Welcome to SJ! Here you can buy train tickets and much more.

Do you want to rebook your ticket?
If you have bought a trip that is rebookable, refundable or must be checked in, go to "My Order" to the right of "Buy tickets".

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X 2000

On our X 2000 you have wireless Internet.

You will have full mobile coverage for all of your trip with the X 2000.

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Buy your ticket via auction. 2nd Class only. The number of tickets is limited.

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Book a rental car

If you are travelling on from the station, you can book a rental car through us.

Internet onboard

Picture on Internet onboard

All of our X 2000 trains and double-deckers offer this service.

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The trains will travel across the Öresund Bridge and no change in Malmö will be necessary.

More trains to Copenhagen

SJ substantially expands services to Copenhagen from 11th January.

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Tickets by auction

We are now selling our last few tickets by auction.

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How to get your ticket

There are several ways to get your ticket.

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Travel by night train

Travel while you sleep and reach your destination well-rested and in good time.

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Travel guides

Now you can download travel guides to 17 cities in Sweden.

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Door to door

You can begin your trip already at your home.

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Student fare

Student discounts for travel.

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Sweden by train

Download the brochure "Sweden by train". Your quick guide to an easy way to see Sweden.

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How SJ is run

SJ will offer value-for-money, rail-focused travel.

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Group discounts

Are you more than 10 people travelling together? Then you can get a discount.

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Non-Nordic credit cards?

Non-Nordic credit cards no longer need to be part of the 3D Secure scheme.

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Our booking period

You can now book SJ tickets up to 310 days in advance.

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Lost your luggage?

Our Lost property office will try to locate your belongings.

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Travel by night trains

Travel comfortably with our night trains.

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Reservation for Eurail or InterRail Pass

Book reservations for your Eurail and InterRail Pass. Select Pass 2 class or Pass 1 class under Customer cards (page 2 under Buy tickets).

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Do the environmental math

What are the positive effects on the environment when travelling by train?

Do your own environmental calculation