The Mae Shi's Christian Bale-inspired electro jam "R U Professional" is perhaps the best thing to ever result from an actor's anger management issues. (Getty Images, Moshi Moshi)
The Mae Shi's Christian Bale-inspired electro jam "R U Professional" is perhaps the best thing to ever result from an actor's anger management issues. (Getty Images, Moshi Moshi)

The Best Thing I Ever Heard...This Week

Leah Collins

Published: Friday, February 06, 2009

It's that time again - when we regurgitate the five most awesome things we heard, saw, read and/or mocked this week from the world of pop.

1) Thunderheist, "Sweet 16"

Sweaty, bass-throbbing beats! A wise-cracking, charisma-dripping frontwoman! Gratuitous non-ironic lyrical use of the word "booty!" We've fangirl-gushed about Thunderheist's Isis and Graham-zilla in the past - so why play against type now? The duo's (sort of) freshly pressed "Sweet 16" single arrived in the office this week (though it got its proper release on UK label Big Dada Jan. 27). And while we're more likely to grow a molester-stache than put our seal of approval on the track's stance towards underage sexiness, we're all about its sleazy disco bass and that "tap, tap, tap the booty" beat.

The duo's overdue LP is out March 31 - but, like so many things, Thunderheist needs to be seen to be believed. They play Guelph Feb. 7, and reach Vancouver Feb. 28. And while they'll be busy in Japan and the States through March, they're crossing Canada come April for the annual Exclaim tour.

Listen ("Sweet 16," Thunderheist via MySpace)

2) Peter Bjorn and John, "Nothing to Worry About"

Peter Bjorn and John's first (non-instrumental) LP since Writer's Block, Living Thing, is still more than a month off, but we're already onto their second single. This being PB&J, "Nothing to Worry About" is catchy as all hell - think "Amsterdam" slowed down for added swagger and roughed up with handclaps and a creepy kids choir. Naturally, it's awesome. Just ask their super-famous BFF.

Ever since The Sharks rumbled (Sashayed? Triple-ball-changed?) with The Jets, street gangs and music have been as inseparable as a thug and his switchblade. Think Justice's "Stress," Michael Jackson's "Bad" or to a lesser extent, Weird Al's "I'm Fat." Peter Bjorn and John's "Nothing to Worry About" goes bananas for gangs, too. But the life of a PB&J thug isn't about choreographed ultra-violence - it's just about choreography. Specifically line dancing. Also, working on really wicked-high rockabilly hairdos. Sign me up!

Watch it:
Peter Bjorn and John "Nothing To Worry About"

3) Christian Bale, the Remixes

Things we know about Christian Bale:

1) He's Batman.
2) We wouldn't like him when he's angry.
3) He's the greatest living muse of dance-remix artists everywhere.

No sooner had audio of Bale's tirade against a Terminator: Salvation D.P. gone viral, the actor's "Are you professional or not?!" rant wasn't just the inspiration for endless Facebook status updates, but also a spate of YouTubed dance remixes. We've been throwing light-switch raves to the RevoLucian mix all week.

But L.A.'s The Mae Shi take things to another level, not just sampling Bale but turning around an electro jam, "R U Professional" about this "Swing Kid with a violent streak"... "who can't hide what's inside of his mind." In a day. Worth it for the imdb-credit inspired lyric sheet alone.

Listen (The Mae Shi, "R U Professional") 

4) Bishop Allen, "Dimmer," "The Ancient Commonsense of Things"

Cutesy boy-girl harmonies, rabidly pitter-pattering rhythms, toy piano, plucky Mothersbaugh-sian strings, repeated use of the phrase "Ollie ollie oxen free." Yep. Bishop Allen are as obnoxiously gleeful as ever. But we're in a good mood today, so we're going to side with Michael Cera this time and agree that their new songs are totally awesome.

Two new cuts from the Brooklyn band's upcoming album Grr... (out March 10) surfaced this week. Links below!

Listen (Bishop Allen, "Dimmer")

Listen (Bishop Allen, "The Ancient Commonsense of Things")

5) Lonely Island, "I'm on a Boat"

If you couldn't tell from the inclusion of Christian Bale remixes and a Weird Al reference in the blurbs above, we're suckers for stupid novelty songs. Also, Andy Samberg. Following such modern classics of pop-satire as the Pet Shop Boys-riffing "Jizz in My Pants," Samberg and his Lonely Island Crew are back with "I'm on a Boat." No word whether they let T-Pain in on the joke, but seriously, if it weren't for the lyrics about making out with mermaids, I could've sworn I heard this at the Foot Locker yesterday. Lonely Island's album Incredibad is out Feb. 10.

Listen to it:

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