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Prospective Students – Other College/University Admissions

Students who have completed our 3 qualifying courses as part of 24 or more credits hours of transferable course work can apply for direct admission into the School of Computing Science. Students who have completed fewer than 24 transferable credits may be admitted provided they meet Simon Fraser University’s high school admission requirements.

Transferring from BCIT? Click here for BCIT transfer credit information.


External transfer students are eligible to apply for scholarships, awards, and bursaries. Please refer to the Financial Assistance website for more information.


Click here for a list of available programs.

Did you attend College/University in another province or in another country? If so, please refer to the Admissions page on the Student Services website for complete SFU admission requirements.

Fill out the online form at the Post-secondary Application Service of BC (PASBC) site.

Select Applied Sciences as your faculty, Computing Science as your subject area, and BSc Computing as your program/plan. Students wishing to apply to the SFU Surrey campus should select Computing Science – Surrey as your subject area and BSc Software Systems as your program/plan.

In two to three weeks time, you will receive an email from SFU containing your temporary user ID and password.

Use this ID and password to log into the Student Information System to pay your application fees and document evaluation fees (if any) by credit card.

Once you've been accepted to SFU, check out the new student welcome page which will provide you with information on getting a computing ID, enrolling in courses, paying tuition fees and more.

Deadlines - apply to SFU by the appropriate deadline.

Qualifying Course Requirements

For direct entry from college or other post-secondary institution, you must meet the SFU admission requirements and complete at least 24 credit hours of transferable credit, which includes 1 Mathematics course and 2 Computing courses OR 1 Computing course and 2 Mathematics courses that receive the following transfer credit at SFU:

SFU Computing List: CMPT 125 or 126, CMPT 150, CMPT 225, CMPT 250, CMPT 275.

SFU Math List: MACM 101, MACM 201, MATH 151, MATH 152, MATH 240.

To see how your institution’s courses transfer to SFU, visit:

Writing and Quantitative Requirements

Writing requirement:

  • Obtain a grade of C- or better in a certified W (writing intensive) course that transfers to SFU as a W course; or
  • Obtain a C- or better grade in a (three credit or more) course that transfers to SFU as English (ENGL).

Quantitative requirement:

  • Obtain a grade of C- or better in a transferable course that is certified Q by SFU and transfers to SFU as a Q course.
  • Note: Students transferring with fewer than 24 transferable credits need to refer to the admission requirements for high school students for both Writing and Quantitative requirements. Please see the Admissions page on the Student Services website for complete information.

    If you're a BC transfer student, use the following guide to see if your courses transfer to SFU as W or Q.

Important! Please Note:

  • All three (3) qualifying courses must be completed prior to application.
  • No waivers of the three (3) qualifying course requirements will be considered.
  • No substitutes for the three (3) qualifying courses are allowed without special arrangements with a CS Advisor prior to sending in your application.
  • Duplicate courses may be used, but we will only consider your first attempt for application purposes.



In the event of any discrepancies between this page and the SFU calendar, the calendar shall take precedence.