Brazilian Frontier Cerrado Land

Brazilian Frontier Cerrado Land

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Brazilian Frontier Cerrado Land

Can Brazilian cerrado land really be bought for US$250/ha (US$100 per acre)? Yes, absolutely. Millions of hectares of Brazilian cerrado land can be bought today for the equivalent of $250/ha. But is this land any good? Is it accessible? Can one get the crops in and the harvest out? Can one get financing? Can one get secure title? The answer to these questions is a qualified yes, but the age-old counsel of BUYER BEWARE definitely applies.

AgBrazil's contacts maintain active listings and regularly monitor land markets in the Brazilian cerrados (see Cerrado Land for Sale). They are in daily contact with land markets in the frontier states of Bahia, Piauí, Maranhão, Mato Grosso and Tocatins. They can locate virgin and developed land investments ranging in size from 1,000 to 100,000+ ha in all frontier states.

Though we provide consulting services in all of the frontier states, we focus in Western Bahia for four key reasons: 1) the area's infrastructure is excellent, 2) 20 years of farming experience in the area show that large-scale dryland and irrigated agriculture are not only viable but also highly profitable, 3) land prices are attractive, and 4) investment required to achieve high land productivity is relatively low.

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