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The Cabal Blood 2 HR

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Gideon is the current leader of the Cabal. Throughout the history of the Cabal its leadership has been hereditary, unless there is no heir alive, at which time the new leader is chosen from the top ranks of the Cabal. Leadership of the Cabal has no gender requirement, and the leader is referred to by Cabal followers as "The Word", representing the power they hold, able to order any Cabal member to any action without question. The purpose of the Cabal leader depends on the Dark God the Cabal worships, Tchernobog. Often the Cabal leader is the conduit with which Tchernobog speaks to the Cabal. A few of the leaders have been called upon to become the physical incarnation of Tchernobog, and whenever Tchernobog has no body, the Cabal leader prepares him/herself for this sacred duty.

Gideon is an extremely intelligent and ruthless man. The Cabal is his life. He has been groomed since childhood for his position, and he is utterly obsessed with the preservation of the Cabal and its functions. He has single-handedly led the Cabal into the modern world by pulling it out of the shadows and building an empire around it. Under his hand the Cabal has become more powerful than it ever has been throughout history, controlling the economic tides of many major nations and poised on the brink of world control. This all without overt bloodshed or widespread public knowledge, but by simply suppressing the will of the public through economic and social depression.

Despite these significant achievements Gideon is unsatisfied. As long as The Great Betrayer, Caleb, lives Gideon feels unworthy of his position. He has dedicated himself and his pride towards finding and destroying Caleb, and the other Chosen. To do so, he'll go to almost any end including selling the Cabal and his soul to the darkest of threats, the most evil of evils. He will plunge to depths unknown, and achieve power unimaginable, all to put an end to the Chosen.

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