Hayabusa paralyzed, Bischoff responds to Jericho, Benoit update, more
    Submitted by William Martinez on Monday, October 22, 2001 at 5:43 PM EST

  • Eric Bischoff has responded to the comments Chris Jericho made about him on WCW.com earlier today in regards to his win over The Rock for the WCW title. The following is an excerpt of the commentary:

    "While I don't ever recall saying Chris would NEVER get a shot at the WCW title, I do remember a conversation with him about three years ago when Chris wanted to wrestle Bill Goldberg for the title and I didn't think it was a good idea."

    To read the entire commentary Bischoff posted on 1wrestling.com, click HERE.

  • Hayabusa, one of Japan's top stars has been paralyzed following a botched lionsault in a match against Mammoth Sasaki at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan earlier today. Hayabusa undershot the move causing him to land on his head in the ring. Hayabusa is conscious but is paralyzed from the neck down. We at LoP would like to wish him our best.

  • Former ECW wrestler, Chilly Willy, has enlisted in the United States Army for three years. He will be leaving on November 1st for Fort Benning in Georgia and he will remain there for 16 weeks before being sent to Fort Drum in New York.

  • Maven will be hosting the WWF Raw party tonight at WWF New York.

  • Chris Benoit is expecting to be back by late February 2002.

  • The Rock is listed at #100 on Entertainment Weekly's 101 Most Powerful People in Entertainment list.

  • Kansas City Star article:
    WWF comes to town in midst of ratings drop

    Credit: 1wrestling.com

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