-September 30 2007 : New gigs announced in the "Live"section

-September 24 2007 : Live section modified. More infos.

-September 03 2007 : More info in the biography/story section. Contact section modified.

-July 28 2007 : The song "Hellenic Warriors" is now added in the MP3 section

-dec 11 2006 : video clip of a new song on-line. More in "news" section.

- All songs of "March Into The Arena" and "Unholy Paradise" are listenable in the "Multimedia" section

- Pics of the Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival in Holland



Nouvel album 2008 disponible


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MetalBook : Sign the Lonewolf's MetalBook ! Every message is good to take, good or bad ! You can post your message in english, french of german !

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- March 10th 2008 :


More info here

- January 30th 2008 :


- October 2nd 2007 :

HEAVY DIMENSION TOUR FESTIVAL : Lonewolf will play on his own land, in Grenoble. More details in LIVE section

- October 2nd 2007 :

LONG LIVE METAL II : List of the band complete.

- October 2nd 2007 :

Yep ! News com fast ! Lonewolf is now supported by Bart Gabriel and his Dragonight Agency ! Check their website to see all their good job for metal !

- October 1st 2007 :

Myspace for Lonewolf


- September 30 2007 :

Lonewolf confirmed for the "LONG LIVE METAL II" festival . More info in the "Live"section.

- September 18 2007 :

Lonewolf will be on stage at the "UP THE HAMMERS FESTIVAL" in Athens, Greece. During two days, 14 bands from all Europe and USA, as Manilla Road, Omen, StormWarrior... and so many great bands. More info in "Live"section.

- July 28 2007 :

Some newz !!!!! The new album "Made in Hell" is now out from the Eikey Studio (Germany) and should be in Athens soon, at Eat Metal Records's ! Some concerts should be confirmed soon. Come back again on our website to stay informed :)

- April 21 2007 :

LONEWOLF is proud to announce his collaboration with a new label (more)

- December 15 2006 :

New live report of the Heavy Metal Maniac Festival. The review is in Dutch language, but you can translate it with Altavista tanslator . Even if the translate is not perfect, you can have an idea of what is written. Live report available on LORD OF METAL website. If you see other reviews, please, send them to us. They'll be linked here. Thanx !

- 14 Décembre 2006 : Official annoucement : Dryss leave the Band .

Dryss left the band, with sadness, for living in Canada with his wife. He is there since september. He joigned the canadian Heavy Metal band ICEWIND at bass. I'll be able to be play with Lonewolf at important gigs and still participate to the work of songs.

- December 11 2006 :

See the video clip of "Divine Art of Lies", a new song which will appear on "Made in Hell". The sound of this song is not the definitive sound of the album. It was made without ambition, just few days after recording session. You can now imaging how will be the next album

- December 06 2006 :

A third album will soon be out ! It will be called "MADE IN HELL". It will contain 10 or 11 tracks of pure true metal. The sound will be very different as past albums, more professional and clean. For now, mixing and mastering is under working. This album is waiting a new label to see the light.

- October 28 2006 :

The Heavy Metal Maniac Festival in Hollande was great ! LONEWOLF would like to thanx Alex Hilbert, friend and guitar player in Nightmare, for replacing Dryss on bass guitar for this gig. You can find pics on the "multimedia" section and the first french reviews here and here ! Thanx to Manorhead and HevyDevy for their live report !

- September 07 2006 :

As they didn't respect some terms of the contract, Lonewolf decide to break relationships with the spanish label GOI MUSIC. The band is now seeking a serious and honest new label for his 3rd album

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