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Of all the things one could say about Rick Ross (that he has excellent drug-dealing bona fides, for one, or that he's really into saying his own name), one thing's for sure: The dude has a serious work ethic. The Miami rapper boasts, "Every day I'm hustlin' " on his massive radio hit "Hustlin' " -- remixed here with verses from Def Jam boss Jay-Z and fellow Dirty South MC Young Jeezy -- and that striving sentiment is all over his debut CD, Port of Miami. On the trunk-rattling "Push It," which loops a cheesetastic Giorgio Moroder tune from the Scarface soundtrack, he asks, "Who ever thought that fat girl would grow into Oprah/Or that boy Rick Ross would be moldin' the culture?" Ross' minimal, menacing rhymes about being a drug-game kingpin feel a little undercooked, but with synth-soaked ring-tone-ready beats that are hotter than the "MI-Yayo" in the summertime (mostly by local beatmakers Cool and Dre, DJ Khaled and the Runners), it doesn't really matter.


(Posted: Aug 11, 2006)


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