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Placement Tests

CMPT 120 or 126/128 self-test

The School of Computing Science offers two different introductory first year streams. Which stream you choose depends upon your previous programming experience.

  • Little or no programming experience: enroll in CMPT 120 (1st semester) and CMPT 125 (2nd semester).
  • Previous programming experience: enroll in either CMPT 126 or CMPT 128 only (1st semester) and CMPT 225 (2nd semester). Note: CMPT 126 and 128 are equivalent.

How do I know if I have enough programming knowledge?

Click here to take the CMPT 120 or 126/128 Self-Test.

Qualitative Placement Test (Q-Test)

Students who have a final grade of less than 70% in Principles of Math 12 will be required to enroll into the FANX99 course within their first three semesters at SFU and achieve a final grade of C or better OR pass the Q-Placement Test to obtain the Q designation needed to enroll into any Q course. Most CMPT and MATH courses are Q courses. Please refer to the WQB site for more information on SFU's Q requirement.

Students not achieving a pass on the Q-Test by scoring at least 20/30 must enroll themselves into FANX99 within their first three semesters at SFU. To apply for the Q-Test and to try the practice Q-test, please visit the Math Department.

Note. Some courses, such as MATH 150 or 151, require students to have the Q designation AND also have a certain grade in Principles of Math 12. Students who have more than 70% in Principles of Math 12 but less than the required cut-off for MATH 150 or 151, must first pass MATH 100 with a minimum grade of C- prior to being allowed to enroll into MATH 150 or 151. For complete MATH 150 or 151prerequisite information, refer to the SFU calendar course catalogue.