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Enter the Battlestar Galactica universe in Battlestar Galactica™. Sign up to defend the Galactica, or play as the ruthless Cylons as they seek to remove the Human Race from existence. Pilot iconic ships from the Viper II to the Heavy Raider and lead your squadron in enormous fast-action multiplayer space combat (with up to eight players online) or play through the exciting single-player campaign.

  • Single-player campaign: Pilot various ships and complete memorable missions from the TV series.
  • Multiplayer game mode: Play online with up to eight players in this relentless space-based action shooter in Firefight, Skirmish, and Domination modes.
  • Spaceships: Pilot four human and four Cylon ships, from the Viper II to the Heavy Raider, each with unique weapon capabilities.
  • Special weapons: Coordinate attacks with an arsenal of destructive weapons including missiles, guns, and more.
  • Defensive maneuvers: Avoid annihilation with the barrel roll, quick turnabouts, and other aerial moves.
Xbox LIVE Arcade on Xbox 360

This title is only available to Xbox 360® owners with an Xbox LIVE® Silver or Gold membership, through download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Product Info
Battlestar Galactica™

Developer: Auran

Publisher: Sierra Online

Battlestar Galactica™

Genre: Xbox LIVE Arcade

Release Date: 10/24/2007

Console: Xbox 360


Players: 1-4

In-game Dolby Digital

HDTV 480i

Players: 2-8

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