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The geology of northeastern Ontario and Quebec is considered favorable for primary diamond deposits due to the underlying Archean Superior craton that has been stable for at least 2.5 billion years and major, deep structures favorable for the ascending kimberlite magmas such as the Lake Timiskaming Structural Zone. This is supported by research and exploration results that demonstrate the upper mantle in eastern Canada is significantly diamond-bearing.

Regional Geology

The Temagami Diamond Claim project comprises a large, contiguous land package covering part of the Archean Superior Craton. The properties lie within the Lake Timiskaming Structural Zone, which contains over 50 kimberlite bodies, several of which are diamondiferous. The property is underlain by the same ancient geologic basement rocks and lies along the same controlling structures that host the De Beers Victor Pipe where feasibility studies have been completed and production is planned for 2007. Recent results reported by Sudbury Contact Mines in May 2004 from the New Liskeard kimberlite field confirm commercial-sized diamond populations occur in diamond-bearing kimberlites in the Timiskaming/Temagami areas.

Tres-Or’s Temagami Diamond Project covers up to 100,000 hectares of claims covering favorable structures believed to host diamond-bearing kimberlites. Exploration programs are underway having completed 10,500 line kilometers of proprietary airborne magnetic surveys and five detailed helicopter-borne magnetic and electromagnetic surveys. Interpretation of the data has outlined multiple geophysical targets which fit the magnetic criteria for kimberlite intrusions. Follow-up ground work is recommended including ground geophysical surveys, mapping, prospecting and sampling.

Over 600 samples have been collected and processed for kimberlite indicator minerals (KIM). More than 5,500 Cr-pyrope garnets and significant counts of Mg-ilmenite, chrome diopside, chromite and kimberlitic olivine have been recovered. Analysis of the sampling has identified four indicator trains or sets of trains which are believed to be associated with multiple kimberlite intrusives.

The property hosts positive indicator mineral results and high-priority magnetic anomalies indicative of kimberlite. The potential for the discovery of kimberlites on the Tres-Or ground is high due to the presence of diamond potential indicators such as G10 garnets and diamond inclusion chromites and the proximity to deep-seated geologic structures that are believed to be associated with kimberlite emplacement. The chemistry of the indicator minerals suggests good potential for the discovery of diamond-bearing bodies within the project area.

The Temagami area was the subject of a government study released in April 2001and July 2002, which concluded that the area has good potential to host diamondiferous kimberlites based on the recovery of KIMs with favourable G10 chemistry. The conclusions of the Ontario Geological Survey (OGS) sediment sampling (Allen, 2001) and (Reid, 2002) support earlier exploration efforts, which highlighted the Temagami Property’s very sub-calcic G10 garnets that are comparable to the best indicator minerals from producing diamondiferous kimberlites worldwide, including the Ekati Mine in the Northwest Territories.

Recent site investigations by Dr. Harrison Cookenboo, Ph.D., P.Geo. established rigorous protocols for follow-up sampling programs on high-priority target areas. Interpretation of the proprietary data possessed and collected by the Company in conjunction with recently released KIM data collected both on and immediately down-ice of Tres-Or’s claims include very sub-calcic G10 Cr-pyrope garnets, eclogitic garnets and Cr- and Mg-rich chromites that are compositionally similar to minerals included in diamonds.

Dr. Harrison Cookenboo’s reports state that:

"The Tres-Or property has the potential to host significantly diamondiferous kimberlites due to its location over Archean basement."

"The property is near known kimberlites, in a direction of increasingly encouraging indicator mineral chemistry. "

"The Tres-Or property hosts indicator mineral suites suggestive of multiple kimberlite sources including pipes that have sampled the diamond stability field in the mantle and are likely to be diamondiferous."

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kimberlite target on Temagami Project


Temagami Project chemistry compared to the Ekati Mine