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Series 3
Claire and Suggs

All over Britain, classic machines, from steam ploughs to sports cars, and from trams to cranes, are rusting away in barns, back gardens and garages. In the third series of Channel 4's Salvage Squad two presenters face the challenge of restoring them to working order. Have Claire Barratt and Madness star Suggs taken on more than they can handle? Or will they be able to put these 12 dilapidated classic machines back together in a limited time.

The restoration work is hard, dirty and technically demanding, but Claire and Suggs are not on their own. Each week, they have the support of an expert to help them learn the specialised, traditional skills they will need to do the job.

Claire reveals all

Presenter Claire Barratt gives us the low-down on boiler suits, Guinness and being a domestic goddess.

Behind the scenes with Suggs

Suggs reveals the contents of his suitcase, what he thinks of Claire and the machine he'd really like to salvage.


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