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Posted: Wed., Feb. 8, 2006, 10:44am PT

Studio Canal eyes English-lingo pix
Diesel may join Kassovitz' futuristic thriller

Vin Diesel, due in Berlin next week, is in talks to star in Mathieu Kassovitz' English-lingo pic "Babylon A.D."

Futuristic thriller is produced by Alain Goldman's Legende Films and Kassovitz' MNP and is co-financed by Twentieth Century Fox, which holds U.S. and worldwide rights outside Europe, and France's Studio Canal.

Along with the rest of the Canal Plus Group, film subsid is steadily emerging from a three-year restructure.

These days there is even renewed talk of expanding, via a move into theatrical distribution elsewhere in Europe.

"Commercial development in Europe is one of our objectives," said managing director Frederic Sichler.

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