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BMW's radical 3-wheeler on its way

Big-engined maxi scooter on the way, along with three new Rotax-inspired engines

LOTS OF rumours around at the moment from both the French and Spanish journos that BMW is planning its own three-wheeled, covered C1-type motorcycle.

According to reports from our foreign friends, BMW have already (with help from Rotax) developed three engines to power not only the funky tri-wheel concept to production, but a brace of large scooters, too.

The three motors are all based on the same 80 degree, four-valve per cylinder, liquid-cooled, V-twin cylinder lay-out. The smallest is 500cc making around 33bhp, the next is a 650 belching out around 55bhp while the top of range will be 800cc that kicks out 75bhp. According to the factory moles, any thoughts of front-wheel drive have been ditched by the firm in order to keep costs down. Paralever suspension seemd on the cards for the entire range though. Wonder how they're going to keep the weight down?

Jean-Michel Cavret, director of the division motion of BMW France, said: "The president of the division BMW motion, Hendrik Von Kuenheim is convinced that we must make a scooter, therefore we are working on the project. We want to be open to new markets and it is for that reason that we produce the motor of the G450X for Kymco and the G650X to the Loncin Chinese factory.”

Sounds like the projects are on then, we can't wait to see this three-wheeler.

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Posted: 06/08/08 17:29:16 16
Any word on if the vtwin engines will be build by Kymco or Loncin?

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