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Welcome to the world wide weather web-camera

This online guide has been created to help give the online community an understanding of the requirements when implementing a weather web-camera or weather webcam. It is divided into sections that outline some of the important practical and esthetic requirements for creating a successful weather web-camera service.

This is not an exhaustive how-to article, but it should help crystallise any broader thoughts onto the specific needs of delivering a service. Use the navigation keys at the top and bottom of each page or, the pop-up index from the I button to navigate around the subject sections.

We hope that you find this article informative!

Wishing you interesting skies, AJB

The Internet and the webcam

The internet has revolutionised the way how people communicate; sending emails, sharing photos, blogging, messaging, exchanging ideas, making new contacts and re-establishing old friendships, are just some of the uses that the internet is put to every second. From this revolution has come the webcam, a device that allows people to see each other across the globe.

Webcams are not just for person to person communication though. There is a whole zoo of webcams whose purpose is to share some interesting point of view. Created by a very diverse base of cultures and personalities, there are webcams that broadcast images of cityscapes, farm animals, artists at work, coffee shops, the countryside, from ships, from bicycles, surfing beaches, rail junctions, volcanoes and, what is the focus of this article, the weather. Added together, the webcam community is creating its very own world view.

In principle, a weather web-camera is a webcam that points at the sky with the aim of displaying the local sky conditions to the world. It is fair to ask why should creating a service with a view of an ordinary looking sky in an ordinary looking landscape be of any value? Simply, the internet is the sum of its parts, which means that in this new democratic universe, every web site counts.

Picture of a world wide weather webcam


By creating a weather web-camera means joining in with, and contributing to, a global webcam network operated by like minded people. And the web-camera will certainly reward the contributor with some very interesting and surprising images!

Postcards from a real weather web-camera
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Getting started creating a weather web-camera