December 19, 2008

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April 28, 2008

Charlie Hurst, one of The Old Car Guys from way back, is getting steadily more famous. Check out this video featuring his '48 Plymouth:


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1948 Plymouth Pictures

1948 Plymouth Brochures

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Our full collection of brochures has moved to:

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1970 Fleetwood brochure

1970 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Brochure

1968 Mustang

1968 Mustang brochure



1967 Rambler American and Rebel
1967 Rambler and American

1964 Rambler
1964 Rambler

1958 Rambler American
1958 Rambler American

1981 Ford Granada
1981 Ford Granada

1981 Chrysler New Yorker Brochure
1981 Chrysler New Yorker

1948 Studebaker Brochure
1948 Studebaker

1977 Chrysler Sigma
1977 Chrysler Sigma

1959 Ford Thunderbird Brochure
1959 Thunderbird



Holley 1909 Carburetor Manual
Holley 1909 Service Procedure - 1963 AMC

Marvel Carburetor for Series 691 Nash Sixes (1922-1924)

The (nearly) complete Rochester Carburetor Manual covering 1931-1980 Rochester carburetors (almost 3000 pages) has been made available by the fine folks at

1950's Holley Carburetors for Mercury cars

1950's Holley Carburetors for Mack trucks

1959 Frod Carburetors
1959 Ford Carburetors (Spanish)

1955 IHC AA-1G Manual
1955 Holley AA-1G for IHC

1949-1951 Ford Fuel System Manual
1949-1951 Ford Fuel System

1950's GMC Holley Carbs
1950's GMC Holley Carburetors - Spec. Sheets

1931 Chevrolet Accessories
1931 Chevrolet Accessories

1924 Chevrolet Superior Owners Manual
1924 Chevrolet Superior Owner's Manual

1954 GMC Manual
1954 GMC Models 620-980

pre-1939 Rolls Royce Manuals
Pre-War Rolls Royce Manual




The Old Car Blog
The Old Car Blog
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1953-1956 Austin Healey

Our collection of Packard manuals and literature:

Chevrolet Service News
Chevrolet Service News from 1931-1954

More service information for pre-1960 Chevrolets:

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1956 Ford Owner's Manual
1956 Ford Owner's Manual
1953 Ford Owners Manual

Mobilgas Economy Run Booklet
1951 Mobilgas Economy Run Booklet


Friends and Neighbours

General Dynamics F-111


1949 Olds Shop Manual

Terry Vessels has done a great job of putting the 1949 Oldsmobile 6 and 8 cylinder shop manual online here:

1966 Olds 88
1966 Oldsmobile Chassis Service Manual