McManus
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] M. Sean McManus is a writer of comic books and graphic novels and a director and editor of TV shows and commercials.

  • Michael McManus
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Michael is best-known to American sci-fi audiences as Kai, the tragic ex-assassin, on the cult TV show Lexx.

  • Mercedes McNab
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Mercedes is best known for playing 'Harmony', the girlfriend of 'Spike' (James Marsters) on the hit television series "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer". Mercedes spent five years on the set morphing from teen queen to vampire and has reprised the role as a regular on the WB's "Angel."

  • David McOwen
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] David was charged with up to 120 years of prison time and over $800,000 in fines and restitution for installing software on a state school's computers. His story is part of our Electronic Frontiers programming.

  • R.H. McRoberts
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] R.H. McRoberts worked as Executive Producer on both "Star Trek: Of Gods and Men" and "Inalienable."

  • Brian Mead
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Brian was art director on the Revell Monogram series of CD-ROM racing games before coming to work at Holistic Design.

  • Syd Mead
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] A world-renowned graphic designer, Syd has left his mark on innumerable projects, including Star Trek:The Motion Picture, Bladerunner, Tron, 2010, Short Circuit, Aliens, Time Cop, etc.

  • Linda Medley
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Linda has worked in the comics industry as a penciller, inker, painter, colorist and sculptor.

  • Dr. Charles A. Meegan
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Dr. Meegan has been an astrophysicist at the Space Science Laboratory, Marshall Space Flight Center, since 1978; his research specialty is gamma-ray astronomy.

  • Dave Megill
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Dave Megill is creator, writer, artist and publisher of The Nailer.

  • Ann Melrose
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Ann was first published in 1966; she now has several novels in print and avidly helps new writers as much as possible.

  • Roger Mende
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Roger Mende produced and directed the forthcoming SF thriller Lightspeed, starring David Carradine and Karen Black.

  • Hal Mendez
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Hal and Su Mendez are both photographers for indy magazine. They also do freelance photography for the mainstream press.

  • Su Mendez
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Hal and Su Mendez are both photographers for indy magazine. They also do freelance photography for the mainstream press.

  • Michael R. Mennenga
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Michael R. Mennenga (men-en-gay) is a published science fiction / fantasy author and host of The Dragon Page Radio Talk Show, along with his co-host Evo Terra.

  • Paul Mercer
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] A self-taught musician and composer who has been performing for over twenty years, Paul Mercer has appeared at Dragon*Con for nearly a decade, as violinist for The Changelings and as a consummate solo violinist.

  • Lee Meriwether
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Lee Meriwether is perhaps most famous for portraying Catwoman in the 1966 Batman movie. She co-starred as scientist Dr. Ann MacGregor in the 1966?1967 television series The Time Tunnel.

  • Ralph Merkle
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Dr. Ralph Merkle is the co-inventor of public key cryptography. 

  • Andy Merrill
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Andy is a producer for Cartoon Network who continues to write for Space Ghost Coast to Coast and who provides the voices of Brak and Lokar.

  • Travis Scott Merrill
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Travis has been working with theatrical costumes professionally since the middle 90's. He is a highly experienced mask maker, creature creator, and armor constructor for the stage. Travis is currently in his fourth season at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival.

  • Billy Messina
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Billy Messina is an effects artist who has worked on Eraser, Judge Dredd, Michael Jackson's HIStory and Hoodlum.

  • J.D. Mettler
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] J.D. has joined Jolly Roger Studio as head colorist and letterer for many of their upcoming projects. He is coloring Down for Minotaur Press plus covers and pin-ups for Marvel, WildStorm and WotC.

  • Jason Mewes
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] We know and love Jay from his appearances in Clerks, Mallrats, Drawing Flies, Chasing Amy, Dogma, etc.; currently he's in Scream 3 and the Clerks animated series.

  • Michael Bruce Group
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Michael Bruce was a founding member of the legendary Alice Cooper Band and helped create many of their most famous hard-rock anthems.

  • Kevin Sean Michaels
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Kevin is a visual artist, filmmaker and producer from New York City. "Vampira: The Movie" is his first documentary film.  He was Art Director for Troma Entertainment for over three years, working closely with filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman on Troma's new film "Poultrygeist! Night of the Chicken Dead."

  • Bob Michelucci
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] In 1981, Bob formed Imagine, Inc., a successful publisher of film-related books like Tom Savini's Grande Illusions, Voodoo Dawn, Famous Monsters of Filmland, etc.

  • Tanya Michna
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Award-winning author Tanya Michna writes short stories (included in Fantastical Visions: Short Fantasy Fiction), nonfiction essays (in the upcoming Supernatural anthology from BenBella Books), and novels. Under the pseudonym Tanya Michaels, she's also published 20 romances. A frequent speaker, Tanya enjoys meeting others who love fiction and storytelling.

  • Mighty Rassilon Art Players
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] For over 20 years The Mighty Rassilon Art Players have shown audiences their own unique view of many TV series and movies popular with SF fans, including Star Trek, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  and Harry Potter.

  • Vic Mignogna
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Vic is a professional music composer/producer and veteran actor most well known as the voice of Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, Broly in Dragonball Z, and Ikkaku in Bleach. Vic has voiced characters in more than 100 shows and many video games.

  • Matt Mihaly
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Matthew is the lead designer and CEO of Achaea LLC, which produces the internet games Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands, and Aetolia: the Midnight Age.

  • Kara Mikos
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Kara Mikos was first published in Vampire: The Masquerade. She works in the legal profession helping injured parties fight for their rights. She spoke at Dragon*Con 2006 about First Amendment rights and pornography and returned last year to speak about the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments with the movie Busted!

  • Trish Milburn
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Trish Milburn writes contemporary romance for Harlequin American under her own name and young adult novels under the name Tricia Mills for Razorbill, part of the Penguin Young Readers Group. She's also a contributor to BenBella Books' nonfiction anthology on the show Supernatural.

  • Craig Miller
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Craig is an artist/writer/publisher of comics and magazines ranging from Renegade Rabbit and Wake Up! to Windsor.

  • Frank Miller
    [**Past** Guests in 1991] Frank Miller's contributions to the world of comics, including the virtual resurrection of Batman, have made him a legend of the realm.

  • M. Wayne Miller
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] M. Wayne Miller is an illustrator of fantasy, science fiction and horror currently residing in Greensboro, North Carolina.

  • Steve Miller
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Steve Miller is, along with Sharon Lee, the author of the Liaden Universe� novels and stories. Balance of Trade, recently won the Hal Clement Award for Best Young Adult Science Fiction Novel.

  • T. W. Miller
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] T. W. Miller is is author of Bloody Mary, Final Chapter, and a member of the Horror Writers Association.

  • David Millians
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] David Millians has spent the last two decades promoting games as educational tools, working with the Game Manufacturer's Association, and developing materials with game companies ranging from Wizards of the Coast to Looney Labs. He speaks at national conferences on the subject and leads workshops for writers and publishers.

  • Frederick O. Mills
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Professor Mills has lectured as part of our X-Track and Space/Science Tracks, discussing a Geometrical Proof of Intelligent Design on Mars, which he claims he has finally formulated and will reveal at Dragon*Con 2002.

  • Juliet Mills
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Emmy award-winning Juliet Mills portrays Tabitha Lenox, the seemingly thoughtful and sweet next-door neighbor who is really a 300 year-old witch intent on wreaking havoc on the residents of Harmony in NBC's Passions.

  • Mindless Self Indulgence
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Mindless Self Indulgence (commonly referred to as MSI) is a New York based band with elements of EDM, punk, and industrial rock in their music.

  • Tim Minear
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Tim Minear is supervising producer on the WB/20th Television series Angel, the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer spin off.

  • The Misfits
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] The Misfits are among the most influential punk bands ever, with strong ties to horror and B-movie filmdom.

  • Jeff Mitchell
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Jeff is currently an engineer at the Kennedy Space Center where he is in charge of testing the first Space Station element, Unity.

  • Model 3
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Model 3 delivers undeniably addictive originals and are sure to captivate audiences with their sheer energy and dynamic emotion.

  • Eric Moebius
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] A longtime habitu� of Atlanta's Little 5 Points district, Moebius is one of the city's best-known street poets.

  • James Moffet III
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] James Moffet is the game producer at Mutable Realms, Inc., responsible for delivering game content and ensuring timely delivery of all facets of their online games.

  • Bob Mohney
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Bob is Iron Crown Enterprises' Events Director and has written several sourcebooks for the Rolemaster line and others.

  • Charles D. Moisant
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Artist, writer, and publisher Charles D. Moisant is currently publishing a comic book adaptation of Myth Told Tales, Mystery Manor (an EC horror-like anthology comic book), and Montana Briggs (a western) and will soon release Bane of the Ware Wolf. He is also an advocate for people with Huntington's Disease.

  • Jason Momoa
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Jason Momoa is best known for his roles as "Jason Ioane" in Baywatch and as "Ronon Dex," an elite firearms and m?l?e warrior in Stargate Atlantis.

  • Marjorie Monaghan
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Marjorie has appeared in such SF shows as Babylon 5, Quantum Leap, Space Rangers and Star Trek: Voyager, plus several other roles on the small and big screens.

  • Michael Monahan
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Michael Monahan is the founder and owner of atlantabluesky.com, a leading independent Internet-only radio station, and will be appearing as part of our Electronics Frontiers programming.

  • Monster
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Monster prevails over today's generic live sounds and performances by combining catchy songs, immense power, TV, slides, props, backdrops and even costumes/make-up.

  • Elizabeth Moon
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Elizabeth Moon has eighteen books in print, including Nebula Award winner The Speed of Dark. Her latest book is Engaging the Enemy, book 3 of Vatta's War.  Her newest book, Command Decision, will be out in March 2007.

  • Barbara Moore
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] A real "dancing queen",? Barbara is the U.S. National Pro-Am Ballroom Dance Champion and competes all over the country! She is a well-known international pin-up & fashion model and can be seen as a sexy Fembot in Austin Powers.

  • Charles Moore
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Charles is a co-creator of the adult comic Dominique.

  • Clayburn Moore
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Clayburn's beautifully executed bronzes are well known and appreciated in both the science fiction and fantasy fields.

  • James A. Moore
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Jim's been writing professionally for the last 14 years; he's worked in the RPG and comics fields, but most of his recent works have been novels (Under the Overtree, Fireworks, Serenity Falls, etc.) and short stories.

  • Jason Moore
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Jason was inker for Exiles 6 and 7.

  • John Moore
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] John had his first professional short fiction sale in 1986 when he was still an engineering student at the University of Houston.

  • Monte Michael Moore
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Monte's art found a home in such comics as Lords, Hellina, Talisman, Vampirella, CiCi, plus games like AD&D, Magic the Gathering, Harry Potter, Gamma World, and DragonLance novel covers.

  • Terry Moore
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Terry Moore began writing and drawing his award winning comic book series?Strangers In Paradise in 1993. Since then he has produced over 100 issues of the larger-than-life saga featuring Francine, Katchoo, and the amazing cast of friends and lovers in their lives.

  • Erin Moran
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Erin Moran was cast in 1974 to play Joanie Cunningham on the sitcom Happy Days. In her twenties, she married Charles "Chachi" Arcola, played by Scott Baio. 

  • Pat Moran
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Pat has screenwriting and directing credits for such great movies as Vampire Trailer Park, Biohazard: the Alien Force, Jack-O, and Dark Universe.

  • Chris Moreno
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Chris Moreno is the artist on Paul Jenkins' Sidekick for 12 Gauge Comics/Image Comics, and an artist on the upcoming World War Hulk: Frontline for Marvel Comics.?

  • Sharon Morgan
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Sharon Morgan is a corset maker for Romantasy Corsets, one of the world's oldest custom corset companies. She has worked in theaters across the country, including the Tony Award winning Utah Shakespeare Festival. She is currently Assistant Costume Shop Manager at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

  • Iona Morris
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Iona is an accomplished actress on both stage and screen, whose credits include Storm's voice in X-Men, plus As the World Turns and Moesha.

  • Laura Morris
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Laura specializes in fine stained-glass artwork.

  • Phil Morris
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Morris portrayed the DC Comics superhero The Martian Manhunter in the January 25, 2007, episode of the CW television series Smallville, which is a recurring but small character in the series so far. He reprised that role on the show's sixth season finale on May 17, 2007, as well as the episodes "Bizarro" and "Cure" in the seventh season. He voiced the villain Imperiex on Legion of Superheroes.

  • Tee Morris
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Tee Morris is an award-nominated author, award-nominated podcaster, and cofounder of Podiobooks.com

  • Patricia K. Morrison
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Author of the Keltiad fantasy series as well as Strange Days: My Life With and Without Jim Morrison about her marriage to the legendary rock singer.

  • Bill Moseley
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Bill has appeared in many horror productions including Tom Savini's Night of the Living Dead remake, Essence of Echoes and the futuristic Crash and Burn. But he is best know to horror fans as Chop Top the metal plated psycho from Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2.

  • Scott Mosier
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Scott served as the House Producer for both Clerks and Mallrats.

  • Don Most
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Don Most is best known for his role as Ralph Malph on the long-running television series Happy Days. He is also known for his voice roles on several Saturday morning cartoon series, such as Eric the Cavalier in Dungeons & Dragons (1983).

  • Dean Motter
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Dean Motter authored the award-winning 'film-noir' graphic novel Batman: Nine Lives and is currently writing/ illustrating Mister X: Condemned for Dark Horse and scripting Dominic Fortune for Marvel. He is most notorious as the creator of the 80's comic book sensation Mister X and his graphic novel The Prisoner: Shattered Visage for DC Comics. His two acclaimed Vertigo miniseries, Terminal City and Aerial Graffiti, were nominated for Eisner and Kurtzman Awards.

  • John Mullaney
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] John Mullaney is the illustrator for the Star Wars Incredible Cross sections series of books.  He is also one half of the band Last Picture Show.

  • Patricia Mulvihill
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Patricia Mulvihill has been the colorist for DC books such as 100 Bullets, Nightwing, Generations and The Nail. She has also colored Wonder Woman for much of the last 8 years.

  • Bill Mumy
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Bill has accomplished many things (let's not forget the infamous song "FishHeads"), but he's best-known as Lost in Space's Will Robinson or Babylon 5's Lennier.

  • Kevin Murphy
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Kevin has been an illustrator for six years and won the 1995 World Fantasy Award for Best Epic Fantasy painting for his cover to Terry Goodkind's Blood of the Fold.

  • Kevin Murphy
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Kevin joined MST3K at the show's inception and provided the voice of Tom Servo beginning in Season Two. He later played bumbling evil gorilla Professor Bobo and appeared in the MST3K feature film.

  • Devon Murray
    [**Past** Guests in 0] Devon Murray's acting career began in the film This Is My Father, which opened the door to an abundance of opportunities on the big screen. Angela's Ashes, closely followed by Yesterday's Children, increased Devon's worldwide recognition, paving the way for his role of Seamus Finnegan in the Harry Potter series, which has taken the world by storm.

  • Doug Murray
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Doug has worked for Comico, DC, and Eternity, and his short stories appear in numerous anthologies including Grails, Tales of the White Wolf, Dark Destiny II and Dante's Disciples.

  • Pam Murray
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Pam started as a painter with Gallo Pewter hand-painting many of Gallo's fantasy designs, but eventually she turned her talents to sculpture, including our 1993 Dragon*Con pin!

  • Sabutai Musashi
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Subatai Musashi began his training as a young boy in 1966 under Grandmaster Yoshiaki Musashi, from whom he inherited the title of Grandmaster and the Ninkage ryu bujutsu style. Undefeated in bare knuckle, full-contact fighting, he was inducted into the United States Karate Alliance (USKA) Hall of Fame in July 1992.

  • Ellen Muth
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Ellen Muth is best known as Georgia "George" Lass on Dead Like Me.

  • Cynthia Myers
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Legendary model Cynthia Myers starred in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and was one of the top 100 Sex Stars of the Century in Playboy.

  • Ric Myers
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Ric has worked in almost every pop culture medium including SF writing and comics; he is currently a movie columnist for several magazines.

  • Mystrys
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Mystrys is a 30-something net "cam" girl.?? Mystrys operates what is commonly called a "Lifecam" and is her own Webmistress.? She takes a keen interest in current Internet issues.

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  • Ted Naifeh
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Comics creator Ted Naifeh is responsible for many dark, delicious worlds. These include the gothic romance Gloomcookie (with Serena Valentino), Courtney Crumrin (optioned for a movie by DreamWorks in 2007), and the all-ages Polly and the Pirates. Currently, he is illustrating a graphic novel trilogy by bestselling author Holly Black.

  • Bryce Nakagawa
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Bryce has spent years working on everything from computer games to tabletop games, working with Atari, Time Warner, Spectrum-Holobyte, Cyclone Studios and TenGen.

  • David Napoliello
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] David is the writer/publisher of Books of Lore as well as numerous other works from Peregrine Entertainment.

  • Narrator
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Orlando, Florida's Narrator creates synthesizer-based EBM and Futurepop music with industrial tendencies and moving melodies, using modern electronic composition methods.

  • Bobby Nash
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Bobby Nash writes comics (Life in the Faster Lane, Fuzzy Bunnies from Hell, Bubba the Redneck Werewolf, Demonslayer, Jungle Fantasy, Yin Yang) and prose (Evil Ways, Fantastix, Lance Star: Sky Ranger, Startling Stories, Domino Lady, Sentinels Widescreen Special Edition). www.bobbynash.com

  • Nataya
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Nataya, a new author of the novel Reach Beyond the Stars.

  • David Naughton
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] David is best-known for his starring role in the horror classic An American Werewolf in London (not to mention that Dr. Pepper ad from way back), and he's made many other appearances as well.

  • Brian Nave
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Brian has had multiple robots competing in all the televised robotic combat shows. Comedy Central's Battle Bots, The Learning Channel's Robotica, The National Network's Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors, and Nickelodeon's Robot Wars.

  • Bruce Neidlinger
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Bruce is currently working at Iron Crown Enterprises in operations and product development.

  • Ingrid Neilson
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Ingrid Neilson is an award-winning artist. Her work has appeared in Vampirella and she has inked for the comics Space Ark, MythAdventures, and Elfquest. Ingrid oversees nominations for ASFA's Chesley Awards (now in its 23rd year) and she was a consultant for the Hugo-winning book The Chesley Awards: A Retrospective.

  • E. R. Nelson
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] E.R. Nelson is the writer/director of the independent feature comedy Pirates Of The Great Salt Lake, which will be screening at the 2007 Dragon*Con.

  • Michael J. Nelson
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Michael J. Nelson is an actor, writer, director and musician who served as head writer for ten seasons, and on-air host for five seasons, of the legendary TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  • Corin Nemec
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Corin has gained many new fans for his portrayal of the Kelownan Jonas Quinn in the hit TV Show Stargate SG-1. Although he only appeared in one season (Season 6), he made his mark on the show, bringing humour and freshness to the series.

  • Bill Neville
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Bill is currently drawing Explorers and covers for the new Acclaim Disney line. He's also drawn for Elfquest, Disney Adventures, and two issues of The Tick.

  • Annalee Newitz
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Annalee is the policy analyst at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, where she writes research papers and speaks on digital liberties issues including copyright, electronic privacy, and freedom of expression online.

  • Chris Nicholls
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Chris Nicholls is the Senior Producer on Anne McCaffrey's Dragonflight and works with Anne to ensure the game remains true to her dream.

  • Nichelle Nichols
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Nichelle's place as a legend in SF and Star Trek fandom for her portrayal of Lieutenant Uhura is assured, but she's also an accomplished singer and dancer, and an award-winning actress.

  • Scott Nicholson
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Scott is the award-winning author of The Red Church, The Harvest, The Manor, and The Home. The Red Church was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award for best first novel.

  • Julia Nickson
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Julia's roles include everything from rave performances in China Cry and Rambo: First Blood Part II to Babylon 5, Seaquest DSV, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and many others.

  • Douglas Niles
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Douglas is the author of 25 novels including the Watershed and Moonshae trilogies and several Dragonlance titles. He also has a large list of gaming credits including Red Storm Rising and Dragonlance material.

  • Steve Niles
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Steve Niles was recently named by Fangoria magazine as one of its 13 rising talents who promise to keep us terrified for the next 25 years.? Niles has worked with Marvel and DC Comics; in 2006, he collaborated with Scott Hampton on a Batman miniseries, Gotham County Line. Currently, Niles is writing another miniseries that reimagines the Creeper.

  • Stephan Nilson
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Across the Ponds Comic's Stephan Nilson started Government Bodies and later, with Richie Blackmon, Necro-City.

  • Larry Niven
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Larry is an outstanding SF writer whose stories and novels have garnered numerous awards, including the Hugo, Nebula and the Ditmar.

  • John Noble
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] As Artistic Director of the 'Stage Company of S.A.' for ten years, John Noble was involved in South Australia's cultural explosion in the 1970's and 80's. He also played Denethor in two of the The Lord of the Rings films.

  • Trio Nocturna
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Trio Nocturna's music is rooted in Celtic and Renaissance traditions; their approach is unique, impassioned, and contemporary.

  • Alicia R. Norman
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Alicia's La Petite Morte was originally conceived as a screenplay, but has since been turned into a graphic novel.

  • Lisanne Norman
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Lisanne is the author of the Sholan Alliance series (about feline telepaths), published in America by DAW, Inc.

  • Neil Norman Orchestra
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Neil now has over 47 successful albums, many containing SF themes, to his credit (as producer or artist), with total sales in the millions!

  • Mike Norton
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Mike started by penciling an issue of Mike Baron's Badger; he's also worked on Ultimate Stryke for London Night Studios.

  • Nothing Inside
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Nothing Inside's songs range from ethereal compositions to industrial dance to synthpop to techno-gothic-horror-roll-around-on-the-floor-and-bleed songs.

  • Rob Noxious
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Rob Noxious is part of Needcoffee.com's crew.

  • Chris Nuccio
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Chris is a network administrator, DVD author, compressionist, web master and designer, video editor, 3-D artist, and Photoshop "know it all" and general uber-geek.

  • Nick Nunziata
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Nick runs one of the most popular movie websites on the planet, CHUD.com (Cinematic Happenings Under Development), devoted to the promotion of SF and horror.

  • Philip Nutman
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Philip Nutman is an award nominated author (Wet Work), screenwriter (Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door), and producer (the forthcoming Nightmare on Wheels, among other projects). He's also written and edited comics and worked extensively in TV.

  • Teri Nutman
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Add new content here

  • Jody Lynn Nye
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Jody Lynn Nye describes her career as "spoiling cats." When not so engaged, she writes SF and fantasy novels and short stories, including several with Anne McCaffrey, and penned The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern. She collaborates with Robert Asprin on his MythAdventures series. Her newest novel is An Unexpected Apprentice.

  • David Nykl
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] David Nykl is known to science fiction fans as the recurring Stargate: Atlantis character of Dr. Radek Zelenka, a Czech scientist on Earth's expedition to the "lost city" of Atlantis. His character often provides a foil to the main scientists, who forget the limits of their situation.

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  • James O'Barr
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] James is the creator of the classic character and comic series The Crow, one of the most compelling characters and stories in comics (and film) history.

  • Michael O'Hare
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Michael is best-known as Commander Sinclair (and various other permutations) on the SF cult hit series Babylon 5.

  • Denny O'Neil
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Dennis O'Neil has been a huge force in the comic world, working on and revitalizing many of the biggest lines, including Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Batman, and Superman.

  • Jim O'Rear
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Jim has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 25 years, with a primary focus on the science fiction, horror, and fantasy genres.? Jim's work as an actor / stuntman / screenwriter can be seen in multitudes of feature films and television shows.

  • Robert O'Reilly
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Bob is best known for his role as Chancellor Gowron in the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

  • Diana Obscura
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Diana's cello and voice are no strangers to Dragon*Con or to local artists' releases. She has performed at Dragon*Con before both as a solo act and as a member of Aphelion, and has guest appeared on several local CDs.

  • Michael Avon Oeming
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Michael Avon Oeming is the co-creator of the Eisner-award nominated series Powers with writer Brian Michael Bendis. Mike has also done Hammer of the Gods and Bastard Samurai, and the Eagle-nominated Cross Bronx series.

  • Keith Olexa
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] The content editor of Phobosweb.com and Phobos Books, Keith Olexa is former managing editor of StarLog, the most important American magazine in the field of science fiction entertainment.

  • Olivia
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Olivia is an American pop culture icon. As the queen of 21st century cheesecake, her work spans the classical, fetish, and fantasy.

  • Edward James Olmos
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] In the years since Miami Vice, Edward James Olmos has built an amazing career in Hollywood and across America. He directed his first movie, American Me. He won numerous acting and humanitarian awards. He has become involved in dozens of worthy causes with a variety of groups and organizations. He is tireless in his efforts to improve the human condition. One would be hard pressed to find a man more dedicated to his family, his work, his concerns and causes, and the people who look to him for a voice in their own lives. 

  • Timothy Omundson
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Timothy has appeared in over 30 TV and film projects, including Seaquest DSV and as Eli on Xena.

  • Sket One
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Designer Sket One is a visual artist with skills that go back to before most of y'all were born. A Connecticut-based graffiti artist, Sket has produced toys for such heavyweights as Kidrobot, Kaching/Mindstlyle, Red Magic, Circus Punks, and basically so many more that if we listed them all, you'd be reading a book.

  • Nils Onsager
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Nils has been a part of Dragon*Con as Hank Reinhartd's fight partner for years. He filled in for Hank last year (2007). Nils is a professional martial artist, stunt coordinator, and swordsman. He was one of the knights of Pendragon in the 80's at the con (full armour fights).

  • Ookla the Mok
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Trying their darndest to be fandom's own rock band, Ookla the Mok is predicated on the notion that there just aren't enough songs out there about Mr. Potato Head and Aquaman.

  • Opland-Freeman
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Appearing as part of our Worlds of Anne McCaffrey track and at Anne's behest, Tania Opland and Mike Freeman have traveled extensively and built a diverse background for their acoustic performances.

  • Order of the Dying Knights
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] ODK incorporates violin, bass guitar, live drum and ethnic percussion tracks amongst their usual keyboard-laden melodies and landscapes.

  • John Orlando
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Alex Orr
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Alex Orr is the Writer/Producer/Director of BLOOD CAR, the award winning feature film playing the festival circuit and being programmed as part of the Dragon Con Film Festival. Blood Car stars Mike Brune, Anna Chlumsky (My Girl), Katie Rowlett and Marla Malcolm (2001 Maniacs)

  • Joshua Ortega
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Joshua Ortega is an expert in the field of emerging technologies, privacy and surveillance issues, and the study of counterintelligence and terrorism.

  • Heather Osborn
    [**Past** Guests in 0] Heather Osborn is the editor in charge of Tor Publishing's paranormal romance line. A long-time fan of science fiction, fantasy, and romance, she is happy to be doing a job that mashes all of her interests together to form one awesome subgenre.

  • Terri Osborne
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Terri Osborne took us from the back streets of New York City to the Gamma Quadrant in her forays into Star Trek's universe. This year, it's off to ancient England alongside Doctor Who. Now, it's the Ireland of yesterday, New York of tomorrow, and everywhere (and everywhen) in between.

  • Jan Osburg
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Dr. Jan Osburg works for a national think tank, focusing on projects related to security policy, aerospace and communications technology, and emergency preparedness.

  • Philip Owen
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Philip is the creator/artist and writer behind Keepers, a small press fantasy adventure comic. He's also the President of Blue Knight Productions.

  • Rena Owen
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] One of New Zealand's most successful actors, she's been seen in Once Were Warriors (New Zealand's most successful film to date), as well as Star Wars Episode 2; Attack of the Clones and Steven Spielberg's A.I.

  • Chris Owens
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Chris portrayed some different roles on The X-Files leading up to his SAG Award-nominated portrayal of Agent Spender.

  • A. Owsley
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] For three glorious years, Anthony edited and published Drawl, Atlanta's only all-comics paper. He now provides inks for Wild Hare Studios.

  • Mary Oyaya
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Mary has done a lot of modeling and acting work, but is best-known to SF audiences as Jedi Master Luminara Unduli in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

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  • George P?rez
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] George is a remarkably talented professional in the comics field known as a good team player; he's arguably best known for The New Teen Titans.

  • Mark Pacella
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Mark's comic art can be seen in Mr. Monster, X-Force, Dooms IV, Hellraiser Graphic Novel, Elric, Prime and Heavy Metal.

  • Gerald W. Page
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Author of nearly half a hundred stories in the SF, fantasy, humor, horror and mystery genres.

  • Stephen Pagel
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Stephe was national buyer for the Barnes and Noble/B. Dalton chains, then became White Wolf's director of sales; he also co-owns Meisha Merlin Publishing Inc.

  • David Palffy
    [**Past** Guests in 0] David Palffy is a Canadian actor of Hungarian extraction who is best known for his recurring roles as the powerful Goa'uld Sokar and Anubis in Stargate SG-1. He has made guest appearances in other science fiction series such as The X-Files, First Wave, Blade: The Series, and Andromeda.

  • Betsy Palmer
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] To those whose teen years coincided with the early 1980s, Betsy Palmer is remembered as the vengeful, ax-wielding Mrs. Voorhees (Jason's mom) in the first Friday the 13th.

  • James Palmer
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] James Palmer has published articles, interviews, reviews, poetry, and fiction for the defunct SciFiNow, as well as Revolution SF, Strange Horizons, Every Writer, Singularity, and Scifaikuest.

  • Jason Palmer
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Jason Palmer is an illustrator working in the entertainment industry with a variety of properties such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and Battlestar Galactica. He may be best known for his licensed series of Firefly/Serenity art.

  • Jim Palmiotti
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Jimmy's inks on Kevin Smith's Daredevil run for Marvel have won even more acclaim for one of the most popular inkers in comics.

  • Hayden Panettiere
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Hayden Panettiere appears as Claire Bennet in the NBC series Heroes as a high school cheerleader with regenerative healing powers.

  • Chuck Parello
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] A writer, producer and director, Chuck is responsible for bringing us Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. He's now working on two sequels.

  • Dustin Pari
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] After years of amateur investigation, Dustin Pari became a member of TAPS and became involved in the Ghost Hunters television program.

  • Ray Park
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Ray Park portrayed the taciturn but nimble villain Darth Maul in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace; he's also done stunt-double work in Sleepy Hollow and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

  • Bridgette Parker
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] In 2003, Bridgette and friend Wendy Darling, were selected to be the first shared-world authors published under Storm Constantine's Wraeththu Mythos series. The novel, Breeding Discontent, which fits between the second and third books of the popular Wraeththu trilogy, was originally posted online as author-sanctioned fan fiction.

  • Buzz Parker
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Buzz Parker is now the illustrator of Emily The Strange comic books and lends his talents to the clothing line, hardcover books, and upcoming juvenile fiction series. 

  • Craig Parker
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Craig played the heroic elf, Haldir, that came to an unpleasant end in Lord of the Rings.

  • Leni Parker
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Leni Parker is best known for creating the role of Da'an, the benevolent Taelon leader, on Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict for four successful seasons, from 1997 to 2001.

  • Rembert Parker
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Rembert Parker is an award-winning author of gaming adventures for games as diverse as AD&D and Over The Edge.

  • Butch Patrick
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] For many, Butch Patrick will always remain famous for his role as Eddie Munster on the 1964 TV show, The Munsters, but Butch starred in another classic, Chuck Jones' Phantom Tollbooth.

  • Teresa Patterson
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Teresa has written several fantasy short stories and, with Robert Jordan, co-authored a guide to the Wheel of Time series.

  • D.M. Paul
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] D.M. Paul is the author of the One Wizard Place series of books--a fantasy trilogy geared to young adult readers. He has a graduate degree in aerospace engineering and has recently opened a book and graphic novel publishing company intended to get new authors into the field.

  • Donita Paul
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Donita is an award-winning novelist writing Christian Romance and Fantasy.

  • Paul and Storm
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Paul and Storm are a comedy music duo, and they have been performing as a duo since 2004. Before that, they were one half of a cappella band Da Vinci's Notebook for about 12 years.

  • Jim Pavelec
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Recently Jim has done two paintings that can be seen in the new smash hit The Tenth from Image Comics.

  • Matt Pavlovich
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Matt is the founder of OpenDVD.org and linuxvideo.org. He is involved in creating a freely available DVD/video player for the Linux operating system.

  • Jason Pearson
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] A member of Atlanta's Gaijin Studio, Jason is writer/penciller of Image Comics' The Savage Dragon: Blood and Guts, and Body Bags for Blanc Noir.

  • Lars Pearson
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Lars Pearson is one of the foremost experts on Doctor Who in North America, having authored or edited 11 books on the topic. His publishing company, Mad Norwegian Press, specializes in reference guides to SF series, including Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • Jim Peavy
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Garrett Peck
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Garrett Peck has authored short stories, nonfiction articles, and book reviews for such publications as Cemetery Dance, Gauntlet, Flesh & Blood, and Hellnotes Newsletter. He has co-edited four published anthologies. He chaired the HWA's Bram Stoker Awards Additions Jury for three terms and has twice been a finalist.

  • Kevin Peddicord
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Kevin's been published in the Philadelphia Enquirer and in multiple corporate publications. His comic strip Dark Matter is a 'Gary Larson-esque' skewed view of the stranger parts of our world.

  • Carlos Pedraza
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Carlos Pedraza is a writer-producer of Star Trek: New Voyages, Star Trek: First Voyages, and Star Trek: Hidden Frontier. David Gerrold authorized Carlos to rewrite and produce his controversial TNG script "Blood and Fire." Carlos's work was featured in Variety, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, the BBC, and NY Times.

  • Peelander-Z
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] The Japanese action comic punk band Peelander-Z has been appearing at major music festivals and on televisions since 1998!

  • Joe Pekar
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Joe Pekar is an artist best known for Naughty Girls & Pigtails and Strawberry.

  • Bob Pendarvis
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Bob Pendarvis taught the very first comics class at the Savannah College of Art and Design and cofounded its Sequential Art BFA and MFA programs. In addition to producing music CDs, Bob has recently been involved with a number of upcoming film and book projects in various stages of development.

  • Tahmoh Penikett
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Tahmoh Penikett stars as Lieutenant Karl "Helo" Agathon on the Emmy nominated Sci Fi series Battlestar Galactica and has recently received a starring role in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse.

  • Mark Pennington
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Mark has been inking and illustrating comic books since 1988. His past experiences have also involved him with toy design.

  • Vincent Perez
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Star of The Crow II: City of Angels.

  • Terri Perkins
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Terri Perkins has been actively involved with Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMORPGs) since 1994 and served as a senior administrator for Realms of Despair, a volunteer at DragonRealms, and in management at EverQuest.

  • Dr. Peter Perla III
    [**Past** Guests in 1990] Dr. Perla is one of the world's foremost experts on real-life gaming and game design, especially for military applications.

  • Don Perrin
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Don is vice president of Mag Force 7 and a collectible card game designer.

  • Persephone's Dream
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] The music of Persephone's Dream appeals to fans of everything from gothic/industrial, to pop, to metal, to traditional rock.

  • Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Cassandra Peterson's alter-ego "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark," has become an indelible symbol of Halloween in America.

  • Paul Peterson
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Stefan Petrucha
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Stefan's been writing literary graphic stories for over a decade and is known for his work on the first 16 issues of Topps' The X-Files comic. He also currently writes Dark Fantasy novels for White Wolf, and more.

  • Greg Pettit
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Greg writes Texasylum for Bad Moon Studios, where he is a founding partner.

  • Anne C. Petty
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Writer Anne Petty has published three books on J.R.R. Tolkien, a dark fantasy novel, and numerous articles on fantasy lit and mythology. She gives seminars on Tolkien and pop culture, fantasy writing in general, and publishing. Anne is the owner of the small press Kitsune Books.

  • Lori Petty
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Lori Petty played the starring role in Tank Girl  as the bizarre cartoon heroine. She was "Noss" on the popular TV series, Star Trek:Voyager, in 1999. She was the voice of "Livewire" in Superman: The Animated Series in 1997 and was "Sal" in an episode of Alien Nation in 1989.

  • Pam Pfeifer
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • James & Oliver Phelps
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] James and Oliver Phelps play the Weasley twins, Fred and George, in the five Harry Potter films: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and their lastest adventure, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

  • Ethan Phillips
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Phillips has been on several popular TV shows and movies, including five seasons on Benson, and seven seasons on Star Trek: Voyager. He has been a guest star on scores of other television shows. Ethan has appeared in many feature films and awardiwinning shorts and has an active voice-over career. Phillips is also a playwright and an author.

  • Joseph Phillips
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Joe's a noted comic artist and Master-level costumer.

  • John Picacio
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] A 2001 Best Artist Nominee for the International Horror Guild Awards, John's illustration and design work has graced the covers and interiors of major books, magazines, and other media since 1996.

  • Robert Picardo
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] An accomplished actor and Yale graduate, Robert Picardo starred as the Doctor in Star Trek: Voyager and can boast of dozens of other appearances in film, TV, and the stage.

  • John Pierce
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] A participant in our Electronic Frontiers Forums, John Pierce is a QA engineer for Internet Security Systems and is on the development team for RealSecure, an intrusion-detection suite.

  • Tamora Pierce
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Tamora Pierce is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and has written 25 books, including her latest, Melting Stones, released by Full Cast Audio in fall of 2007. Also recently released: White Tiger: A Hero's Compulsion, the Marvel Comics series she cowrote with her husband, Timothy Liebe.

  • Mark Pierson
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Mark is founder and president of Creative Minds Entertainment, an artist management/production company now handling all of Elvira's career development in TV, film, licensing, etc.

  • Richard Pini
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Richard is the R in WaRP Graphics; with wife Wendy he created the legendary Elfquest.

  • Rowdy Roddy Piper
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] One of wrestling's all-time great personalities, Rowdy Roddy Piper quickly established himself as a major player in the old NWA and became so popular the WWF remade him as a "good guy." He's appeared in several films.

  • Chris Pirrotta
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Chris is co-founder and lead designer for TheOneRing.net, the Internet's largest and most popular Tolkien website online.

  • Jeff Pittarelli
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Jeff is widely known for his big paintings of horror, fantasy and media icons.

  • Ken Plume
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Ken is the Editor-in-Chief of Kevin Smith's Quick Stop Entertainment and a contributor at Needcoffee.com (where he's known by the pseudonym "Tobias Clutch"). He’s the co-host of the award-winning Ken P.D. Snydecast (with Adult Swim star Dana Snyder) and Nuts On The Road (with Needcoffee.com’s Widgett Walls).

  • Michelle Poche
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Michelle Poche is an author in the Dragon*Con anthology. She is a screenwriter and former international model.

  • Annette Pohlke
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Annette's activities in various fandoms started as early as 1988, bringing her to several conventions and involving her on various levels in half a dozens of fanclubs.

  • Alan Pollack
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Nick Pollotta
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Nick has over 37 SF, humor and military/adventure novels published to date, including Illegal Aliens (with Phil Foglio), Gamma World for TSR and the best-selling Bureau 13 series.

  • Mark Poole
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] An excellent artist, Mark also plays a mean bass.

  • Robby Poore
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Robby Poore is a graphic designer for White Wolf's Game Studio department.

  • Peter Popovich
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] As Director of Online Operations at MAPS LLC, Mr. Popovich oversaw the publishing of several controversial databases, most notably the Realtime Blackhole List, also known as the MAPS RBL.

  • Chris Port
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] An engineer with Red Storm Entertainment, Chris Port has also worked for such now-defunct companies as Interactive Simulations and Random Games.

  • Whilce Portacio
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Whilce Portacio is recognized as one of the world's most famous comic book artists, having contributed to Wetworks: Worldstorm, Batman: Confidential, Longshot, Uncanny X-Men, The Punisher, X-Factor, X-Force, and Heroes Reborn: Iron Man, along with many others.

  • Glenn Porzig
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Glenn is best known as the creator of the character and comic series Ace of Diamonds.  He can be heard on a bi-weekly podcast at www.podculture.net

  • Jerry Pournelle
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] An outstanding SF author, Jerry is a noted lecturer, consultant and President of the Citizens' Advisory Council on National Space Policy.

  • Eric Powell
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Eric Powell has worked in is the comics field since 1995, but his true success came with the launch of his critically-acclaimed dark comedy series, The Goon.

  • Tim Powers
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] A two-time winner of the Philip K. Dick Memorial Award, SF and fantasy novelist Tim Powers is recognized for his intricately plotted stories filled with well-rounded and often outlandish characters.

  • Flynn Prejean
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Flynn is a co-founder of Texas' Bad Moon Studios and illustrates their main comics title Texasylum. Their Ghoultown comic will premiere at Dragon*Con 2002.

  • Jeff Preston
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] A mixed breed of designer, musician (if 5-string banjo counts), educator, haunted attraction designer, and aging weightlifter. Above all Jeff Preston is an illustrator; simply put, it was a destiny almost from birth.

  • Andy Price
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Andy Price is a penciler, inker, painter, and all-around slave to his art table. Currently in the works is a book for Image Comics. He has also recently appeared in Image's Negative Burn and SLG Publishing's Disney's Haunted Mansion. In the past, he has worked for various advertising, comics, and gaming companies, including Innovation Comics' Quantum Leap, based on the TV series.

  • Cherie Priest
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Cherie Priest is the author of Four and Twenty Blackbirds and Wings to the Kingdom, with one more book in the series, Not Flesh Nor Feathers, coming this fall (from Tor).

  • Rob Prior
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Rob?s past credits include work in creature design and special effects on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  His work as Art Director can be seen in the movie Lightning Bug.

  • Amy Pronovost
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Amy does a variety of work from whimsical cartoons to plein air sketches. She is one of a number of artists working with Topps to create hand-sketched trading cards.

  • The Protomen
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Screaming their stories through layer upon layer of robot rock, The Protomen hunger to be heard.

  • David Prowse
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] David Prowse has played many roles, but we'll always know him best as the man behind Darth Vader's sinister mask.

  • James Pruett
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Writer and creator of Black Mist and the Associate Editor for Negative Burn.

  • Joe Pruett
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] An Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated writer and editor, Joe has started his own publishing company, Desperado Publishing.

  • PsychoCharger
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] PsychoCharger delivers an ultra-horrific death-march through the rotting graveyard that's been described as "Horror rawkillbilly"!

  • Jackson Publick
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Drawing on the powers and influence of his amazing Bilderberg Group superpals, Jackson made up The Venture Bros.

  • Wayne Pygram
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Wayne Pygram is best known for his portrayal of the half-Scarran scientist Scorpius on Farscape

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  • Joe Quesada
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Joe's creation Ash is one of the most popular independent comics. He is now developing an animated Ash series for Steven Spielberg's Dreamworks SKG.

  • David Quiles
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] David Quiles is a comics artist and penciller for Infinite Line Comics and New Creation Studios.

  • Tee Quillin
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Tee is a certified Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors and is an active member of the Actor's Equity Association. When not teaching drama or performing drama (or living it), he moonlights as a DVD reviewer for Needcoffee.com.

  • Laura Quilter
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Laura is currently Associate Counsel on the "Free Expression Policy Project", at NYU's Brennan Center for Justice. At the Brennan Center, Laura is coordinating the development of the Fair Use Network.

  • Jeff Quinn
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Jeff is plays Mr. Spock in the fan-produced series Star Trek: New Voyages.

  • Mike Quinn
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Mike has been a Muppeteer, and character animator for Pixar and George Lucas's ILM.

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  • Jean Rabe
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Mark Racop
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Mark is an accomplished "reduced-budget" filmmaker whose Rock'n'Roll Starship has sold over 600 copies on VHS -- not bad for a low-budget independent film.

  • Ragnar
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Brandon Ragnar Johnson has worked with or been published by Chronicle Books, Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, Dark Horse, and his current and favorite publisher, Baby Tattoo Books.

  • Ted Raimi
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Like his brother Sam, Ted is now immersed in the movie biz and is a multi-faceted actor, best known to us as Joxer from Xena and Lt. O'Neill on SeaQuest.

  • Gary Raisor
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Gary Raisor wrote the quirky, Bram-Stoker-nominated, cult-classic cowboy vampire novel, Less Than Human, with introduction by Joe Lansdale. Gary also wrote the novels Graven Images and Sinister Purposes, and edited Obsessions, which contained the Bram Stoker winning short story for that year, "Lady Madonna," by Nancy Holder.

  • Claire Rankin
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Claire Rankin is best known as Dr. Kate Heightmeyer in Stargate Atlantis.

  • Blanche Ravalec
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Although Blanche has over a dozen other film credits and many TV appearances to her name, it is forever as Dolly in Moonraker that she will be best remembered.

  • Fred Olen Ray
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Fred is producer, writer, and director of such films as the recent comedy Mob Boss and the successful Inner Sanctum.

  • Trina Ray
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Trina started her career at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory with a bang. Her first and still favorite experience was working on the Voyager Neptune Encounter in August of 1989. Her current position is Science System Engineer for the Project Scientist on Cassini and the co-chair of the Titan Orbiter Science Team (TOST) where she coordinates the targeted Titan science opportunities, which is very exciting.

  • Amanda Raymond
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Amanda assisted in the production of the Spike TV Series Stripperella, produced by Stan Lee, and then worked on the newly released Nick at Nite series of Fatherhood, written by Bill Cosby.

  • Nicky Rea
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Nicky has been a freelance game designer for many years and was a co-developer of Changeling: the Dreaming; she is co-writing the LARP book for the new Deliria game from Laughing Pan Productions.

  • Michael Reaves
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Michael Reaves has written over 400 produced scripts and 20 published horror and sci-fi novels, including HBO?s werewolf classic Full Eclipse, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Sliders, andTwilight Zone.

  • Jeff Rector
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Dan Reed
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Dan Reed has worked on some of the greatest characters in the comics field, from Steve Ditko's Blue Beetle to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's Incredible Hulk.

  • Thomas Reed
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] A writer for Toon magazine, one of the Cartoon Geeks, with podcasts and web site discussions of animation, comics, anime, and geek culture, Tom will soon be performing in one of the DC Universe radio shows from Pendant Audio.

  • Rob Reger
    [**Past** Guests in 0] Rob Reger is the creator of Emily the Strange.  

  • Hank Reinhardt
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Hank Reinhardt founded the first Atlanta Science Fiction Club in 1950 and is an expert of medieval weaponry.

  • Mirana Reveier
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Mirana is an artist working mostly in the digital medium. Her work has been featured in anime DVD galleries, anime magazines, and on the cover of Smashing Kings.

  • Michael Reynolds
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Michael is co-designer and editor of Iron Crown Enterprises' Middle-Earth Collectible Card Game.

  • JP Rhea
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] JP Rhea is a visual storyteller. His art can be seen in numerous White Wolf publications. His short story Cradle was featured in the Outworlder's collaborative project. He is currently working as a World-Building GM for the upcoming game Hero?s Journey by Simutronics.

  • John Rhys-Davies
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] John has been delighting audiences with his work for over 30 years, including Sliders and Raiders of the Lost Ark. He portrays Gimli in the new The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

  • Bobby Rice
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Bobby Rice is a Los Angeles based actor who's credits have cast him as Peter Kirk, nephew of Captain James T. Kirk in the fan-based films Star Trek: New Voyages, as well as having won the role of Ro Nevin in Star Trek: Hidden Frontier.  Bobby appears with Star Trek: New Voyages this year.

  • Adam Richards
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Adam formed Kat Butt Comix in March 1998. Their first title LitterBox (with Stelfreeze and Lansdale) will be released in early 1999.

  • Dan Richards
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Dan Richards is a comics editor and inker for Infinite Line Comics and New Creation Studios.

  • Randy Richards
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] In 1998 Randy Richards published a Masque of the Red Death D&D adventure, "Dark Magic in New Orleans," in Dungeon magazine, set in 1890's New Orleans. In 2005 Randy authored "Dreadmire", a swamp mega-sourcebook.

  • Mike Richardson
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Mike is the founder of Dark Horse Comics - which alone has changed the face of comics - and is a mover and shaker in filmdom as well.

  • Dave Rickey
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Dave Rickey is a five-year veteran of the Online RPG industry. He was Assistant Head Game master for EverQuest and and is currently the Lead Game Designer for Mutable Realms' Online RPG project, Wish.

  • Rickman
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Currently Rickman is working on Fishman and The Adequate Alliance for SPG Comics; a publishing imprint he co-founded.

  • Thomas C. Ricks
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Thomas is currently working on a collaborative RPG called Mundi Animalia and a graphic novel with Adrian Johnson called Tossing Grenades at Windmills.

  • William Rieser
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] An accomplished SF, fantasy and horror author, his short story "Modal Sojourn" will be featured in the premiere issue of Pulp Eternity.

  • The Right Reverend Andy
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] The Ordained Minister of Atlanta's rock 'n' roll scene, The Right Reverend Andy has been spinning rockabilly and rock music on the Atlanta airwaves for the last several years.

  • John D. Ringo
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] John Ringo is a multiple bestselling author of science fiction, fiction, and military fiction. He is a world traveller and a veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division.

  • William Alan Ritch
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] William Alan Ritch is an Atlanta writer and director. He has had short stories published in several anthologies and has created stage plays and audio theatre for MRAP and ARTC respectively. He is also a member of the Dark River Writers.

  • James Ritchey III
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Jim Ritchey III is an indie comic book superhero artist and writer, storyboard artist, animator, and an occasional illustrator for gaming. He has worked for Eclipse, New World Pictures, Radical Comix, Flying Rock Productions, iHero, and others. He is the current Creative Director and Editor for Spark Comics.

  • Patricia Ritter
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Pat has an Urban Fantasy/Horror work published; she's also written for trade journals.

  • Tanya Roberts
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Tanya is best-known for her roles in Charlie's Angels and The Beastmaster; she's also starred in Sheena, A View to a Kill and others.

  • Clay Robeson
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Clay Robeson has been an Improviser and Improv instructor for more than six years.

  • John Robey
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Award-winning webcomic powerhouse John "The Gneech" Robey is the creative mind behind The Suburban Jungle, starring Tiffany Tiger, and NeverNever, two of the longest-running Internet comics.

  • Andrew Robinson
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Andrew made his mark when he premiered his creation, Dusty Star, through Image in 1997. Since then, he's pencilled and inked books such as Gen13, X-Men and Kabuki.

  • Matt Robinson
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] The Tribe is Matt's first television series although he has played various characters in UK short films.

  • Neil Robinson
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Neil claims to have experienced something of a revelation while exploring the east end world of dodgy geezers and their dodgy motors. The Apocalypse, he says, has already happened; but most of us haven't noticed. Oliphan Oracus, published by Immanion Press in April 2004, is his first novel to make it into print. It is the fusion of several obsessions: woodland lore and plants, television, and the sentimental conviction that love is all we frail humans have to protect us from loss.

  • Thomas Roche
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Rockbot
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] What do you get when you put a 5' 3" nunchuck-spinning, kung fu-kicking, blonde femme fatale on stage with an 80s pop synth, moog and metal rock band complete with a robot and video game arcade? Rockbot, what else?

  • Eugene Roddenberry
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Eugene, also known as Rod, was born into a family empire that is adored by legions of devoted fans worldwide. He is the son of legendary science-fiction creator, Gene Roddenberry, whose television series, Star Trek, changed the face of television.

  • Michael Roddy
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Michael works as a writer and director for Universal Studios' theme parks, and has also written for the Islands of Adventure theme parks.

  • Victor Rodriguez
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Victor is a short story author and screenwriter. He was most recently published in Dark Destiny III: Children of Dracula.

  • Jayne Rogers
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Miss Jane is a professional costumer and painter with over thirty feature films in her portfolio. She also works with Netherworlds Haunted Attractions and is a founder and officer of the Atlanta Science Fiction Society.

  • Roberta Rogow
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Roberta Rogow started writing parodies in high school, but didn't join the Filk community until 1976, when she discovered Star Trek Fandom.

  • Rogue
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Rogue is the lead singer, song writer, front-man, and founder of the band the Cruxshadows.

  • Elisabeth Rohm
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Elisabeth starred in the NBC hit series Law and Order, in the coveted role of Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn, and in the recurring role of the fiery detective Kate Lockley on the WB's Angel.

  • George A. Romero
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] In 1968, George A. Romero forever changed the face of fearfilm with his groundbreaking Night of the Living Dead.

  • Michael Rooker
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Michael has had roles in both movies (Mississippi Burning, George A Romero's The Dark Half, Days Of Thunder, JFK, Tombstone, Slither) and television (such as JAG, Las Vegas, CSI: Miami, Saving Jessica Lynch, and Stargate SG-1, just to name a few).

  • Mickey Rooney
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Mickey is a man with over 200 films under his belt. He earned an Honorary Oscar for Lifetime Achievement, a special Juvenile Oscar, five Oscar nominations, one Emmy Award, five Emmy Nominations, and two Golden Globes.

  • Budd Root
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Budd created Cavewoman, the hot comic about a young woman among the dinosaurs, now being published by Basement Comics.

  • Charles Root
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Charles Root currently plays "Scotty" in the online series, Star Trek New Voyages, and also stars in Operation Dead One a horror film shot in the Atlanta area.

  • Scott Rorie
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Scott is a freelance, award-winning, sci-fi/fantasy/pin-up artist from Cary, North Carolina. His work includes celebrity portraits as well as pinups of seductive yet strong women.

  • Don Rosa
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Don Rosa is a freelance writer and illustrator of stories about Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, and other Disney characters.

  • D. P. Roseberry
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] D. P. Roseberry has authored Rodenticider, Haunted Elevator, and Spider School. Ghosts of Valley Forge and Phoenixville will be her first paranormal nonfiction title. As editor for Schiffer Publishing, she is on the lookout for ghostly authors!

  • Selina Rosen
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Selina Rosen's stories have appeared in several magazines and anthologies.  Some of her 14 published novels include Queen of Denial, Chains of Freedom, Strange Robby, Fire & Ice, Bad Lands (with Laura J. Underwood), and Sword Masters. She owns Yard Dog Press and created its Bubbas of the Apocalypse universe.

  • Michael Rosenbaum
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Michael Rosenbaum has displayed his versatility as an actor by tackling diverse roles. Equally adept at comedy and drama, Rosenbaum has played characters ranging from a transvestite to a crazed fraternity boy to the intriguing Lex Luthor. 

  • Leah Rosenthal
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Leah's SF cartoons and illustrations have been appearing for two decades in Starlog, Comicscene, Fangoria and other national magazines.

  • Caleb Ross
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] As he has since Season 1 Episode 1, Caleb portrays the oft-mercurial, always crucial character Lex in the international hit teen-oriented SF-based series The Tribe.

  • Teryl Rothery
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Teryl portrays Dr. Fraiser on Stargate SG-1 and has many other credits, including guest roles on The X-Files, The Outer Limits, First Wave and a veritable mountain of animation work.

  • Patrick Rothfuss
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Patrick Rothfuss's fantasy novel, The Name Of The Wind, is a recent New York Times bestseller. The London Times review says "I was reminded of Ursula LeGuin, George R. R. Martin, and J. R. R. Tolkien, but never felt that Rothfuss was imitating anyone. His voice is his own."

  • Cynthia Rothrock
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] With innumerable film credits to her name, Cynthia is the undisputed Queen of Martial Arts films.

  • David Rowe
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] David is an inker working with Caliber Comics; his previous work includes inks for The Apparition, Mister X and Maze Agency.

  • Steven Rowe
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Steven has been writing articles on the history of comics for over two decades, with work published in Comics Buyers Guide and The Comic Reader.

  • Rowena
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Rowena is one of the well-known names in the world of science-fiction and fantasy illustration. During a career that has spanned three decades, her paintings have appeared on hundreds of book covers, on calendars, portfolios, trading cards, and in magazines such as Playboy, Omni, Art Scene International, and Print magazine. Books of her own work have included The Fantastic Art of Rowena, Imagine (in France), Imagination (in Germany), and The Art of Rowena. She has also been included in many anthologies, such as Tomorrow and Beyond and Infinite Worlds.

  • Jaye Roycraft
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Jaye is the author of the acclaimed Image series of vampire romances and the futuristic novel Rainscape.

  • Greg Rucka
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Greg is an Eisner Award-winning comics writer and the author of several novels. Some are comics-related, while his Atticus Kodiak books are crime stories.

  • Dr. Rudy Rucker
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Professor, scientist, mathematician, author, physicist, and cyberpunk.

  • Steve Rude
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Steve Rude is widely known for his comic book series, Nexus, created with co-author Mike Baron.

  • Hans Rueffert
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Hans is currently working with Clive Barker on the comprehensive appendix for a revised edition of Imajica. He also co-created Clive Barker's Imajica CCG in 1997.

  • The Rum Runners
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Prepare y'selves landlubbers! The Rum Runners have been terrorizing and entertaining the nine seas with the sounds of the pounding drum, the picking guitar, and the obnoxious yet beautiful kazoo!

  • Kristine Katherine Rusch
    [**Past** Guests in 1992] Kristine has won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer and the World Fantasy Award as editor of Pulphouse.

  • Tim Russ
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Fans of Star Trek know Tim best as Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. Tim currently plays Frank on the hit TV show Samantha Who. He was also recently seen in Hannah Montana, iCarly, Without a Trace, and Live Free or Die Hard.

  • John Russo
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] John co-authored the screen play for Night of the Living Dead and also wrote the novel. To date, Russo has published 13 novels, plus four books on filmmaking.

  • Kathleen Ryan
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Kathleen Ryan is best known for her vampire novels (Clan Novel: Setite, Clan Novel: Ravnos, and Dark Ages: Setite), short fiction (the Amanda stories for Mage: The Ascension), and game design for White Wolf's original World of Darkness game series.

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  • Fred Saberhagen
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Fred Saberhagen is a gifted author best-known for such notable works as the legendary Berserkers series, plus the Swords and Lost Worlds series.

  • Paul Sabourin
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Paul Sabourin and Storm are a comedy music duo, and they have been performing as a duo since 2004. Before that, they were one half of a cappella band Da Vinci's Notebook for about 12 years.

  • Philip Paul Sacco
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Mr. Sacco is a novice astronomer and lecturer with the Atlanta Astronomy Club.

  • Robin Sachs
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Besides Ethan Rayne on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he was the alien leader Sarris in Galaxy Quest. He's appeared in everything from B5 to Jurassic Park: The Lost World.

  • Susan Sackett
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Susan is the author of eleven books including several based on her years with Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry. She's also co-written Next Generation and Sliders episodes.

  • Steve Saffel
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Lilith Saintcrow
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Author of The Society, Hunter-Healer, Dead Man Rising, Working for the Devil, Dark Watcher, Storm Watcher, and Fire Watcher published by Warner Books.

  • Mike Sakuta
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Mike Sakuta and Nicole Harsch are the Crossed Swords. For over 20 years, their Crossed Swords Stage Combat Shows have been seen across the continental U.S. and Canada at Renaissance festivals and science fiction conventions and, of course, at previous Dragon*Cons.

  • Salem Hill
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Salem Hill are a progressive-rock band who have produced five CDs. Their CDs and live performances, such as Chapel Hill's international progressive music festival ProgDay, have garnered good reviews.

  • Soupy Sales
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Who is the world's leading authority on pie-throwing? It has to be Soupy Sales: 19,000 at last count. Not only did he elevate pie-tossing to an art form, but at the height of his show's popularity, dozens of stars - Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Tony Curtis were just a few - begged to be on the receiving end of one of his pies.

  • R. A. Salvatore
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] R.A. Salvatore has written the best-selling novels The Halfling's Gem, Sojourn and The Legacy; Vector Prime will inaugurate Del Rey's New Jedi Order series in Nov. '99.

  • James Sanders
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] James practices law in the area of technology law, focusing on software licensing, distribution and services transactions. He is a member of the Technology section of the state bar of Georgia and is currently the 11th Circuit reporter for the Computer Law Association's quarterly bulletin.

  • Brandon Winn Sanderson
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Brandon Sanderson writes epic fantasy books for Tor Books and children's fantasy books for Scholastic Press. In 2007, it was announced that he would be completing Robert Jordan's epic masterpiece, The Wheel Of Time. Brandon is a two-time Campbell award nominee; his books have been published in 14 languages.

  • Joanna Sandsmark
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Joanna Sandsmark is a former staff writer for the TV show Weird Science, a contributor to the Secret Files series and involved in Xena online fandom.

  • Steve Sansweet
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Steve, a longtime Star Wars fanatic, is one of those few fans who get to realize their dreams; he's now in charge of fan relations at Lucasfilm's Marketing Department.

  • Steve Sansweet
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Steve Sansweet is the author or co-author of 14 books (12 of them on the Star Wars saga), writes columns and feature articles for magazines, and travels the world as Lucasfilm's liaison to Star Wars fans everywhere.

  • Rick Saphire
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Rick Saphire has been a stand-up comic, magician, and stage personality for over fifty years; at age fifteen, he was the youngest professional comedian to appear on the Tonight Show. As the CEO of Rick Saphire Management, he represents many top talents, including his mentor and friend, Jerry Lewis.

  • Richard Saunders
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Richard Saunders is one of Australia's media commentators on claims of the paranormal and supernatural. A regular on TV and radio, Richard brings a skeptical approach to such claims. Richard is also the host and producer of the TANK Vodcast, the world's only skeptical YouTube Vodcast.

  • Patrick Sauriol
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Patrick is the creator and director of Coming Attractions, the Net's first movie news website and one of its biggest.

  • Scott Christian Sava
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Creator of The Dreamland Chronicles...The serialized Epic Fantasy comic with over 2,000,000 readers worldwide. Scott's other credits include Spider-Man, X-Men, Aliens vs. Predator, Casper the Friendly Ghost and much more.

  • Steven Savile
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Steven, twice nominated for the British Fantasy Society Award for Best short story, is the author of Angel Road, a collection that revolves around all things angelic.

  • Tom Savini
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Tom is a world-renowned expert in special make-up effects (generally the goopy kind) for television and the big screen, and a director and actor in his own right.

  • Alex Saviuk
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Alex's numerous comics credits include Green Lantern, The Flash, Superman and a 7-year stint on Web of Spiderman, plus others. He's also done The Amazing Spider-Man newspaper comic strip since 1997.

  • Josh Sawyer
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Add new content here

  • Robert J. Sawyer
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Called "the dean of Canadian science fiction," Robert Sawyer won the 2003 Best Novel Hugo Award and is the only writer in history to win the top SF awards in the United States, Japan, France, and Spain.

  • Stuart M. Sayger
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Stuart is the illustrator for Shiver in the Dark.

  • John Scalzi
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] John Scalzi is the John W. Campbell Award-winning author of the Old Man's War novels and founder of the popular weblog, the "Whatever."

  • Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Elizabeth Ann Scarborough is the author of 22 solo novels and 14 novels written in collaboration with Anne McCaffrey. Scarborough is the 1989 Nebula winner for Best Novel for The Healer's War.

  • Susan Scheid
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Vivian Schilling
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] An accomplished actress and screenwriter, Vivian has also entered the realm of the printed word with her novels, including Sacred Prey.

  • Reid Schmadeka
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Reid is the Wizards of the Coast's North and South America Events Manager for Organized Play.

  • Donald R. Schmitt
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Donald is the former Director of Special Investigations for the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies and co-author of UFO Crash at Roswell and The Truth About the UFO Crash At Roswell.

  • Jason Schneiderman
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Dr. Jason Schneiderman is a neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School who has worked for NASA, the National Space Biomedical Institute, and the National Institutes of Health.

  • Edmund Schubert
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Edmund Schubert has over 30 published short stories, and his novel, Dreaming Creek, is due out in the fall of 2008. Besides writing, Schubert is editor of the quarterly magazine, Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show. An anthology of IGMS stories, co-edited by Schubert and Card, will be out in August of 2008 (Tor).

  • J. Neil Schulman
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Joseph Neil Schulman is a novelist, screenwriter, journalist, radio personality, filmmaker, composer, and actor. His latest project is <i>Lady Magdalene's</i> where he wears the Executive Producer/Writer/Director/Supporting Actor/Songwriter hats.

  • Forrest W. Schultz
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Forrest W. Schultz is the President of the Environment Chapter of the National Space Society.

  • Mark Schultz
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] One of the top realistic illustrators in comics today.

  • Julius Schwartz
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] With a lifetime of vast accomplishments in several genres, especially comics, "Julie" is now DC Comics' "goodwill ambassador" to the world.

  • Scott Schwartz
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] A pro-wrestler, he was the heavy that beat up George Clooney in Oceans 11, as well as a wrestler in Spiderman.

  • Ethan Van Sciver
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Ethan has been working in comics since his 1994 creation, Cyberfrog. He's recently finished the best selling Green Lantern: Rebirth.

  • Tracy Scoggins
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] An extremely versatile actress, Tracy has appeared in everything from Highlander: The Series, Star Trek: DS9 and Babylon 5 to The Renegades, The Colbys and Dynasty. And lots more!

  • Cynthia Scott
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Best known for her role as Crpl. Dietrich in Aliens.

  • Judson Scott
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Judson first broke onto the SF scene as Joachim, Khan's conscience, in Star Trek II, and has since appeared in numerous series like X-Files, Babylon 5, Star Trek: TNG, and in the film Blade.

  • Lisa Marie Scott
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] A 1995 Playmate of the Month and summa cum laude UCLA grad, Lisa's speaking roles have included appearances on Friends, Baywatch, High Tide and Married with Children.

  • Steve Scott
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] You no doubt have seen the work of Smallville artist Steve Scott if you are a fan of the hit TV show. Steve is one of those rare creators who has had the opportunity to transcend the print media, with his work now seen on episodes of the runaway blockbuster.

  • ScottC
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] ScottC is a long-time contributor to Needcoffee.com, a premiere pop culture news and reviews website now celebrating its 10th year serving the entertainment needs of over-caffeinated insomniacs the world over.

  • Screaming Mad George
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] The musical style of Screaming Mad George reflects certain influences, such as Gothic, Punk, Industrial, New Age, Experimental, and indeed, Dance.

  • Rick Searfoss
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Astronaut Rick Searfoss has flown three shuttle missions for a total of 939 hours in space, acting as orbiter pilot twice and as mission commander once.

  • Steven Sears
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Along with a raft of other television credits, Steve was Co-Executive Producer on Xena and Executive Producer, Writer and Co-Creator of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.

  • The Secret Room
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] The Secret Room is a collective of dark eccentric artists and performers headed by Jason Feeman, with worldwide experience including London and Amsterdam.

  • Stephen H Segal
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] The new editorial & creative director of Weird Tales, the legendary fantasy magazine that gave birth to Cthulhu, Conan, and Solomon Kane, Stephen H. Segal is the architect of the current Weird Tales revival, including a wide array of 85th anniversary celebrations throughout 2008.

  • Adam Selzer
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] A subversive young adult novelist by day and professional ghost buster by night, Adam is the author of "How To Get Suspended and Influence People" as well as 7 forthcoming books for Random House. Also a filker of some note.

  • Matthew Wayne Selznick
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Matthew Wayne Selznick has been a podcaster since 2004. He is the author of the popular podcast novel Brave Men Run, host of the Writers Talking interview podcast, and an advocate for alternative publishing and the DIY ethic.

  • Val Semeiks
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Val has worked in comics for over eight years on everything from Mutants to Mad Magazine.

  • Scott Semples
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] A former actor now turned director, Scott recently wrapped on Web of Darkness and is now moving on to his next two projects, Succubus and Cookbook.

  • The Serpenteens
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] NYC's Serpenteens were formed by Gee Grant ("Alphamayle") and Mark "Bub" Zap by combining a passion for horror, fantasy, and zombie movies with the love of theatrical bands (KISS, Misfits, Alice Cooper, etc). The look of the classic film, Zombie, combined with a catchy "monsterpop" sound, became both an inspiration and a signature trademark.

  • Seven 13
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Hailing from Massachusetts, the music of Seven 13 is a theatrical experience brought to life through an interfusion of vibrant dance and costumes.

  • Glenn Shadix
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Glenn has had roles in Heathers, Meet the Applegates, Sleepwalkers, Demolition Man, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Planet of the Apes. But all those, and much of life, pales next to his role as Otho in Beetlejuice. Have you seen him as Otho? If not, go out and buy/rent Beetlejuice. Do it now!

  • Kiran Shah
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Kiran most recently played Ginarrbrik (Assistant to the White Witch) in Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe. He has also done stunt work in Star Wars, Dark Crystal, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Aliens, and Harry Potter.

  • Gareb Shamus
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Gareb publishes Wizard: The Guide to Comics, the number-one-selling magazine about comic books and related entertainment.

  • Michael Shanks
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Michael Shanks is a Canadian actor who achieved fame for his role as "Dr. Daniel Jackson" on the science fiction television series, Stargate SG-1. He also provides the voice of the recurring character, "Thor," on the same series.

  • Shelly Shapiro
    [**Past** Guests in 1999]

  • Tony Shasteen
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Tony Shasteen is currently illustrating Image Comics' Occult Crimes Taskforce (the O.C.T.), co-created by David Atchison and Rosario Dawson.

  • Stephanie Shaver
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Stephanie is the youngest author ever admitted to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America - at age 16 or 17.

  • Barclay Shaw
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] A Hugo and Chesley nominated artist who has painted over 350 book covers for ever major publishing house.

  • Maggie Shayne
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Maggie Shayne is the New York Times Bestselling author of more than 40 novels and winner of the RWA's RITA Award.  She's best known as the author of Wings in the Night, her classic vampire series.

  • Mark Shepherd
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Mark began collaborating with Mercedes Lackey in 1990 with the SERRAted Edge "urban fantasy" novel Wheels of Fire and has since successfully gone solo.

  • Mark Allen Shepherd
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Mark Allen Shepherd has appeared on the smash hit first-run syndicated series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Morn for all seven years, from debut to finale.

  • Tiffany Shepis
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] From music videos to commercials to films, Tiffany Shepis has built an enormous fan base, playing everything from the girl next-door to the sexy bombshell, the gorgeous hero to the menacing villain.

  • Mark A. Sheppard
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Mark Sheppard is a British actor and musician, born in London of an Irish-German background. His television work includes the "Fire" episode of the X-Files, a year on the Jerry Bruckheimer action series, Soldier of Fortune, guest-star and recurring roles on CSI, The Practice, Firefly as "Badger," Special Unit 2, JAG, Star Trek: Voyager, The Chronicle, Monk, Las Vegas, and CSI: NY, among others.

  • Dr. Michael Shermer
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Dr. Michael Shermer is the Founding Publisher of Skeptic magazine, the Executive Director of the Skeptics Society, a monthly columnist for Scientific American, the host of the Skeptics Distinguished Science Lecture Series at Caltech, and Adjunct Professor of Economics at Claremont Graduate University.

  • Armin Shimerman
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Known best to Dragon*Con members as Quark from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and as Principal Snyder in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Armin's other work spans all screen-sizes, bookstores and the stage.

  • John Wesley Shipp
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] John Wesley Shipp is best known as "Mitch Leery," the title character's father on the television drama, Dawson's Creek, and for roles in several daytime dramas. Besides Dawson's Creek, Shipp is most famous for his role as "Barry Allen," the title character of The Flash television series.

  • Tom Shippey
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] A renowned Tolkien scholar, Tom taught at Oxford at the same time as Tolkien and later held the same chair of English language and medieval literature at Leeds that Tolkien had previously held.

  • John Shirley
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] John is the acclaimed author of several horror and cyberpunk novels and story collections and co-wrote the screenplay for The Crow, along with many other film and TV credits.

  • Mike Shoemaker
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Mike has been writing professionally for nearly 20 years. He has numerous comics to his credit, several featuring such well-known characters as Razor, Galaxina, Stryke, Tommi Gunn, and Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. His work has been published by Malibu Comics, Conscape magazine, and London Night Studios, among others.

  • Orli Shoshan
    [**Past** Guests in 2006]

    Orli can be seen in Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3 as Jedi Master Shak Ti. Check out the Episode 3 DVD for a cool deleted scene where Shak Ti meets her fate at the hands of General Grievous!

  • Douglas Shuler
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Douglas is an accomplished SF, fantasy and gaming artist whose pieces have appeared in over 300 game products, including nearly 10 percent of the first Magic deck.

  • Susan Shwartz
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Susan has published more than 60 short stories, authored a number of novels, and has edited seven anthologies.

  • Jan Siegel
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Now a full-time writer, In May of 2000, Jan published her critically acclaimed novel Prospero's Children, which was chosen by the San Francisco Chronicle as one of the Best Books of 2000.

  • Kevin Siembieda
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Kevin Siembieda is well-known in gaming circles as the publisher and chief game designer at Palladium, with a long list of gaming accomplishments.

  • Maryann Siembieda
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Maryann is the jack-of-all trades at Palladium Books, whose duties include not just day-to-day operations but web-designer, online liaison, typesetter, bookkeeper and office manager.

  • Bill Sienkiewicz
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] A legend in the comics world, Bill's work on Moon Knight, Electra Assassin, and New Mutants has put him on Wizard Magazine's list of the Top Ten most important comics artists of all time.

  • Scott Sigler
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Scott Sigler reinvented book publishing when he released EarthCore, the world's first "podcast-only" novel. Combined with Scott's other novels?Ancestor, Infection, and The Rookie?his fans have downloaded over three million files of his fiction.

  • Scott Sigler
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Scott's first major hardcover release, Infected, a horror/thriller, is out from Crown Publishing as of April 1, 2008. After building a huge online following by podcasting his novels, Scott hit #1 on Amazon.com with his scifi/thriller Ancestor. Infected been optioned for a movie by Rogue Pictures (Shawn of the Dead).

  • Felix Silla
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Felix Silla's multiple talents?as a bareback rider, trapeze artist, and tumbler?brought him to Hollywood where he worked on The Lord of the Rings, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Poltergeist, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Golden Child, and many more movies.

  • Anthony Simcoe
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Along with his other credits, Anthony portrays General Ka D'Argo in the popular SF series Farscape.

  • Christopher Lee Simmons
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Christopher is Webmaster and Co-Editor of Ex Libris Nocturnis, the premiere World of Darkness e-zine.

  • Cliff Simon
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Cliff is best known for the role of Ba'al on Stargate SG-1. Cliff's combination of charming bad guy charisma and wicked sense of humor made him a viewer favorite antagonist, keeping his character recurring for five seasons.

  • Mark Simon
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Mark owns Animatics & Storyboards, Inc., a company which provides storyboards, illustrations, cartoons and comic book illustration to the entertainment and print industries. He also owns A&S Animation, Inc., that specializes in character animation.

  • Walt Simonson
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Walt's illustrious career spans some of DC and Marvel's most beloved characters as a writer and as an artist.

  • Christian Simpson
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Christian can be seen in Star Wars: Episode 1 as Starfighter Pilot Bravo 6, and in Star Wars: Episode 3 as the BD-3000 Luxury Droid!

  • Scott Simpson & Julie Cesario
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Best known as the voices of Belldandy and Keiichi in the Coastal Recording adaptation of Oh! My Goddess!, Juliet and Scott have been called the "Lunt and Fontaine"? of Anime.

  • Marc Singer
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Marc Singer is best known to SF and fantasy audiences as "Mike Donovan" from the V series and "Dar" in The Beastmaster.  his wide-ranging career spans 28 years, and counting.

  • Marq Singer
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] An engineer with Red Storm Entertainment, Marq is often confused (in name only) with actor Marc Singer (see above) and hopes to have a battle to the death with him at Dragon*Con.

  • Bradley H Sinor
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Brad Sinor has published more than 60 science fiction and fantasy stories in antholgies from DAW and Ace Books, among other publishers. He has three short story collections, In The Shadows, Playing With Secrets, and Dark and Stormy Nights. He has also written for Starlog and other magazines.

  • Sins of Lust
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Slated for a special pre-con Thursday night performance, Sins of Lust are a performance-art band who have recently adopted a more hard-hitting sound. You can still expect leather, latex... and skin.

  • Sir Millard Mulch
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Millard, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, has collaborated with the likes of Devin Townsend.

  • R. U. Sirius
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Co-founder and current Icon-At-Large of the legendary cyberculture magazine Mondo 2000 and a frequent contributor to Wired magazine.

  • Lake Sirmon
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Lake is an artist with a BFA in sculpture from GSU. Her work covers many areas including video, sculpture, photography, costumes, and performance.

  • Marina Sirtis
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] It was Marina's portrayal of Deana Troi, the psychic counselor, for seven years on the series Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as in the Star Trek feature films, that has brought her legions of fans throughout the galaxy.

  • Dr. Frank Six
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Dr. Six is Chief of the Physics and Astronomy Division of the Space Sciences Laboratory at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

  • Six Demon Bag
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] 6DB's first CD, Here It Comes: The Six Demon Bag has been compared to T. Rex, The Ramones, KoRn, Matthew Sweet, Faith No More, Ministry and many others.

  • Susan Sizemore
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of romance and fantasy vampire fiction, Susan Sizemore is the author of the vampire series, Laws of the Blood.

  • Ethan Skemp
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Ethan is the developer of White Wolf Game Studio's Werewolf line.

  • John Skipp and Craig Spector
    [**Past** Guests in 1992] As a writing team, John and Craig were a wild pair, with several splatter punk best-sellers under their belts.

  • Dave Slusher
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Dave was the host of the long-running nationally-carried science fiction radio program Reality Break and now has current and past interview material available online.

  • Fr. Bryan Small
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] A Catholic priest of six years, Fr. Bryan is known for extensive use of science fiction and pop culture references in his preaching.

  • Alyssa Smith
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Alyssa Smith is an acquisitions editor for Hatherleigh Press, an affiliate of Random House, and has been recently involved in creating a new SF/Fantasy imprint.

  • Blake Smith
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Blake Smith is the news editor of indy Magazine.

  • Dean Wesley Smith
    [**Past** Guests in 1992] Publisher and editor of Pulphouse, a Weekly Magazine, Dean's credits as author include Laying the Music to Rest and over 50 short stories.

  • Deborah Smith
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Deborah Smith is the New York Times-bestselling author of more than 40 novels including fantasy and women's fiction.

  • Jeff Smith
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Creator of the Eisner award-winning comic strip Bone.

  • Jim Smith
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Co-founder of Spumco Cartoon Studios with John Kricfalusi.

  • John C. Smith
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] John C. Smith is a senior mission designer for the Cassini/Huygens mission currently engaged in the exploration of Saturn and Titan and contributor to the new book, The Science of Dune.

  • Kavan Smith
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] A Canadian actor best known for playing Major Lorne in Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, and for his recurring role as Agent Garrity in The 4400.

  • Kevin Smith
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Kevin is the writer and director behind the critically acclaimed cult hits Clerks and Mallrats; he also portrayed Silent Bob in the films.

  • Michael Wesley Smith
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Michael has portrayed Jack, the "original owner" of the Mall, throughout the run of The Tribe except the latter part of Season 4. He's the star of Atlantis High, also shown on the WAM! cable channel.

  • Teri Smith
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] By day, an editor with Samhain Publishing, by night an author of fantasy novels and short fiction,Teri Smith somehow also finds the time to be a wife, mom, grandmother and online gamer (not necessarily in that order).

  • Tom Smith
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Tom Smith has won more awards for filking excellence than anyone alive, and his concerts are not to be missed.

  • Mark Smylie
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Mark created the world of Artesia first as a gaming concept, but his paintings became a popular comic series instead.

  • Dianna Love Snell
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Award-Winning new author Dianna Love Snell teaches writing workshops across the country.  In her debut paranormal (St. Martin's Press, late 2007), she blends an unusual mix of mythologies rather than following a trend.

  • Lisa Snellings
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] A sculptor, Lisa was voted Best Professional Artist at the 1996 World SF Convention. Neil Gaiman has written several short stories based on her sculptures.

  • Lawrence Snelly
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Larry is an art director at White Wolf Game Studios.

  • Dee Snider
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Best-known as front man for the rock band Twisted Sister, Dee has branched out into acting and the film world.

  • John C. Snider
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] John C. Snider is the editor of the online science fiction magazine www.scifidimensions.com, published since February 2000. He's also the co-host, along with David Driscoll, of the new skeptical podcast www.AmericanFreethought.com.

  • Dana Snyder
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Actor / comedian / raconteur Dana Snyder is Aqua Teen Hunger Force's "Master Shake," Squidbillies' "Granny," and Minoriteam's "Dr. Wang."

  • Ray Snyder
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Ray is a co-founding member of Jolly Roger Studio; his lavish and elegant line work has made him one of the most sought-after inkers in the comics industry today.

  • Jason Sobol
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Jason is the co-founder of Fuzzy Dice Studios and the Vicious Circle Project. He is currently the publisher for these comics groups and the art director as well.

  • Allison Sohn
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Allison Sohn was recently added to the stable of sketch card artists with her introduction on the Lord of the Rings: Evolution set.

  • Courtney Solomon
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Courtney is Director and Producer for the forthcoming fantasy epic Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie.

  • Solution Science Systems
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] The members of SSS claim that they are not a rock band, but a group of scientists employed in phonotonic research. A listen reveals them to be practitioners of a post-punk, post-modern mutation of classic progressive rock.

  • Soma Drone
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Soma Drone is a seven-person musical/visual ensemble whose visual performance incorporates masks, props, puppets and dynamic rhythm and dance.

  • Robert Sommers
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Rob is a writer whose fiction and nonfiction has appeared in various newspapers and magazines in the US and England.

  • S.P. Somtow
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] A SF/fantasy/horror writer, Somtow's short story Brimstone and Salt has recently been nominated for the Bram Stoker Award.

  • Kevin Sorbo
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Kevin Sorbo rose to international stardom in the title role of the hit series, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, but has become equally well known as "Dylan Hunt" in the science fiction series Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.

  • Jen Sorensen
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Jen's comics have appeared in Action Girl, Impulse Freak and Misspent Youth; her new series is called Slowpoke.

  • Soul Dogs
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] The Soul Dogs are actor David Carradine's backing band, and they will be performing at Dragon*Con 2003.

  • Anne Sowards
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Anne Sowards is an Editor at Penguin Group (USA), Inc., where she edits fantasy and science fiction for the Ace and Roc imprints.

  • Space Coyote
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] The talented, yet mysterious manga artist known as "space coyote" has created Saturnalia, one of the more popular online comics on the Web.

  • Alicia Sparks
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Alicia has been writing romantica for less than a year and has two publications now available, Better Than Ice Cream and Dragon's Law.

  • Spat
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Spat is a costume, prop, and special F/X artist and actor who works on many independent, low budget, and fan-made films.

  • Craig Spector
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Now operating solo, Craig's the sole author of one novel, To Bury the Dead, and several network TV and film projects.

  • The Spectremen
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Four parts stitched together out of a love of Horror and Classic Sci-Fi movies, Monster Models, Godzilla Toys, and really loud rock, the Atlanta-based band is out to prove that everyday is Halloween!

  • Victoria Spence
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Victoria Spence was 14 years old in The Tribe Series I; she has starred in each season since, including Tribe Season 5. Victoria began as a photographic model and has appeared in numerous television commercials.

  • Jeanette Spencer
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Jeanette's been a professional artist since high school and a pro writer since college; she's an adjunct Professor of Humanities at Florida Technical College.

  • Dr. Kris Sperry
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] A forensic pathologist, Dr. Sperry is Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Georgia (Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Division of Forensic Sciences) and a top expert on the medical aspects of tattoos.

  • Brent Spiner
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Brent Spiner is best known for his portrayal of the beloved android, "Data," on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  • Spiral Rhythm
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Spiral Rhythm is an eight-member group from the Atlanta area. They are an a cappella, rhythm and percussion group whose songs are an original mix of sensual meditative sound and spirited chant.

  • Spock's Beard
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Featuring band members who've performed with numerous big names, Metal Blade/Radiant recording artists Spock's Beard are among the world's finest progressive rock bands.

  • Robin Spriggs
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Robin has had numerous short stories published in anthologies and magazines; one story received Honorable Mention in Year's Best Fantasy And Horror 10.

  • Chris Sprouse
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Chris Sprouse has been working in comics since 1989 on such projects as Batman, Justice League, Legion of Super-Heroes, X-Men, and Spider-Man.

  • J. David Spurlock
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] J. David Spurlock has done comic book art, stories, editing and consulting for publishers like Vanguard, Beckett, Mainstream, Nizon, LFP and Heroic.

  • St. Eve
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] St. Eve is the namesake and musical project of New York's L. Gabrielle Penabaz, described as a mixture of dark alternative pop and electronica based on strong melodies and danceable rhythms.

  • Jennifer St. Giles
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Award-winning USA Today-bestselling Author, Jennifer St. Giles writes contemporary paranormal fiction for Pocket Books and Gothic-paranormal historicals for Berkley Publishing.

  • Lilith Stabs
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Lilith Stabs is a B-movie actress, model and writer. She has also released a CD and has been a featured character in the comic book series Razor Gothic from London Night Studios.

  • Michael Stackpole
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Michael Stackpole is a New York Times-bestelling author of over 40 books, a game and computer game designer, podcaster, screenwriter, graphic novelist, and gamer.

  • Nikki Stafford
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Nikki Stafford is the author of Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor: Warrior Stars of Xena.

  • Cat Staggs
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Cat Staggs joined the Star Wars family in 2004, illustrating more than 130 sketch cards for the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith set.

  • Jewel Staite
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Jewel Staite recently joined the cast of the SciFi Channel hit Stargate: Atlantis as "Dr. Keller," in addition to shooting the lead role in the feature The Tribe, which depicts the story of five young adults shipwrecked on a deserted island off the coast of Latin America where they encounter a lost tribe of savages.

  • Frank Stallone
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Frank Stallone has written and recorded compositions for seven films, Rocky I, II, and III, Rambo II, Paradise Alley, Over The Top, and Staying Alive, and appeared on many others, including Barfly, Tombstone, Hudson Hawk, and The Roller Blade Seven.

  • Steve Stanley
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] A professional artist since 1982, Steve's work has appeared in or on properties from DC Comics, WCW, The Hamilton Collection, Star Trek "The Life of Spock" plate series, NASCAR, Kenner/Hasbro, etc.

  • Claire Stansfield
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] On Xena: Warrior Princess, Claire plays Alti, a powerfully evil woman. She's also portrayed numerous other roles on the large and small screens.

  • Ed Stark
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Chris Staros
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Chris Staros is the co-publisher of Top Shelf Productions, the comics publisher best known for its ability to discover and showcase the vanguard of the alternative comics scene.

  • Arne Starr
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Arne has been an illustrator for 25 years and has worked on more Trek-related comics than anyone. He was sysop/host for Genie's SF Roundtable (SFRT2) and has added acting to his repertoire.

  • Patti Starr
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Patti Starr is the president of Ghost Chasers International, Inc. She is an accomplished paranormal investigator, listed as one of the top ten paranormal investigators in the U.S. today, a published author, an instructor, and has been featured on numerous television and radio shows.

  • Roxanne Starr
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Coming Soon.

  • Jack Stauffer
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Jack's varied credits (film, stage and television) include Lieutenant Bojay on Battlestar Galactica.

  • Toni Stauffer
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Toni Stauffer's mind works in dark and mysterious ways to produce numerous works of short fiction that have been published in the horror genre. She is now finishing her first novel.

  • R.H. Stavis
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] R.H.'s latest novel, Daniel's Veil, has become an instant success. It debuted as #1 ghost book on Amazon, and was recently mentioned in The Wall Street Journal as "a fascinating and enthralling paranormal tale"?.

  • John H. Steele
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] John is the author of Towel of Babel, a Mage: The Ascension novel published by White Wolf.

  • Elizabeth Reid Steere
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Elizabeth's research at the University of Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology concentrated on the sociology of online communication.

  • Brian Stelfreeze
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Brian Stelfreeze has the distinction of painting over 50 consecutive Batman: Shadow Of The Bat covers. His other covers for DC, Marvel, and various other publishers are beyond the ability of most people to count.

  • Ron Stephenson
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Ron is a comics writer/artist from the Dalton, Georgia area who has created his own comic book company, Dead Fly Productions.

  • Dan Stepp
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Dan works on Humongous Man for Alternative Press.

  • Jim Steranko
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Whoever said truth is stranger than fiction could easily have made the statement about the legendary Jim Steranko, comics legend, stage magician and much more.

  • Bruce Sterling
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Author, journalist, critic and editor of Mirrorshades, considered by many to be the definitive Cyberpunk anthology.

  • Brinke Stevens
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Brinke has been a model and leading actress in dozens of films, including Warlords, Transylvania Twist, Mob Boss and Spirits.

  • Dave Stevens
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Dave's great comic The Rocketeer became a woefully under noticed Disney film and not coincidentally, our 1991 badge artwork.

  • Lisa Stevens
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] In addition to her work with Ars Magica and Vampire: The Masquerade, Lisa has had two short stories published, in Polyhedron and Dragons Over London.

  • Paul Stevens
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Paul Stevens is an Associate Editor with Tor Books. He acquires a wide range of books, specializing in science fiction and fantasy. Some of his recent books are The Automatic Detective by A. Lee Martinez and Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge.

  • David Stevenson
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Kelly Stewart
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Kelly loves to perform historical, traditional and Celtic music and earned a Bachelors in music performance on the classical harp from UGA. She is currently pursuing a Masters from the University of North Wales.

  • Scott Stewart
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] "Rockstar cartoonist" Scott Stewart is currently illustrating a line of children's books for Marvel entertainment (Spiderman, X-Men...)  Marvel, Universal music, and WOTC are just a few on his list of clients.

  • Cynthia F. Stillwell
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Cynthia, an independent casting director and producer based in the Southeast, has been involved in casting and producing theatre, film, and television for over 26 years.

  • Robert Stock
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Robert began production on the Time Warrior: The Armageddon Device CD ROM game and has also done some digital retouching for The X-Files Lexicon.

  • Dean Stockwell
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Starting his film career in the '40s, Dean Stockwell has appeared in such genre films as Dune, The Dunwich Horror, The Werewolf of Washington, and The Time Guardian, as well as playing the holographic observer Al on the TV series Quantum Leap.

  • Kevin Stokes
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Kevin Stokes is the artist of Image Comics' Shut Up and Die and the upcoming Desperado series, Extinction.

  • Karen Stollznow
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Karen Stollznow is an Academic, Author, and Associate Editor of The Skeptic magazine. Karen is a paranormal investigator (of the skeptical kind) and writes insatiably for her websites Bad Language and the Skepbitch blog.

  • Dee Wallace Stone
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] An actress, acting teacher, and speaker, she is remembered as the mother in E.T. She was also in the genre favorites: The Howling, Cujo, The Frighteners, and The Stepford Wives.

  • Rob Stone
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Rob is under contract with Ace to write a 5-novel series, the first novel, Hazard's Price, will be released in time for Dragon*Con 2001.

  • Del Stone, Jr.
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Short fiction author whose works have appeared in Full Spectrum 4 and The Year's Best Horror Stories XXII.

  • Karl Story
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Karl Story inks and inks and inks, making him one of the most sought-after freelancers in comics. He has carved a vast body of work on Nightwing, Batman, Star Trek, Aliens Vs. Predator, X-Men, and many more.

  • William Stout
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] William Stout is America's leading dinosaur illustrator. His one-man show, Dinosaurs, Penguins and Whales—The Wildlife of Antarctica, has toured the art galleries of the world.

  • James Stowe
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] James produces fantasy horror artwork for the role-playing industry. Since 1996 his paintings have been seen in gaming material published by Pinnacle, West End, White Wolf and HDI.

  • Randy Stradley
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Co-founder and Creative Director of Dark Horse Comics.

  • Brad Strickland
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Brad Strickland has written more than 60 novels, most recently the YA fanatasy series, Grimoire, and the YA Gothic, The House Where Nobody Lived. Brad is also a long-time writer/performer with the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company.

  • Jeff Stringer
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Jeff Stringer currently sells hand crafted masks and accessories through his internet business, Hand Made Horrors.  He has also been the creative genius behind the charity haunted attraction known as The Little House of Horrors for three years.

  • Lee Stringer
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] A CG Supervisor on "Battlestar Galactica." Star Trek Voyager and "Firefly," which won the 2003 Emmy for special visual effects.  I give talks about working on various projects and many behind the scenes examples and stories.

  • Susan Stringer
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Susan and Jeff Stringer started costuming together when they each attended their first World Con together in 1986 where they won Best in Class, Novice division dressed as an original design of Beauty and the Beast.

  • Danny Strong
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Danny is best-known to genre audiences as Jonathan, from five seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. His additional credits include Seinfeld, Boy Meets World, 3rd Rock and Seabiscuit.

  • Carel Struycken
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Carel's appeared in numerous TV shows and films including Men In Black, but he's best-known in fannish circles as Lurch from The Addams Family and Mr. Homm in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  • Rosanne Stutts
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] An 11-year veteran of art show directing, Rosanne is "taking the time" now to further her sculpting and nationally-known pinhole photography.

  • Naser Subashi
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Sudden Death
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Is Sudden Death a rap group that's funny? Or is it a comedy group that raps? Well, that depends upon who you ask.

  • Anne Sudworth
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] As a professional artist, she has exhibited widely with many more solo exhibitions including the highly successful "Dreams and Whispers" show and "The Dark Side".

  • Kathy Sullivan
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Kathy writes young adult fantasy and science fiction. Her first book, The Crystal Throne, won the 2002 EPPIE.

  • Kimberly Osborn Sullivan
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Author of Stones of Abraxas.

  • Peter Sullivan
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Peter Sullivan has written several films, including two for the Sci-Fi Channel: Termination Point, with Jason Priestley and Lou Diamond Phillips, and Hydra.  He also wrote Lifetime's top-rated Eve's Christmas and a new film starring Steven Seagal.

  • Thomas Sullivan
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Thomas has over eighty publishing credits across the spectrum of fiction categories, include short stories and novels translated into more than a dozen languages.

  • Tim Sullivan
    [**Past** Guests in 2006]

    Tim is a film maker who has worked on  Detroit Rock City, Maniacs, Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror, and recently is working on Driftwood.

  • Kevin Summerfield
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Kevin Summerfield is CEO, Feature Film and Television Development, for Scorpio Pictures.

  • Cynthia Summers
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Cynthia is a game writer and developer at White Wolf Game Studio.

  • Gillian Summers
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Gillian Summers's young adult fantasy novel The Tree Shepherd's Daughter debuted last year at Dragon*Con and was quickly optioned for film. This year book two in the Faire Folk Trilogy, Into The Wildewood, continues the adventure. Gillian Summers is the pseudonym of authors Berta Platas and Michelle Roper.

  • Jason Surrell
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Jason Surrell currently works for Walt Disney Imagineering as a Show Writer and has countless Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure live performance shows to his credit.

  • Arthur Suydam
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Arthur Suydam is a master draftsman and haunting storyteller who first came on the comic art scene in the 1970s with his creative innovation of marrying classical painting to the art of comics.

  • Swank Sinatra
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] At the end of the day, Swank Sinatra is just three guys who like to have a good time and play Rock n' Roll.

  • David Sweet
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] David, an artist at Holistic Design, has spent the past several years creating stunning computer graphics for TV shows and computer games.

  • Cap P. Szumski
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Cap Szumski and associates specialize in custom design and creative tattooing in a state of the art studio. The professionals of Timeless Tattoo are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of conduct, workmanship and sterility.

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  • Tom Taggart
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Tom has been working as a sculptor/illustrator for about 15 years now. He's done covers for D.C.'s Batman, Swamp-Thing, Animal Man and Doom Patrol plus various works for Marvel, Dark Horse, Topps, etc.

  • George Takei
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Among George's many credits is the one that time itself will never diminish: he portrayed Lieutenant Sulu in the Star Trek that started it all!

  • Patricia Tallman
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Patricia has starred in numerous films and shows, most notably Army of Darkness, Night of the Living Dead, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Babylon 5.

  • Dave Tango
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Dave Tango started out on season two of Ghost Hunters and has grown to be a very well-known and liked investigative member of the TAPS family.

  • Jonathan Tarbox
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Jonathan Tarbox is the Senior Editor of Raijin Comics and Group Editor of CMX manga.

  • Jean-Pierre Targete
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Jean-Pierre's artwork has graced books by Roger Zelazny, Harry Harrison, Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, Emma Bull, Jane Yolen, William Dietz and John DeChancie.

  • Tatsumi
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Tatsumi is a web-cam girl who will be appearing as part of our Electronic Frontiers Forums track.

  • Anthony Taylor
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Anthony Taylor's latest book is The Future was FAB: The Art of Mike Trim. He also writes a monthly sci-fi collectibles column in Toy Shop magazine called Retro Rockets, and he edited CultTVman's Ultimate Modeling Guide to Classic Sci-Fi Movies.

  • Darryl Taylor
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Rip Taylor
    [**Past** Guests in 2006]

    An actor and comedian known for his high voice, zany hair, bushy handlebar mustache over a perpetual toothy grin, and his heavyset physique, his shtick is to toss handfuls of confetti from a paper bag onto his audience, then laugh hysterically.

  • Sandra Taylor
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Sandra began her career as the #1 selling poster model. Sandra can be seen in 2 summer films, Raising Helen and Princess Diaries II.

  • Sean Taylor
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Sean Taylor is managing editor of the Elfin Kids graphic novels, which are based on literature and historical biographies. He is the writer of Gene Simmons Dominatrix by IDW Publishing, and Shan: Be My Hero for VLE Comics, Last Chance School for Girls for Arcana Comics, and The Veil for Rogue Wolf Entertainment.

  • Mark Tedin
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Mark has contributed artwork to many of Wizards of the Coast's CCG products, where he's served as staff conceptual illustrator since 1997.

  • Evo Terra
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Evo Terra is the founder of Podiobooks.com, which provides over 200 free seralized audiobooks, many of speculative fiction.

  • Christian Tessier
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Among Christian's other credits are an appearance in this summer's SF thriller Battlefield Earth.

  • Mark Texeira
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Mark Texeira is a comics artist who has illustrated Ghost Rider and Moon Knight. His client list also includes New York magazine, Scholastic, MCI, Def Jam, Marvel, DC, Harris Publications, Wizards Of The Coast, Wizard magazine, Image, Black Bull Entertainment, Continuity, and Fleer/Skybox. You may know him currently from Maxim magazine covers, showcasing his fine-art style, as well as his continuing movie and comics work.

  • Greg Theakston
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Greg Theakston is the publisher of Pure Imagination. He has also worked for all of the major comics publishers, and has written extensively on the topic. He also published The Betty Pages and Tease! magazine.

  • Paris Themman
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] A seasoned world traveler, Paris' collection of acting credits pales next to his portrayal of Mike Tee Vee in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

  • Andrea Thompson
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Known to SF audiences primarily for her role as telepath Talia Winters on Babylon 5, Andrea has also appeared in NYPD Blue, Falcon's Crest, JAG, Oliver Stone's Wall Street and on CNN Headline News.

  • Brett Thompson
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Brett is founder and President of EON Productions, makers of quality comic book illustration boards and products for comic-book inkers.

  • Don Thompson
    [**Past** Guests in 1992] Don Thompson, who edits the Comics Buyer's Guide along with his wife Maggie, has been an active member of comics fandom for over three decades now.

  • Eldon Thompson
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Eldon Thompson is the author of the fantasy adventure trilogy, THE LEGEND OF ASAHIEL, published by HarperCollins. His screenplay adaptation of Terry Brooks's THE ELFSTONES OF SHANNARA is in development at Warner Bros. He would rather be playing quarterback in the NFL.

  • Brian M. Thomsen
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Brian spent 5 years as head of TSR's book and periodicals program, has been nominated for a Hugo Award and has written two novels for TSR.

  • Jonathan Thornton
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Jonathan Thornton is founder and head special effects makeup artist for Disturbing Images Effects. Some of the movies he has worked on are Home Sick, Blood Feast 2: All U can Eat, and the soon to be released Last Resort.

  • Marc Thorpe
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] President of Robot Wars, Inc. and a model maker and animatronics designer for Industrial Light & Magic.

  • Three Quarter Ale
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Named Best New Band at the 2002 Georgia Renaissance Festival, Three Quarter Ale combines the best of 17th-century madrigals with the high-energy impact and tongue-in-cheek wit of modern "folk-funk" for a truly arresting sound.

  • Throwing Toasters
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Throwing Toasters is a comedy rock band that combines the hilarious songwriting of Tenacious D with the onstage energy of Barenaked Ladies.

  • J. Cameron Thyme
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Cam began writing science fiction and discovered he often incorporated his bio-medical training into his writing.

  • Lee Tien
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Lee Tien is a senior staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in San Francisco. A former newspaper reporter, he specializes in free speech law and surveillance/privacy law.

  • Timothy Pure
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] This contemporary progressive rock band were invited to perform at the Progday Festival this past year.

  • TMA-2
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Featuring members of Glass Hammer (DeArque and Schendel), TMA-2 performed "ambient-electro" mixes and new electronic music as well.

  • Tony Todd
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Tony Todd is probably best known for his role as Candyman, but he also had roles in three of the Star Trek series, StarGate SG-1, X-Files, and many more.

  • Amanda Tomasch
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Amanda Tomasch is the Publishing Editor at Demented Dragon (manga & RPG publishing house) as well as a classical animator, manga artist and author, and graphic artist.

  • Jamie Tomasello
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Jamie Tomasello is the Manager of Investigations and Development for Internet Law Group, a boutique law firm specializing in cybercrime investigations and litigation. She will be speaking on spam and cybercrime on the Electronic Frontiers Forum track.

  • Tracy Torme
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Tracy is a screenwriter and producer best-known for his work on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Fire in the Sky and as creator of Sliders.

  • Mike Torrance
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Micheal is an illustrator/colorist for several role-playing and comics companies, including XID Creative, Calibur Comics, Kensia Productions and Image.

  • Eman R. Torre
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Eman has been the main inker for Brainstorm Comics for three years. He is also the creator/writer/inker of The Dark Fringe.

  • Jim Torres
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Jim is the founder and owner of Popgun Productions, which produces a variety of content ranging from children's programming to a cooking show. He's also written and directed several award-winning films.

  • Toy Baroness
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] The Toy Baroness is Kidrobot's promotions queen and event planner.

  • Robert Trebor
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Robert has played in numerous films and television series, and currently stars as Salmoneus in Hercules: the Legendary Journeys.

  • Michael Tresca
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Michael's published 3 D20 adventures compatible with Dungeons & Dragons: All the King's Men, Tsar Rising and The Dancing Hut. His first hardcover D20 supplement, Mercenaries: Born of Blood, is out now.

  • Trinity
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Trinity has appeared as a stuntwoman in over 20 films and many TV shows and ads. Credits include Daredevil, U-Turn, Oz, Saturday Night Live and The Rock. She can be seen on wrestling PPV every Wednesday night.

  • Connor Trinneer
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Connor is best known as Charles "Trip" Tucker III on Enterprise.

  • Robert Tritthardt
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Robert Tritthardt is the author/artist behind the hilariously cynical gothic comic Writhe and Shine.

  • Trybalaka
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Trybalaka is a performance troupe whose Concourse show will be a fusion of neo-tribal drumming; Celtic, Native American, and Southern Gospel-styled chants; Rennfest-style burlesques, torch songs and pirate sea chanties.

  • William Tucci
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Billy is the artist on the popular Shi comic and publisher of Crusade Comics.

  • Kevin Tucker
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Kevin has been editor for Peregrine Entertainment, which publishes Books of Lore and other high-quality creator-owned titles; his writing has appeared in Heavy Metal and Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated.

  • Alan Tudyk
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Alan Tudyk has appeared in many of your favorite movis, most recently as Wash in Serenity and Firefly, Sonny in I, Robot, Oscar/Dab the Dodo (voice) in Ice Age, and Wat Falhurst in A Knight's Tale .

  • Alice K. Turner
    [**Past** Guests in 1992] Alice K. Turner has been the Fiction Editor for Playboy magazine; she's also edited for Random House Books and others.

  • Tim Turner
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Tim is an accomplished Hollywood monster maker turned Halloween artist. His award-winning artwork is featured in many of the nation's top haunted houses and has been featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and CSI Las Vegas.

  • Harry Turtledove
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Harry Turtledove is an American historian and prolific novelist who has written historical fiction, fantasy, and science fiction works. He is probably the best-known and most popular author of the genre of alternate history.

  • Twisted Tower Dire
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Twisted Tower Dire formed in 1995 out of a stubborn hatred for the '90s anti-metal culture. Influences were drawn from Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Candlemass, and others.

  • Alexandra Tydings
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Alexandra portrays Aphrodite, the quirky Goddess of Love, on Hercules and Xena.

  • George Tyson
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] George Tyson is a longtime supporter of the commercial use of space. His company, Tyson Alliance, Inc., is a partner in a private space venture called Orbital Commerce Project.

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  • R. Sabrina Udell
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] R. Sabrina Udell is the line developer for Mage: Sorcerer's Crusade under White Wolf's Arthaus imprint. She's also worked as a freelance writer on other White Wolf projects.

  • Carla Ulbrich
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] A fan favorite on the long-running, nationally syndicated Dr. Demento show, award-winning songwriter and Professional Smart Aleck Carla Ulbrich will be appearing as part of our Filk Track as the Quest of Honor for 2007.

  • Laura J. Underwood
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Laura J. Underwood is the author of such novels as Dragon's Tongue, Hounds Of Ardagh, Bad Lands (with Selina Rosen), and the forthcoming Angels Of Mercy.

  • Unmarked
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Unmarked is a high energy power-trio. Their style draws predominantly from their influences, Sepultura and Helmet, with their own on-the-edge flair.

  • Brian Upton
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Brian is Director of Product Design at Red Storm Entertainment and was the designer of the award-winning Rainbow Six as well as the forthcoming Force 21.

  • Karl Urban
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Karl Urban stars in a new syndicated SF series called The Privateers as Captain Aran Dravyk, and has a number of acting credits in "Hollywood South," aka New Zealand.

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  • Vainglory
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Vainglory is a band that features intense riffs, virtuoso guitar, masterful drumming, heavy bass, powerful vocals, and thought provoking lyrics.

  • Ethan Van Sciver
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Ethan's a rising young star in comics whose pencil work can be seen in Impulse and the forthcoming Flash: Iron Heights.

  • Jim Van Verth
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Jim Van Verth is an 11-year veteran of the computer games industry and co-author of Essential Math for Games and Interactive Applications. He is currently working at NVIDIA on performance for games and workstation applications. He also hosts the Parsec-nominated podcast The Vintage Gamer, about older games of all genres.

  • Jim Van Verth
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Jim Van Verth is a founding member of Red Storm Entertainment, now a division of Ubisoft, and a eleven-year veteran of the computer games industry.

  • Wayne Vansant
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] For more than 20 years, Wayne Vansant has been a writer and artist of historically-accurate comic books and graphic novels about historical and military subjects. He is the primary artist for Marvel's The 'Nam for over five years.

  • Gus Vasquez
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Gus Vazquez has been in the comics industry for almost fifteen years now. He's worked on many comics, including JLA, Green Lantern, and Spiderman.

  • Jhnen Vasquez
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Jhnen, who recently murdered the "O" in his first name, is bi-pedal, with binocular vision, and is said to possess other attributes that conspire to create Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Squee and I Feel Sick.

  • Carrie Vaughn
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Carrie Vaughn is the author of a series of novels about a werewolf named Kitty who hosts a talk radio show.  The third, Kitty Takes a Holiday, was released from Warner Books in 2007.

  • Manny Vega
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Manny is currently the writer and artist for Knights of the Dinner Table: HackMasters of EverKnight, arguably the funniest comic ever.

  • Mark Verheiden
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Among many other TV, film and comics credits, Mark wrote the screenplays for The Mask and TimeCop, and both the Aliens and Predator comics series.

  • Kate Vernon
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] KateVernon is currently portraying the delicious recurring role of the manipulative Ellen Tigh on Battlestar Galactica.

  • Charles Vess
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] His evocative fantasy artwork spans the realms of children's books, comics, Shakespearean literature and theater posters.

  • Andy Vetromile
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Andy Vetromile writes, reviews, and edits games and fiction. He edited GURPS Britannica-6 and Spaceships 2 and co-authored Margaret Weis Productions' Demon Hunters RPG. He has fiction in Flying Pen's Of Dice and Pen, and he's editing HARP's AfterWorlds and a raft of Steve Jackson's e23 releases.

  • Tim Vigil
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Tim Vigil is best known as the creator of Faust, one of recent comicdom's legendary titles.

  • Dexter Vines
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Atlanta native and 13-year comics vet Dexter has inked them all and at most companies in the biz. Dex is part of that other Atlanta Studio, Studio Revolver, so stop by the booth and say hi. Current projects include Wolverine "Old Man Logan,"and The Hulk for Marvel Comics.

  • Countess Vladimira
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Countess Vladimira devotes her career to working as a horror personality. She has appeared on the Sci-Fi channel and last summer introduced Hammer films on Cinemax.

  • Neil Vokes
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Penciller and inker for the adaptation of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

  • Voltaire
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Voltaire is often described as a modern day Renaissance man. He is a singer/ performer, and a creator of comic books, animation, and toys,

  • Voodoo Sex Stuff
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Voodoo Sex Stuff is the brain child of Nicole and Chuck Chittick, whose primary objectives have always been clever lyrics and chord progressions.

  • VooDou
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] VooDou delivers a genre-crossing brand of rock that appeals to fans of industrial, gothic, punk, hard rock and nu-metal.

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  • Jeffrey Joseph Wagg
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] General Manager of the James Randi Educational Foundation, Jeff spoke at several events at Dragon*Con last year in support of science and skepticism.

  • Doug Wagner
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Doug Wagner is the author of 12 Gauge Comics' The Ride, Gun Candy, and this year's The Ride: Die Valkyrie.

  • Matt Wagner
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Matt is one of the most acclaimed storytellers in comics; among his current projects are Grendel Classics, Grendel Tales and Batman: Faces.

  • Mark Waid
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Mark is the writer on Justice League Quarterly, Captain America, etc.

  • Christopher Waldron
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Christopher is the editor and graphic design director for indy Magazine, the guide to alternative comic books and film.

  • Lamar Waldron
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Lamar Waldron is a noted author of both non-fiction and graphic novels, as well as a past winner of the Georgia Fandom Award.

  • Brian Walker
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Brian is the founder of Giant Graphics, and currently pencils Tiki. Past projects include Tendril, Darryl Dust, and storyboards for The Pack.

  • Jason Walker
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Jason is a comics penciller whose work appears in books from Acetylene Comics.

  • Robert W. Walker
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Robert is the author of thirty-five novels, including the acclaimed Instinct Series with FBI Medical Examiner Dr. Jessica Coran, and the Edge Series featuring Texas Cherokee Detective Lucas Stonecoat and psychiatrist Meredyth Sanger.

  • Stacy Walker
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] The emerging queen of illustrated romance and fantasy, Stacy burst on the scene in her work with Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, including her covers for Heavy Metal.

  • David Wallace
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Long-time comic and game industry retailers and specialty retail education professionals, David and Kelli Wallace are co-authors of A Specialty Retailer's Handbook: Comics and Games, and The Manager's Training Manual.

  • Jenny Wallace
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] A graduate of the School for the Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Jenny has starred in several B-movies.

  • Kelli Wallace
    [**Past** Guests in 2006]

    Long-time comic and game industry retailers and specialty retail education professionals, David and Kelli Wallace are co-authors of A Specialty Retailer's Handbook: Comics and Games, and The Manager's Training Manual.

  • Loston Wallace
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Loston Wallace has been a professional artist since 1996, providing artwork for the role-playing industry as well as the DC Comics Licensing Department.

  • Matt Wallace
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Matt Wallace is the Parsec Award-winning author of The Failed Cities Monologues, a podcast fiction epic downloaded 30,000 times since its introduction in February of 2006.

  • Reed Waller
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Tedd M. Walley
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Tedd M. Walley is the founder of the independent comic book company VoodooMaverick Publishing and its flag ship title, Mathilda.TM

  • Jon Walton
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Jon was President of Handmade Games and created the popular Dark Confrontation LARP.

  • Hal Wamsley
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Hal says he's been acting since the age of six, and -- among other roles - appeared as a Jawa in Star Wars.

  • Jean Marie Ward
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Jean Marie Ward's resume spans government public relations, local access cable, features for SciFi.com, Romance Writers Report, and eight years as editor of the respected web magazine Crescent Blues. With Nine You Get Vanyr, the fantasy novel she wrote with the late Teri Smith, was published in 2007.

  • Jim Ward
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Gaming industry guru Jim Ward is an icon in the field of role-playing. Ward is a 20-year veteran of TSR and was formerly in charge of all product development.

  • Chris Warner
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Chris Warner's work can be seen displayed at "Alcove," his south Buckhead gallery/studio, as well as at restaurants, nightclubs, and design houses throughout Atlanta. Alcove produces a monthly show which brings a nationwide array of artists of diversified media to show in Atlanta.

  • Beverly Washburn
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Watching Beverly on TV's "Star Trek" as she grew old and died in Captain Kirk's arms, or seeing her performance as a sexy, deranged murderess in a thriller with Lon Chaney, Jr., has given her "cult status"

  • Ed Wasser
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Ed portrays the delightfully insidious Morden, minion of the Shadows, on Babylon 5.

  • Jon Waterhouse
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Writer, actor, musician, rasslin' manager and all-around jerk of all trades, Jon is ADD personified. By day, he's an entertainment journalist. His work appears regularly in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper and pops up in national publications including Esquire, BlackBook, Paste. and Boy's Life. He's also the exclusive publicity writer for legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame act Van Halen and helped promote the band's 2007-2008 North American Tour, which grossed $93 million.

  • Graham Watkins
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Graham Watkins, a former researcher at J.B. Rhine's parapsychology laboratory in Durham, NC, published his first novel, Dark Winds, in 1989. His works are available in six languages. He is again associated with the Rhine Parapsychology laboratory, now known as the Rhine Center. See http://www.rhine.org

  • Gregbo Watson
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Gregbo has worked on The Flea and is also an award-winning commercial illustrator.

  • Ken Weatherwax
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Ken is best known as "Pugsley" on the original Addams family.

  • J. Shanon Weaver
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] An inaugural guest of our new Anime track, Shanon is a published author and playwright and his voice can he heard on several anime productions including Devil Lady, Soul Hunter and Samurai X.

  • Mike Weaver
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Mike's artwork has appeared in Amazing Stories, covers for Dragon and White Wolf, Magic: The Gathering, Vampire, and on products from dozens of other publishers.

  • Janeen Webb
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Janeen Webb is internationally recognized for her critical work in speculative fiction, Australian literature and children's literature.

  • Mike Webb
    [**Past** Guests in 1996]

  • Wendy Webb
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Wendy Webb has co-edited the anthologies Phobias and Phobias II from Pocket Books, and Gothic Ghosts from Tor Books.  She is the author of published short stories, novels and stage plays.

  • Roy P. Webber
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Roy is the author of The Dinosaur Films of Ray Harryhausen: Features, Early 16mm Experiments and Unrealized Projects, the most thorough printed work on Harryhausen's dinosaur and prehistoric-based features.

  • David Weber
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] David Weber is the author of the popular and enduring character, Honor Harrington, whose story, together with the "Honorverse" she inhabits, has been developed through 13 novels and four shared-universe anthologies

  • Margaret Weis
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Margaret Weis has written the Star of the Guardians space epic and has co-authored over two dozen bestselling fantasy novels, including DragonLance, one of the most popular fantasy series of all time.

  • Robert Weisbrot
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Robert is author of the official companion volumes to the television shows Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess.

  • Jordan Weisman
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] A legend in the gaming world, Jordan co-founded FASA Corporation in 1980 and led the design of BattleTech, Shadowrun, Renegade Legion and Crimson Skies among others.

  • Scott Welch
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Scott Welch is Executive Vice President at Bridge Publications, Inc.

  • Phaedra Weldon
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Phaedra Weldon is the author of the urban fantasy series, Zo� Martinique Investigations, published by Berkley and set in Atlanta. She has been published by Pocket Books in its Star Trek: Corps of Engineers e-book line and in the miniseries Slings and Arrows, edited by Keith R.A. DeCandido. Her work can also be read in several DAW anthologies.

  • Pete Wellborn
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Pete Wellborn, an attorney specializing in Internet law, has successfully handled a number of high-profile cases involving unsolicited commercial e-mail (i.e., "spam").

  • Bruce Wells
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Bruce is an artist, musician and writer. Recently he was asked to join Storm Constantine's Immanion Press where he works as cover artist and illustrator.

  • Martha Wells
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] A SF and fantasy writer, Martha Wells has published novels, short stories, and non-fiction. Her recent works include The Wizard Hunters, The Ships of Air, The Gate of Gods, Stargate Atlantis: Reliquary, and Stargate Atlantis: Entanglement.

  • Adam West
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] After seven years in Tinseltown, Adam West achieved fame in 1966 in his signature role as Batman in the wildly popular ABC television series. Though he has over 60 movie and over 80 TV guest appearance credits, Batman is what the fans remember him for. The Batman (1966) TV series, which lasted three seasons, made him famous not just nationally, but internationally.

  • Billy West
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Billy is the voice of Ren & Stimpy, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig, Tweety, and Fry, Dr. Zoidberg, Professor Farnsworth, and Zap Brannigan of Futurama.

  • Mark I. West
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Mark I. West is a Professor of English at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he teaches courses on children's and young adult literature. He has published numerous books and articles on fantasy literature.

  • Mike West
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Mike is a longtime Atlanta area fan and a veteran behind the camera in commercial and film production.

  • Scott Westerfield
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] NY Times bestselling author of the young adult UGLIES and MIDNIGHTERS series, and PEEPS. Winner of the Philip K. Dick Special Citation for EVOLUTION'S DARLING.

  • John D. Weyler
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] John is the editor and principal writer/artist of Terminus Tales, Atlanta's original alternative comic.

  • Justin Whalin
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Justin will portray Ridley in the forthcoming fantasy epic Dungeons and Dragons: The Movie. He's also starred in General Hospital and as Jimmy Olsen in Lois & Clark.

  • Mark Wheatley
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Known internationally as an illustrator, writer, editor and publisher, Mark holds the Inkpot and Speakeasy awards and nominations for the Harvey and Ignatz awards.

  • Johnny Whitaker
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Johnny was the only 6 year-old who screen tested for the role of Jody Davis, which originally was supposed to be for a 10 year old boy, but when the producers saw the chemistry between Johnny and Anissa Jones (Buffy), they promptly rewrote the parts for 6 year old twins, nd a television legend was born!

  • Michael Jai White
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Jai has had roles in Universal Soldier and Full Contact). After appearing as Mike Tyson in the 1995 TV movie Tyson, the tough actor was cast in the cult comic spin-off Spawn and others.

  • Richard White
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Richard White is a novelist, short story writer, and comics creator. His most recent work appears as part of the Starfleet Corps of Engineer series and will have stories in forthcoming Next Gen and Doctor Who anthologies.

  • Jared Whitham
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] 21-year-old Jared Whitham single-handedly wrote, directed, and produced the new retro-50's sci-fi art film Project Omicron.

  • Jeff Whiting
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Jeff got his start inking on the original Tick series, then on two spin-offs, and then went to Malibu Comics (Street Fighter) and other projects.

  • Terryl Whitlach
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Part of the Phantom Menace design team, Terryl has worked for Lucasfilms Ltd. and ILM and is often considered the foremost creature designer in the world.

  • Grace Lee Whitney
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Grace Lee Whitney is best-known in SF circles as Yeoman Janice Rand from Star Trek's original series.

  • Steve Wieck
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Steve is a co-founder and president of White Wolf Publishing.

  • Stewart Wieck
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Stewart is a co-founder and co-owner of White Wolf Publishing.

  • Mike Wieringo
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Currently the artist for Marvel's Sensational Spider-man, Mike has previously worked on Robin, Flash and Marvel's Rogue.

  • Lisa Wilcox
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Lisa has acted in over one hundred films, television, commercials and theater productions including two of the Nightmare on Elm Street films and Star Trek: The Next Generation among others.

  • Blake Wilkie
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Blake Wilkie has several years experience in  freelancing for comics and illustration. published credits with; Upper Deck, Trinity Comics, Black Chalice Studios-  Emporer's Choice Games, West End Games, and Arcana Studios

  • June Wilkinson
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] June had a recurring role in Batman and was the youngest person ever featured in Playboy magazine last Jan. She was 30th in the 100 Top Sex symbols of all times.

  • Sarah Wilkinson
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Sarah Wilkinson's artwork has been featured in print ads, clothing and internet advertising, even original artwork purchased by George Lucas himself. She has been commissioned for many pieces of work that hang in personal galleries around the world.

  • Jeffery Willerth
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Jeffery Willerth portrays Kosh, the Vorlon Empire's representative to the Babylon 5 station.

  • Anson Williams
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Anson Williams is best known for his role as Warren "Potsie" Weber on the long-running hit television series Happy Days.

  • Billy Dee Williams
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Billy is best-known to SF audiences for his role as Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars saga.

  • C.S. Williams
    [**Past** Guests in 1998]

  • Doug Williams
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Doug is an extremely accomplished voice-over talent whose clients include everyone from the Atlanta Falcons and TBS to the Cartoon Network, Delta Airlines and CNN, as well as CD stores like Turtles, Peppermint and Starship.

  • Jonathan Williams
    [**Past** Guests in 2000]

  • Peter Williams
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Peter Williams' acting portfolio includes such genre favorites as Stargate SG-1 (as Apothis), The X-Files, McGyver and Outer Limits as well as various film roles.

  • Robert Williams
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Robert Williams, whose chrome-and-color drenched paintings embody the movement known as Kustom Kar Kulture, is one of the most popular artists in America today.

  • Mike Z. Williamson
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Mike's works include the SF novels Freehold, The Hero, and The Weapon (pending) as well as the military adventure series Target: Terror.

  • Skip Williamson
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] A legendary cartoonist, Skip Williamson is one of the architects of the underground comics movement, has been penning cantankerous satire for more than 25 years.

  • Dave Willis
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Dave Willis is producer for the Cartoon Network's Space Ghost Coast to Coast and previously worked on their series Cartoon Planet.

  • C.L. Wilson
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] C.L. Wilson is a New York Times-bestselling author of the romantic fantasy novels Lord of the Fading Lands and Lady Of Light And Shadows. She won the Pearl award for Best New Author of 2007, and was awarded Best Paranormal Debut of 2007 by Lifetime Television's "Romance B(u)y the Book."

  • F. Paul Wilson
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Paul's the author of The Keep (and many other books) and co-writer for the Sci-Fi Channel's FTL Newsfeed program.

  • Grant Wilson
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Grant is one of the hosts of the SciFi Channel's hit show Ghost Hunters, and is one of the founders of TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society. He is also a musician, artist, and writer.

  • Laura Wilson
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Laura had a recurring guest role in The Tribe Series II but, became a core cast member in Series III and IV. She also had a lead role in Cloud 9's Atlantis High.

  • Mehitobel Wilson
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Bel is a Stoker Award-nominated horror/dark fantasy writer whose most recent short fiction has appeared in numerous places, including the Gothic.net Webzine and Carpe Noctem.

  • Robert Anton Wilson
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Robert Anton Wilson is best-known as co-author of the cult classic Illuminatus trilogy.

  • Tom Wilson
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Tom is best-known to SF fans as Biff from Back to the Future, but his acting career extends much farther and wider. He also has musical projects under his belt.

  • Windhorse
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Windhorse, a synth-based, guitar-driven musical project based in Cleveland, Tennessee, features ethereal and spacey tunes as well as faster tracks, in the style of England's Ozric Tentacles.

  • Judd Winick
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Judd's stint on MTV's The Real World was the catalyst for his award-winning graphic novel Pedro and Me. He now writes DC's Green Lantern, and his own The Adventures of Barry Ween.

  • David Winning
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] David began directing network television at the age of twenty-seven for Paramount's Friday the 13th: The Series. He is currently filming Stargate: Atlantis.

  • Jerry Winsett
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Jerry Winsett has performed in over thirty Anime films, including voicing Artaru's Dad in the complete Urusei Yatsura - Obnoxious Aliens series.

  • Michael Winslow
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Man of 10,000 voices, Michael Winslow is best known for his scene-stealing performances in all seven Police Academy movies. Performing over 200 comedy club shows a year, Michael is gearing up for a nationwide tour of rock clubs for his new show.

  • Douglas E. Winter
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Renowned as a horror writer, editor and critic, Douglas is a member of the National Book Critics Circle and the author of 11 books and over 200 short stories.

  • Louise Wischermann
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Louise portrayed Lyekka on the Sci-Fi TV series Lexx, and will be appearing at the Lexx Fan Club booth in the Exhibit Hall.

  • Loren Wiseman
    [**Past** Guests in 2005] Loren Wiseman was a founding partner in Game Designers' Workshop back in 1973, and has been a a professional game designer, developer and editor ever since.

  • Chris Wisnia
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Chris Wisnia produces the comics Dr. DeBunko, Doris Danger, and the web comic, Dick Hammer: The Dailies. He was co-artist on Sam Kieth's Ojo and writes a blog called Diary of a Struggling Comics Artist.

  • Renee Witterstaetter
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Writer, editor. publisher in comics, film, and art book publishing. Worked at Marvel, DC, Topps, Image, and worked on feature films "Rush Hour 2," "Red Dragon." New book "Excess: The Art of Michael Golden," just released, and the upcoming fantasty art bookk on Mark Texeira out by Dragon Con '08.

  • Melissa Wolf
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Melissa Wolf, who made quite a presence in our 1999 Dragon*Con Dealers Room, is an exotic dancer, model, and former centerfold.

  • Wolf and Hawk
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] An acoustic side-project from Devine Essence and After Death's Lisa the Wolf and Mike Browning (ex-Morbid Angel), Wolf and Hawk will perform in D*C's Concourse Performance Area.

  • Robert Hewitt Wolfe
    [**Past** Guests in 2000] Robert Hewitt Wolfe is a 5-year veteran writing and producing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He's now developing, writing and producing Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.

  • Michael Wolff
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] For over 20 years Michael Wolff has been a book critic and correspondent for Starlog magazine, as well as a freelance writer. Among his notable works, he has had a handful of comic book scripts published by DC, Comico, and Misc!MAYHEM.

  • Marv Wolfman
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Marv Wolfman has created more characters that have gone on to television, animation, movies, and toys than any other comics creator since Stan Lee.

  • Douglas Wood
    [**Past** Guests in 1990] Douglas is the designer and programmer of the Phantasie series of computer games; he also designed and programmed Star Command.

  • Matthew Wood
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Matthew Wood is an employee of Skywalker Sound. He is more famous as the voice of General Grievous in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

  • Robin Wood
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Illustrator for Mayfair Games whose work appears in the Dragonriders of Pern game systems.

  • Lindsay Woodcock
    [**Past** Guests in 2006] Lindsay Woodcock has worked as a freelance writer and editor for White Wolf and now works for Laughing Pan Productions as the editor of Deliria Prime Codex, a groundbreaking new role-playing game.

  • Peter Woodward
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Once a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company in England, Peter portrayed Galen on Babylon 5: The Crusade and has starred in other productions including The Patriot.

  • Gordon Michael Woolvett
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Gordon is best known for his work as Seamus Zelazny Harper on the television series Andromeda.

  • Worm Quartet
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Worm Quartet is a comedy synth punk band portrayed on album covers as a group of four worms. The band has a growing cult following thanks to exposure on the Dr. Demento show.

  • Mark Worrell
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Mark's first book in the online trilogy Valiant will go to soft cover by Green-Eyed Tiger Publications in late Fall.

  • Shadrick Wright
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Shadrick is the founding member of Dijinji-ohra, an Atlanta-based independent publishers' co-op, and has been self-publishing since 1998.

  • Susan Wright
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Susan has written eleven Star Trek novels, including Sins of Commission, Violations, Tempest, The Best and the Brightest, two Badlands and two Dark Passions books, and Gateways: One Small Step.

  • Bernie Wrightson
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Bernie Wrightson is best known for co-creating Swamp Thing. He also illustrated Shelley's Frankenstein and collaborated with Stephen King (illustrating The Stand and Cycle of the Werewolf). He has worked on Spider-Man, Batman, The Punisher, and City of Others with Steve Niles. He has done film design for Ghostbusters, Galaxy Quest, Spider-Man, and The Mist.

  • Erick Wujcik
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Erick is one of the most prolific and successful game designers at Palladium Books.

  • Janny Wurts
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Artist and author, Janny Wurts painted the covers to her 15 novels and story collections. Her works have been translated into 13 languages, and one of her paintings hangs in the Delaware Art Museum. She co-wrote the Empire trilogy with Raymond E. Feist.

  • Wyzards
    [**Past** Guests in 1998] Wyzards blend mid-era Rush with the keyboard sounds of ELP and the progressive sound of Threshold to create rich progressive-rock/metal tapestries.

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  • Phillip Xavier
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Phillip recently finished the 7-book series for Peregrine, Books of Lore; his work has appeared in Fantasy Illustrated and Heavy Metal among others.

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  • Derek Yaniger
    [**Past** Guests in 2008] Derek Yaniger is a toothless hillbilly. Born in the backwoods of Arkansas, he was raised on little more than pork rinds and corn squeezin's. Derek still resides in the South, in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Dean Yeagle
    [**Past** Guests in 0] Dean Yeagle has produced, directed, designed and animated innumerable TV commercials and CD-ROMs, with clients across the United States and Europe. Dean was named Animator of the Year by the National Cartoonists Society.  He also does work for corporate clients, designing characters for various products, and works on a continuing series of children's books, designs the occasional toy, and contributes cartoons to Playboy magazine.

  • Donnie Yen
    [**Past** Guests in 2001] Donnie Yen has been a driving force in Hong Kong action cinema for almost 20 years. His credits include Fist of Fury, Iron Monkey, Highlander: Endgame and 2002's Blade 2, plus many more.

  • Yeti
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] The music of Yeti is dark and powerful, yet melodic and enlightening. The members of Yeti complement this orchestra of destruction with garments of Medieval armor and perform amidst gothic, mystical surroundings.

  • Rebecca York
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] NYT, USA Today and PW best-selling author Rebecca York has over 15 million books in print in 21 languages.  She writes horror, fantasy and paranormal suspense and is known for her Berkley werewolf series.

  • Stephen Youll
    [**Past** Guests in 1999] Stephen's art can be found on many hardback and paperback book covers from publishers like Bantam, Warner, Avon, Ballantine/Del Rey, Penguin and DC Comics.

  • Eliezer Yudkowsky
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Eliezer is a founding director of the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence, the only 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to addressing the issues associated with the technological creation of smarter-than-human intelligence.

  • Jason Yungbluth
    [**Past** Guests in 2007] Jason Yungbluth created the hit underground comic Deep Fried and the apocalyptic Peanuts parody Weapon Brown.

  • Brian Yuzna
    [**Past** Guests in 1997] Brian's the producer of From Beyond, Necronomicon, Society, Return of the Living Dead 3, The Dentist, Honey: I Shrunk the Kids, Guyver and Crying Freeman.

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  • Z-Axis
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Z-Axis, scheduled to perform in 2002 on the Concourse, are a post-progressive, new-edge music ensemble initially formed in 1997 to perform the music for the multi-media production Reality Check.

  • Albert A. Zakarian
    [**Past** Guests in 2004] Mr. Zakarian pioneered the legal defense of satellite piracy cases and co-authored a brief that resulted in the decision that there is no civil liability for persons who merely purchase and possess smart card programming equipment.

  • Patricia Zentilli
    [**Past** Guests in 2003] Patricia studied acting at Dalhousie University in Halifax and then did a short training stint with Shakespeare & Company in Boston. She credits her appearance on Lexx to being stranded in Halifax by an airline strike.

  • Sarah Zettel
    [**Past** Guests in 1996] Sarah's the author of the novels Reclamation and Fool's War.

  • Elaine Zicree
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Collaborating both formally and informally with husband Marc, Elaine Zicree has co-scripted or co-developed several TV series and other projects.

  • Marc Scott Zicree
    [**Past** Guests in 2002] Marc has sold over ninety scripts, including The New Twilight Zone, Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Forever Knight and Babylon 5.

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