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the notorious big
notorious big

are under 2 differents entrees in the browse artists section
Posted by CP on 18/02/2009.

Admin Responded:
Fixed, thanks :)
Thankyou for all your hard work. I have waited years for a site like this. The Best. Well done. The Carpenters Singles 1974- 78 entry on 13 01 1990 is in fact a re-entry of the same album from 1978. I hope you dont mind me pointing this out. Cheers Ken
Posted by Ken on 12/02/2009.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for pointing this out, it's now fixed.
Best chart website I've ever seen - should keep on it's toes :)
Have a look at - there's some good stuff there too.


Dave Van MusicMaster
Bedford UK
Posted by Dave Van MusicMaster on 08/02/2009.
In fact album Goosefair is by China Drum not China Crisis
Posted by frame13245 on 06/02/2009.

Admin Responded:
Fixed, thanks!
Hi I'm Toncil form Malta its time again to say many thanks for all the team working on this fantastic
free website.Thanks one more time for the useful information I get for all my radio programs in Malta.Keep it on mates.
Posted by toncil disco on 04/02/2009.
hi, "Dj Sammy & Yanou Ft Do" and "DJ Sammy And Yanou Featuring Do" are the same artist but there are 2 enteries.
Posted by LexLuthor on 03/02/2009.

Admin Responded:
Correct, I have merged them.
Nice site. One suggestion is that some acts have a "The" on the front, whereas few, if any, acts use this as part of their official name. I would expect to find Sex Pistols under S, not T ("The Sex Pistols"), ditto The Bee Gees, The Bangles, The Boomtown Rats etc etc.

Otherwise cool.
Posted by SteveP on 31/01/2009.

Admin Responded:
You will now find all 'The Something' band names under the first letter of the band name other than The as well as under the letter T.
Nice site.
Posted by wayne murrell on 15/01/2009.
Your site is really excellent!!
09/01/1982 Album chart shows Elvis Costello - Almost Blue
two times # 23 (as Elvis Costello)
# 34 (as Elvis Costello & Attractions)
Please fix it. And League Unlimited Orchestra album Love And Dancing picture error
Posted by frame13245 on 05/01/2009.

Admin Responded:
Fixed both, thanks for pointing them out!
This is such an amazing website! You must have spent a lot of days - and nights compiling this, but I'm sure it's worth it!! Keep up the great work!!
Posted by Paul McCluskey on 31/12/2008.
I really enjoyed the site and looking at the charts of my youth. I was able to track down some songs that were in my head but I couldn't remember the titles.
Posted by Hiram Stern on 28/12/2008.
Can I Ask Why Dont You Keep The Infomation On The End Of Year Charts (The Best Selling Singles) That Would Be A Good Feature For The Site.
Posted by sam on 28/12/2008.

Admin Responded:
It is something I would like to do and hopefully will be able to do in the future. I currently do not have the time to work on this feature.
Why On Basshunters Page Thers 2 Song Which Are Exactly The Same (Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells (Bass)) Theres No Difference In The 2 Songs, Is There?, I Dont Think There Is
Posted by Sam on 18/12/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks, I've merged the two entries.
Hi. Celine Dion's A Decade Of Song is shown as two seperate albums but is just one.

Keep up the good work. This site is awesome.
Posted by on 17/12/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for pointing this out, I've now merged the two.
Hi. On Macy Gray's page, there are two albums with the names "Oh How Life Is" and "On How Life Is". But the first one is wrong. She doesn't have an album with that name. :)
Posted by LexLuthor on 10/12/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks I've corrected this now.
Hi Again, ThankYou For Making The Changes I Suggested With The Reloaded And Deluxe Edition Albums, I Have Two More For You Duffy's Rockferry:Deluxe Edition started charting this week (06/12/2008) instead of the original Rockferry, Coldplay Have had two albums in the chart this week (06/12/2008) as you know Prospekts March and viva la vida or death and all his friends, well as well as Prospekts March bieng sold seperatly the Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends Which started charting this week is the Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends Prospekts March Edition, Thankyou for improving your site on the Deluxe Edition side of it, loving the site.
Posted by sam on 03/12/2008.

Admin Responded:
Finally got around to sorting this out, thanks :)
Right the weeks for Good Girl Gone Bad Reloaded start at-07/06/2008 and onwards to the present chart, Also Leona Lewis Spirit Deluxe Edition Starts at-29/11/2008 and onwards to the present chart, Also Gabriella Cilmi Lessons To Be Learned Deluxe Edition starts at-06/12/2008 and onwards to the present chart, Also Adele 19 Deluxe Edition starts at-22/11/2008 and onwards to the present chart, thanks
Posted by sam on 01/12/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for clarifying all of that, it's now reflected in the chart data.
a doubt about leona lewis - spirit is for me a new entry
the deluxe edition is an album different of the first one

Posted by CP on 25/11/2008.

Admin Responded:
True, it's now fixed.
Hi Love Your Work, Ive Notice That Good Girl Gone Bad album by Rihanna half of the time its charted is the Revamped Edition which has charted, Can i ask u why is this not notified.
Posted by sam on 23/11/2008.

Admin Responded:
I don't have a specific protocol for re-issues, some are listed together and some are seperated. If you can tell me which weeks are for which then I will happily split them in two in this case
My comment is about Christmas charts. Before 1984, a chart wasn't published for Christmas week, and the chart from the week prior to Christmas applied. I've noted that your database uses different weeks for Christmas than those used in other chart publications. Happy to send you some examples if you like.
Posted by on 18/11/2008.

Admin Responded:
That would be great thanks, I'll have a look at what you've got.
CURE has a bad picture ERROR
WITH The Caterpillar
Posted by PICPOUL on 10/11/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks, I've now fixed this :)
Superb job, a brilliantly executed website! Keep it up, please.

Only one error, Nena 99 red balloons is shown as Mel and Kim. I don't like to be picky, but you seem to want comments.
Posted by adam on 09/11/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for your kind words, I've now fixed this mistake
Found here Jon Bon Jovi song "Midnight at Chelsea". I think it's called "Midnight in Chelsea". Right?
Posted by John on 08/11/2008.

Admin Responded:
You are quite correct sir, I have now fixed this error.
please correct

j blackfoot taxi
has the pic of whitesnake lol
Posted by picpoul on 04/11/2008.

Admin Responded:
Fixed, thanks for pointing it out.
Fantastic site - great information and I regularly use it when I think of a song, but can't remember who sang it!! You've helped me out many times! Keep up the good work. Craig, Kent
Posted by Craig on 30/10/2008.
Wow! Never, ever in a million years did I think I would find a website that included an archive of the singles charts dating back to 1952 with so much information. This must have taken you ages to compile. This site is amazing - thank you so much! I have uploaded some cover art that you have missing and I will go through my collection and upload as much as I can - it's the least I can do! Matt. Gillingham, Kent.
Posted by on 26/10/2008.
I Have 2 questions for you, whats your favourite song of 2008 so far?, (mine is Hot N Cold), and also who do you think will be number 1 next week?
Posted by Sam on 25/10/2008.

I have a question for you, regarding the history of the UK charts. I picked up a book I found on Amazon, "British Hit Singles" a few months ago ('96 edition), and I use the chart data in compiling my own research. This might sound like nit-picking, but I am trying to be as accurate as a I can. I noticed a descrepancy in the date Roy Orbison's "Only the Lonely" hit #1 in the UK. My book has it as 20 Oct 1960, but your site has 22 Oct. Is it possible the book (published by Guinness) has it wrong, or do you think the error might be on this site? Was there any common occurances of errors in dates during any periods of time that you are aware of? Any help or opinion you (or anyone reading this) can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again for all your effort! I wish there were as comprehensive a site for the US charts! Joel Whitburn's Billboard books are pretty good, but obviously can't be continuously updated! Philip James, USA
Posted by Philip James on 22/10/2008.

Admin Responded:
Looking back on it would appear that the 20th of October was a Thursday and the 22nd was a Saturday. My chart dates use the "Chart for the week ending on date x" format, so this makes sense. I think it must be an error on the part of the book because I don't know of anyone that uses a Thursday as a chart date. Normally people use the date of chart release (Sunday) or the "week ending" format as I do. This just shows that not all books are perfect!
Great site.Had you thought of including chart data on tracks charting between 101 and 200?This used to be available on the Charts Plus newsletter though they recently stopped publishing i think...Anyway keep up the good work.
Posted by Mark Denten on 22/10/2008.

Admin Responded:
I would love to include this information as long as I could find a reliable source for it. I would also like to have the data for a decent period of chart data, having the odd week of data would give a bit of a skewed view of things.
Great keep it up, P!nk So Whats my fav song at moment, closly followed by Katy Perry Hot N Cold, Love the site, thankyou 4 keepin it up2date regulary.
Posted by Alexander on 12/10/2008.
Great to see Jaki making a return to the UK.

Find out more about Jaki at
Posted by on 10/10/2008.
Great Site, many thanks fo all your work and most of all keeping it free. I have seen others offer help with covers etc, I have no idea of your background and don't intend any offence, but as a database admin, if you should need any help in that area, please feel free to ask.

Thanks again.
Posted by Mick Morgan on 04/10/2008.
Rici je bio odlican pevac. Za kratko vreme je postigao puno i poznat je jos i danas. La bamba i Dona su odlicne pesme. Ritchi is very beautiful man and good singer.La bamba and Dona is greate song.
Posted by Vesna Mit on 20/09/2008.

Admin Responded:
OK, I don't understand but thanks :)
Do you include download entries??
Posted by David taylor on 14/09/2008.

Admin Responded:
Yes, the chart includes legal downloads.
Fantastic site,keep up the great work
Posted by David taylor on 14/09/2008.
Many thanks for a wonderful statistical site. I have been looking for the week-by-week entries from the history of the UK charts for a while and it's great to finally have them!

Thanks again for all your hard work - it is very much appreciated.
Posted by Steve on 06/09/2008.
I have always been an avid chart watcher - and I am extremely impressed with this site. Thank you ever so much, and please don't ever remove it! :p
Posted by Julie Lindberg on 05/09/2008.
wow. Amazing site, which must be an absolute labour of love for you. I hope you keep up the excellent work. Any way of finding out which albums/singles have been on the charts the longest? I see Queen's Greatest Hits up there, but is it the longest stayer album in the UK? NZ fan
Posted by Wayne Jolly on 31/08/2008.

Admin Responded:
According to my stats it appears that Queen and Meat Loaf are tied for the top spot but Queen tips Meat Loaf by having a higher peak position, more weeks in a shorter time period and the most recent chart success.
This is a truly brilliant site and I hope you continue to maintain it to such a high standard. Do not be tempted in any re-vamp to over complicate it of loose is ease of readability and clarity as although it might be colourful and jazzy if you do, it makes it hard for those whose eyesight is not so good.
Posted by Brian Winter on 18/08/2008.
Hello again. I've just been reading about the album charts from 1971 where they stopped for 8 weeks due to a postal strike. They now have been reinstated with George Harrison's album All Things Must Pass at No.1 for all 8 weeks instead of Simon and Garfunkel. I see you have the new charts, but I can't help wondering where these charts suddenly came from after all these years? If they didn't have the figures then, how have they got them now? On looking at the appropriate album on your site I see that when the charts restarted Harrison's album was No.18, so we have a ridiculous situation where the album spends 8 weeks at No.1 and drops to No.18 - a chart impossibility if ever I saw one. I wonder who authorised these new charts? I bet he was a Beatles fan. What do you think?
Posted by Mike on 13/08/2008.

Admin Responded:
This chart information was obtained from Kingofskiffle at the forums. I'm not exactly sure on his data sources - perhaps a Beatles fan?!
Hi again.
Forget to mention that your contact me replies with the message - Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in /home/.malcsi/mazadillon/ on line 7

Posted by Laurie Ridler on 13/08/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for pointing this out, I've now fixed the problem :)
Hi. Stumbled across your site quite by accident and was amazed that such full info was actually available in one place. I have been compiling a similar sort of list for my personal use for about 12 years now and wonder if you would like a copy of it. It contains (in text format) Title, Artist, Highest chart position and year(s) of release. It was originally scanned from the Guinness British Hit Singles book of about 1996 and after months of work correcting spelling etc it ended in its present form. Since then I have endeavoured to update it every week with the fullest charts that I can find (normally the Yahoo one that you mention). It is approximately 1.5 mb and is complete up to this week. I believe it to be 99.9% accurate and with a friend we have written a database program that allows us to interrogate the data within this text file have created . If you can make use of the text file please let me know how I can send it to you. I'd prefer not to have this published if you wouldn't mind as I don't particularly wish to be contacted by others (if that is possible through your guest book). Just in case you are wondering I am NOT looking for anything in return. Just thought it might help out. How you use it (or if) is up to you.


Posted by Laurie Ridler on 13/08/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks I would appreciate access to this, I'll email you :)
Hi again. No sorry, they are 2 different albums. The 1994 Kylie Minogue album was never re-released in the UK. The reason possibly for the confusion is that the 1998 album was released in the rest of the world as "Impossible Princess", but as "Kylie Minogue" in the UK (following the death of Princess Diana). Cheers anyway.
Posted by Mike on 12/08/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for clarifying, I've hopefully sorted it out now :)
Hi, i'm fan of your site :) i found a minor error for you. On the "All the Number Ones" page, "Albums All Years" link does not work.

Best wishes from Turkey.
Posted by Esen Köprülü on 11/08/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for pointing this out, I've now fixed the link.
hello gary here i could spends hours on this site good work well done
Posted by gary on 10/08/2008.
Hi - Could you correct the summary at the end of the singles chart which shows Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol to have been on the chart for a week less than it actually has
Posted by jon b on 10/08/2008.

Admin Responded:
The summary is created automatically from the data which I have, I'm happy to add another week to their listing if you could tell me the week and position? I'm working through my data trying to identify missing information and I may well find this myself anyway. Thanks for letting me know.
Hi, love this sie - as I go through it, would you welcome a list of corrections? One I spotted tonight is Peter Gabriels first 4 albums all running into one as they all shared the same title (although they are now known as Peter Gabriel 1,2,3,4)
Posted by david culmer on 06/08/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks, I have now fixed this error.
Hi there. Quick look at the Kylie Minogue page. Couple of errors on the albums - which I know you've just uploaded, so fair enough. "Let's Get To It" is listed twice with slightly different titles. Then, you have the opposite problem - two different albums with the ame name "Kylie Minogue" are listed together. The 1994 and 1998 appearances are two different albums. Thanks and great work on the site.
Posted by Mike on 06/08/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for pointing this out, I've merged the two albums which were obviously wrong. Looking at the self titled album on wikipedia it appears that the later chart re-entry is as a result of a re-release as opposed to it being a completely different album. At the moment I don't have a specific policy regarding re-releases so I will leave it for now until I come up with something. Thanks for pointing these mistakes out :D
Hi. Great site. Would like to offer scans of loads of missing 7" sleeves. Also, some of the sleeves you have displayed are not the UK issues....

Contact me if you'd like some sleeve jpgs mailing to you!

Keep up the good work!!

DJ Dan Gerous
Posted by DJ Dan Gerous on 04/08/2008.

Admin Responded:
I'm always open to offers of covers, if the existing ones aren't correct feel free to upload an alternative - I'll email you about this :)
Just wanted to offer another vote of thanks & support for all your hard work on this wonderful site! I use this site every day, to compare chart positions between the US & the UK, and find it fascinating! I saw someone mention that Guinness stopped printing the chart stats with the 1996 version? That is a shame, as I just found a copy of that edition, and was hoping to find a newer one! Too bad...
Posted by Philip James on 01/08/2008.
I tried to use the "contact me" button, but kept getting errors. There is a pic of NWA's "Straight Outta Compton" on the "Pat Benatar" page. Thought you ought to know. (pretty sure Pat didn't cover THAT one, lol!)
Posted by Philip James on 01/08/2008.

Admin Responded:
Oops! No idea how that happened, it's all fixed now, thanks for pointing it out!
Awesome work but I'd suggest taking off the CD covers from the charts (altho they can be interesting for the older charts) and including last week's position. :)
Posted by steve on 01/08/2008.

Admin Responded:
I'm still undecided about including the covers in the charts and at the moment I will leave them for a bit longer as I think they make the site more interesting. I may add in information on the previous week's position as the data is all there ready to go - another thing to do when I have the time!
Hi Hello again from TONCIL MALTA. Is it possible to tabulate another colon to indicate US chart position? You know that most UK hits entered in US charts and vice versa.Simply the chart position.I know this will takes time but, when ever you have time please do.Sure this will make this fantastic website more interesting.I have no words how to say thanks for the excellent job you're doing.

Posted by on 31/07/2008.

Admin Responded:
It has taken me over 4 years to compile an archive for the UK chart - and there are still errors and inaccuracies in my data! Once I have got the site in a place where I am happy with it I may consider branching out into other charts.
Excellent! Thanks! Obviously hours of work have gone into it - but tons of joy (& memories) come out of it...
Posted by Patrick on 30/07/2008.
If the information been shared on this site was top secret, I could understand the pompous arrogant postings of saddo's like Tom O'Dowd but it took me hours of searching through endless garbage before I came across this jewel and top quality site. Why this information is not more readily available is a complete mystery to me and I thank all the dedicated people who have put this site together. I am also hoping that I can in some small way contribute with some covers I have. It is a statistical paradise and as a keen music lover, is helping fill in the gaps where other literature and websites have let me down. I also like the way that you are so receptive to errors and feedback while other sites take it as a slander on their good name. Kindest Regards Big Stoz
Posted by Big Stoz on 29/07/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks very much for your kind words of support - they are greatly appreciated!
It's time again to say hello,this is my second massage.In my opinion this is the best website ever created for statical research.In fact it is very useful for us to prepare various radio programs here in Malta. KNOW MATTER WHAT OTHERS MAY SAY OR THINK ABOUT AGAINST THIS WEBSITE.MIGHT BE A COWARD OR A CHICKEN.

Thanks for the whole team working on this fantastic website .

Posted by on 24/07/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for your support :)
I think Mr Tom O'Dull (comments 09/07/2008) should mind his own business. The way I see it you are offering a free service of which you should be very proud. Don't let Mr Grumpy put you off from carrying on your excellent work which I, and seemingly everyone else who has responded, appreciate very much. If you don't like it Mr O'Dear then don't look at it, or will you sue the owner for all the money he's not making from the site !. The implied threat is a cheap shot. Get a life.
Posted by David Wright on 18/07/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for your support :D
I think your charts have zero credibility as you do not name your sources or the chart from which the positions are derived. There are several glaring impossibilities in terms of certified sales, and I am looking at the legal implications for the bands concerned
Posted by Tom O'Dowd on 09/07/2008.

Admin Responded:
I'm sorry you feel that way, please bear in mind that the archive is not yet complete so some album listings may not be accurate. This is mentioned on the front page of the site. The sources of my data are listed on the About page.
I have waited years to find such a source of chart information. Even more so since Guinness stopped publishing the Top 40 UK Charts book in 1996, which would have meant using a scanner and character recognision software - PAINFUL! But discovering your site (recommended by cddb/GraceNote)I have all the information I need to produce a radio programme for Community Radio Stations in London and the south east, using a specially written database to manage it all.

Posted by Terence John on 06/07/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for your support!
Still love this site.
I check it out at least twice a week!
It's a fantastic site!

Best wishes from the Netherlands!
Posted by Ronald van Veen on 28/06/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for being a loyal visitor!
I'm a bit concerned on looking at the Boney M Discography that you list their second album as having reached No.13, whereas all the other chart books list it as reaching No.60 (in 1977). Where did this information come from?
Posted by Mike on 09/06/2008.

Admin Responded:
The information for this specific listing can be found here If you find this is in fact wrong then please let me know, otherwise maybe the book is wrong!
You're a star!!!
Keep it up.
Posted by The Libran on 09/06/2008.
Duffy, you brought the 60es back, the right way!
Posted by Andy Dreamy Day on 26/05/2008.
Absolutely fantastic. The 76-100 chart positions has brought back some superb memories.
Posted by Andy Kelly on 24/05/2008.
Hi Thanks for this site because it's a bomb and it's very helpfull.

Catherine Galea MALTA
Posted by CATHERINE on 12/05/2008.
This is what I call real statistics in digital form in respect with the books I bought and I'm still buying to keep hard copy.Good job and thanks to all the team working on this fantastic website.
Posted by on 11/05/2008.
Hours of Fun thank you!!!
just looking at the alphabetical songs (singles)
any starting in "(" or numbers don't come up on a list anywhere - unless I have missed them?
can you add an extra list?
Posted by Simon Lowndes on 01/05/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for pointing this out, I have added an extra section to the browse pages.
do you ever have those few words in your head from a long gone song "your mah said you cried in your sleep last night" your site provided the answer "Doug Sheldon" thanks this is truly an amazing site
Posted by terry burton on 28/04/2008.
All that i need for my research.
Posted by Milton Silva on 27/04/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for your support
Hi there! Great site, I look it through everyday. But I found one inaccuracy: James Blunt's 'High' has a dublicate, fix it:)
Posted by Harper on 23/04/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks, fixed :)
Hey there - I visited your site a few years back and downloaded an excellent CSV of every single Top 100 hit of the 80s. I have since managed to purchase all 8639 of them, which has been a massive project. I could not have done it without your wonderful site.

However, I\'m devestated to find that you no longer have this data available as I was planning to start on the 90s. The main field missing in the download section is Date - is there any way round this or have you withdrawn this support? Any help would be immensely appreciated.
Posted by paul on 07/04/2008.

Admin Responded:
I'm glad you have found the site useful, sorry but it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep that data up to date. I have run off an up to date list for you now and emailed it to you - I hope it's useful.

My name is Philip James, and I recently stumbled upon your site! I am an American, and I have always been fascinated by music, pop charts, and what others around the U.S., and in other countries are listening to! In looking over the details presented on your site, I can tell you\'ve spent a great deal of time cataloging chart information from over the years, based on what is, and what has been popular in the UK!

I also have a question for you. In 1993, Depeche Mode released \"Songs of Faith and Devotion\", and it hit #1 in the U.S. in April. But I can\'t find it in your chart data. Is it possible it was not released in the UK? (I find that hard to believe, considering all of the UK hits they have had!) Or is it more likely an oversight?

Take care,
Philip James
Posted by Philip James on 06/04/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for your feedback, the album does appear to have been released in the UK (according to Wikipedia at least! The reason it is not listed on my site is because I have a gap in my data around this period. I am working on filling this but it takes a lot of time and I don't have much free time to spare at the moment. Thanks again for your support!
hi cool stuff...i wonder if you can provide a copy of Cyril Stapleton Orchestra With Julie Dawn - Blue Star (The Medic Theme) tnk u and more power to u...

Posted by switest on 02/04/2008.

Admin Responded:
I'm sorry I can't help you with finding copies of records, you can buy music from your local music shop or from the internet.
Amazing site; I love it, I like it, I need it!!!
Posted by HOOK on 31/03/2008.

Admin Responded:
Great Site. The 2 Carpenters LPs are in fact 1 album The Carpenters 30/10/71 & Carpenters 31/03/73 was the re-entry date for the above LP. It was just in a different Jacket ( The U S A release....I do believe. Ken Ps Keep up the xcellent work. Brill
Posted by Ken on 19/03/2008.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for the tip, I've merged the two releases.
Fantastic site, easy to use and very informative.

You are asking users to upload album/single art, but it is very difficult to find out which art is missing. Would it be possible to have a page with a list (downloadable text file or spreadsheet) of missing art. I know it would be massive, but I think it would be useful for us!

Tip for other users.... If you use iTunes and have artwork embedded in the mp3s or in the itunes album artwork database, simply right click on the image in iTunes, Copy and then paste into any art program. The file can be saved as xxxxxx.jpg and uploaded to chartstats :)
Posted by Steve on 15/03/2008.

Admin Responded:
Hi Steve, thanks for wanting to help! I created an extra item on the downloads page which lets you view a table of all songs and albums that do not have cover art. You can also download the list as a CSV file to open as a spreadsheet. You can find the table here and download the CSV from here.
Why is not position 2 in Album Chart 24/07/1982
Posted by alex on 11/03/2008.

Admin Responded:
There was in fact a tie for first place on this week with the Fame soundtrack also being in first place. This is now reflected in the chart, thanks for pointing it out!
Why is not position 10 in Album Chart 16/08/1975
Posted by alex on 06/03/2008.

Admin Responded:
There is no position 10 because the albums 'One of these Nights' by the Eagles and 'Tubular Bells' by Mike Oldfield are tied at position 9. This was not properly reflected in the charts on my site until now and for this I apologise. Thank you for pointing this out.
Please could we do something regarding the ratings for the singles and albums on here. There are Queen and TRex fans submitting a high volume of 5 stars ratings foir their pet songs and submitting lower ratinggs for other acts who have genuinely gained a high rating. Therefire the top rated is not unique. I would suggest that you have to submit an e-mail address with your rating to ensure that the ratings are genuine and maybe we could penalise the Trex and Queen chart cheats
Posted by damon on 22/02/2008.

Admin Responded:
I have made some changes to hopefully resolve this issue. I will continue to monitor the situation. Thanks for your support.
I want some help please. I am trying to copy the album list for the top 50 albums from 2005 onwards.

I have been to the album chart site menu and have the list there available but I can\'t seem to get the results I require.

What is the best way of getting these.

Posted by richard foy on 28/01/2008.

Admin Responded:
This list is not available on the site, I have manually created a list that I think will meet your requirements and have emailed it to you.
Anyone who need a list of my albums are more than welcome, these are in EXCEL format.
I am collecting the UK top 50 albums know (from 1956 to date).

Hope to find albums that I have not got

Posted by richard foy on 27/01/2008.
I have a album list (top 100 albums) with lots of information about artist and album titles.
I collect the top 100 albums from 1956 to date and have over 5000+ albums (all in MP3 format)
Posted by Richard Foy on 21/01/2008.

Admin Responded:
Any cover uploads will be greatfully accepted, hopefully the album chart archive will eventually be completed, once sufficient data sources and time have been found. Thanks for your support
Hunting for some info for a new years quiz I\'m writing and came upon this site. What a brilliant resource; thank you very much for your effort.

Do you only list albums that have been in the charts? The reason I ask is because I looked at a particular artist (band) that has released over 30 albums (I have 31 but am still missing some), but only about a dozen were listed.

If you want the info for the remainder I\'m sure I could sort them out.

Posted by Dave on 04/01/2008.

Admin Responded:
There is a gap in my album chart records from 1983 to 1999, I'm working on filling it but am having some trouble finding the data.
Hi from Russia!
Great site! It\'s really pleasant to get the necessary information about music, especially, about years of my youth - 80\'s. Sorry for my bad English, but site is terrific!
Posted by Russian Bear on 03/01/2008.
Your website is excellent, one of a kind, it is uptodate, contains very useful data and is an absolute pleasure to browse. Thank you very much!
We use your data to produce several shows on our internet music channel,
Your commitment to this website is much appreciated.
Max Johnson,
Posted by Max Johnson on 29/12/2007.
This site contains so much useful data. It\'s well bookmarked now. A great job, and much appreciated. It\'s always good to meet another muso. Check out my stats at
Posted by Tr1xx on 27/11/2007.
Dear Admin,
last few weeks I was busy recording parts of my collection of singles to my pc. I took the occasion to scan some of the picture-covers and began to upload them, as I promised some weeks ago. Therefore you had to do some additional work (I hope you don\'t mind). Some of my picture-sleeves are in very nice condition (nearly mint). Some others are a little bit dirty, although (or maybe because) they were kept in albums. The most of them are from the late sixties and early seventies and many are in a poor shape, espacially because i bought them second-hand or from a rummage counter. So I gave a little bit of a paint to some of the pictures. But doing careful retouch is very hard work. And now I\'m a little tired doing so.
Now my questions are :
1. Shall I upload some of the remaining covers, even if they are only in a fair condition.
2. How can one upload a (better) cover artwork to your sitemap, even if there is already a link to an uploaded cover.
3. It is very difficult (or expensive), finding an A3-scanner for scanning lp-covers. But a lot of lp\'s have been re-released as cd\'s. Many of them show the original artwork. So I could scan some of these and upload them to the lp-charts, if you\'d like.

Many greetings from Germany !

PS: It\'s been now more than thirty years, since I left school. And it\'s been nearly twenty years, since I last talked in english. So I hope, my english is not too bad.
Posted by Auka on 23/11/2007.

Admin Responded:
Thanks very much for your support, I think the answer to your second question also provides an answer to the first. I will make a facility to replace existing covers, thus enabling people to upload higher quality covers in place of low quality ones. So in that case go ahead and upload any covers you have, and if people don't like them they can replace them with better ones. I reckon having any cover is better than none, and the higher quality the better. Your English is really very good, much better than my German! Thanks again for your support.
Fantastic Website, Have been browsing for a long time. Really appreciate all your hours of input.
Excellent Excellent Site keep up the great work
Posted by John Williams on 19/11/2007.
Been browsing the charts on this website for a long time now but only just stumbled across the news/guestbook/contacts bit. Just wanted to say what an excellent site this is and how much I appreciate all the hard work and effort that must have gone into creating it...and is still ongoing.

Many thanks,

Posted by Steve on 14/11/2007.
Many Thanks for this great site !!
I saved it as a favorit and I shall come back many, many times, I\'m sure.
As I\'ve got a collection of about 1.000 singles (most with German picture covers) I will try to upload some of the rarer covers, as soon as I find the time to scan them.
By the way, as I was browsing through the pages, I found two little mistakes in your database :
1. \"Rosie\" 1968-hit by Don Partridge was missing there and was attached to DAN Partridge.
2. \"King Of The Rumbling Spires\" (1969) is attached to T.Rex, but was originally billed to Tyrannosaurus Rex, before they changed their name.

Many greetings from Germany.
Posted by auka on 28/10/2007.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for your support and for pointing out the mistakes, they have now been corrected :)
Just the BEST!
Congratulations my friend.
I\'m trying to help by uploading covers.
Greetings from Athens, Greece
Posted by Kami on 21/10/2007.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for the support, covers are very much appreciated!
What a great site!
As a big fan of all things connected to music charts I really like browsing your site.
Most of all I like to search for chart hits of the 80\'s as I am a big 80\'s fan.
Also check out my own site and have a look at my own chart!

Best wishes, Ronald
Posted by Ronald van Veen on 18/10/2007.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for the support :)
what a site, i have been looking for a site like this for a long time, this must take a lot of work.
10 out of 10 to all involved.
Posted by robert on 04/10/2007.
great site well to everybody involved in here.
just one it possible to have the singles chart in excel, since i want to filter some options, like top 5 of one particular week and so?
thanks regards noel.
Posted by Noel on 23/09/2007.

Admin Responded:
I don't currently have the charts in Excel format and it would make a VERY large data file and require a lot of work to put together. Such a file did exist previously but took a lot of work to keep updated and was removed because it contained many errors.
Hello :)
i\'m in school!!!
its so great

this website is so COOL!
Posted by tash on 18/09/2007.
Just found your site, im from leeds and just like to say its great info on here will ad to favs and will need the site a lot to look things up
Keep up the good work
Posted by Duncan on 09/09/2007.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for the support Duncan!
Great site. I don\'t know how you do it!
One little point i spotted by chance - you have Dana\'s 1982 hit I feel love coming on listed as Danba in a seperate discography
Posted by mike on 01/09/2007.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for pointing that out Mike, I've merged the two artists together under the correct name.
Great Website! A site with chart archives has been needed for a long time on the net. Keep up the good work!
Posted by Grahame on 16/08/2007.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for your support :)
Great site, well done. Anyone know where i can find End of Year or Chart of the Year archives? Or any chance of getting them on here? drop me an email ta, Ali.
Posted by Ali on 06/07/2007.

Admin Responded:
Hey Ali, thanks for the feedback! I don't currently have end of year charts but I may add them soon. In the mean time the site has year and decade summarys for most of the charts.
Wow what a site! This is honestly the best site I\'ve seen for charts. Just wanted to say keep up the great work.
Posted by Dan on 06/07/2007.

Admin Responded:
Cheers for the support Dan :)
Just found this site a couple of weeks ago. Exactly what I\'ve been looking for since the NME dumped the charts a couple of years ago. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Kind regards,
Posted by Phil on 02/07/2007.
What a brilliant site! Simple layout, very functional and all the info about the charts you could ever want! Thanks and keep up the good work!
Posted by Paul McC on 15/06/2007.
Hi great site i\'m trying to collect every top 40 hit in mp3 format and this site is a great reference, a lot better than looking up Guinness hit singles book (and it\'s new format is terrible).

I would like to help by uploading some picture covers in the future, could you tell me the format and size you would prefer them to be in.

And now a complaint, could you list the tracks that are on EPs as i still have to look these up to see which songs are on them (see you made me that lazy).

Thanks for a great site
Posted by Harry on 04/06/2007.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for your comments Harry, I'm glad you like the site! The pictures should be at least 300x300 pixels in the jpeg format. I'd be very grateful to receive as many as you can get your hands on! Unfortunatley I do not have the time to list the tracks on each release at the present time, however I can recommend the site as a great resource for finding loads of information about loads of releases.
I just wanted to say that I love this site, I haven\'t found anything like it for satisfying my occasional nostalgic look back at the charts. I\'ve even used it to compile playlists on YouTube of top 10s gone by (a personal TOTP, sad isn\'t it :D)

Keep up the great work!
Posted by Frank on 15/05/2007.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for the support Frank :D
I have been using this site for about a year now and I think it is amazing. Thank you for all the information.
By the way for singles covers look on HMV they have quite a lot
Posted by Shine on 08/05/2007.

Admin Responded:
Thanks for the tip - I'll keep an eye on HMV!
Peace people

We love you
Posted by HelloWorld on 04/05/2007.

Admin Responded:
I agree, peace people! Thanks very much for your love - it's very much appreciated! x
Hallo, but colleague, you are sure?
Good luck!
Posted by PreobrajenskySuka on 29/04/2007.

Admin Responded:
Yes colleague - I am sure. Thanks!

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