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Campaign Update - Day Four

The first flyover of the CSI offices at Universal Studios was successful. The people at CSI did see it, and to prove it, here is an email David Rambo sent one of our campaign starters at YTDaW.

Well, that was a fun surprise! All the writers went outside and saw the plane and the banner. CSI fans are the greatest.

You might have read in press before the premiere that Carol Mendelsohn said we'd take Grissom and Sara to San Francisco. That was the intention for episode 804, Carol wasn't lying. But we actually found a better way to explore that plot development without leaving CSI. It's a major development in the Grissom/Sara relationship. Both Billy and Jorja loved what I wrote from the first draft. Don't miss it - it airs on October 18th. Jacqueline Hoyt wrote the story that follows the death of a young man, and I wrote a story involving the discovery of bones on the site of Sam Braun's demolished Rampart Casino. Hope you enjoy it -- and my GSR scene.

Thanks for the skyborne surprise,
David Rambo

Images and video from the first flyover can be viewed here.

Campaign Update - Day Five

100 balloons were sent to Carol Mendelsohn at the CSI offices in Universal City with cards attached that said "Don't Burst Our Bubble! Keep Jorja Fox on CSI."

Carol Mendelsohn and David Rambo pose with the balloons
Carol Mendelsohn and David Rambo with some of the balloons we sent!

Campaign Update - Day Six

The second flyover of the CSI offices at Universal Studios was successful.

Images and video from the second flyover can be viewed here.

Campaign Update - Day Seven

Hershey Kisses192 chocolate covered insects with the message "CSI Without Sara Bugs Us. Keep Jorja Fox on CSI!" were sent to Naren Shankar. Additionally, a bouquet of pink, red and white balloons and some heart shaped balloons along with Hershey Kisses were sent to the whole staff. The card attached said "Don't break our hearts. Keep Jorja Fox on CSI."

Campaign Update - Day Ten

Lifesaver CandyThe new week see us sending our first day of 200 balloons to Les Moonves at CBS New York. Each bundle of 20 had our "Don't Burst our Bubble! Keep Jorja Fox on CSI" flyer attached. Along with the over 5000 letters and flyers headed toward CBS in NY, our message should be pretty clear by Friday!

In LA we delivered a couple thousand LifeSavers (the candy) to Dustin Lee Abraham and Allen MacDonald...attached was the message "You were Sara's life saver, now be ours. Keep Jorja Fox on CSI."

Campaign Update - Day Eleven

The third flyover of the CSI offices at Universal Studios was successful despite the pilot having to cut it short after someone filming at the studio complained. For this flyover the banner read 'Follow the Evdence Keep Jorja Fox on CSI!'.

Video from the flyover can be viewed here.

Campaign Update - Day Twelve

Bee HatIn LA we sent Carol Mendelsohn a box of bee hats (Gibby gets credit for finding these) with the message "Dont' Bee a Buzzkill, Keep Jorja Fox on CSI." and Doug Petrie 25 boxes of Crime Scene Bandaids (they look like crime scene tape) with the message "You Wound Us. Keep Jorja Fox on CSI!".

And in New York things got kinda interesting. Our 200 balloons were delivered today, but when they were dropped off, the guys on the loading dock informed the delivery people that the balloons from our previous two days were being held downstairs until they deflated. Apparently, someone questioned the balloon delivery people as to who they were and who the balloons were from, but they wisely referred the CBS staff to the Dollars for Sense flyer (complete with the website address) that was attached to all the balloons.

But don't worry, we have a plan to make sure our message gets to where it needs to be.

Campaign Update - Day Thirteen

As you have previously read CBS NY wasn't exactly thrilled at getting our balloons and have been using heavy handed tatics to try and get the identity of the person arranging the deliveries from both the New York and Los Angeles balloon companies. This has caused us to re-think the plan slightly and as a result no more gifts will be sent to anyone in the meantime. We may at some point gift people again or if this is going to continue to be an issue with CBS we may simply donate the money received to Penny Lane, a charity that Jorja supports.

But here are some of the gifts that we did send before the decision to cease was made.

Carol Mendelsohn's last gift was a wedding cake, with a note attached, "For the GSR fangirl in you, Carol. Keep Jorja Fox on CSI." It was delivered this afternoon to the CSI offices in Los Angeles.

David Rambo received an enormous box of stuffed butterflies with the slogan, "Butterflied. Enough said. Keep Jorja Fox on CSI.", Sarah Goldfinger received an assortment of foxes, a lot of them, with the slogan, "Don't make Fox an endangered species. Keep Jorja Fox on CSI.", Evan Dunsky got 72 miniature, light-up train keychains with the slogan, "You must have loco motives for letting go of Sara. Keep Jorja Fox on CSI." and Jacqueline Hoyt was sent 10 crystal balls, "Sara Sidle keeps us spellbound. Look into the future...Keep Jorja Fox on CSI.".