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Mon May 29 01:27:22 CDT 2000

romalizer-0.61 released.

Changes from 0.6 to 0.61

  • Added option -M that moves the fixed zip roms into the romdir directory. The default is to not move the zips.
  • Added -g and -G options to specify different preferences for merging zip files.
  • Added support for neogeo roms
  • Correct version check on UnZip

In more detail:

  • romalizer will no longer move the zipfiles it has fixed into your roms directory unless you specify the -M option. This will allow you to run romalizer as a normal user on a roms filesystem that is only writable by root or some other games administrator. If you use the -M option, romalzier will back up your old roms into the working directory as usual, if the -M option is not used, the new (fixed) roms will be located in the working directory.
  • romalizer now fully supports two new styles of merging your roms. You may now use the -g or -G options to tell romalizer to use one of these new merging formats. When -g is used, romalizer will merge all clones into a single zip file. When -G is used, romalizer will create clone zip files that are capable of being run independantly of the parent romset. I have tested these new merging features on my pacman romset and it works beautifully, however more testing probably needs to be done on a complete romset for these options.
  • neogeo games are now supported, romalizer will just ignore any CRC that matches 354029fc (ng-sfix.rom), 9036d879 (neo-geo.rom), and 97cf998b (ng-sm1.rom). Thus neogeo roms are now fully supported except for these 3 which should be placed in a file called neogeo.zip.
  • romalizer requires usage of UnZip version 5.41 or higher due to a Y2K bug in UnZip. This patch will now check your unzip version and abort if you do not have a recent version of UnZip.

I have tested this version of romalizer with a full 0.37b2 romset and used it to merge my 0.37b3 romset (using a hacked xmame-0.37b3.0) with no problems encountered. Please test this version (esp. the -g and -G options and let me know if you encounter any errors).

Tue May 16 21:10:11 CDT 2000

I have updated The Romalizer to version 0.60.  This new version simply has enhancements which make the script run correctly with the latest version of xmame/xmess.  You can download it here.

I have also added Burger Man's collection of MESS PNG images to my collection of MAME PNG images.  You can download them here.  The MAME images are very out of date.

Thu May  4 18:04:14 CDT 2000

I have released a new version of TkMAME which has only been tested on unix systems.  I will test it with the DOS MAME soon.  You can download it here.

Mon Sep 20 18:50:39 CDT 1999

OOPS! I had introduced some bugs with version 0.5 of The Romalizer.  Available now is a bug fix release here:  romalizer-0.51.gz.

Thu Sep 16 17:38:11 CDT 1999

Another update to The Romalizer has been made.  This version has a new option which will allow you to check for file names as well as the CRCs when analyzing your ROMs.  You can download the new version here.

Wed Sep 15 17:43:02 CDT 1999

A new update to The Romalizer is now available here.  This version was announced on the xmame mailing list a while back.  You can read the announcement here.

Fri Sep 3 16:42:01 CDT 1999

I have been working on adding some features to The Romalizer, and I found a couple bugs in the process.  You may click here to download version 0.3 of The Romalizer.  Below you will see a list of changes since the last release:

  • The Romalizer created dummy files in a zip file for a clone which normally would not have any ROMs in it, for example tempest2.zip does not need any files in it, so romalizer creates a dummy file for the zip.  If you ran romalizer on this file a second time, it would think that dummy was an extra file and ask you to fix the ROMs.  This has been fixed so romalizer now ignores files named "dummy" (with a crc of 0) in the zip file.
  • I found another bug where The Romalizer would correctly fix a ROM which had a NO GOOD DUMP KNOWN with an inverted CRC listed in the -listroms output and then report that the corrected zip was still incorrect the next time you verified it.  This has also been fixed.
  • Added -l option to send verbose output to a file, that is, output that normally would be sent to the console with -v is sent to a log file.  If, both -l and -v are used, then output is sent to both the console and the logfile.
  • Added -c option to specifiy zip compression level.
  • Added -C option to specify cutoff value (see below)
  • Romalizer now only loads CRCs for roms specified on command line, unless the number of roms specified on the command line is greater than a cutoff value which can also be specified on the command line.
  • Added a few more messages to the verbose output.
  • Format of status report is cleaner looking.
  • Error messages are now sent to stderr.
  • Added optimizations when parsing CRC information, and added many comments to the code.

Sun Aug 29 15:27:27 CDT 1999

Unix users should be sure to run the configure script with --disable-stubs option, when compiling the Img library with use for Tcl/Tk 8.0.5.

Sat Aug 28 15:25:15 CDT 1999

I have put a local copy of img12.exe on this web server.  This program is what Windows users need to run in order to get TkMAME to work with .PNG images.

Wed Aug 25 20:30:56 CDT 1999

I found some initial bugs in The Romalizer, for example, if you typed in a clone ROM name it would just ignore it.  You can download the update here.

Tue Aug 24 11:55:19 CDT 1999

Quick Download: TkMAME 0.35-pre11
(if you are coming here for the first time, please visit the download page.)

You will need to patch Tcl/Tk in order to get .PNG support!  Download the Tcl/Tk patch here!

TkMAME (0.35-pre11) released!  This version adds .PNG support for your images.  Not much of an update, but it has been a long time since the last update, I decided to release what little work I had done to TkMAME the past month.  This does not mean, fortunately, that all work has stopped on TkMAME.  As a matter of fact, I have been working on some other projects as you will see below.  I plan to put out another release of TkMAME very soon which will contain mainly modifications to the Windows side.  This next release will be the pen-ultimate release of the 0.35 series and will be named 0.35-rc1.  For the full list of changes for this release, check the change log.

I have also been working on a complete rewrite of TkMAME for the 0.36 release series.  The plan is that 0.36-pre1 will have very little new features, but the code will be completely rewritten.  My objective in the rewrite is to have clearer, easier to understand and modify source code.  As well, the code should be a lot smaller.  After that, I will start adding new features.  I plan to start spending a greater percentage of my time on TkMAME development over the next month, so hopefully you will see this version sooner rather than later.

Last, but definately not least, I have completed work on a Tcl script which will analyze your ROMs.  I've called this program The Romalizer.  Don't let the name scare you, this program will examine your zip files for your MAME ROMs and let you know if you have any extra data in your zip files.  Using this program, I have reduced the size of my FULL MAME 0.35b2 ROMs directory to 375381797 bytes, thats 375 Megs (does not include NeoGeo ROMs).  Currently this script will only work with xmame on Linux/Unix systems.  A DOS port is in the works!  Those of you who just hate windows, can analyze your ROMs from DOS with this program!  This program might find its way into the 0.36 release of TkMAME, but it will also always be available as a seperate program to download for DOS only users.  Version 0.1 of The Romalizer only works with a patched version of xmame-0.35b2.1, or xmame-0.36b3.1 (which as of the time of this posting is not yet released).  I will most likely create a seperate page for The Romalizer, but for now you can get version 0.1 here.

Fri Jun 11 17:26:38 CDT 1999:

Quick Download: TkMAME 0.35-pre10
(if you are coming here for the first time, please visit the download page.)

TkMAME (0.35-pre10) released!  This version fixes a bug introduced in the previous version which prevented you from selecting a default MAME when you started TkMAME for the first time.

I have also added the ability to parse the history.dat file that is now shipped with MAME.  You may view the history information of a game by viewing the notes for that game.  You will need to remove the .not files in the tkmame/notes directory if you want TkMAME to rescan your notes with the history.dat file.  Unix users should put the history.dat file in their home directory, and DOS users should place it in the same directory that MAME is in.

This version introduces a toggle switch to toggle the effect of raising all the TkMAME windows to the top when any TkMAME window gains focus.  This option causes TkMAME to slow down with some window managers when running under Unix, so the default for Unix now is to not have the windows auto-raise.  If you want to test this feature out, select the Toggle Auto-Raise Windows from the Options menu.  Since Windows users do not have this problem, this option is not available on the Windows side.  Additionally, for Unix users, I have fixed a bug when TkMAME was minimized with several windows open.

For Windows users, I have added the triplebuffer switch, the profiler switch, the new vesamodes (vesa1, vesa2b, vesa2l, and vesa3), and the stretch options (off, 800x600, 1024x768).

Finally, I have added the ability to specify multiple paths for your documentation directory (this only applies to Unix users.)  And for the upcoming July 4th holiday, I have added a new US Patriotic color scheme to TkMAME.  You can select this color scheme from the Colors menu.

If you have devised your own color scheme to TkMAME, and you would like to submit it for others to use, please mail me your tkmame/tkmame.geo file.  I am also looking for people to translate TkMAME into other languages.  No programming skills are required!  If you would like to translate TkMAME into your native language for others to use, please mail me.

Tue Jun 8 10:00:37 CDT 1999:

TkMAME (0.35-pre9) released!  This version fixes a bug which prevented TkMAME from running if it or MAME was located in a directory with a space in it.  So, If you placed MAME or TkMAME in a directory such a C:\Program Files\Mame this version should work for you.  There were a couple other features added as well, check the change log for more information.  To download the latest copy, go to the download page.

I have also updated the errata page.  If you are having any problems with TkMAME, please check here first.  I would also like to thank everyone who has submitted feedback to me on the bug reports page.  Occasionally e-mail will get lost or accidentally erased.  By posting feedback on the web site you can be assured I will see it and try to address the issue.

Tue May 4 14:14:21 CDT 1999:

I have submitted a patch to the xmame mailing list which will allow the unix version of MAME to read in configuration settings set with TkMAME regardless of whether or not xmame is launched from a shell prompt or from TkMAME.  This will allow you to configure your roms with TkMAME, and then run xmame from a shell prompt and still have it read in the configuration settings you set with TkMAME.

I also released a new version of TkMAME (0.35-pre8).  This version's main new feature is support for the new symbolic joystick names, and SNES pad support (applies to Windows users only).  If your MAME.CFG file still contains a numeric value for your joystick, you will need to change this to its symbolic name in order for TkMAME to correctly read in your default joystick type.  In other words, numeric values for joystick types are no longer supported by TkMAME.

As always, you can see the entire list of changes from the change log page, and you can download the latest version from the download page, or just upgrade by clicking here.

Sun Apr 25 11:57:25 CDT 1999:

I have rewritten the HTML for my home page.  I hope the new web pages will be easier to navigate and faster to download.  It may be fairly simplistic, but who needs all that fancy stuff anyway?

I have also released a new version of TkMAME (0.35-pre7).  You may download it from the download page, and see what is new from the change log page.

I have implemented a section on the web page where you can submit bug reports or new ideas/improvements for TkMAME.  Please do not hesitate to post a message if you see something that is wrong.  To post a bug report or suggestion just click on the bug reports page.

I'm sorry for the lack of updates.  I have been playing EverQuest a lot recently.  The addiction of a great new game is slowing starting to wear off which means I will have more time for upgrading TkMAME.


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