Does HDR sign any other bands to the label ?

This label is for Devin's projects only. They keep us busy enough as it is and we don't intend to expand into outside material. Sorry.

I would like Devin to produce my band. What do I need to do ?

Devin is open to producing other bands as long as he sees something special in the music. He requests a daily rate and prospective bands would have to be willing to pay all expenses (hotel, meals and airfare) if recording is to occur outside of Vancouver. Devin has currently produced for Soilwork, December, The Heavils, Misery Signals, Lamb of God, Ten Ways From Sunday, Savannah, Zimmer's Hole ... and more to come.

I want to send in my CD so Devin can hear it. Would it be possible to get his opinion ?

Unfortunately, we have a policy not to comment on any material we receive. The main reason is time. For Devin to give each tape the attention it deserves in a reply, he would never do anything else, so, we can't give comment on any. However, if you do still wish to send it, he does appreciate hearing new things and is flattered that you would seek his opinion.

What does the SYL symbol mean ?

It's just the letters "S", "Y", and "L" made to look like a Japanese character. It doesn't have any other meaning.

Why is this all about Devin? Isn't SYL a band ?

Before 2003 and the SYL release, all music was written by Devin and it was no different to Infinity, Ocean Machine, Punky Brüster, Terria or Physicist. with all music being recorded and performed live with the four core members. The self-titled "SYL" album was the first group effort with input from all members. SYL are a Century Media-signed outfit, and to further distinguish Devin's personal projects versus SYL, all Strapping information will be transferred over to the SYL site.

Where did those demos of songs off "City" come from? Will they ever surface anywhere else ?

They are on a japanese SYL box set release. Devin recorded them in a friend's living room in LA. And I doubt they will surface anywhere else.

Is there going to be a studio version of Far Beyond Metal ?

Yes, Far Beyond Metal is on SYL new record "The New Black"

How did Devin get started ?

He began playing the banjo young and was raised in a very musical family. He played tuba and guitar in the school band, in clubs and dances with his first band Grey Skies. From there he joined Caustic Thought to play with Byron after Jed left. While in Caustic Thought he started Noisescapes with a friend and sent off the demo tape to several labels. Relativity Records responded and offered Devin a record deal.

The A&R man there also knew that Steve Vai, also on Relativity, was looking for a singer and sent the tape off to him.

Steve loved what he heard and asked Devin to join his band. While on tour with VAI in Europe, the opening band was called the Wildhearts and when they needed a guitar player, they called Devin. He went to live in England for a while to tour with the band whose co-manager was a man known as "Big Mick" - who was also the sound man for Metallica. Mick set up a meeting between Devin and Jason Newsted whom Devin joined for 4 weekend jam sessions, the most well known being IR8.

From there it has been a lot of wonderful coincidences and hard work that has gotten Devin to attain somewhat of a positive reputation and following now. He has been very fortunate to have met some wonderful people who have been extremely supportive and believe strongly in what he does.

Why does Devin have so many bands ?

They aren't bands, they are just different projects with different themes. He just follows where the inspiration takes him.

What will the next project be ?

The Devin Townsend Band will focus on the new record named "Synchestra", It will be recorded summzer 2005

What is with all these different versions of the various projects with the bonus tracks ? (referring to the reissues)

Just buy the main ones, thats what it was meant to be like. Record companies like to milk it.

What videos were officially released for each project ?

SYL did videos for

  • SYL
  • Detox
  • Relentless
  • Love
  • Zen
  • Wrong Side
Devin did videos for

  • Life (OM)
  • Christeen (OM)
  • Storm (DTB)
  • Vampira (DTB)

Do the DTB guys post online on the HDR forums ?

You can chat with the DTB guys and Tracy on the Hevydevy forums. They are very friendly people and visit the board very often. Devin posts occasionally as he is very busy producing or touring but he likes to read what fans have to say.

In my Infinity booklet, it lists a song called "om" that is not on the disk. Was it a bonus track that wasn't released here ?

It was a typo in the booklet that has occurred in all regions. "om", along with 3 other songs, appears on the Christeen EP. There were too many songs for the record and not enough time, so Devin decided to divide it up and release the others later.

What was the original order of songs/intended order of the songs on Infinity, with the EP ?

Metamorphosis~Infinite Waltz~Starchild would have been track two. om would have been after Soul Driven. Starchild, Soul Driven, om. Sit in the Mountain would not have been included. Love Load was included on the Unit:187 single "Stillborn".

Soul Driven

All the others were not going to be included.

What the heck does "sing maute dingas" mean?

In the wonderful world of Devin's imagination, the song was inspired from a dream about a gigantic king moth named Maute Dingas.

Will there be follow-ups to the Ocean Machine or Infinity albums, or were they 'one-off' records ?

Infinity was definitely a one-off (except for the EP that followed, but that was really a group of songs that were not finished in time to make the final cut). There may be another Ocean Machine but at this time it is unlikely. The records are never planned, they just happen. It depends on the direction Devin's moods take him.

Who or what is Namaste ?

It is a Sanskrit spiritual word meaning hello and goodbye but mainly it is a oneness with everything. It translates to mean 'I bow to the light in you.' What Devin means in the song is to aspire to communicate without speaking i.e. with music or feelings.

What are the lyrics Devin is singing at 3:22 in The Fluke ?

"....writing and eating and shitting and sleeping in rain or in shine masturbate till i'm blind in the cause and effect of the one troubled segment of time and the place and the look on your face and I write and I eat and I shit and I sleep yes I eat leafy greens nearly three times a week and I'm not unafraid but no longer afraid of you anymore...."

What kind of studio gear does Devin use ?

*** Updated later***

Do you have any guitar tabs for Devin's music ?

We plan to work on tablature books, we will keep you updated

Does Devin write all his own music?

Yes, or no. He claims that he has no choice. It writes itself.

How many people work at HDR ?

Devin is the maestro. Tracy is the boss, she is in charge of all the administrative side of the label (so be nice and indulgent). Our webmaster is in charge of the maintenance.

What is the meaning behind the SYL "Alien" title ?

It's not related to E.T or Star Wars or even the "Aliens" movies ... It just means "weird", that's how Devin felt when he listened to the record for the first time.

Who designed the DTB logo ?

Travis Smith designed it for the AE release. The Devin Townsend Band t-shirt artwork & Synchestra versions were stylized by Geoffrey Rousselot

Who plays with Devin in the DTB now ?

Ryan Van Poederooyen on drums, Brian Waddell on Guitar, Dave Young on keyboards, Mike Young on Bass

On the DTB tours to come, do you plan to include more Infinity material to the setlist ?

The DTB guys play some Infinity songs in rehearsal ("War" and "Christeen") so yes, eventually

I'd like to meet the DTB guys on tour, do I need a pass ?

No, and no need to contact us for that. Just try to catch the guys before or after the show and remember they have a job to do. The DTB guys are usually very happy to meet fans to chat, but don't blame them if they are exhausted or if they had a bad jet lag ... It can happen