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Lessons In Marketing: What Is The Black Parade?

My Chemical Romance fans are stratching their heads due to some confusing conflicting reports about something called “The Black Parade“.

It was first reported that music video auteur Sam Bayer (who recently did The Strokes’ “You Only Live Once” video) is slated to direct the new vid for a My Chemical Romance song called “The Black Parade”. Brilliant, totally makes sense.

But then news gossipy sites like Absolute Punk and Mammoth Press reported that “The Black Parade” had been signed to Riot Squad Records, which is owned by Brian Schechter who manages MCR via his Riot Squad management company, and that “the band’s site will fully launch soon.”

the black parade web site was registered only in June of this year by Riot Squad: A Management Company and is currently being used to hawk TBP tshirts for 7.99 bucks. And guess who’s handling your transaction? None other than Warner Brothers Records, home of bands like Head Automatica and…My Chemical Romance.

In addition to this, TBP packages have been sent out to MCRmy soldiers with a TBP sticker with “October 2006″ written on the back, with a poster and wrapped in a piece of paper that has, “XoXoXo, MCR”, scrawled on it.

And Detroit was recently snipped with TBP posters:

tbp snipped

…and other major cities like Chicago and Philly have gotten the same treatment. Some concert-going kids are getting TBP stickers at Warped Tour.

Yet Warner Brothers Web site lists The Black Parade as one of the “bands” you can sign up for their email list.

SO WHAT IS THE BLACK PARADE? Some guesses are: MCR’s new album, MCR’s new single, a MCR side project, a musical supergroup containing members of MCR, some kind of special MCR fanclub…


RELATED LINKS: Want to spy some more on TBP…no matter what is is? Check out what looks like might be the official Myspace page, their blank Purevolume page. Also check out the TBP LJ community.

90 Responses to “Lessons In Marketing: What Is The Black Parade?”

  1. roughrider wrote:

    i know! i know what it is! IT’S SOMETHING SOMEBODY WANTS US TO BUY!
    the end.

  2. curse you, black parade! wrote:

    I’ve been racking by brain with this for way too long.. if I don’t find out soon, I might kill someone!

  3. me wrote:

    its like those ads on tv that say “finally, someone good on tv.”
    then they finish. who is good on tv? who is the black parade?
    some of lifes most troubling questions.

  4. Nilina wrote:

    I guess we know now-courtesy of the LJ community
    OCTOBER 24th!!! Mikey better not be married by then

  5. roughrider - And you think that’s not a part of life? Buying things? Or are you too caught up in downloading illegally off the internet?

  6. Amber wrote:

    I think I might know what it is. I think that WE are The Black Parade. Like all the fans.

  7. jenny wrote:

    omg its so confusing!

  8. oowwie wrote:

    this is going to kill me. its mildly pissing me off. i want it to go away or do something… yeah

  9. girl wrote:

    i think.
    if you rly want to know what this is.
    you should go to the LJ about it.
    its rly helpful
    and its like a scavenger hunt.

  10. MC wrote:

    The Amber person above has a good idea. This entire “The Black Parade” thing may just be an elaborate analogy for MCR fans. In any event, it’s intriguing, and hopefully this website will keep an eye on it.

  11. kindle wood wrote:

    LOL! o rly? owl haha


    Does anyone else kind of feel like punching Gerard or something? >_>

  12. mingus wrote:

    i do!!!

    its making me not be able to sleep at night.

  13. melancholydolly wrote:

    i got the stickers too, i wish i had gotten a poster or 2. i am handing them out on for free, of course, send me a sase and ill send a sticker!!

  14. ale wrote:

    well…i really dont now waht is the balck parade…some people thinks that is the new mcr songle or the title of their new album…but i really dont think


    but i dont now what it is jaja xD


  15. TBP wrote:

  16. TBP wrote:

  17. XrX wrote:

    Hooray for a hundred black stickers.

    Ambiguity is the best way to create hype, after all. Though I have to wonder how long it took WB/Reprise employees to ship all these materials to… who knows how many fans?… individually. That took some effort.

  18. ok, it’s like this.
    1 it is going to be the first single.
    it was announced here:
    it has since been pulled, but it said:
    “Awarded Sam Bayer to direct my chemical romance ‘The Black Parade’ then it said it was a video, so that means it is likely the first single and the video will debut on the 24 of October.
    Now my oppinion is that it will likely be the name of the cd and that mcr are going to be playing the part of a psudo band, (not changing their name as many people suspected)
    Remember when Gerard said it was a reawaking/rebirth and the cd was inspired by the likes of Queen and David Bowie (who is also Ziggy Stardust, an alter ego)
    Aaaand remember how G changed his hair and look for The Ghost of You.
    It is likely that the same goes for teh new blond look and the part he will be playing.
    Further more, the first pic to be released of G’s hair platinum had the letters mcrBP it was like a test photo for the video shoot is what I figure.
    A lot of this stuff was discussed at mcrmy mcr’s street team, then appeared at live journal.
    So most of the puzzle pieces came from mcrmy!

  19. Al wrote:

    The LiveJournal community is not a reliable source for information. There are a lot of people out there that make up information, and then they say that they ‘Found out from a website’.

    I say, we wait for them to tell us what it is. I don’t think it’s going to be the new hit, there’s way too much hype over it for it to be just a hit.

    But whatever, I’m just going to be a patient fan and wait for Gerard to reveal what it is. :)

    PS: I’m waiting for Gerard because the dude can’t keep a secret to save his life. :)

  20. Ace wrote:

    It’s a pulicity stunt. End of story. It’s designed to drive all of us insane until October and then disappoint us because it’s something stupid.

  21. [...] According to an email sent out by My Chemical Romance to their mailing list, a car accident was not the reason for canceling this past weekend’s Street Scene performance. (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs filled in for them.) Apparently Gerard’s busted ankle and Bob’s leg burn were sustained during the shoot of their upcoming music video for their new album, rumored to be called The Black Parade. [...]

  22. J-Roq wrote:

    fashion line…it all adds up!

  23. mhmmmmm i like muffins wrote:

    the black parade is there new single, also i believe the name of thier new album and there could just happen to be a band. and MCR could not know and just made a song called the black parade….so yeah it could just be a coincidence

  24. lala wrote:

    What’s the ”Black Parade”? It’s a confused, very confused!! (puede que sea broma, pero… para llegar taaaan lejos?, esto es raro…)

  25. Fuzzy wrote:

    we won’t have to wait to much longer…. and it is worth the wait :-)

  26. Matt wrote: now has a dark picture in the background. It is a picture of the band. Bob is on the top right, Ray (and his fro) are visible in the left-center area. Gerard is in the lower center.

  27. julia wrote:

    heheh I bought two shirts….

  28. julia wrote:

    oh and the black prade sounds like a funeral

  29. Katiiie wrote:

    ok…hmm this may just be me going insane or something…but you know how they put a pic of mcr in the background of the TBP website? ok well it seems like the picture is gradually getting clearer each day… i looked at it yesterday and i could hardly make out who it is…but i looked at it today and you can really notice gerard’s bolde hair :|…GOD THIS IS DRIVING ME MAD!

  30. [...] 1. Is The Black Parade the name of your new album? 2. Why blond Gerard, why? Filed under my chemical romance and new jersey [...]

  31. Zzr wrote:

    ok 1. The Black Parade is not the name of their new album. They’re not the type to have the album and a single be the same name.

    2. The Black Parade most likely is some kind of mass media technique to reel in all of the fandoms and such to get excited for My Chem. (like they all ready aren’t enough.) Which means that, as many ppl have said, it is the new vid. for the single that might be named “The Black Parade.”

    3. Kidos, just wait! My Chem is generally really good at keeping their fans updated. just chill its like two months and some odd days away. Believe me knowing the kind of success they’ve seen over the past 2 years it’ll just get more and more hyped up.

  32. Zzr wrote:

    oh and that pick of them frm the website is f*ucking freaky ass hell.

  33. Fuzzy wrote:

    ZZr you sound like you know stuff.
    Though i’m interested in why MCR “aren’t the type” to have a single and an album the same name.
    If in the big scheme of things it actually meant something that they were the one and the same, then i think your theory would be blown out of the wawter.

    And i’m pretty sure we’re going to know alot more….very very soon.
    thank god. :-)

  34. alex wrote:

    i dont have time to read the comments at the moment to see if this has already been said, but there is a song called “The Black Parade” by Nile Willie. could be just coincidental though. probably.

  35. alex wrote:

    my head hurts. i tried writing everything down to se if it made any sense at didnt.maybe they will give clues at their blood freaking sold out showsof which i am not attending *cries*

  36. alex wrote:

    oh and how come it is saying you can ‘join’ the black parade? like in kerrang and stuff? hummmmmmmmm

  37. Anna wrote:

    I reckon that it’s the name of the new album and that the picture that seems to be slowly appearing could be the album cover. Possibly appearing slowly to represent the increased publicity or possibly knoledge about it. Dunno about the whole joining the black parade guess that’s just cause it sounds cool. Cause they have t/shirts for tcfsw so it wud make sense to have thm for the new album as well

  38. Ellen wrote:

    It’s the name of one of the singles from their forthcoming album, and the single which they just filmed a new video for, you know the one where Gerard tore ligaments in his ankle and Bob burnt the shit out of his leg. Yeah that one. I’m definitely going out on a limb but i will say it; It’s NOT the name of the new album. Isn’t the title like ‘The Rise and Fall of My Chemical Romance’, thats the word on the street, i hope Gerard is being decieving because having to say “My Chemical Romance’s ‘The Rise and Fall of My Chemical Romance’” doesn’t cling well due to MCR being said twice. But hey, meh, we’ll listen all the same, right? I’ve seen a pic of a couple of the girls in the film clip and they’re wearing sort of uniforms, black of course. Sort of like you would wear in a parade. See where i’m going with this? But in the end who knows where things can go just before the release date springs around.

    And I’m thinking with other people who have mentioned things about alter-egos. Perhaps this is what they’re doing with the whole webpage ‘’ and all the rest of it. Clearly they’re the band in the background. All this merely leads to increased publicity just before the time of album release. Perfect marketing i must say. Because here we all are ranting and obbsessing about what the hell ‘The Black Parade’ is and then when the single is released it’s just ‘ding ding ding’. And then we all talk about it more and there’s even MORE publicity. Oh they’re good, they are reaaaally good.

    Kudos to MCR’s promotion team. And of course My Chem.

  39. Matt wrote:

    It’s the name of the new album. Check out now. The MCRmy (official street team) has confirmed.

  40. Kathryn wrote:

    I have a idea… the single is coming out like september 11th.. 5 years to the date of 9/11. Gerard isn’t stupid like that. And that also could explain the burns and stuff.

  41. BEXCELLENT!!!! wrote:

    what in the world is it????
    its been driving me nuts until i looked at this picture

    notice how it says MCRBPCHAR.TEST.002.
    well this girl pointed out it can stand for
    my chemical romance black parade character test!!
    so then we came to the conclusion that
    the black parade is going to be my chemical romance
    but… they are oing to be characters in their new album
    cause you know that gerard is a big fan of bowie..
    wait im too lay to write sooo read this it will make perfect sense

    “The thing that still seems to confuse people most is the mailing list for TBP. The confirmation email promised tour dates. This made me think.

    You probably have heard My Chem saying they wanted to get even more theatrical, maybe include dancers and pull off an even bigger live show. At the same time, Gee stated how they wanted to get rid of the make- up and keep it real. How does this go together?

    If you “reinvent yourself as people” which Frank stated they wanted to do in the new Rock Sound interview, make up a fictitious band and tour as this fictitious band you can get a lot more theatrical, be something completely different and you don’t even need costumes and make- up. The people in the fictitious band are as real as can get.

    Catch my drift?

    So the (kinda self- titled) album “The Black Parade” introduces the band, the characters band members and the bands songs (which are ultimately My Chem songs of course). The band “signs” to the brand- new label Riot Squad Records and as a side- effect promotes the shit out of it. My Chem always like to help out friends, right?

    And I’ll be fucked if they don’t pull it off and go on tour as The Black Parade. My Chem are big enough to not have to rely on their name to fill venues. In comes the mailing list. The tour dates for The Black Parade aka My Chem will be sent out via this new mailing list.

    And for everyone who didn’t bother to sign up I’m sure My Chem will send out newsletters a la “Check out our friends in The Black Parade”.

    Edit: I think this would explain the rumours My Chem will change their name as well. Of course they’re not going to change their name. They love it! They’ll just pretend to be another band for the lifespan of this album. *evil cackle*

    this one girl remimde me that in LOTMS or i forgot where
    gerard says he always plans ahead
    and when they are recording their record they already know what
    the name of the next one is gonna be
    and in their first cd bullets it said
    “Merci Pour Le Venim”
    written on the case…..
    which then on the next record they had a song named
    merci pour le venim or in this case
    thank you fro the venom
    and if you hear the song by the end it say
    “To the last Pararde…”
    the black parade???
    coincidence i think not…

    Everyone who’s still with me at this point, here’s a cookie.

    They said it will blow our minds and man, if that doesn’t blow my mind I don’t know what does.”

    ok now read this that is proof

    So, just to collate the Bowie theorising that has been talked about in the comments of the last few posts.

    We take this theory.

    In the comments, it was stated by several people that the idea of the band taking on the persona of a fictional group, with characters, is very reminiscent of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust era. In fact, he’s the only person I can think of who’s ever played another character on stage. KISS, Queen etc have had themes and theatrics, but not actual characters. We know Gerard loves Bowie, and blackskullbunny pointed out that he actually named Bowie as an influence for this album, in an interview.

    Now, in case you guys aren’t as familiar with Bowie as I am, the Ziggy Stardust phenomena is as follows: In 1972, 3 years after David Bowie hit it big, he released a concept album telling the story of an alien rockstar that fell to earth to save humanity from dullness, and he went on tour for that album, came out onstage dressed and made up as a totally bizarre, androgynous alien figure - Ziggy Stardust. For a long time, not only did he just sing the Ziggy Stardust album’s songs, he truly WAS Ziggy Stardust onstage - a person/character entirly different to David Bowie.

    The name of that concept album?

    The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.

    Gerard’s words on album 3: “The title ‘The Rise And Fall Of My Chemical Romance’ was never the real title of the record, more like a code or a joke…”

    So. There we go.

  42. milena wrote:


  43. milena wrote:

    estoy confundida soy la unica que escribio en español y que no sabe ni un poquito ingles aparte de todo me inscribi en esto bueno lo que sea chao bye

  44. Ebony wrote:

    I saw MCR last night and they came onstage as TBP its the title of their new album.

  45. CT wrote:

    TBP is, as far as the street team can gather, the alter-ego of MCR. They came on at hammersmith, got announced as the black parade, and then bitched about MCR. see the shiny alter-ego-ness? It’s also set to be the album name, and the name of the song set to be released. But whatever this is, i cannot bloody wait.

  46. CT wrote:

    Brilliant points, i worship you for the detail you went into and all…and the cookie! mmm cookie. well done. heres a black parade t-shirt for your hard work.

  47. Kathryn wrote:

    but… why did they name it (meaning album) The Black Parade, too.. that is not a thing that they would do.. must of ran out of ideas or something.

  48. Carolyne wrote:

    Well I have know idea what the black parade is but…
    I went to the mcr gig at the hammersmith palais last night and outside this parade of dressed up people paraded by for ages.They were in black and their heads covered…Then Gerard Way said “Who the f**k are mcr???We are the black parade!!!!And YOU are the black parade!!!”O he seemed convinced that the band were tbp.Well thats all I can say…The gig was out of this world!! They ROCK!!!!

  49. Kate wrote:

    Aparently, Gerard and Mikey confirmed on Radio One that their album is called The Black Parade. It’s a concept album about a man who dies and then retells the story of his life explaining that death came to him in the form of the black parade. And I think we can expect the new single around the beginning of September, probably entitled “welcome to the black parade”. xoxo

  50. CT wrote:

    september 8th, i think it wll be on Zane Lowe

    sept 11th is is the radio release.

    october 24th - new album.

    Its an ALTER-EGO, and the people dressed up at hammersmith were the MCR street team. man i wish i was there. the black parade means a lot - its also the name of the fans (like we were the MCRmy) the single, and the album. why the blak parade? same reason for any name…thats the name they picked.

  51. michelle wrote:

    1.. i cannot find the picture in the background on the black parade website.. i have editied the contrast negativity and cannt find it ..

    2ndly i think that BEXELLENT!!! has the right thory.. ive visited all the smae websited and thats the thory that iam beliving

  52. Tomness wrote:

    yeah well if you sign up to the mailing list on the Black Parade website, it just signs you up to the MCR mailing list, so i’m assuming its like a new fanclub or album or something directly linked to MCR.

  53. Xchaotic_revengeX wrote:

    i dont see the picture on either…*cries* all this confusion and stuff has given me a HUGE headache, and i’m no closer to finding out what “The Black Parade” is, than when i started…but i don’t think it will be much longer until we find out, because as Al said, Gerard can’t keep a secret to save his life! lol

  54. PAIGE! wrote:

    i’m so exited for the new album and to see MCR at voodoofest on halloween.
    i’m confused about the black parade :/

  55. Xchaotic_revengeX wrote:

    YAAAHH!!! I GOT IT!!! Okay…The Black Parade is DEFINITELY the title of their upcoming album, and the first song on the album is “Welcome To The Black Parade”, which is schedualed to hit radios on Sept 11…The Black Parade MAY also be a group of fans,like the MCRmy…and this is just my personal opinion, but The Black Parade signing to Riot Squad Records? well, considering its a new record label that’s owned by Brian Schechter who manages MCR in the FIRST PLACE, i think it may be one of Gerard’s bogus ideas just to confuse fans…kinda like when they did that fueral precession in Loundon before a show that time just to see if they could pull it off…(if you have no idea what im talking about, watch LOTMS)…i mean, they said they wanted to be more “theatrical”, so if thats not theatrical, then i don’t know what is…okay, well, theres my say on it…now that i’ve written a paragraph, im going to stop…i will come back and post more if i find out anything more helpful…L8Rz

  56. Xchaotic_revengeX wrote:

    oops…i meant second song…=P sorry about that! oh, and just for the heck of it, here’s the track listing….
    2.Welcome to the Black Parade
    4.This is How I Disappear
    5.Kill All Your Friends
    6.Boy Division
    7.Seven Years Bad Luck
    8.Disenchanted (Shut Up and Play)
    9.House of Wolves
    12.I Don’t Love You
    14.The Sharpest Lives
    15.Famous Last Words
    However, some of the songs listed above may be the same song, but with different titles. i found this all out on
    you may be able to browse around there and find more info…well anyways, until further notice…L8Rz

  57. jane wrote:

    okay, so the black parade is mcr’s new album, and yes gerard died his hair to play the ‘paitent’ character in their new album. Its all in a interview. Its about there alter egos and how much they have grown. They also said ‘The rise and fall of MCR’ was thought about for their new record for about a second - just to get back at the people that hated them.
    So…..The Black Parade is My Chemical Romance….just performing as alter ego’s! its all so clear now…..

  58. Anonymous wrote:

    My Chemical Romance MySpace Page

  59. Selina wrote:

    People! Just go to and watch the interview. It’ll make more sense

  60. mikee wrote:

    the black parade in the song is when you die, you join the black parade, so it might refer to your “parade” up to heaven or maybe down to hell…just what i got from it

  61. chantelle wrote:

    the black parade is theyer alter ego!!!


    i no u all r just about ready 2 kill sum1 out of sheer confusion and anxiety over the new album, WE ARE THE BLACK PARADE, cuz I AM!!! i am so excited!!! Out of the tons of CDs I want that r cumin out in october, this has been #1 on my list since i saw their interview. (which, btw, i just about died when i saw gerards hair *tear*. he said he cut+died it cuz 1) he wanted 2 look lyk THE PATIENT, the character that the new album is based on, and 2)wut hurts the most, is that he said he was also kinda tired of his hair) I am SOOOOOO ready 4 this 2 cum out. lyk rite NOW. NOW. 1 thing that rele bugs me, is that theres no definite answers 4 the questions that every1 has about it and ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! anyway, 4 the next 37 days, im gonna be all over the net trying 2 get some answers. OH! and MCR as (WE ARE) THE BLACK PARADE will be on 7th Avenue Drop on Friday (22nd of this month) at 9pm. C u all there!!!

  63. angel wrote:

    the black parade is how this guy wants to die. gerard said he believes that everybody dies the way they want and this guy’s happiest memory is when his dad took him to see the marching band and the way he dies is death comes in a black parade.

  64. CHARLIE wrote:

    Well whateva!
    All I know is that I loved the video and the guys were and are great and that’s that.

  65. tizzy baby wrote:

    hey umm black day parade is gonna be a great cd i cant wait but when is the cd signing???!!!!

  66. louise wrote:

    the black parade is mcrs alter ego and the name of their album.
    the patient is a new feature of this.the album is all about death and mcr say that when you die you go to your strongest or best this case a parade in which the patient goes to as he dies where he goes through the process of death.
    all songs on the new album are great espicially cancer,how i disappear and blood the hidden track which starts 1.30 through the song.

  67. biscuit wrote:

    what a tedious shower of cunts you all are. really. come on.

  68. Kat V wrote:

    TBP = My Chemical Romance’s “Alter-Ego”, after a fashion… Kinda like Eminem = Slim Shady…
    TBP = MCR’s New Album
    Welcome to TBP = MCR’s first single off of the TBP album…

  69. Agustin Davis wrote:

    I think that the black parade is w/e we belive it to be w/e vision pops in our minds when we think about it. It’s like you saying that it’s a funeral or that maybe it’s just the name of the song and album and nothing else.That maybe there really isnt anything else to it.It could be but I think that the black parade is w/e type of afterlife or what evere you think it is where if you die you relive something traumatic or something tat made you cry, Scream, laugh,brave,scared there are just to many possible answers to choose for it but none are wrong it’s w/e you think it is.
    AIM-Color of 9

  70. Sue Xian wrote:

    The intro & end in “Welcome to The Black Parade” is lifted directly from “Goodbye SIlk City” by Suit of Lights, the NJ band featuring Steve from Thursday & Jamie from Catch 22/Streetlight Manifesto !!

  71. Kyleigh wrote:

    ya this is the name of there new album and the black parade is there alter ego and it’s about a boy who dies of cancer and death comes to him in the form of a black parade because he went to a parade with his dad when he was younger and thts his fondest memory. and who cares about there frigin hair!leave it be!

  72. Kyleigh wrote:

    and it isn’t about fans people!

  73. Jessica wrote:

    i just want to know what the black parade is so i can explain it to my parents when they ask why i’m listening to it.

  74. Mari wrote:

    Its like….. the best song ever

    and i think MCR are just tryna confused us haha

  75. im pretty sure that the black parade is not only the name of a song but they are sorta using it as the name of the band. it says something like that in a magazine i read.

  76. Just Guessin' wrote:

    Ok….well my mom saw the video and she said that she heard that the black parade is like the people that went to get hitler they planned…”The plans that they have made” you know? i mean im just givin out what i heard but remember at the beginning of the songs is dad is like “because one day ill leave you a phantom to lead you in the summer, to join the black parade” i mean.. songs dont have to make sense..but im just sayin’…but he said phantom..thats like a ghost right? so do u think it might mean hell or death or something? cause i really don’t know but i actually think that war, hitler thing might be something to chew on. But im not sayin other people are wrong cause they have good facts and ideas too

  77. wdew wrote:


  78. u suck cunt wrote:

    u suck cunt

  79. แอร์ wrote:

    ชอบ My chemical Romance มากๆๆค่ะ

  80. Jen wrote:

    When I was a young boy my father took me into the city
    to see a marching band
    He said ‘Son when you grow up, would you be, the saviour of the broken, the beaten and the damned?’
    He said ‘Will you, defeat them, your demons, and all the non-believers, the plans that they have made?
    Because one day I’ll leave you a phantom to lead you in the summer to join the Black Parade.’


    Sometimes I get the feeling
    She’s watching over me
    And other times I feel like I should go
    And through it all; the rise and fall, the bodies in the streets
    And when you go we want you all to know:

    We’ll carry on
    We’ll carry on
    and though your,
    dead and gone belive me,
    Your memory we’ll carry on,
    will carry on
    And tell your heart i can’t contain it.

    The under world is waiting.
    our romance sends you realing from decimated dreams.
    Your misery and hate will kill us all!
    So paint it black and take it back
    And let’s shout out loud and clear!
    Defy unto the end we hear the call…

    to carry on
    We’ll carry on
    and though your dead and gone,believe me
    Your memory will carry on
    we’ll carry on
    And though you’re broken and defeated
    Your weary widow marches

    On and on we carry through the fears(ooooooooh)
    Disappointed faces of your peers(oooooooooh)
    Take a look at me
    Cause I could not care at all

    Do or die
    You’ll never make me
    Because the world,
    will never take my heart.
    And though they try
    They’ll never break me
    They want it all
    They wanna break this bone.

    I won’t explain
    Or say I’m sorry
    I’m not ashamed
    I’m gonna show my scar
    Give a cheer
    For all the broken
    Listen here!

    I’m just a man,
    I’m not a hero
    Just a boy
    who had to sing this song
    I’m just a man
    I’m not a hero
    I don’t care

    We’ll carry on
    We’ll carry on
    And though you’re dead and gone,believe me,
    Your memory will carry on
    You’ll carry on
    And though you’re broken and defeated
    Your weary widow marches on!

    Do or die
    You’ll never make me
    Because the world
    will never take my heart
    And though they try
    They’ll never break me
    They want it all
    They wanna break this bone.

    Do or die
    You’ll never make me
    Because the world
    will never take my heart
    And though they try
    They’ll never break me
    They want it all
    They wanna break this bone.

    Do or die
    You’ll never make me
    Because the world
    will never take my heart
    And though they try
    They’ll never break me
    They want it all
    They wanna break this bone.

  81. Sabby wrote:

    This may come off a little too deep but, the Black Parade could be something metaphorical, symbolical, or spiritual. I had the notion that in the song it represented the dead. o.O “To join the Black Parade?” And MCR said the song was about a cancer patient. So…The Black Parade could be a legion of souls.

  82. Cool wrote:

    I love the song!

  83. Joey wrote:

    Its very obvious to me what the black parade is. The song is about finding strength through the pain of death. Black Parade is taking death (black) and facing it without any shame, openly, and powerfully (parade) The only confusing thing is the lyrics mention a “she” while the protaganist of the video is a male. i think these are two separate characters. Also Regret and Fear kissing the proganist at the end are his coming to terms with the regret and fear in his own death that is instigated by his son (something he had always hoped his son would do someday. lead the black parade and accept his father’s death.) again im not sure where the mother of war (women with the gas mask) comes in.

  84. josh wrote:

    this is what i think.

    Mother War is the Patient’s mother, and after his father’s learning of his own (and his son’s) cancer, he takes his son to a parade, asks him [what was mentioned in the song], and in time, succumbs to his cancer, leaving him with a mother who is probably very hateful towards the kid.

    Now, you’re probably thinking “CINDERELLA!!!”, but I assure you, that is almost coorect, but not quite.

    The patient finally learns of his cancer, and eventually almost dies.

  85. wowo wrote:

    its an awesome song though!

  86. Eleanor [x] asleep or dead? [x] wrote:

    ffs. the black yes is the name of their latest album. welcome to the black is the first single off the album. the song is about this dude who died of cancer (sigh this sounds a bit shallow…i mean “this dude”? lmao!) anyway he died of cancer and gerard beleives that when death comes 4 u, it comes like how u want it to like in this case the dudes strongest memory, which is going to see a parade in the city with his father. so when he dies, derath comes 4 him as the black parade (played by my chemical romance..and many xtras lmao) also its liek becoming a new band 4 mcr but its not cuz they r still mcr if that makes ANY sence so yeah thats all i have to say (;

  87. lele wrote:

    well idk i think that tbp its the new album o MCR when they try new sounds ¿dont u think so? they sound different as in ibymbybmyl and the tcfsr they sound a little bit idk maybe different but in spite of that theyr songs have the same escence that MCR has always had from its beginnings that energy in frank,ray,gerard,bob and mikey i think that was a very difficult album to do cause theyd tried different sounds as a band leader that i am trust me thats fcking hard 2 do so… watever MCR always be MCR and its in our hearts in the fans hearts and NO-ONE can change that ¿do u get it?

  88. kaitatello wrote:

    If you read some interviews with My Chemical Romance about The Black Parade, you’ll find out that it’s kind of an alter-ego of the band. Like a new band in the form of the old one. Yes, its quite the thinker. Just a random tid-bit of info you may like to know: Gerard Way dyed his hair blonde because he thought it was the absence of life.

  89. The Black Parade is an awsome song I went to YouTube to get it and now every single second I can I watch it! I LOVE YOU GERARD!

  90. MCR FREAK wrote:

    Dudes, EVERYONE KNOWS THE BLACK PARADE! its their new album, and their single on the album. end of discussion.
    Btw, its their best yet, and the concert was amazing.