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Look Out, Here They Come
season 5, episode 2: "Look Out, Here They Come"
Tina's obvious, lingering affection for Bette affects her dating prospects; Shane's last-minute gig styling hair at a wedding results in a comic series of erotic encounters; Tasha reveals her reason for not shipping out to Iraq: she's being investigated for "homosexual conduct."

Directed By: Cherien Dabis
Written By: Jamie Babbit
Special Guest Star: Cybill Shepherd
Guest Stars: Malaya Rivera Drew, Jane Lynch, Lucia Rijker, Wallace Shawn

TV-MA (S, L, D) - Nudity, Adult Language, Adult Content
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Look Out, Here They Come   Look Out, Here They Come   Look Out, Here They Come
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TV-MA (D, L, S, V) - Adult Content, Graphic Language, Nudity, Viewer Discretion is Advised.