GONZO animation GANKUTSUOU wins best title award at
GDH K.K ("GDH"; headquarters: Tokyo; President: Shinichiro Ishikawa) announced today that the GANKUTSUOU animation title created by GDH group company GONZO K.K. (GONZO) won a best title award in the TV category at the 10th ANIMATION KOBE fair.

Hosted by Kobe City and the animation Kobe Committee (executive chairman: Yasuki Hamano, professor at the graduate school of the University of Tokyo), the ANIMATION KOBE fair has been held each year since 1996 to discover and foster human resources related to digital video production and help support the digital video industry. At this fair, the Animation Kobe award was set up to honor individuals, groups and titles that are expected to be active in future. Since examiners are made up of the chief editors of major animation magazines who know Japan's digital content trends better than anyone else, their decisions are highly rated by animation industry-related people in terms of fairness and far-sightedness. The award ceremony will be held on October 2 at the Kobe main hall in the Kobe International Conference Center. For more information, please visit

In order to express increased artistic expression for clothing, which is difficult in conventional TV animation that uses texture for color characters, using the latest 3DCGI digital technologies including newly developed applications, GANKUTSUOU provides flamboyant visuals that have tremendous impact. GANKUTSUO is the result of an intense collaboration of cutting edge technologies and creators, including director Mahiro Maeda, who is recognized worldwide through this work on ANIMATRIX, etc., and world-class designer Anna Sui, who designed the costumes for the last episode.

GDH's Blue Submarine No. 6 and Battle Fairy Yukikaze previously won best title awards in the package category but this is the first time a GDH entry has won in the TV category.
Because of the high rating for GONZO animation in the TV category, the company is encouraged by the fact that GONZO technology and planning power are being accepted by more people, thus the company will continue to strive to create excellent titles, always adopting new taste in future as well.

Based on "The Count of Monte Cristo," a masterpiece of French classic literature by Alexandre Dumas, GANKUTSUOU is being restaged as a sci-fi visual revenge story aimed at contemporary viewers and was aired midnight every Tuesday from October 5, 2004 to March 29, 2005 on TV Asahi. Set in a fantasy Paris of the future that is far removed from the original setting of early 19th century France, the story revolves around a 15 year old boy name Albert who is fascinated with Monte Cristo, who became a revenge demon. This totally new animation work features a wonderful world made possible with the latest digital technology and the complex relationships between characters weave a new human drama. Moreover, the talented staff collaborating on the production include renowned fashion designer Anna Sui and also Jan Jack Bernel of "The Stranglers," who is known as one of the big three of punk music. Official site:
The 1st DVD (total of 12 volumes/Sales agency: MEDIA FACTORY INC.) was released on February 25, 2005.

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