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Walking Home

I pass this window every Mon., Wed., Fri. after my swim.

Dear Nettie Rae

She had an impressive bell collection. An entire case full of them, in addition to the smaller display you see on the wall above Jesus. Near the end of her life, I got her one that was decorated with an animal of some sort, liberated from a souvenir shop at the San Diego Zoo. It was dutifully delivered to her hospital bed in Georgia by her grandson (whom I was dating at the time) and added to her army of ringers.

The Perfect Evening

(includes a clean, kissable neck + a tray of fresh prosciutto).

Cat and Ball

Looking In


Sick, Sick People

The boyfriend and I have been taking turns sneezing all weekend.

Sleep Time Aids

Like a solider preparing for battle. Or perhaps more like a deep sea diver gearing up for the big plunge…some of us rely on a few certain items for the journey into the world of dreams.

Slipping into Darkness

It’s that time of year again, with the gray settling in and the sky taking on a more somber hue. Indian summer should be right around the corner here in San Francisco.

To Portland and Back

* No raw onions for Russell.

It All Started Here

Thomson, Georgia. 2001.