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    Road to Veganism...

    Monday, November 17, 2008, 01:08 PM EST [General]

    Hey WWE Universe!

    For the last 3 and a half years, I have been working on a long journey to becoming a Vegan. My first and main reason behind this lifestyle change is the moral and ethical rights of animals. I am speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves. I am a strong proponent for the humane treatment of animals and am making my stand known by not ingesting any animal products whatsoever. That's right! No meat, no dairy, no eggs...the list goes on. In short, no animal products or animal by-products.

    This decision started with giving up red meat and pork 3 and a half years ago and has finally evolved into a complete vegan diet 6 months ago. After much research about how animals were treated for purposes of food, clothing, and other products, I had trouble pushing my feelings about animal treatment aside. I love animals and want others to at least be aware of their treatment.

    The first video I ever saw was a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) video about inhumane animal treatment on farms and I cried for hours after watching. Since then, I have been a proud member of PETA and slowly began to change my diet.

    I am not judgmental about those who are not vegetarians or vegans but urge you to buy products from company's that vow to treat their animals ethically. Company's, such as Whole Foods, strive to purchase from only farmers that adhere to these standards.

    Thank you for listening and remember that if this is something you are interested in, to please research and get your doctor involved as this diet change may not be for everyone!!

    With Love,


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    Cool blog,Tiffany...
    You are ecw top diva(thats because you are the only,lol).
    You are a pretty girl and i hope one day you can fight for a title and compete in the ring.

    ♥Jєnnifєя[That ...
    November 17, 2008
    01:14 PM EST

    I understand where your coming from Tiffany and i respect your heroism in trying to protect these animals that are mistreated.

    I myself are'nt a vegetarian but i do own a few animals and i understand what goes on in farms just to put meat on our shelves and to feed our rumbling bellies.

    Next time i come across a diet or anything that is about treating animals better and eating ethical products i'll pick it up and have a read.

    Great blog


    November 17, 2008
    01:40 PM EST

    Hello Tiffany...

    Thank you for your blog... I love reading all blogs from everyone from WWE in the WWE Universe..

    As it means I can learn some special from them all.. So I thank you for your views on Protecting Animals.. It will give me something think about..

    Lots of Love.. I return your love Tiffany 100%.


    JAM1919 [A Katie Lea...
    November 17, 2008
    01:50 PM EST

    thank you Tiffany. I myself am a vegan and its great to hear from someone in the wrestling indusrty speak out on how passionate they are about what they believe in -Kudos to you, Girl!
    if you are intrested,- the Vegan Aociety iare a bunch of realy cool people akin to PETA.
    turning vegan for me has totaly changed my life for the better. i feel healthier, stronger more alert and more outgoing. Vegansim makes people more aware of the daily sadness that fills the animals that live soley for production.
    its really cool you shared this with us Tiffany. V power

    November 17, 2008
    05:54 PM EST

    Hey Tiffany! It's cool you're in PETA. I use to live close to Norfolk. This girl I was talking to at the time invited me to a PETA party at the HQ. It was pretty cool. I even made a cake for the PETA president at my old job! lol They do some good work out there. I wish you well

    November 17, 2008
    09:33 PM EST
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