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[AskReddit]: Who here has murdered someone?

PresidentObama 5 points 12 hours ago[-]

video or it didn't happen.

If you watch the movie `Jaws' backwards, it's a movie about a shark that keeps throwing up people until they have to open a beach.

PresidentObama 31 points 15 hours ago[-]

Picture very related.

This guy will probably win a Darwin award when he's older [pic/animated jpg???]

PresidentObama 1 point 1 day ago[-]

insult to injury. awesome.

New York Times Stock Now Costs Less Than Sunday Paper

PresidentObama 3 points 2 days ago[-]

This is actually my investment strategy more or less. A while back I realized I wasn't very good at being frugal and saving money and investing. I started evaluating a lot more of my purchases and spending habits. And every time I decided that I didn't really need item X I would take that money and buy a couple shares of some company instead. It adds up fast. Now I enjoy buying that share of Starbucks stock even more that I would enjoy having a Starbucks coffee.

North Dakota House voted 51-41 this afternoon to declare that a fertilized egg has all the rights of any person.

PresidentObama 1 point 2 days ago[-]

And all I can think is this.

My girlfriend actually believed this

PresidentObama 3 points 3 days ago[-]


Obama's new site tracks government stimulus spending

PresidentObama 2 points 3 days ago[-]

Was that so hard? To go along with GrammarNazi and RepostNazi we need a linkspam/blogspam nazi.

Dear Reddit: my cousin is graduating third in her class in May & is going into Environmental Science. What is a really good, readable book I can get her for graduation?

PresidentObama 5 points 3 days ago[-]

I'd recommend A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold. True classic and a great place to start.

Vietnam [NSFW]

PresidentObama 8 points 4 days ago* [-]

I'm sure we've all see that picture. Never knew there was a video. Thanks. Edit: Also this isn't really NSFW is it. Doesn't the National Geographic exception apply?

Facebook User Announces His Personal Terms of Use to Facebook - "Facebook must abide to these Terms of Use for all uploaded content"

PresidentObama 16 points 4 days ago[-]

in other news: Facebook deletes a user's account

AskReddit: Today my employer put his hands on me for the 2nd time. I'm at a loss for words right now and I am having a hard time finding exact employee rights pertaining to my situation. What would you do?

PresidentObama -9 points 4 days ago[-]

Today my employer put his hands on me for the 2nd time. I'm at a loss for words right now.

He grabbed your arm? Call the fucking wambulance.

Delivery Drivers (Pizza, Mail, UPS, etc), what is your weirdest delivery story?

PresidentObama 94 points 4 days ago[-]

I once delivered to a party where they didn't have any money. They paid me in beer. At the end of the night I split the beer with my manager and we wrote the pizza off as a loss.

Another time I delivered to a house and two very attractive girls answered the door. After much giggling they invited me in to stay for a while. Worst decision I have ever made. I needed the job, so I told them I wished I could but I had to get back to work. While cashing out at the end of the night I told my manager this story. He called me an idiot. :(

World's greatest hobby [Cy&H]

PresidentObama 3 points 4 days ago[-]

I just moused over expecting alt-text.

A Seal As a Pet

PresidentObama 3 points 5 days ago[-]

what is she going to do when it grows up and weighs 300 pounds?

Iceland: Killing whales makes no economic sense

PresidentObama 2 points 5 days ago[-]

  • Some whale populations are very large and can support a sustainable catch
  • Eating whale has a lower environmental impact than conventional sources like chicken, beef, and pork.
  • Whaling is not incompatible with whale tourism. The populations are geographically diverse.
  • That being said - it doesn't taste very good.

I have no clue how they did this and he walked off stage!!!

PresidentObama 3 points 5 days ago[-]

It is TV editing. There is another unedited video out there of what is actually going on and the trick is lame.

"This guy’s locked in a cell for 5 days with nothing but a c ell phone. He gets 5000 euros if he can wait it out. But, if enough people visit the site, his conditions get worse."

PresidentObama 7 points 5 days ago[-]

Lies. 49000 visitors. I see no sheep.

Why honey is not vegan: "it is the enslavement of bees"

PresidentObama 1 point 6 days ago[-]

My favorite argument.

The Republicans are Banking on the Principle that the Public Will Wish the Government Did Less. Good Luck.

PresidentObama 2 points 7 days ago[-]

pork pork pork

The Best Part About Giving Blood: Getting Super Buzzed Afterward

PresidentObama 2 points 7 days ago[-]

I did this all the time in college

Two-Flower spotted in Iraq. Thank god, no sign of his chest.

PresidentObama 1 point 8 days ago* [-]

obscure reference there. Google tells me:

Twoflower is the optimistic-but-naive tourist from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. Throughout the first two novels, he is followed by The Luggage, a box which moves on hundreds of little legs, carrying his belongings.

Charter Communications files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

PresidentObama 1 point 8 days ago[-]

oh darn

India to Launch Soft Drink Made From Cow Urine

PresidentObama 1 point 8 days ago[-]


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