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 Unit of Measurements



Acoustical tile

Square Feet
Aluminum siding Square Feet
Baseboard, casing, molding, etc. Linear Feet
Beam, steel Pound or Ton
Beam, wood Board Feet or FBM
Blinds Square Feet
Block, cinder or concrete Per 1000 or M

Boards Board Feet or FBM
Bolts Pound


Per 1000 or M
Building paper Roll or Square Feet
Cabinets Each or Linear Feet
Carpeting Square Feet or Square Yard
Caulking Linear Feet
Celotex Square Feet
Cement, bag Bag
Concrete forms Square Feet
Concrete, poured Cubic Feet or Cubic Yard
Countertop Square Feet or Linear Feet
Dimension Lumber Board Feet or FBM
Disposal units Each
Doors Each
Door, hardware Each or Set
Door, painting Each or Side
Downspout Linear Feet
Drapery rod Linear Feet

Electrical conduit Per 100 or C
Electrical devices Each
Electrical fixtures Each
Electrical wire Per 1000 or M
Excavation Cubic Yard or Cubic Feet
Flagstone Each or Square Feet
Framing, metal Linear feet
Framing, wood Board Feet or FBM or Linear Feet
Flashing Linear Feet
Flue lining Each or Linear Feet
Girders, steel Pound or Ton
Girders, wood Board Feet or FBM
Glass block Each
Glass, plate Square Inch or Square Feet
Glass, window Each or Square Inch
Gravel or stone Cubic Yard or Ton
Gutter Linear Feet
Gypsum board (drywall) Square Feet
Header, wood Linear Feet
Insulation Square Feet
Joist, metal Each or Pound
Joist, wood Board Feet or FBM
Lath, metal or gypsum Square Yard
Linoleum Square Yard
Masonite Square Feet
Mortar, lime Bag or Cubic Yard
Nails Pound
Paint Quart or Gallon
Painting, walls / ceiling Square Feet or Square Yard
Pipe, water or gas Linear Feet
Plaster Bag or Pound
Plastering Square Yard
Plywood Square Feet
Putty Pound
Rafters, wood Board Feet or FBM
Reinforcing rod Pound or Linear Feet
Roofing, built-up Square (100) or Square Feet
Roofing, membrane Square (100) or Square Feet
Roofing, metal Per Square (100) or Square Feet
Roofing, shingles Per Square (100) of Bundle

Sand Cubic Yard or Ton
Sanding floors Square Feet or Square Yard
Screws Pound or Dozen or Gross
Sheathing boards Board Feet or FBM
Shelving, wire Square Feet
Shelving, wood Board Feet or Linear Feet
Shutters Each or Pair
Sills, stone or concrete Cubic Feet
Sills, wood Board Feet or FBM
Skylight, glass Each or Square Feet
Stairs, metal Assembly
Stairs, wood Assembly or Per Tread & Riser
Siding, wood Board Feet or FBM
Siding, vinyl Square (100) or Square Feet
Steel beams Each or Ton
Structural steel Pound or Ton
Stucco Square Yard
Tanks, fuel / water storage Gallon
Terrazzo floor Square Feet
Tile, floor or wall Square Feet
Valley, metal Linear feet or Square Feet
Varnish Quart or Gallon
Varnishing Square Feet or Square Yard
Vinyl tile Each or Square Feet
Wallpaper Roll or Square Feet
Waterproofing Square (100) or Square Yard
Weather stripping Per Opening or Linear Feet
Wood lath

Square Yard or Bundle

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