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Ron Gilbert Becomes A Hothead

othead Games announced plans to finally get Ron Gilbert's RPG-Adventure game, DeathSpank into the publishing world. The game will be released in episodic format and feature Gilbert's style of humor and storytelling. Gilbert will also be joining the company's Vancouver-based studio as Creative Director, effective immediately.

"I've spent over four years trying to find the right publisher for this strange
 little game. Now that I've done it, you just know that somewhere four horsemen are saddling up." Gilbert said about the move.

The episodic game follows the adventures of a misguided hero named DeathSpank, a character that first appeared on Gilbert's Grumpy Gamer website in a series of animated comics he penned with long-time creative collaborator, Clayton Kauzlaric.

"We're all huge fans of Monkey Island and we love Ron's unique vision and sense of humor," said Joel DeYoung, COO of Hothead Games. "Ron shares Hothead's goal of bringing much-needed humor and innovation into games, so having him here in Vancouver as our Creative Director is an excellent fit."

"I'm really excited to be working with Hothead Games not only on DeathSpank, but as their new Creative Director," said Gilbert. "I got to know everyone at Hothead while I was helping with On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. They really understand humor and being creative like very few publishers do."

As Creative Director, Gilbert will work in the Vancouver-based studio on all of Hothead's games. Check out http://www.hotheadgames.com/ for more info on the studio.

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