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NigaRila is a three-column wordpress theme with features like “Theme Options Page”, “Custom Header Image” etc


Name : NigaRila
Version : 1.6
Features :

  • Three Column, Fixed width [940px] [Optional 2 Column for Inner Pages]
  • Sidebar Widgets plugin Compatible
  • Support for Tags with WordPress 2.3 and above
  • Support for Gravatar with WordPress 2.5 and above
  • Custom Header Image
  • Archives Page Template
  • Links Page Template
  • Contact Page Template
  • 404 Page
  • Highlights Author’s Comment
  • Author’s Profile page etc

Special Features:
Runs multiple wordpress loops
You want to display posts from certain category to be displayed on the sidebar, instead of the main content area ?
With this theme you can choose two different categories, so that posts from these categories are displayed in the sidebar.

Page Navigation Control
The pages you create within the wordpress admin, are automatically displayed in the top navigation.
The theme options page allows you to

  • Hide the Navigation links all together,
  • Exclude some pages from being listed,
  • and control the order in which those pages are listed

Highlight your comments
This theme allows you to specify your name and email address, so that all your comments will be highlighted. It helps in getting your comments to have more focus. After all, it is your blog, isn’t it?

Build Trust from your visitors
Your visitors will build a trust on you, if you are not posting anonymous. Just write a small introductory text about yourself on the theme options page, and it will be displayed in the home page.

Dashbar at the top
When you are logged in to the site, and viewing the site, the theme displays a Dashbar at the top, so you can quickly navigate to

  • your WordPress Dashboard
  • Write a New Post
  • Write a New Page
  • Go to the Theme Options page
  • Edit your profile
  • and logout when you are done…

Special Instructions:
Use class=”left” or class=”right” to the “img” tags within your post, so that those images can either be floated to the left or the right and the content will just wrap around the images.

Live Preview
If you must see a live preview of this theme, before making a decision, please check Premium Themes at WP ThemeShop - Demo.

Buy and Download:
If you have decided to buy this theme, Thank you.
Please click on the button below to pay $24 for the theme. Payments are processed by PayPal.
Once the payment is complete,
Click on ‘Return to Merchant‘ , you will be redirected to the download page from there.

Thanks for your visit !