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These seasoned veteran musicians make up one of the hottest California bands currently playing. Bad Boy Bruce and the Blues Mob entertains San Francisco Bay Area audiences both young and old. Please take a few minutes to check out our website and be sure to stop by our shows. Bad Boy Bruce and his Blues Mobsters appreciates your support!

Bruce Collett - Guitar and Lead Vocals

As the son of a preacher whose wife was the choir director of the church and a piano and voice teacher, Bruce's first musical experience was  singing in the church with his brothers. When he was 12 years old his dad bought him an old Gibson Dove acoustic guitar and he taught himself to play. Switching to electric guitar in high school led to playing in several rock and blues bands, most notably, the Idle Rich, Second Story, Batuka and a 14 year run with the Collett Brothers Band. After the break up of the Collett Brothers Band, Bruce formed Bad Boy Bruce and the Blues Mob. Bruce typically plays with a Les Paul and his Strat which he plays through a vintage Marshall stack. His guitar and musical influences include Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck, Roben Ford, Todd Rundgren, Chicago and Stevie Wonder. Bruce's other main interests are playing basketball and coaching the girls varsity team at Arroyo High School in San Lorenzo.

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Allan Andersen - Keyboards

Allan began his musical experience as a young boy when baby pictures atop the bench of a Hammond M3 started it all off. A year or two of lessons playing such goodies as musical scores and pop music led to experimenting in rock and roll and the rest became history. When Allan was in junior high and high school he took a break from playing. In his early twenties he realized how much he missed this expression of art so he started buying new "toys" again. He currently plays with a Yamaha 88 key stage piano, a Hammond XK-3 (played through a rotary speaker) and a Yamaha Motif-7. Allan has played with various musicians and bands including Broadkast; Savor; Ultimo Momento; The Lucas Michaels Band; occasional appearances with The Collett Brothers; Deja Blues; Batuka and now Bad Boy Bruce & The Blues Mob. Allan's favorite hobbies (besides playing music) are camping, skiing and riding Waverunners across a lake on a nice sunny day.

Allan's MySpace page:  www.myspace.com/keyboards4u

Chica, our talking Chihuahua:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3l1Ri1B83nw

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Mike Johnson - Bass Guitar and Vocals

Mike started his music career when he learned to play classical flute at the age of ten.  He played in honor band and orchestra up through high school.  At the age of fourteen he saw his first live bass player at a party and was smitten by the sound of the instrument.  He immediately talked his parents into buying his first bass guitar and taught himself how to play.   Mike’s early idols were the likes of Jack Bruce, John Paul Jones, John Entwhistle, Chris Squire and Timmy Bogart.  Later on, Mike fell in love with players like Donald Duck Dunn, Stanley Clark and the Motown and funk players.  Some of his band credits include; the Pre-Dawn Left, American Canyon, Bogus Thunder, RockoMato, Rapscallion and the Sound Arrangement.  Mike has paid his dues playing in clubs and in bands opening for national acts; and has also done some studio time.   His hobbies are building antique motorcycles and hot rods (that band logo picture above is one of his beauties).

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Kenny Gross - Drums and Vocals

Our drummer, Kenny Gross, is the newest addition to the band. His interest in music started while watching the Ed Sullivan Show back in 1964. With many years of percussion experience, with a particular emphasis on jazz, Kenny brings with him the right stuff. In just a short time he has fit right in with the band and it is sounding really good! More bio on Kenny at a later date so check back again soon!

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