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    Too many Californians conduct their financial lives outside the financial mainstream:

  • One in five Californians does not have a checking account
  • 25 percent of African American households don’t have a checking account
  • 27 percent of Latino households don’t have a checking account
  • Six percent of white households don’t have a checking account.
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By opening a bank account, you can take an important step toward financial security. With a free or low-cost account, you can start to save for the future and establish a credit history that will help you enter the financial mainstream and achieve your dreams.

Without a bank account, the average person will spend 5% of their income at check cashers each year. This means that by having a bank account, you could save around $800 a year.

Finding a bank or credit union is the first step. The staffs of participating banks and credit unions are trained to answer questions and walk you through each step of the process. To set up a free or low-cost account, you need a valid ID. Many forms of ID are accepted, including passports, California IDs, Mexican Matricula cards, and more.

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To better serve their communities, the cities listed have already joined the initiative. The number of participating cities will continue to grow as the partnership extends throughout all of California.

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These banks and credit unions have partnered with us to help reach even more unbanked Californians.

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