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First Nintendo Wii warez release (Red_Steel_USA_Wii-PARADOX)
A small revolution is beginning - people from scene group Paradox released the very first Wii image of Red Steel, one of the most popular games on this console. One would think that releasing an ISO of some game may be enough, but it’s not like that: you need to hack your firmware in Wii, to make this playable. And that’s still a challenge waiting for someone to beat it. Text from NFO follows:

| Here we are again bringing you another world first, a full DVD
| image of one of the best Wii games to date, RedSteel.
| Thanks to all our friends who helped make this release possible.
| Let the hacking and exploration of the Nintendo Wii begin! As is
| often the case with these scene firsts, it could be a while
| still until this image is playable. So in the meantime be the
| envy of your friends by loading this image into your usual dvd
| recording software and burn it as a data dvd.
| This game is worth buying, and you currently have no choice, so
| go out and support the company that brought you this great game!

So this basically means that Wii images and games should be soon available, as it’s now with PlayStation 2 or XboX 360. It’s also interesting to say there are already some people working on modding firmware for Hitachi 8164b DVD reader, which is included in both XboX and Wii. A really nice news for all Wii fans and gamers!
Published on 29-12-2006

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» First Nintendo Wii warez release (Red_Steel_USA_Wii-PARADOX)29-12-2006
» Porn rules American p2p downloads (Rlslog)29-12-2006
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» maVenssupplieR Accusing ASTEROiDS Of Audio Stealing (
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» RiSCiSO Leader AWOL (Defacto2)15-07-2006
» Bandido ex-DOD leader's fate in politician's hand07-07-2006
» FBI Breaks Up Two Movie Piracy Rings (ABC News)29-06-2006
» bites the dust (p2pnet)14-03-2006
» Pitbull (former Razor1911 leader) Talks About His Arrest & Jail Time (Defacto2)14-03-2006
» Myth leaves the scene11-03-2006
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» What's an anamorphic DVD? (Greg Lovern)07-06-2005
» Half.Life.2.Source.Code.Notes.Everyone.In.Scene.READ.THiS.URGENT-iND06-10-2003
» Half-Life 2 code leaked online (BBC)03-10-2003
» RIAA: Bigger Fish to Fry (Stereophile)22-08-2003
» MP3 pirate pleads guilty17-08-2003
» A closer look at TeleCine (divxstation)20-07-2003
» MPEG 4 Codec Comparison (divxstation)11-04-2003
» All you need to know about SFV-files (divxstation)23-01-2003
» A closer look at Aspect Ratios (divxstation)23-01-2003
» About subtitle formats (divxstation)26-07-2002
» A Letter To The Scene (By RNS Leader Al Capone)03-09-2000
» France adopt three strikes law againts pirates04-11-2008
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