February 23, 2009

"300" cheer shows unity, reflects Spartan history

There is a new roar from the Spartan student section, lacking originality but certainly not spirit. Of course, I am talking of the “What is your profession?” cheer borrowed from Hollywood’s blockbuster “300.” In response to This is (Not) Sparta, MSU and ‘300’ are different (SN 9/12) the author suggests the chant is not only unearned due to a lack of toughness, but the beginning of a revolution that will evidently tarnish MSU’s football tradition — leaving the band marching around in leather undies and capes, which is a bold visualization that both scares me and led me to write this response.

In actuality, despite coming from a movie, the chant is a reflection of historic Spartan warrior mentality and unity. It is a powerful cry that rallies the “300” warriors and can still have the same effect on our Spartans. MSU students and athletes often forget that we are named after one of the toughest, downright intimidating civilizations in history. This chant can only serve as a reminder to everyone in Spartan Stadium, especially the sometimes lackluster athletes, that we need to act as those Spartans did: proud and tough. The “profession” chant does not need to be earned through toughness as the author believes. When we aren’t playing tough enough, the cheerleaders don’t hold up a sign that reads: “Refrain from all “300” Chants, we are weak today.”

Doug Charron

finance senior

Published on Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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MSU Alum
09/19/07 @ 9:43am

I personally think the chant is awesome. Although I also used to enjoy the bell ringing on third down plays (was it from Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”? I don’t even know, but that at least sounds plausible), I think this new war cry is intimidating and just sounds cool.

09/19/07 @ 1:53pm

I think it’s from “Hells Bells” by AC/DC. Yeah, it’s wicked sweet.

09/19/07 @ 2:24pm

I love the cheer. The bell on the third down, along with the jiggling of the keys was also good. BUT I was a student who didn’t have keys, and shaking the one room key I had wasn’t effective. But with this chant EVERYONE can join in. I loved it this past weekend when the team played PITT I swear in the last three minute the whole stadium was in on it. Not just the few of us that sit in my area. I really think it pumps the players up and gets into the heads of the opposing team. Cheer on!

09/19/07 @ 3:15pm

Unfortunately, I’m not in East Lansing this semester, so I didn’t get football tickets. However, I can tell you that the cheer comes through very clearly on the TV, and it’s impressive. I like it also, and think it should continue.

09/20/07 @ 12:46pm

I didn’t major in “a-oo, a-oo, a-oo,” so I don’t really know how it could be my profession… or what it’s even supposed to mean.

It’s been overdone since the first game.

09/20/07 @ 1:05pm

Dear Mr. Serious above,

Lighten up. Its a cheer, its fun, and I think its amazing how so many people in one place can unit over one line. It’s not even worth complaining about because it’s still going to happen. I think someone needs a beer… or maybe a capri sun.

Mike Agnone
09/20/07 @ 1:37pm

I don’t think it will tarnish us, only was poking fun at it being taken too far. I said I like the cheer. Of course I don’t really think the band is going to be in underwear and capes. Its called humor, apparently I’m not very good at it.

Mike Agnone
09/20/07 @ 1:40pm

Just to quote myself from the letter I guess no one read line for line…
“What I am worried about here is this being taken too far. A little bit of referencing a very cool movie will go a long way”

Kory Pawlowski
09/23/07 @ 10:13pm

Personally I can not stand this cheer. It makes us Spartan alumni and current students sound like cavemen. We are an intelligent bunch, but unfortunately we get a bad rap. This could only add to this mentality. Be a little more creative than hollering out grunting noises.