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The Wit and Wisdom of
Rabbi Meir Kahane

  by Lenny Goldberg

Rabbi Meir Kahane was known for his eloquent speeches and unique sense of humor. He seemed to have a comment--sagacious or humorous--on just about anything that mattered. This concise compendium offers his astute observations on subjects ranging from baseball to anti-Semitism. Many of his pearls of wisdoms and jokes were told in spontaneous situations, where he was directly challenged or heckled. Many of his great lines were in the context of organized debates. It is here we really see his genius as he destroys his opponents in verbal repartee. All his comments have a point, even as they make you smile. 

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A combination of Jewish history and Jewish pride, Rabbi Kahane conveys the magnificent sweep of Jewish history, with all its suffering and majesty, disasters and triumphs, from the destruction of the Holy Temple through the rule of terror to the Holocaust, to the joy of rebirth of modern Israel and the return to Jerusalem.



Rabbi Meir Kahane speaking in Skokie, IL
 before the planed neo-Nazi march in 1977


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