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Simple Science
Dr. Larry Winiarski invented the Rocket stove design principles in 1982. He wanted to first clean up combustion and then force the cleaner hot gases closer to the bottom and sides of the pot. He used several techniques in combination to clean up combustion. The Rocket stove forces sticks to burn at their tips, thus metering the fuel. The shape of the insulative combustion chamber encourages mixing of air, gases, and fire, which increases temperatures and reduces emissions.

Since the invention of the Rocket stove in 1982, more than 40 stove projects, big and small, have built Rocket stoves. We estimate that more than a quarter million Rocket stoves are now in use!

We believe that the Rocket stoves for sale here are the best Rocket stoves ever made. The stove tops and grates are cast iron. The combustion chambers are insulative, light-weight and abrasion-resistant. The stove bodies are galvanized and then painted. The stoves are mass-produces from molds to assure uniformity and quality construction.

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Refugee Rocket Stoves
Two-Door Rocket Stoves
One-Door Rocket Stoves
Institutional Stoves
Video demos of the one-door Rocket stove (click here and scroll to the bottom of the page) and the two-door Rocket stove (click here and scroll to the bottom of the page) are now available! Dean Still describes the features of each stove while the water boils. Both videos are also available on the Downloads page (scroll to the bottom).