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Shop Boyz are banging heads with their out-of-nowhere hip-hop smash "Party Like a Rockstar" – three Atlanta rappers chanting, "t-t-t-totally, dude!" over a Slash-style guitar loop and cheap booty-clap beats. The Boyz call their style "hood rock," which probably just means they're looking to pick up some hot Fall Out Boy groupies. But they boast about their wallet chains and skull belts, while "trippin' with the Osbournes" and hanging "on the yacht with Marilyn Manson, getting a tan, man." And like true rock stars, they stretch their hit into an album nobody will ever play twice, though "Rollin" is a catchy Beach Boys tribute. The Boyz boast that their ice makes white girls go down quick like the Titanic – technically, that's almost three hours, definitely longer than it took to write these songs.


(Posted: Jun 11, 2007)


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