Bliss 2.0.5 released. Also, big "oops" found in the beta!

A user pointed out that the Bliss 2.0.5 beta had the audio disabled. I had this temporarily disabled because I was trying to track down a bug. This was also related to the problem where the beta was running way too fast. Oh, well.

Anyway, I've fixed these problems, and the official 2.0.5 release is now available. Get it in the downloads. I never received any feedback about whether the CGC support was working, so if you own a CGC, let me know. Thanks!

New Bliss Web Site

Once again, I've changed the Bliss web site. The team that was developing the old content management system I was using has experienced some infighting which significantly slowed their development progress, so I've switched over to Drupal. I have to say that so far I really like Drupal a lot, and I especially like the new look I've got going here.

The user accounts have been successfully moved to this new web site, but you will need to reset your password to access your account again.

Unfortunately, the forum postings could not be migrated to the new site. Hopefully this will be the last significant web site revamp for a while. Let me know if you experience any problems.

Beta 2.0.5 with CGC Support

At the request of a Bliss donator (Thanks, Scott!), I've posted a beta version of Bliss 2.0.5 with support for the CGC. Or at least, I *think* it supports the CGC. I don't actually own a CGC, so I had to add the support for it without being able to test it. The original requestor has not had a chance to test it out yet, so I'm releasing it as a public beta. If you own a CGC and you decide to try it out, please let me know your experience.

As mentioned previously, feature requests with a donation attached will have priority. This is your chance to really affect the direction of Bliss development. The distribution of Bliss itself will always be free, but donations (even small ones) are a pleasant way to reward the developers of open source projects you use and they are much appreciated. Click the donation button on the right and request your long-desired feature today.

Now Even Easier To Get Bliss Source Code

As mentioned previously, I've finally had it with Sourceforge and purchased space last night (thanks to the donations!) at a commercial source code repository. Now that I finally have more complete administrative control over the source code, I was able to make room for and release all the source code I've ever written related to Intellivision emulation. Note that, as always, all of this source code is being released under the GPL. The source codebases are now stored in Subversion repositories at Hosted Projects. Just use your favorite Subversion client (I use SmartSVN) and point it to any of the following Subversion modules with the username "anonymous" and no password for read-only access to whichever codebase you prefer. If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to contact me.

Sore at Sourceforge

Well, much to my surprise, two people have donated money to Bliss. First, Janice donated $5 but made no specific feature request associated with it. Thanks for your kindness, Janice! Second, Scott has donated $3 and requested CGC support. Thanks very much, Scott! I have begun integrating CGC support and I think I have it pretty much completed, which brings me to my next issue...

Sourceforge currently has me locked out of the Bliss source codebase because of a hardware issue. This is not the first time Sourceforge has caused problems for me during Bliss development, but it will definitely be the last. I understand that it is a free service for open source software engineers like myself, but I believe Sourceforge itself is poorly managed and apparently I'm not the only one who's had problems. I'd rather pay money and get decent service, so as soon as my codebase is back online, I plan to migrate to a commercial source code repository.

Spare a Penny?

See the donate button along the right? Can you believe in the entire history of Bliss development, not a single person has ever clicked the "Donate" button and donated a dime even though the Windows version of Bliss is downloaded an average of 500-600 times each month?

Actually, it's not that shocking. It's human nature, really. I've personally missed lots of opportunities to donate to a project because I never felt like taking the time to click the "donate" button, so I can't blame you for doing the same.

So how about this. The first person who donates the first dollar to Bliss can name a feature they want me to implement via the "comment" field on the donation. I will then implement the desired feature if possible and make a new release containing the feature before collecting the donation from my PayPal account. If more than one person donates (although I'd faint if that actually happened), then I'll do my best to implement all requested features before the next release. How about it? Any takers?

Bliss for Treo 650 v1.01

Released an update to the Treo 650 version of Bliss that changes the way that the emulation updates the video display, and the new way is much, MUCH faster. It now runs at full speed on the Treo 650 with no frame-skipping. In the 1.0 release, it was hard-wired to display only every fourth frame, but now this 1.01 update displays every frame and the speed is much smoother than the previous release with fewer "hiccups". Download it here.

Now one of these days, I'll get around to putting a decent front-end on it.

Bliss for Treo!!!

The images to the right are fuzzy, but they're real. I have just posted a download for an all-new version of Bliss for Treo devices, dubbed BlissPalm. For those of you who just want the goods, go here.

I'm pleasantly surprised with how this first release turned out. On my Treo 650, it has full sound, great video output speed, complete input support for both players, and the entire core Intellivision Master Component is fully emulated.

Now here is the important info you should know.

#1 - Although I've only tested this on a Treo 650, I’ve done nothing specific to limit the use of other Palm OS 5 devices, but please be forewarned that any Palm OS 5 platform *other* than the Treo 650 is entirely untested.

#2 - Most importantly, to use BlissPalm, you must create a /INTV directory on your SD card. In this directory, you must include the Executive ROM in a file named "exec.bin" and the Graphics ROM in a file named "grom.bin". If you have no idea what these files are, please don’t email and ask me what they are and where to get them.
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