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The pic of the day is a user-based picture uploaded to an angelfire website, and displayed here. If you would like to post a pic, go here. Anyone can post a pic of the day anytime. Just click the above link and follow the directions.

Please keep the pics related to anime, evangelion, hentai, or anything funny. Please keep it descent.


4.21.99 Otaku MAD Wins vs. ODF
With 3 OF, and 1 MCA match, total of 4 levels. Otaku MAD came out on top. We beat them at the MCA level, and the last 2 OF levels. It was a great game. Hope to do it again some time.
4.20.99 Match Vs Otaku Death Force
There is a match against Otaku Death Squadron Wednesday April 21, 1999. It will be a 4 on 4, MAD match. Meet on IRC at 7:30 pm. The game will begin at 8:00 pm.
3.30.99 Site Reconstruction
The site is going to get redone, thats all.
3.29.99 Site deleted
Site is getting a revamp.



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