Clean energy - that never fades

Our environment, fading energy sources, and problems regarding these subjects, reflect an urgent matter in today's society. Not only on a global level, but also in the Faroe Islands.

In this context, the two companies SEV and Wavegen have founded the joint energy venture SeWave to develop a wave energy plant in the Faroe Islands - which will utilize clean energy, that is both invisible and soundless. Energy, that never fades.

Why utilize wave energy?

The annual consumption of energy in the world is around 10 billion tons of oil. 90% of this comes from fossile energy sources (oil, gas, coal, timber etc.), while about 10% comes from nuclear energy and renewable energy sources (water, wind, wave, sun). Prognosises estimate that over the next century, the use of renewable energy sources will increase with 40% to 150%.

Therefore, it is both nescessary and approriate to develop new future energy sources, amongst other things wave energy.

If focus is set on the Faroe Islands, we see that the imported fuel oil and petrol count for 90% of the energy demand in the Faroese society. Of the total energy production, 35-40% are produced from renewable energy sources, water and wind.

SEV's energy sources today are oil, water and wind. There is so much oil in stock, that the diesel engines could generate power to the entire country for six months. Oil is easy to come by, and therefore oil is a stable and reliable energy source.

Eiðisvatn is SEV's largest water stock. If, for instance, no water ran into Eiðisvatn, and the plant produced at full power, the water stock would empty out in a month. Accordingly, water is not as stable and reliable an energy source as oil is.

Windmills produce, as the wind blows, just as wave energy is only obtainable, when and where there occur waves. Wind and waves are unstable and unreliable, but durable energy sources. 

Reference list
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Fyrsta Ávegis Álit um Orku, Vinnumálaráðið 2004
Ársfrágreiðing fyri 2004 hjá SEV

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The wave motions outside the cliff face push the water into the tunnel-chamber, creating the function of a stamp for the air, which is pressured and pulled through a turbine.
From idea to reality

Roughly three years in the making, the idea to develop and build a wave energy plant in the Faroe Islands is now being realized.  Based on the findings in the feasibility study
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SeWave Ltd., Landavegur 92, Box 195, 110 Tórshavn, Tel: (+298) 31 10 86, Mobile: (+298) 22 39 78,
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